What is MTS cam module, how to connect and configure it

Modern TVs give the owner unlimited opportunities to watch content without connecting additional devices. More recently, the user had to simultaneously control the remote control from a TV and a satellite tuner or set-top box that receives digital cable TV signals. Now manufacturers have made it much easier by integrating all the additional technologies into the TV, allowing you to use just one remote control. But in this case, there is a problem with access to content that is individually owned. In this case, the Cam module from the provider companies will come to the rescue.

What is the MTS CAM module

The MTS CAM module for TV is a unit that is connected to the circuitry of the device and performs certain functions. The provider gives permission for:

  • reading information on the SMS card;
  • logging into a network that broadcasts content;
  • obtaining codes for the streaming decoding procedure.

If you connect the antenna through a set-top box or a tuner, the message “channel is encoded” will appear on the TV screen, because the device will not receive the signal provided by the MTS provider. The image can be obtained only after connecting the TV module directly to the TV or set-top box.

What is the work of the module

To install the CAM module, the TV must have a built-in CI slot. If it is missing, you will have to use the tuner with the desired slot. To view the content provided by the provider, you will need to use a smart card that will provide access to the content. The map contains information about the period for which the subscription was made, the list of channels available for viewing, the time spent watching and the key that allows you to decrypt the channels. The provider has the ability to control access to the encoded content. The tuner built into the CAM module collects codes from the card and decodes the channels to which you have subscribed. Since each provider tries to prevent users from accessing closed channels, they go to some restrictions. For example:

  • the smart card is sold together with certain equipment produced by the provider company, in this case MTS;
  • prohibit the use of CAM modules operating in a multichannel direction;
  • the card is tied to the number of the used equipment.

There are three types of modules:

  1. Simple. It is used only with a single coding system, therefore, when changing the provider, the module must be replaced with another one. In addition, most of the channels, access to which is exclusively paid, have different encoding, which simple CAM modules are not able to decode.
  2. Universal. CAM modules, in which it is possible to use smart cards from different providers. The device is automatically configured and connected to them. In addition, they correct the signals they receive, but also give access to all paid content.

When purchasing CAM modules of a universal type, the user only needs to purchase a provider card.

MTS provider tariff plans

The MTS CAM module can be purchased at the sales offices of the MTS company or on the official website of the provider. The kit also includes a smart card antenna. The price of the set is 3990 rubles. Additionally, you can order a cable at a price of 30 rubles per meter and installation by a specialist, the cost of which is 2000 rubles. Tariffs and channel list can be found in the table

RatePriceNumber of channelsChannels
Base175 RUR209News channels For education Feature films and documentaries For children Sports Music Entertainment
Extended250 RUR217News Educational Films For children Sports Music Entertainment
Basic plus250 RUR219News Educational Films For children Sports Music Entertainment
Extended plus390 RUR227News Educational Films For children Sports Music Entertainment
Adult150 RURfiveAdult cinema
Child50 RURfiveChildren’s cognitive channels
Match. Premier HD299 RURoneSports
Match. Football380 RUR3Sports
Cinema mood239 RUR3Movies TV Shows


How to set up and activate the MTS CAM module

In order to configure and activate the MTS CAM module, you must connect it to the device. To do this, you need to find the Common Interface slot on the back of the TV. First of all, you need to insert the Smart card into the module, after which, you need to insert it into the slot. Care must be taken to ensure that the adapter is installed correctly and not firmly in the connector.

Cam module mts for cable tv

If the connection is made according to all the rules, then the signal from the provider will be displayed on the TV screen. You can configure the module yourself. To do this, using the remote control, go to the main menu and press the “Factory settings” button to restart the TV. After setting the time and date, you need to go to the “channel search”. In the process of setting up
cable TV from MTS, you can use autosearch or configure the device to view content manually by selecting the “Cable” connection item. Upon completion of the search, the “Execute” button is pressed, thereby completing the channel setup.

Cam module mts for satellite tv

Satellite TV through the Cam module
from MTS is similar to cable TV, only when searching for channels, you need to press the “Satellite” button and select the channels of interest. During the configuration process, you will need to specify the provider that provides the service. Finally, the “Run” button is pressed, wait a few minutes until the settings are complete and enjoy watching.

How to update Cam module mts

Over time, a message may come from the system, which will offer to update the Cam module mts. To do this, enter the module menu and select the “Control” item. After that, the “Software update” section is selected and if the section contains a message about the found new versions of the module, you need to click on the “Update” button. After the update, the device information will appear on the screen.

Antenna for Cam module mts

To connect the TV to satellite TV, you will need to install an antenna for which you need to choose a place where the signal will best receive the signal. To do this, you need to make sure that the device is aimed at the ABS2A satellite waves and there is no visible interference in their path. Before installing the antenna, you need to make sure that the user is not covered by the satellite waves. The diameter of the plate must be at least 90 centimeters in diameter.
Important! If you buy a full set of equipment for the TV from MTS, then there will be no connection problems, since all the elements of the set have the required parameters.

How to connect two TVs at once

In modern homes, families often use two televisions. To connect them to one MTS Cam module, use the following methods: Use a splitter. This is the easiest and most inexpensive way to connect. The module is connected to the input connector, and the output cables are connected to TVs. The only drawback of the device is the presence of interference on TV screens. A converter with two outputs will help you connect a second TV to an MTS provider. The device can be used simultaneously for 8 devices without affecting the quality of the received signals. The only thing that can upset the user is the lack of knowledge and competence in the connection process. The most expensive and most reliable way to connect two devices to a cam module is to use a multiswitch device. This device will help you create a whole multimedia network,by connecting several antennas and TVs together. In this case, the signal quality will not be affected.

What TV models can be connected to the MTS Cam module

The mts cam module can be connected to many TVs that have a Common Interface connector. To make sure that the model supports the function of connecting a television through the module, you should re-read the technical specifications, which indicate this function. Common brands with cam module support:

  • BBK;
  • Doffler;
  • Erisson;
  • GoldStar;
  • Hitachi;
  • Hyundai;
  • JVC LT;
  • LG;
  • Loewe;
  • Panasonic;
  • Philips;
  • Samsung;
  • Sharp;
  • Sony;
  • SUPRA;
  • Thomson.

The models of these brands easily support the connection of satellite and cable TV with the help of the MTS Cam module.
What is MTS cam module, how to connect and configure itWhich TVs support the MTSov cam module [/ caption]

There is an opinion

I have been using the mts cam module for more than three years and during the whole time I have never had any complaints. I decided to buy another one to connect the multiroom. I advise all owners of a satellite tuner. The entire mission of decoding channels is now performed by the TV itself.


I am very pleased with the purchase of the cam module. I connected it to LG, configured 212 channels. The image is excellent, the signal does not disappear. The settings are clear and easy.


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