How to download and connect Smart TV on a personal computer?

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The Smart TV program installed on the computer
will allow the user to view multimedia files on the monitor screen. It is compatible with Windows 7 to 10 and Android, but Windows 10 is the best option. By connecting a monitor or TV to your computer, you can take full advantage of the features that Smart TV provides.

Benefits of Watching Smart TV on Computer

Smart TV is a convenient and functional option for watching TV programs and films. By installing such a program on a PC, the user will be able to watch any video content without wasting time downloading it to a USB flash drive. Even a beginner can download a package of “smart programs”: there will be no difficulties when installing Smart TV.
Configures Smart TVSmart TV advantages:

  1. The ability to watch any TV shows and films, series, programs without interruptions for advertising. This option allows you to replace standard terrestrial television. Viewing is provided by video content resources YouTube, Ivi, Netflix.
  2. The ability to record TV programs or movies to any external media.
  3. Play files of any format and size.

By installing the Smart TV package on a computer, the user gets rid of the need to purchase a special set-top box to activate the “smart programs” package.

In addition, if the program fails, you can perform the universal procedure for reinstalling Windows, but there may be difficulties with flashing the
set-top box . Not everyone can do this on their own, so you will have to pay extra for the services of the master.

Operating system selection

The computer to which you plan to connect the TV with the Smart TV package must meet the following requirements:

  • operating system Windows versions 7-10;
  • bitness – 32 or 64 bits;
  • the amount of RAM – at least 2 GB;
  • processor frequency – at least 1.8 GHz;
  • the presence of a video card of medium or high power.

Google’s operating system, Android TV, was previously only available for TVs with the Smart TV app package. Today it is possible to install it on any PC. Thanks to this, the user can appreciate the Android OS interface both on a stationary computer and on a laptop or tablet. The Android operating system provides devices with the following functions:

  • audio and video playback;
  • voice search;
  • standard launcher (desktop);
  • Search and download games and applications that are fully optimized for your TV.

The development company guarantees updates and is responsible for installing them. How to download, install and configure the Smart TV program on a computer for free:

Choosing a control method

You can control the set of Smart TV programs installed on your computer using the remote control or a special application installed on your smartphone, which fully imitates the functionality of the remote control. Another way to control the program is to connect a wireless mouse to your computer.

The most convenient way is to download a free remote control program to your smartphone or tablet. There are many such applications: you can download an application for a specific TV model or a universal
virtual remote control .

Popular universal apps:

  • Universal Remote TV;
  • Smartphone Remote Control;
  • Android TV Remote;
  • Peel Smart Remote. In the app stores on smartphones, you can find the remote model that matches your TV model.
Smart TV

Installing Smart TV on a computer / laptop

Installing and configuring Smart TV on a PC or laptop involves a number of sequential steps.

Connection methods

You can connect a TV with Smart TV to a computer in several ways:

  1. Via DVI and HDMI output . If your PC has a video card with DVI (an interface for outputting a digital signal to LCD monitors), and your TV has an HDMI output (a multimedia interface that transmits digital video data and audio signals), then the devices can be easily connected with a cable.
  2. Using the S-Video connector . This type of connection is possible if the TV has a SCART connector and the video card has an S-Video output. To link your PC and TV, you need a cable with S-Video plugs, a SCART adapter with audio, video and S-Video jacks.
  3. Via Wi-Fi . This is a convenient method because devices that are not wired can be positioned freely. To synchronize in this way, you need to use a special utility that comes with the TV. A directory should be created on the PC through which content will be sent to the TV.

If everything was done correctly, the devices will be ready to play media on the PC screen.

Installing Smart TV programs for your computer

To start using the features of Smart TV on your computer, you need to download the appropriate application / program. This can be done by going to the official websites of TV manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, LG). Versions for devices running Android or iOs can be downloaded from the Google Play and AppStore virtual stores. For Samsung TVs, there are 2 main programs that you need to install on your computer:

  1. Samsung AllShare . Creates a platform for playing content, as well as searching for files, both on the computer and on other connected devices. With Samsung AllShare, you can play multimedia files on computers, TVs, smartphones, camcorders.
  2. Samsung PC Share Manager . A digital media receiver that unites a Samsung TV with a Smart TV package and external devices (PC, laptop, netbook) into a single network. The program allows you to listen to music, watch movies and photos through a network connection or the open DLNA standard, that is, common Wi-Fi, HTTP and others networks.

Sony TVs have their own application for playing multimedia on a computer – ForkPlayer.

Setting up programs

The process of setting up Smart TV on a computer will be demonstrated in detail using the example of the Samsung PC Share Manager program:

  1. Install the application on a PC by downloading it from the manufacturer’s official website using the link .
  2. After installing the Smart TV application, you need to turn on both devices and connect them with a network cable. You can create a pairing between the TV and PC via the Ethernet port. For communication, you need a cross-crimped LAN network cable. If the devices to be paired have built-in Wi-Fi adapters, you can create a wireless connection.
  3. Register each device with an IP address (for a computer –, For a TV –
  4. Launch the Smart TV program installed on the PC and select the folder that the TV will access.
  5. To access a folder, if it already exists, you need to click on the folder icon with a green checkmark. Checkmark
  6. In the drop-down menu, select the “Sharing” option, and then – “Set device policy”. Set device policy
  7. Set the status “Accepted” for the device. Accepted for the device
  8. Return to the “Sharing” menu and click on the “Set changed state” button. General access

After completing the settings, the Smart TV package on your computer is ready for use.

Downloading and configuring applications

To install the necessary applications and widgets using the Smart TV program
, you need:

  1. Enter the main menu through the program using the remote control or an application for it.
  2. Go to the “Network” section and check if the Internet is connected.
  3. Create a user account by entering an email address, coming up with a strong password and agreeing to the terms of use.
  4. Log in to the created account.
  5. Enter the name of the application of interest in the search bar.

Many applications can be found in the main menu:

  • online cinemas for watching TV series and films;
  • information applications for tracking weather conditions, exchange rates, world and country news;
  • games;
  • thematic channels (analytical, sports programs, fashion shows).

Before downloading the application, you need to make sure that there is enough free space in the device’s memory.

To watch IPTV television, you can install the following applications:

  • My IPTV Playe r . Free app without ads. To configure, you need to enter its parameters, select the “Add a new playlist” option, give it any name and insert the IPTV playlist address. Then click on the “Add remote list” button, and then select all the channels of interest.My IPTV Player MyI PTV PlayerAdd a new playlistOptions
  • Perfect Player IPTV . The application supports the functions of auto-update playlist, remote control, plug-in installation. To configure, you need to go to the section of the same name, select the “General” option and click “Playlist 1”. Enter a link to the desired playlist and come up with a name for it. Confirm the settings by pressing the “OK” button. Now you can watch TV channels on your PC.Perfect Player IPTVPerfect Player IPTVPerfect Player IPTV
  • TV + HD . The advantages of the player are built-in channels (60 popular Russian channels in HD quality), image quality setting, fast optimization. To load your channel list, you need to open the menu in the lower right corner, add playlists, go to the “Adding channels from playlists” section. Then enter the link to the desired playlist and click “Add channels”.Perfect Player IPTVPerfect Player IPTV

The Smart TV application package installed on your computer allows you to conveniently use all the capabilities of this technology. You can connect your computer to the TV, using it instead of a set-top box, or watch content of interest, play games and listen to music directly on your PC monitor.

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