JSC Gazprom Space systems today – what you need to know about the company, latest news

The Gazprom group of companies includes not only natural fuel production enterprises, but also a number of other divisions. One of them is a subsidiary of a public joint stock company, JSC Gazprom Space Systems. She is engaged in the creation and operation of telecommunication, space and geoinformation systems both for members of the Gazprom Group of Companies and for third-party consumers.
JSC Gazprom Space systems today - what you need to know about the company, latest news

Company development history

The history of the development of JSC Gazprom Space Systems began in November 1992. It was then that a number of Gazprom’s service enterprises united to create a satellite communications network for the company’s internal needs. The new organization was called OJSC Gazkom and was building a communication network based on leased satellites. But already in September 1999, the company launched its first own satellite, called Yamal-100, into orbit. Thanks to him, Gascom was able not only to create satellite communication networks for internal use, but also to provide telecommunication services to third-party consumers. In the same period, the company launched
satellite TV in 16 regions of the Russian Federation.
JSC Gazprom Space systems today - what you need to know about the company, latest newsYamal-100 [/ caption] The company received its current name – Gazprom Space Systems – in 2008. Today, it is in charge of an orbital constellation of four Yamal satellites, which serve about 450 ground satellite communication stations. The Yamal-601 project was included in the federal program for the development of television and radio broadcasting in the Russian Federation. The modern satellite constellation fully covers the telecommunication needs of the company’s subsidiaries, provides access to TV broadcasting and the Internet for residents of Russian regions. In addition, the organization is engaged in the provision of communication services to the countries of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the CIS.


The entire satellite communications system, on which the work of JSC Gazprom Kosmpicheskie sistemy is based, can be subdivided into two categories. The first is space objects:

  • Satellite Yamal 601 – operates in the C and Ka bands, is in orbital position 49 ° east longitude; JSC Gazprom Space systems today - what you need to know about the company, latest newsSatellite Yamal 601 [/ caption]
  • Satellite Yamal 402 – operates in the Ku band, located at 55 ° E;
  • Satellite Yamal 401 – operates in C and Ku bands, located at 90 ° E;
  • Satellite Yamal 202 – broadcasts in the C range at 163.5 ° E;
  • Satellite Yamal 300K – operates in C and Ku bands, located at 183 ° E.

Coverage area of ​​JSC Gazprom Space systems

The Yamal satellite group, owned by JSC Gazprom KS, covers, in aggregate, the entire territory of the Russian Federation:

  • The European part (including the Kaliningrad region);
  • Western Siberia;
  • Ural;
  • Central part of Russia;
  • Far East.

In addition, the satellite beams spread to foreign territories, such as: Western and Central Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, the CIS countries, the west of the coast of North America, part of Southeast Asia and the North of the Pacific Ocean.

By the way! You can check whether a specific settlement is included in the company’s coverage area here – https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru/zona/.

JSC Gazprom Space systems today - what you need to know about the company, latest newsCoverage area [/ caption] The second category includes the ground part of the infrastructure:

  1. Shchelkovo telecommunications center , where the central stations of satellite communications are located, allowing the company to work as a provider, control centers for satellites and communication networks, a control and measuring complex and an aerospace monitoring center.
  2. Telecommunication center in Pereslavl-Zalessky , where the backup control center of the satellite constellation and the teleport of the Central Federal District are located.
  3. Moscow Center for Satellite Television , where digital coding, multiplexing and compression of TV channels are carried out before their transmission to satellites.
  4. Teleport of the Siberian Federal District , located in Novosibirsk and providing residents of the region with access to satellite communications through the Yamal-601.
  5. Teleport Dalnevostochny in Khabarovsk , serving the Yamal-300K satellite. JSC Gazprom Space systems today - what you need to know about the company, latest newsCoverage of the Yamal-300K satellite [/ caption]

In addition to the above, the category of terrestrial infrastructure includes a network of regional ground stations.

Products and services

Gazprom Space Systems operates in the following areas:

  • sale of satellite resources to large service providers, government and corporate sectors;
  • development and creation of satellite communication and television networks on a turnkey basis;
  • design and creation of satellites of various types, complexes for their control and other components of satellite systems;
  • provision of geographic information services.

The clients of the company are both organizations belonging to the Gazprom Group of Companies and other legal entities, representatives of the public sector and private clients.
JSC Gazprom Space systems today - what you need to know about the company, latest news

Business proposals

For representatives of the business segment, JSC Gazprom Space Systems has the following range of services.

  1. Satellite Internet at speeds up to 100 Mbps with the ability to provide a static IP address.
  2. Cellular communication and IP-telephony.
  3. Video surveillance and video registration. The speed of the incoming stream will be up to 20 Mbit / s, and the outgoing one – up to 1 Mbit / s.
  4. Organization of communication channels between the branches of the company and the head office. The data transfer rate, depending on the needs of the customer, can range from 2 Mbit / s to 300 Mbit / s.
  5. Design, creation, configuration and support of corporate networks of various topologies.
  6. Satellite TV with the ability to watch 30 TV channels for free.

You can apply for the connection of any of the listed services remotely through your personal account on the official website of Gazprom Space Systems (direct link https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru/auth/). In Russia, there are more than 1000 dealer centers of the organization, so there will be no problems with the acquisition and connection of equipment.

Services for individuals

For individuals, Gazprom Space Systems provides satellite Internet services. Connection is possible anywhere in the Russian Federation that is within the coverage area of ​​the organization’s satellites, even where wired Internet is impossible. Additionally, private traders who have entered into an agreement for the supply of satellite Internet can connect television, telephone communications or video surveillance from the company. It is also possible to create a local network for using the Internet from several apartments / houses at once from one set of satellite equipment.

Dealer program

Any telecommunications company can become a dealer of JSC Gazprom Space Systems. To do this, you need to register on the organization’s website using the link – https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru/auth/, and then accept the dealer agreement. After registration, the dealer will receive information about all connection requests in his region. He can also attract third-party customers to purchase satellite communication services. For attracting users, concluding contracts on existing applications and supporting customers, the company will be paid remuneration.

By the way! To maintain the status of a dealer, it is necessary to sell only 1 set of satellite equipment per year.

How to become a client of the company

There are two ways to apply for connection to any of the relevant services of Gazprom Space Systems:

  • by calling 8-800-301-01-41 ;
  • by registering a personal account on the company’s website – https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru/auth/ – and leaving a connection request in it;
  • by filling out an application without registration (a link to the form is available on the website https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru in the sections “Individuals” and “Business”, at the end of the list of relevant services).

The customer support telephone line operates around the clock, including on weekends. If a potential client does not want to call a telephone operator, he can fill out a connection request on the Gazprom KS website without registration.

Only existing clients of the company can send an application through their personal account. For example, those who have already connected the Internet and now want to additionally order the digital TV service. They, as a rule, already have a personal account, the credentials from which are provided along with the service contract.

How to register a personal account and enter it

Self-registration of a personal account on the Gazprom Space Systems website dedicated to its services – https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru – is possible only for the company’s dealers. Clients of any category will not have to register a personal account. An account for them is created by the company, the login and password are issued along with the contract. Dealers will need to act like this:

  • open the main page of the website https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru in the browser;
  • in the left menu on the main page, click on the “Registration” link;
  • enter into the appeared form data about your company and its employee who will interact with Gazprom Space Systems;
  • come up with a username and password and enter it into the form;
  • to mark agreement with the rules for using the personal account and the procedure for processing personal data;
  • enter captcha;
  • click on the “Send” button.

JSC Gazprom Space systems today - what you need to know about the company, latest newsLogin page to the Gazprom Space Systems personal account [/ caption] Direct link to the LC registration page – https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru/auth/. And for those who already have an account, to enter it, you will need to follow the link https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru/auth/login.php, or select the item “Login to your personal account” in the left menu of the site.

What you need to connect to the Internet

To connect the Internet from JSC Gazprom Space Systems, the company’s clients will need:

  • satellite dish and transceiver (characteristics depend on the satellite through which the signal will be received);
  • satellite modem;
  • antenna aiming device;
  • cables (coaxial and Ethernet);
  • related accessories.

All this can be purchased from the company’s regional dealers. The client can install and configure the equipment independently – the satellite provider provides detailed instructions along with the equipment.

If necessary, installation and adjustment can be ordered from the regional dealer of the company.

Service cost

JSC Gazprom Space Systems has formed several packages of tariff plans for both individuals and representatives of the business segment. The terms of each of the tariffs are determined by the range and which satellite will be broadcast. The incoming and outgoing Internet speeds required by the client and the presence of traffic limits also play a role. You can get acquainted with the current tariffs of Gazprom Space Systems here: https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru/tariff/.
JSC Gazprom Space systems today - what you need to know about the company, latest news

How to purchase equipment

To find out the coordinates of the nearest dealership, a future client of Gazprom Space Systems can leave a request on the organization’s website. The request form is located in the “Where to buy” section, you can go to it at the link https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru/gde-kupit/. Within a working day after sending the application, the managers of the satellite company will contact the client and inform the address of the nearest dealership.


The site https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru has a very useful section for subscribers – “Documentation”. In it you can not only familiarize yourself with the licenses of JSC Gazprom Space Systems and certificates for the equipment used by the company. The section contains useful documents:

  • instructions for setting up and installing equipment;
  • regulations for the provision of communication services;
  • public offers of the company;
  • forms of applications for a refund, termination or renewal of the contract, change of the client’s credentials.

Any document can be downloaded in PDF format.
JSC Gazprom Space systems today - what you need to know about the company, latest news

User support

In case of any difficulties, customers of Gazprom Space Systems can contact the technical support service. This can be done:

  • by the round-the-clock phone 8-800-301-01-41;
  • by e-mail – helpdesk@gascom.ru.

But before calling or writing an appeal, you should familiarize yourself with the “Answers to Questions” section on the company’s official website. It is located at the link https://www.gazpromcosmos.ru/faq/, and contains basic information about connecting and paying for services, working with a personal account and the most frequent technical problems.

Company development program

For the next few years, Gazprom Space Systems plans to work in the following areas:

  • development of the Yamal satellite system with the involvement of the staff of the Department of Industrial Space Systems of TSU;
  • development and creation of a space system for remote sensing of the Earth “SMOTR” using optoelectronic and radar satellites;
  • creation of our own production for the assembly of modern spacecraft.

All planned developments will enable the organization. including, to improve the quality of services. provided by it to clients.

Company life today

At the moment, JSC Gazprom Space Systems is building a spacecraft assembly plant in Shchelkovo. The organization is also expanding cooperation with Roscosmos, and recently signed an agreement with the American company Viasat Inc. to provide satellite communications for pilots of aircraft of various airlines during flights. A few months ago, the satellite TV center was modernized, the results of which were an increase in the quality of broadcasting and protection of content from unauthorized access.
JSC Gazprom Space systems today - what you need to know about the company, latest newsGazprom space systems Shchelkovo [/ caption] Gazprom KS also actively supports various social, sports and political events. So, with the help of its satellites, several broadcasts of car races were organized, a video conference was held in honor of the opening in honor of the opening of a children’s sports and recreation center in the Leningrad Region.

Work at Gazprom Space Systems – available vacancies

Tomsk State University has a basic department “Industrial Space Systems” aimed at training engineering personnel for JSC Gazprom Space Systems. But in addition to engineers and scientists, the company requires a lot of employees in other fields. To find out about available vacancies, or send your resume to the organization, you can:

  • by email kadry@gazprom-spacesystems.ru;
  • by fax +7 (495) 504-29-11.JSC Gazprom Space systems today - what you need to know about the company, latest news

You can also send an applicant’s questionnaire through the official website of Gazprom KS by clicking on the link https://kosmos.gazprom.ru/career/ and clicking on the “Fill out the questionnaire” button on the right side of the screen.

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