How to switch to digital television and set up the reception of channels yourself?

Relatively recently, there has been a complete transition of television to digital, and a new task has appeared for TV users – to set up its high-quality reception. This can be done both with the help of specialists and independently.

Benefits of digital television

Compared to analogue television, digital technology benefits from a longer list of benefits, significantly expanding the capabilities of TV users. The main advantages of digital television:

  • improved sound and picture quality;
  • expansion of the number of channels in the same range;
  • the ability to record television broadcasts and create archives;
  • no need for powerful transmitters;
  • choice of broadcasting language and subtitles;
  • the ability to add a radio to the multiplex;
  • the ability to receive EPG signals.

Set up digital TV There are very few disadvantages of digital television:

  • in a thunderstorm and other adverse weather conditions, the signal may be poorly transmitted;
  • in the case of signal attenuation (often it depends on the choice of the antenna), some parts of the image or the whole picture as a whole partially freeze.

What is needed to connect digital television – the necessary equipment

To watch digital channels, you need to buy a TV that supports
DVB-T2 , or buy additional equipment for a regular device. You will need a high-quality cable, a
digital television receiver and an
antenna capable of operating in the decimeter range. Free installation of digital TV DVB-T2:

Choosing an antenna

Any home antenna can receive the digital signal. For residents of high-rise buildings, the best option would be to install a common antenna (CETV) for the whole house. For private sector residents, there are options:

  • a satellite dish for receiving a signal is a reliable option that works regardless of the proximity of the tower location, relief and weather conditions;
  • internal antenna – standard model, suitable if the TV tower is located nearby;
  • standard outdoor antenna – if the signal is not too strong, the TV tower is located far away or the terrain complicates signal reception;
  • cable TV – expands the package of available channels;
  • IPTV – makes it possible to simultaneously use all the advantages of digital television in combination with Internet access.

TV set

Antenna alone is not enough – the TV needs to be able to receive a digital signal. For owners of modern technology that has been released over the past 3 years, there is no need to purchase additional equipment. Manufacturers have provided for the ability to connect digital television without using a set-top box / receiver, so modern models come with built-in equipment for receiving such a signal.

When buying a new TV, you need to make sure that the model you choose supports digital standards. The characteristics must include the DVB-T2 clause.

Equipment for digital TV


If you use a TV that does not support DVB-T2, you need to additionally purchase a receiver – a set-top box that connects to the TV and allows you to receive a digital signal. The assortment of TV equipment stores has set-top boxes that differ in their functionality:

  • SMART set-top box is an addition to the TV for receiving digital signals and the Internet. Expands functionality – the TV can also be used as a computer.
  • Set-top boxes for satellite dishes – equipped with a powerful processor, additional inputs.
  • Hybrid receivers – allow you to receive satellite and cable signals.
  • Terrestrial broadcast receivers – work in conjunction with standard antennas.
  • Set-top boxes with a built-in card reader – for using cards purchased from a provider.
  • Receiver with CAM slot . Such equipment can be easily reprogrammed, so there is no need to fear that it will become outdated and cannot receive a signal.
  • Combined receivers . They are equipped with a card reader, have a CAM slot and are capable of receiving FTA channels. Such devices can work with standard multiplexes, as well as encoded channels. It is enough to enable automatic key update in the settings menu or enter them manually using the remote control.
  • Receivers equipped with a conditional access system . This is a hardware and software complex that is used to gain access to a number of encoded channels that are not available in standard multiplexes.

It is worth paying attention to the functionality of the console and its additional features. The best option is considered to be a SMART receiver, which will significantly expand the capabilities of even the simplest TV.

When buying a digital receiver, you need to check with the seller for a return or exchange of goods within 14 days. This is necessary even if the device has been tested in a store and is found to be completely functional. Perhaps, when connecting the set-top box at home, it will not receive the signal from the antenna well enough – in this case, you will need to choose a more suitable model.


When choosing a set-top box for a TV, you need to pay attention to the presence of a cable in the kit. In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase an adapter if it is impossible to connect the supplied cable to the TV.

How to set up digital television reception and connect channels on “digital”

When all the equipment has been purchased, you can begin the installation process. If you follow the instructions, you can install and configure digital TV reception yourself. How to connect digital television and set up terrestrial digital channels:

Connecting DTV on a TV with DVB-T2 support: step by step instructions

You can set up digital TV reception on a TV with built-in DVB-T2 support as follows:

  1. Disconnect the TV from the network.
  2. Find an input for connecting digital television and connect an antenna to it.
  3. Turn on the TV and find the settings section.
  4. Select TV setting mode.
  5. In the menu that opens, you need to find DVB-T2 or tuner mode, check the boxes on these items and save the settings.
  6. Specify the country, and also enable the channel search mode.
  7. Select DTV to receive all available terrestrial digital channels.

Select DTV It is also possible to automatically configure using the following algorithm:

  1. Connect the device to an antenna and network.
  2. Find the DVB setting button on the TV control panel.
  3. Select automatic installation in the settings.
  4. Wait until the channels are installed and configured.

Wait for the installation and configuration of channels It takes up to 10 minutes to automatically set up digital TV reception, after which you can start watching all available channels.

Digital channel reception tuning algorithm may differ depending on the make and model of your TV. If the device cannot be configured using the described technology, you should read the instructions for it.

How to connect digital TV without a set-top box:

Receiving a digital TV signal using a set-top box on analog and digital TVs

If your TV does not support DVB-T2, you must first connect the receiver, and then proceed with the setup. The step-by-step instruction in this case looks like this:

  1. Remove the receiver from the original packaging and be sure to remove the protective film so that the device does not overheat.
  2. Using an RCA or HDMI cable, connect the set-top box to the TV.
  3. Connect the antenna to the receiver.
  4. Turn on the TV and go to the settings section.
  5. Select a country.
  6. Select signal standard: instead of DVB-T (analog) – DVB-T2 (digital).
  7. In the menu that opens, select automatic configuration and wait for the process to complete.
  8. Save settings. Save settings

For older TVs that only have an antenna input, RF modulated receivers can be used. Such attachments are connected directly to the antenna input, while they are capable of operating in the decimeter range.

If you select DVB-T and DVB-T2 during setup, the TV will receive both analog terrestrial and digital channels.

Connection See instructions for connecting digital TV using the receiver in this video:

Receiving digital television on a computer

It is possible to connect digital television to a PC or laptop, but for this you need to purchase additional equipment – a digital USB tuner. Connection and setup instructions:

  1. Connect a selected digital tuner via the USB input.
  2. Launch the new device discovery program.
  3. Install software for correct operation of the receiver.
  4. Wait for the channels to be scanned and start watching.

You need to connect digital channels for viewing on a computer only if the device meets the technical requirements of the manufacturers of USB receivers.

Errors and problems when connecting digital television

Digital technology is more complex, so it is not always possible to connect it the first time and ensure that everything works. There are a number of common mistakes when setting up digital television reception that you can deal with yourself.

Outdated receiver firmware

The receiver cannot function without the proper software. If the firmware is outdated or was initially installed incorrectly, the following problems may arise:

It is not necessary to carry the device to the service center to flash the receiver. If the set-top box included an installation disc with software, you need to connect via a USB cable and start the firmware installation. If the kit does not include an installation disc, the problem can also be solved. Having basic skills in working with equipment, you can independently reinstall the software using this algorithm.

  1. Find the official website of the manufacturer that released the console.
  2. In the software section, find the model name of the receiver you want to flash.
  3. Download the archive with the software to your computer and unpack it into a separate folder.
  4. Send the folder with the contents to a removable USB drive.
  5. On the manufacturer’s website, find step-by-step instructions for installing software for the selected model.
  6. Connect the carrier to the set-top box and install.

Manufacturers offer downloading the firmware for free. If registration, payment or SMS is required, this is most likely a fraudulent site.

Connect antenna

Antenna problems

If the antenna does not receive the signal from the first connection, you do not need to immediately run to the store and ask to replace it. It is worth checking the following nuances:

  • correct connection;
  • frequency on the interactive map of CETV;
  • serviceability of the cable and contacts.

If no problem is found, it is most likely that the wrong antenna type has been selected. If the antenna is not powerful enough for good signal reception, buying and installing an amplifier can help
. You can also look for a more suitable type of receiving device.

If the problem cannot be solved on your own, it is worth contacting a specialist. Perhaps the problem is with hardware that just needs to be replaced or repaired under warranty.

TV station crashes

In 80% of cases, problems with digital TV reception are caused by malfunctions in the user’s equipment or errors made during the installation process. But there are situations when it makes no sense to look for a breakdown or errors in the settings. Since the complete transition to digital television has not yet occurred in all regions, failures often occur directly at the station. Prevention is also periodically carried out, during such periods digital channels are also unavailable. If you have a problem with the image or access to packet digital channels, but all equipment and settings are in order, you should call the provider’s hotline. Companies providing services for connecting to digital television are constantly informing about planned preventive measures or other reasons for failures,but in case of unforeseen breakdowns it is impossible to notify subscribers in advance.

Questions and answers

In the process of installing equipment and setting up digital television, various questions may arise that are not available in the instructions or memo of the subscriber.

How many digital channels will be available?

It all depends on the package and the country of connection. There are 2 multiplexes available in Russia – 20 basic channels. There are 32 channels in Ukraine. If you connect through a provider, then package channels will be available – from 50 or more, but a monthly subscription fee will be required.

Why did “no signal” appear on the screen?

If everything worked before, there may be two reasons – a broken cable plug or a poor signal due to maintenance work at the television station.

Why are not all channels shown?

The standard package of terrestrial digital television includes a limited number of channels. If the channel that is included in the connected multiplexes is not displayed, you need to check the signal level – there may be problems with the antenna.

Can I receive cable and digital channels at the same time?

Yes, it is possible, but this will require an additional TV signal combiner. These adders are usually sold at television equipment stores.

Why do channels freeze?

If during viewing the image on the screen begins to freeze or decompose into pixels, there is only one reason – signal deterioration due to antenna malfunction or bad weather conditions. If you buy a satellite dish, you can not depend on the weather.
Doesn't show TVKnowing the basic information on connecting and setting up digital television reception, you can independently make the transition to it from analog technologies. If, for some reason, it is not possible to install software or configure channels, it is better to contact the service center and entrust the task of switching to digital television to professionals.

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