Digital channels disappeared: why does not digital TV show and what to do if there is no signal

Пропали каналы Каналы

The digital format of television assumes a better picture and sound, but in fact, users often face a number of problems, one of which is the interruption of the digital signal. Why do digital channels disappear and what to do if digital TV does not show

The principle of receiving digital TV channels

Despite the fact that digital television has existed recently, it is gaining more and more popularity, as the user receives high quality picture and sound. Also, the pluses include the fact that it is possible to connect additional programs, functions and use interactive TV.
Missing channelsThe principle of operation of the technology is simple – the encoded audio and video signal enters the TV through antennas via a special stream, and is decoded on the TV itself, and the user receives a high-quality image. Receiving digital broadcasting is carried out in several ways:

  • over-the-air – the picture is received through the relay towers;
  • satellite – you can watch a large number of channels, but you need a special dish;
  • cable – used in apartment buildings, the signal is transmitted through a collective antenna.

Reasons why channels on digital television are disappearing

There are situations when channels on the TV disappear abruptly or after turning on the TV – one, several or all at once. There are a number of reasons why this situation is possible.

TV does not find all digital channels

Why are all digital channels disappearing:

  1. The signal coming from the TV tower is bad for the selected equipment , due to which the TV does not receive reception.
  2. Antenna selected incorrectly . Choose an antenna based on the conditions of distance from the TV tower. If the distance is 3-7 km, you can leave the indoor one, otherwise get a powerful outdoor antenna with a good amplifier.
  3. Connecting a digital set-top box to a digital TV . Together, this equipment does not function adequately, the devices constantly reboot, and the settings get lost.
  4. The contacts on the amplifier are oxidized . It concerns more outdoor antennas, especially if their service life is long enough. The amplifiers of some antennas are simple plastic boxes that allow water to enter and cause oxidation. Such situations should be avoided.
  5. The base frequency of the signal reception is incorrectly selected . The essence of the process is to find the closest broadcast transmitter to your home, which allows you to receive a stronger signal. Therefore, make sure that the signal receiving frequency is most suitable for your area.
  6. Presence of interference from GSM and LTE . There are more telephone towers than television towers now, so they can obstruct the signal. You can fix this by purchasing a special filter that protects against GSM and LTE signals. It connects as an intermediary between the antenna connector and the TV.
  7. Lack of DVB-2 support . If the TV or set-top box does not support this standard, then the second multiplex of channels will not be shown – you will not find them.
  8. Often the problems are related to weather conditions . In strong winds or thunderstorms, the signal is severely deteriorated, due to which the digital TV signal disappears and channels are lost. Usually, after the normalization of weather conditions, everything returns to normal.
  9. The receiving point is located at the bottom and the signal flies over the antenna . This situation can be corrected by removing the antenna to the roof of the house or fixing it to a separate mast.

TV setup The digital TV signal is lost, what are the reasons and what to do:

Doesn’t catch multiple channels

Let’s consider the most common cases in which channels on a digital set-top box disappear only partially:

  1. An inscription about the coding of the DRE channel appears on the TV screen . This happens if the set-top box has been turned off for a long time – the device needs a couple of hours to work in normal mode for synchronization to occur, after which all channels are restored.
  2. A message about the presence of a paid channel appeared on the screen . If you really have paid channels, extend the work by paying. If such a notification appears on free channels, contact your provider.
  3. The software is not compatible with the GS-HD receiver . You can fix this by going to the menu and activating the key to restore the channel list.
  4. Lack of registration of the receiver . There is an identification number on the back of the device. Using a computer, go to the Tricolor TV website , and then enter the data obtained from the provider to register.

What to do if channels disappeared on the TV?

If digital channels are missing, you can try to tune them in manually or use automatic tuning. Study the general algorithm of actions, because regardless of which model you have a TV, the principle of setting is similar. The main thing is to carefully read what is written on the screen.

Auto tuning of channel reception

Standard algorithm of actions for autotuning:

  1. Take the remote control, press the “Menu” button, select the “Options” – “Autotune” section.
  2. A window will open in front of you with a list of signal sources – antenna or cable. Select “Cable” and click “Start”.
  3. A window with a list of signal sources appears on the TV screen. Find the item “Digital” and click “Start”.Find the item "Digital"
  4. Go to the “Search Mode” section. Select the “Full” subcategory and fill in the required fields manually with the following information:
    • modulation – 256 QAM;
    • frequency – 314 MHz;
    • transmission speed – 6875 kS \ s. Fill in the required fields

After tuning in automatic mode, you will have about 20 channels in high definition. If only 10 out of 20 are found, use the manual search.

Manual setting

Manual configuration consists of the following items:

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Find the sub-item “Manual tuning”.
  3. Enter the data from the provider in the field that appears.
  4. Start your search.
  5. After each found channel, click the “Next” button.

It happens that you need to make changes to the digital series in order to improve the image quality. Manual tuning takes longer than automatic tuning, but you will be able to fine tune each channel.

Features of channel settings depending on the TV model

Each TV model has its own factory firmware and individual functionality. Let’s look at how to configure channels for some models.

Digital channels are missing / not caught on Samsung TV – how to set up

To tune digital channels for most Samsung models, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the remote, after which you will open the TV menu.
  2. Select the “Channel” – “Country” section in the menu. 2. Select the section in the menu
  3. The TV will ask you for a PIN. If you have never used it before, then enter 0000. To have the necessary search parameters, make sure that in the line “Country” you have specified “Other”.
  4. Set in the menu “Channel” – “Antenna” parameter “Cable”.
  5. Open the “Cable Search Options” menu and set:
    • start frequency 298,000 kHz;
    • termination frequency 362,000 kHz;
    • transmission speed 6 952 Ks / s;
    • modulation 256 QAM. Cable search options
  6. Open “Auto Tuning”. Signal source – “Cable”, type of channels – “Digital”.
  7. Select the channel type at your discretion – either only “Digital” or “Digital + analog”. Channel type
  8. Set the search mode to “Network”. 8. Set the search mode
  9. Click the Search button.

After an automatic search, you will find all the digital channels that exist on the cable network, but you can only watch those that are included in your package.

Below is a video instruction on how to set up digital channels on a Samsung TV:

Tuning channels on LG TVs

LG TVs are set up as follows:

  • press the “Menu” button on the remote control;
  • select “Options” and click on the necessary parameters for changes (for example, in the “Country” section, select Finland or Germany);
  • go to the item “Settings” and select autosearch, specify the cable connection;
  • fill in the window that appears according to your instructions.

You can take advantage of the automatic update of TV channels, this function is available from LG. As a result, the previous list will be cleared, and the channels will be tuned in a new sequence.


Consider the settings for a Philips TV:

  1. Use the menu button on the remote control to enter the “Configuration” section.
  2. Click on the “Installation” section.
  3. After the secondary menu appears, select the channel setup. Select channel setup
  4. Another secondary menu will appear. Select “Automatic Installations”.
  5. With correct and consistent transitions, a message will appear stating that the channels will now be updated.
  6. Click Get Started.

The program configures the channels on its own. After completion, you do not need to do anything else. There are many reasons why digital channels stop broadcasting and there is no digital TV signal, but almost all of them can be solved independently. The main thing is to decide what exactly went wrong. There are also no problems with the subsequent setup, since all the settings are similar, and you can get the necessary information either from the provider or in the instructions for the TV.

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    После того, как Вы определились, какой мультиплекс у вас отсутствует, переходим к статье Расположение передатчиков Т2 в Украине и номера ТВ каналов. В представленной в статье таблице ищем населенный пункт, в сторону которого направлена Ваша антенна для приема сигнала цифрового ТВ. Для Вашего населенного пункта, зная в каком мультиплексе пропал диапазон телеканалов, запоминаем частотный канал. Частотный канал — полоса радиочастот в диапазоне метровых или дециметровых волн (в цифровом телевидении используется дециметровый диапазон), предназначенная для передачи радиосигналов изображения и звукового сопровождения телевизионного средства массовой информации.

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