Tuning digital channels on Philips TVs: how to sort and update

Настройка цифровых каналов Каналы

The transition to digital television broadcasting is now taking on a global scale, and therefore it becomes necessary to configure channels for this. Philips brand TVs are among the most popular, so the question of setting up digital channels on them often arises.

Setting up digital channels on Philips models before 2011

First of all, you need a built-in tuner for digital TV broadcasting. A separate set-top box can also be used for this. The main thing is that the TV set was released not earlier than 2005. New and old Philips technique has a similar scheme for tuning digital channels, with the exception of certain subtleties.
Setting up digital channels

Automatically tune digital channels on Philips TVs

The search for TV channels is performed in the following sequence:

  1. The TV cable (from a digital , satellite or cable set-top box) is connected to the corresponding antenna socket, and the TV is connected to the network.
  2. The power button is pressed to turn on the TV.
  3. On the remote control you need to press the “Home” button with the image of the house.
  4. In the TV menu it is necessary to activate the “Configuration” button.
  5. Go to the Installation section.
  6. From the list that appears, select the line “Channel settings”.
  7. In the following list, select “Automatic installation”.
  8. Click the “Start” button.
  9. Select “Reinstall” to search for all available TV channels and store them.
  10. The user must select a country. First you need to familiarize yourself with the information on the sticker on the back of the device, with the given list of countries with the ability to broadcast digital television according to the information of Philips. In the absence of Russia in the list, it is recommended to choose a Western European country ( preferably Germany or Finland ).
  11. Then the Digital Mode selection window opens. It contains items for cablecasting or using a conventional antenna.
  12. When choosing the search mode, you should select “Automatic”.
  13. Press the “Start” button.
  14. Finally, click “Finish”.

If you need to enter a password during installation, you can use the standard combinations (0000, 1111, 1234) or another secret code set by the user.

Manual setting

For some reason, the auto-tuning of digital channels on a Philips TV manufactured before 2011 may fail. In this case, it is recommended to use manual tuning of the digital TV channel package:

  1. A digital broadcast cable (for satellite, cable, or digital broadcast) is connected.
  2. The TV connects to the network and turns on.
  3. Use the “Home” key on the remote control.
  4. In the settings you need to go to “Configuration” to go to the settings.
  5. Select “Channel settings” in the list.
  6. The manual mode is being set.
  7. The Start button is activated.
  8. Goes to “Digital Mode”.
  9. If you will be using a set-top box with a conventional antenna, you need to press the “Antenna” button. If the provider will broadcast, then the second section is selected – “cable”.Connecting to a digital cable network DVB-C
  10. You need to go back to the previous section to search for TV channels.
  11. The value of the first frequency is entered (this information is owned by the provider), after a while you will need to confirm your actions.
  12. When digital channels are found, it will be the turn to enter the next frequency values ​​until all the required TV channels are searched.
  13. All settings are saved.

Tuning digital channels on modern Philips TVs

Before starting this process, you must first obtain the broadcast frequency information from your service provider.


During auto-tuning, the following procedure is provided:

  1. The remote control opens the menu and the “Settings” section.
  2. You need to find a TV channel search command.
  3. The Reinstall Channels tab is activated.
  4. The state is chosen. On the back of the TV, a sticker contains a list of countries that broadcast digital TV. If Russia is not there, then it is better to choose one of the Western European countries (for example, Finland, Sweden or Germany). Click “OK”.
  5. After selecting a country, a tab with digital mode appears.
  6. The next thing to note is the DVB-C cable.
  7. The “Other” item opens in the window with information about the service provider.
  8. Goes to settings.
  9. Frequency scanning is activated on the “Fast” line.
  10. In network frequency mode, the setting is done manually.
  11. In the line “Frequencies” enter the value 290.00 MHz (or another).
  12. Speed ​​- 6.875 (or other).
  13. The value 256 is entered on the QAM modulation line.
  14. Then you need to return to the previous menu and start automatic tuning.
  15. All found channels are saved.

It is recommended to check with your cable operator for scan rate, symbol rate and frequency difference.

Watch a video on how to automatically set up a Philips TV using the example of model 42PFL3007H / 60 (2012 release): https://youtu.be/K48OMb0Z4Yw


The process for manually tuning TV channels on Philips TVs manufactured after 2011 is exactly the same as on earlier models. How to set up digital channels in manual mode is shown in the video below: https://youtu.be/xkzfPCaTdv0

The network frequency may differ from the advertised frequency, so if the channel tuning is unsuccessful, you should check with your cable provider for the frequency.

Setting up digital channels on Philips Smart TVs

The latest models of this brand have
a Smart TV function . To tune digital channels, you should take into account the presence of all, even the most insignificant, differences and subtleties. To set up a Philips TV to receive cable or digital TV broadcasting, there is a certain procedure:

  1. In the TV menu, you need to click “Install” and go to “Search for TV channels”.
  2. Go to the next section and follow the automatic prompts.
  3. The tuning system will ask you to select the country according to the instructions on the back of the TV set. If the PFL symbol is present, Sweden is selected because this model was made there. For other models, this is France or Finland.
  4. We pass to the section “Digital mode” – DVB-C cable.
  5. The system prompts you to change some settings.
  6. In the open menu window, the speed value is 6750 (or other).

After completing the actions, the user can go to the quick or full scan. In the first case, the search time is no more than 10 minutes. The second option will take about half an hour, but during this time it will search for all available TV and radio channels.
Quick scan :

  1. The frequency drop is set to no more than 8 MHz.
  2. It is necessary to disconnect analog channels, if they were tuned in before, press the “Finish” button and confirm the start of automatic search.

Full scan :

  1. In mains frequency mode, select manual tuning.
  2. Set the frequency to 298 MHz.
  3. Confirm start of search.

There may be slight differences in the user’s TV menu from the suggested setting. In this situation, you need to find tabs that are similar in meaning. If the TV asks for a search step, you need to specify 8 Mg. With full compliance with the algorithm, you can independently configure all digital channels. https://youtu.be/c5y3xXOMc5c Digital channel tuning on Philips TVs can be automatic or manual. Its features depend on the model year. The installation of digital channels on Philips TVs with Smart TV is the same as on regular models.

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