Procedure and rules for deactivating a subscription to More TV

Отменить подписку Каналы

People are not always satisfied with the More TV video resource. They begin to wonder how to properly opt out of paid services. It is important to know exactly the features of the shutdown. Many users believe that canceling a service / auto-renewal and removing applications from gadgets are the same thing. This misconception leads to further withdrawal of money from the card and a negative attitude towards the site.

How to disable subscription to More TV?

Sea TV provides users with the opportunity to view all content for free, but only for one week. After 7 days, you will need to subscribe. The price is one – 299 rubles.
UnsubscribeEnjoy movies, TV series, etc. it is possible on different devices:

  • TV;
  • tablet;
  • phone;
  • PC.

You can subscribe and unsubscribe from any gadget.

On tv

If the user has decided not to pay for the subscription after the expiration of the trial period, then the disconnection algorithm is as follows:

  1. Open the list of applications on your device. They are located at the bottom of the page. Find Sea TV. Please log in.Log in
  2. Find the “Subscriptions” section. Click on the “Disable auto-renewal” button.Subscriptions

On a computer in

The “Plus with More TV” function is a subscription option just for yourself. If the subscription has already been paid for, you will not be able to cancel it. The “Cancel” button will be grayed out. The solution is to turn off auto-renewal. Instructions:

  1. Open the Yandex Passport page.
  2. Find the “Subscriptions” block.
  3. Click on the “Manage” button. The button is located to the right of the list of active subscriptions.
  4. Click on “Unsubscribe”.

On the Sea TV website in your personal account

Refusing to pay further for the subscription in this way implies entering the official website of the video service. This can be done through a computer, tablet or TV browser. To cancel your subscription, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official Sea TV website. Click on the “Login” button. It is located in the upper right side of the page.To come in
  2. Log in by entering security data. To come in
  3. Click on the icon of your personal account. Select “Subscriptions”.Subscriptions
  4. In the window that appears, find “Unsubscribe”. Click on it.

The subscription is canceled for the next month. Auto-renewal will be automatically canceled.

Deactivation of the service on the phone

Portal services are available for use on any smartphone with different OS. You can activate and deactivate your subscription through online stores. On mobile devices operating on different platforms, the process for canceling auto-renewal is slightly different.

On a smartphone

This case is suitable for those who have an Android phone. Subscription cancellation algorithm:

  1. Go to the Play Market. Score
  2. Enter the main menu. Menu
  3. Find the “Subscriptions” block. Subscription
  4. A list of all active subscriptions will be displayed. Select Sea TV. Next “Disable”.

The previously paid subscription will remain active until the end of the period.

On the iPhone

On iPhones, the procedure for canceling a subscription to More TV is slightly different from Androids. The instruction reads:

  1. Open your phone settings. Settings
  2. Find and open the iTunes Store / App Store (depending on which is more convenient to use). Open
  3. Click on Apple ID, then “View”. Look
  4. Stop the choice on Apple ID in the settings, then – “Subscriptions”. Subscriptions
  5. Select Sea TV from the drop-down list of paid subscriptions. List
  6. Click on the “Describe” button. Select the reason for the refusal.

Disabling the service in online stores entails automatic refusal from auto-renewal.

Can I get a refund for my subscription?

Subscription to More TV is renewed automatically (unless you cancel auto-renewal). Money is debited from the linked bank card no more than a day before the start of the billing period. If the user cancels the subscription within these 24 hours, the money will be returned to the card account.

In the event that the refusal occurred after the beginning of the validity period of the billing period, the finances remain on the account of the video service.

Making a weekly trial subscription, the money will be debited on the 8th day. It will not be possible to return them.

Removing the app from the gadget does not affect the subscription in any way. The card and payment are associated with an account in Google Play, App Store or Sea TV, and not with a specific device.

How to contact the technical support of More TV?

Although the resource provides detailed instructions for canceling a subscription, difficulties sometimes arise. The specialists of the More TV technical service can solve the problem, answer the questions. There are several ways to communicate:

  • call the hotline at 8-800-58-595-95 (no charge is charged for the conversation);
  • write an email to;
  • ask a question on social networks (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Sea TV content is available for viewing on any modern gadget. You can also cancel your subscription from any device: TV, phone, tablet or computer. If you know the failure algorithm, the procedure will only take a few minutes. In most cases, canceling a subscription and turning off auto-renewal are identical.

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