What you need to know about the Continent TV satellite television platform: tariffs, settings, satellites

Continent television is the latest development belonging to the satellite operator Orion-Express, the official website of the company is https://kontinent-tv.com/. In the process of broadcasting television, exclusively updated versions of DVB-S2 modulation and MPEG-4 compression are used, which allow rebroadcasting about 70 television channels, including channels with images in HDTV quality. TV channels are shown in the Irdeto coding version with binding to the tuner numbering. Consumers of the company’s services will be able to independently choose the number of necessary television channels for broadcasting, as well as the amount of the required monthly subscription fee. In addition, 10 state television channels are included in the unpaid package. The “Favorite” package contains thirty-two television channels.The price of such a kit costs 99 rubles per month. The unlimited version of the kit contains more than 170 channels, with a monthly payment for use from 300 rubles. There are also certain company subscriptions for some specific kits.
What you need to know about the Continent TV satellite television platform: tariffs, settings, satellites

Satellites and coverage, antennas, frequencies and transponders for tuning Continent TV

The satellite equipment was created on the basis of the Star-2 site, which includes 22 Ku-expansion transponders. Transponder beams are directed towards the Middle East, Indian Ocean and the Russian Federation (4 devices with a 36 MHz band). The satellite was launched into the sky on November 30, 2009 at approximately 12:00 am Moscow time. In geostationary orbit Intelsat-15, it replaced the outdated Intelsat 709. It is currently possible to receive channels belonging to Continent Television throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation. For reception, it is required to purchase and mount a satellite dish with a circumference of 60 centimeters for the central region of the country and up to 1.5 meters in the outskirts of the country. Everything will depend on the location of the owner of the TV.
What you need to know about the Continent TV satellite television platform: tariffs, settings, satellitesCoverage map [/ caption] To find out the antenna diameter, the existing satellite signal coverage map for
satellite TV broadcasting (Intelsat 15 and Horizons 2) is used. For example, throughout the Yekaterinburg region there is enough equipment in the “Supral 0.6” version, which is enough to ensure high-quality TV viewing. For reliable satellite signal reception in adverse weather conditions, it is possible to increase the antenna circumference up to 0.8 or 0.9 meters. In this case, on the territory of the city of Yekaterinburg, high-quality television signal reception will be 100% ensured under various weather conditions, including bad ones. To receive a television package from Continent Television, you will need the following devices:

  • antenna from 60 cm and more;
  • universal converter providing linear polarization;
  • cable ;
  • satellite receiver;
  • smart card access .

There are 2 basic modifications of receivers offered by Kontinent TV and manufactured by Coship:

  1. The receiver, which is made under the type resolution and is called CSD01 / IR .
  2. CHD02 / IR – equipment for watching TV, providing high quality HDTV, and allows you to record programs to an external USB drive.

Receivers have 1 Irdeto decoder with the need to attach the decoder card to a specific numbered receiver (CSSN ID using Irdeto Secure Silicon technology).

Channel packages Continent TV

It is possible to watch a whole list of freely available channels:

  • 1 channel;
  • Russia 1;
  • Russia 2;
  • Russia 24;
  • Russia K;
  • Star;
  • Home;
  • Channel 5;
  • STS;
  • TV Center;
  • RBC TV;
  • many others, complete list below.

What you need to know about the Continent TV satellite television platform: tariffs, settings, satellitesTV channels Continent [/ caption]

Tariff grid

Continent TV has different types of tariffs:

  • classic – 199 rubles per month;
  • favorite – 99 rubles a month;
  • children’s channels – 99 rubles per month;
  • thematic channel – 100 rubles per month;
  • multiroom – 33 rubles per month.

More details about tariffs can be found on the corresponding page https://kontinent-tv.com/tv-channels.html.

Channel tuning, connection, frequencies, transponders Continent TV

Currently, on the satellite from the Continent Television company, 2 transponders are used to configure:
12600 V DVB-S2 SR 30000 FEC 2/3.
Frequency support – 12600 V
Symbol rate – 30000
Error correction factor – 2/3 The
format for viewing is
– DVB-S2 12640 V DVB SR 30000 FEC ¾. The set frequency – 12640 V
Symbol rate – 30000
Error correction factor – 3/4 The
format for broadcasting is provided – DVB-S In order to configure the antenna equipment, you will need:

  • wrenches (from 10 mm to 17 mm) or an adjustable wrench;
  • # 2 Phillips screwdriver;
  • felt-tip pen or pencil in order to set marks on the antenna device mount.

Step 1 Reconfigure the receiver

To do this, set the required parameters in the receiver menu:
What you need to know about the Continent TV satellite television platform: tariffs, settings, satellitesTransponders for Continent TV [/ caption]

Step 2 Rotate converter

  1. In Russia, turn the LNB clockwise by 2 °.
  2. In the Urals, in Siberia by 3-4.
  3. In the Far East by 2.

Step 3 Change the rotation of the antenna in the back plane

Turn the plate 5 ° to the left. Look at the antenna from the back of the “mirror”.

Step 4 Change the vertical tilt angle of the antenna

Look at the device from the back of the “mirror”. In Russia, move the top of the antenna 2 cm away from you.

Make final settings

By adjusting the rotation of the antenna, achieve the maximum level in terms of power and quality of signals. In the “Manual search” do a channel search.

How to pay

Payment is easy. The user has the following ways to pay for channel packages:

  • through banks Sberbank, VTB24;
  • networks “Messenger”, “Eldorado”;
  • payment terminals;
  • the Internet;
  • bank cards.

Registration in your personal account, billing Continent TV

All new users will be able to register a personal account on their own. To do this, you need to use the option of the same name on the official website. The procedure is done by entering the card number data to access the TV service. It only takes a few minutes. At the end, a specific client will be provided with unique data – login and password. There are 3 ways:

  1. Office visit.
  2. Through the phone number of the contact center.
  3. Submitting an online application.

The easiest way to register is through the official website of the operator. To this end:
What you need to know about the Continent TV satellite television platform: tariffs, settings, satellites

  • you need to follow the link where the program will ask you to enter the card number for access. Enter this number and click “Continue”.
  • enter all the items in the questionnaire. You need to indicate the correct data, then click “Register”.What you need to know about the Continent TV satellite television platform: tariffs, settings, satellites
  • If all is well, a message will appear on the display stating that the registration was successful.

The password for entering your personal account will be sent to the phone number specified in the account.
What you need to know about the Continent TV satellite television platform: tariffs, settings, satellitesLK Continent TV [/ caption]


When will the new HD channels appear? Some HD channels already exist (the list is here http://kontinent-tv.com/hd-channel.htm). More will be added soon, planned by the end of 2021. This will become known in the HD Continent TV section (http://kontinent-tv.com/hd-television.htm).
When can I order an HD device in order to switch to Continent TV? Already now there is such an opportunity to purchase a receiver.
How to pay Continent TV? To do this, you need to find the relevant information in the “Continent TV Payment Methods” section. http://kontinent-tv.com/oplata.htm
When can I pick up the receiver and activate the Classic tariff?In order to place an order for the receiver, you must first activate the existing card for Continent television using a new one. At the same time, there is no need to necessarily re-tune the antenna – it is activated for the so-called “universal satellite”.

There is an opinion

I connected to it in 2018 through employees working in a representative office in the region – the Vector company: they came up, posed, no questions. They began when, after 1 month, the satellite broke down and the channels began to show for half a day.
Maxim, St. Petersburg

Our antenna was located on the roof of a country house. We calmly watch the same number of channels every day and without any problem situations and hassle.
Irina, Moscow

Also became the “lucky” of this television. After the test, it shows 57 channels, pleases SPORT 1 hd.
Victor, Kirov

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