How to watch adult TV in 2022 – available content 18+

How to watch adult TV on Smart TV in 2022 – erotic channels and porn for free and for a fee. People tend to watch adult TV channels, because if there was no demand, where would the offer come from? The reasons may be different, some just want to relax after a hard day, for others it is a way to create a romantic atmosphere, and still others just want to watch something new. In this article, we will consider what methods of connecting adult channels that are relevant for 2022 exist, how to connect them and how to set up a TV to watch 18+ content.
How to watch adult TV in 2022 - available content 18+

Porn and erotic channels on satellite TV

The main advantage
of satellite television is the ability to connect in places where
it is difficult or impossible to conduct conventional cable television or other analogues. One of the most sought after genres on satellite television is adult content. Today, operators that provide porn channels for viewing strive to comply with generally accepted television standards, so the quality of broadcasting does not lag behind conventional TV channels, and some of them allow you to enjoy viewing even in 3D.


If all the necessary equipment is present, then some providers may offer a specific list of adult channels right out of the box. They can be found in the main channel list. However, most operators offer access to adult channels on a fee basis, usually a monthly subscription fee.


satellite TV operator offers its own packages, which include adult channels. The list of channels may vary, so you will have to choose a subscription according to individual preferences. However, for example, we can consider the proposal of the largest operator in the Russian market – the operator ”
Tricolor TV “.
How to watch adult TV in 2022 - available content 18+The company can offer connection to the “Night” package, which for 2022 includes the following list of 18+ TV channels:

  • Night club;
  • Oh-la-la;
  • Brazzers TV;
  • Temptation HD;
  • naughty;
  • candyman;
  • Russian night;How to watch adult TV in 2022 - available content 18+
  • Candy

Each TV channel has its own individual program, some are designed only for men, while others may also appeal to the female sex. Also, on the receivers of the Tricolor TV company, it is possible to restrict the viewing of unwanted channels, for example, so that underage family members do not accidentally stumble upon pornographic scenes. This can be done in the receiver settings, in the “blocking” section. For more information, see the user manual that came with the receiver.

biss keys

Another way to connect channels for adults is activation keys or
BISS keys . They can be found both freely available on the Internet, and you can use the services of specialists who will help you unlock channels for every taste. To watch erotic channels in this way, you must have a tuner with an encoding emulator. An emulator is a receiver software that emulates an access card and helps decrypt an encrypted broadcast channel using a BISS key.
How to watch adult TV in 2022 - available content 18+You can check the presence of the emulator on the receiver by following the instructions:

  1. The full name of the receiver software must contain the “$” sign. For example, the name might be: “A8SFCI2K9_$JKQ_A8721”. If the dollar sign is not in the name, then this receiver does not support emulation, so this method of unlocking channels will not work.
  2. In the absence of an emulator, the receiver can be reprogrammed, but this process is not recommended without the appropriate knowledge. And also, if the existing receiver is included in the kit of one of the operators, for example, Tricolor TV, then such actions will most likely lead to a complete disruption of the existing subscriptions.

If the receiver is still equipped with the necessary software, then you can proceed to activate the existing BISS key, however, it is worth considering that some keys may not be suitable for certain types of tuners. The activation process is almost identical on most receiver models, minor differences can only be in the software. Instructions for activating BISS keys:

  1. You need to go to the receiver menu and find the “BISS Keys” item. In some receivers, the emulation environment may be hidden, in such cases you must enter one of the following codes using the numbers on the remote control: 9776, 9766, 9339, 9976.
  2. In the window that appears, all existing keys inside the receiver will be visible, and it will also be possible to delete, edit and add a new key. Just the last function is required.
  3. Usually the red button on the remote is responsible for adding a new key, after pressing a field will appear in which you can enter the existing BISS key from the porn channel of interest, its ID and frequency. You can also add a name there so as not to get confused when switching channels.

Adult channels to watch on Smart TV

Erotic channels are also available on Smart TV. To enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, you need to install one of the applications that will allow you to access channels. You can do this by following the instructions below.

It is important to note that depending on the TV manufacturer, the setting may vary slightly. In this example, the MEGOGO service for Smart TV is used, and the setting is made on one of the latest Samsung TV models.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. The TV must first be connected to the Internet, for example, using Wi-Fi , and then set up an Internet connection in the settings.
  2. Next, you need to find the “Video” tab in the “Samsung App” online application store. You need to find the “MEGOGO” application, and then download and install it.
  3. The application icon will appear on the desktop, it remains to launch it, log in or register following the prompts on the TV and select a channel.

Usually porn and erotic channels are not included in the standard package, so you will have to purchase the desired subscription. For the MEGOGO service, the “Maximum” and “Premium” subscriptions are suitable. Since the service is multi-platform, you can view adult channels from any device that supports the official application.

Viewing via IPTV

IPTV is a technology of interactive digital television, the signal is transmitted through Internet channels. Satellite, cable and digital television lag behind in terms of functionality and quality of the services provided, however, the technology requires high-speed Internet so that there are no problems with broadcasting. To start watching porn channels using IPTV on Smart TVs, you need to follow these steps:

  1. In the application store, you need to find any player that is designed to be viewed on IPTV. You can install the application “Peers TV” or any of its analogues, however, such applications are removed from the stores due to complaints from the copyright holders.How to watch adult TV in 2022 - available content 18+
  2. Next, go to the settings in the section with playlists, and then click “Add playlist” and specify the address of the site with the playlist.


Playlists for IPTV for watching adult moviesis a text file containing links and channel names. Links in the playlist are sources that broadcast a specific TV channel. They are associated with names so that the user can interact with the list of TV channels using the player’s menu. You can upload a playlist to the player through a separate file in m3u8 or m3u format, for example, using external media. However, there is another way – this is to download it directly through the link. You can find playlists with adult channels on the Internet on various resources. There are sites that publish up-to-date playlists, as well as actively replace outdated broadcast links and look for broadcast sources. Another option is thematic forums and social networks, people also share playlists. Playlists with adult channels can be watched through OTT Play – app overview and settings: https:

Porn channels on popular services

Services that provide access to online TV viewing may also offer subscriptions for an adult audience. The list of channels for each service is different, so before making a choice, it is better to figure out which channels are needed and on which devices the viewing will be performed. Some services offer bonuses, such as additional videos or movies added to subscriptions. This is also worth paying attention to.


KION is a service founded by MTS. You can watch movies and series on it, as well as enjoy watching TV channels. You can watch both from Android and iOS devices, and install a special application on Smart TV.
How to watch adult TV in 2022 - available content 18+KION does not have a subscription specifically with adult TV channels, but there is an After Midnight subscription that includes the following channels:

  • Brazzers TV;
  • Trash TV;
  • Silk;
  • Lubbing TV Russia;
  • Blue Hustler;
  • naughty;
  • Exxxotica;
  • barely legal;
  • Russian night;
  • Playboy TV;
  • Movie horror;
  • Babe TV.

How to watch adult TV in 2022 - available content 18+The subscription contains the most popular porn channels, as well as a small collection of other TV channels, such as the Kinouzhas channel. In addition, this offer includes 450 films for adults.


The Wink application is a cross-platform application from the Rostelecom company designed to watch movies, series, TV shows and live broadcasts of channels. The service has an additional subscription “Adult”, which includes the following six channels:

  • Naughty HD;
  • Babes TV HD;
  • Exxxotica;
  • Oh-la-la;
  • Brazzers TV Europe;
  • Blue Hustler.

How to watch adult TV in 2022 - available content 18+In addition to the additional subscription, there is also the main one, its package includes the “Adult” subscription. It also includes more than a hundred films for adults for every taste.

NTV Plus

In addition to satellite TV, ”
NTV Plus ” has its own application for online viewing. The operator offers two packages that include adult channels. The “Night” package includes the following channels:

  • Russian night;
  • Oh-la-la;
  • Erox HD;
  • Blue Hustler;
  • Playboy TV;
  • Brazzers;
  • barely legal.

How to watch adult TV in 2022 - available content 18+The second package “Night Premium” includes all of the above packages and also provides access to over 100 hours of adult videos.

How to watch

You can enjoy watching TV channels using the above services from almost any device. In most cases, it is enough to install the application on the required device, log in to the system and select a channel. In addition to applications, the services also have a web version of the product, so you can watch videos from a computer, and KION even supports viewing on a TV set-top box.

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