Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffs

Since 1993, MTS PJSC has been one of the leading companies in the Russian Federation providing telecommunications services. In July 2012, Mobile TeleSystems made a new breakthrough and launched digital TV broadcasting. The new option allowed to increase the number of broadcast channels and provide access to
interactive services and HD content. Learn more about the possibilities of digital television from MTS, as well as how to connect a
TV , install equipment and set up the service yourself.
Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffs

Digital TV from MTS

Digital TV broadcasting is a modern technique for broadcasting TV channels using digital signals to transmit picture and sound. The MTS provider uses GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks) technology, thanks to which the
Internet, IPTV and IP telephony are connected via one cable.

Note! The total throughput of such a fiber-optic cable is quite high – 1 Gbit / s. Therefore, all data is loaded quickly, and the image and sound quality is preserved.

A digital set-top box may be required to connect to IPTV broadcasts
. The average cost of such a device is 2900 rubles, the rental price varies from 10 to 110 rubles per month. Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffsMTS set- top box
– the necessary equipment for connecting to digital television [/ caption] The number of set-top boxes is directly proportional to the number of connected TVs. The set-top box is not needed if the TV supports the DVB-C or DVB-C2 standard. In this case, the fiber optic cable is connected directly to the device.

Note! You can connect both a TV and other devices to IPTV from MTS, for example, a
computer, tablet, smartphone , etc.

MTS clients can also take advantage of the Multiroom service, which will enable digital TV broadcasting on several devices at the same time. In this case, the active TV package will be available on any connected TV. There is no additional service fee.
Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffsMultiroom MTS [/ caption]

Tariffs and packages of MTS digital TV channels

For its users, MTS has developed several basic tariff plans:

  1. The “Basic Package” includes 180 TV channels, of which 45 are in HD quality and 3 are in Ultra HD. This includes regional, news, sports, entertainment channels, children’s, business content, etc. The monthly cost of the service is 160 rubles.
  2. The next basic tariff plan is “Optimal” . Includes 90 TV channels, of which 16 are in HD quality. Among them are news, entertainment, music, sports, children’s, educational, federal and other TV channels. The cost of such a laconic package is 120 rubles per month.

Also, users can connect additional thematic TV packages:

  1. “Amedia Premium HD” – 5 channels (3 HD), broadcasting world film premieres, as well as Russian and foreign serials. The price of the additional package is 200 rubles per month.Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffs
  2. Additional package “ViP” will be of interest to all those who prefer the best. Only high-quality content: world and Russian film premieres, blockbusters, educational, sports content and much more. The “ViP” package is 6 HD channels for 200 rubles per month.
  3. Additional package “Children” is useful for those who have children from 0 to 12 years old. It broadcasts fascinating cartoons and fairy tales, educational and educational TV programs, children’s music channels, etc. The cost of additional 7 children’s TV channels, of which 1 in HD quality is 69 rubles per month.
  4. “Match! Premier ” includes only 1 HD channel. The matches of the Russian Premier League, the Cup of Russia, friendly matches, etc. are broadcasted here exclusively live. The cost of the service is 299 rubles per month.
  5. Football fans will also be interested in the Match! Football “ – 3 HD TV channels for 380 rubles a month.
  6. Premium TV package “Cinema mood!” targeted at all family members. These are 3 HD channels – “Kinohit”, “Kinosemya” and “Kinopremiera”. The monthly cost of the package is 239 rubles per month.
  7. The channels of the Ocean of Discovery package are chosen by those who love entertainment wisely. Educational scientific experiments, exciting travels, culinary programs, detective stories and much more are broadcasted here. The monthly subscription fee for 7 TV channels in HD quality is 99 rubles.
  8. Fans content 18+ can connect package “After Midnight.” 12 TV channels, 5 of which are HD for 299 rubles per month.

By leaving a request in the “Personal Account”, you can always change your tariff plan or connect an additional one.

Note! The list of channels of tariff plans, as well as their cost for some regions, may differ slightly.

Personal account management

The personal account is the main tool of the MTS client. Here the user has the following options:

  • access to a personal current account;
  • making payment for services;
  • displaying the status of services;
  • change of tariff plan and much more.

In order to register in the “Personal Account”, you need to go to the official website of the company ( and enter the basic data, come up with a password.
Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffsMTS digital television can be connected and paid through your personal account [/ caption] Authorization is possible on the main page of the MTS official website personal
Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffs


Digital TV from MTS has a number of advantages:

  • Wide coverage and connectivity within and outside the city.
  • Simple connection, configuration and service management.
  • A large number of TV channels, a variety of content. The interests of each user are taken into account here.
  • The use of the latest generation coding protocols, as a result, high image and sound quality.
  • Interactive services.
  • Moderate cost of services.
  • Possibility of purchasing an optimal set of equipment.
  • Free connection.
  • Well-established system of bonuses and discounts, availability of promotional codes.

Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffsEquipment for connecting digital television MTS [/ caption]

Note! At the moment, there is a new promotional offer. The MTS TV 50 service can be activated with a 100% discount. An interactive menu and the “Multiroom” option (simultaneous viewing of up to 7 devices) are also available here.

In the case of an active free subscription to ivi, the promotional connection “MTS TV 50” will be available from the next calendar month. To change the subscription, you must send a USSD request (* 920 #). In this case, upon the expiration of a calendar month, the ivi subscription is automatically deleted and MTS TV 50 is activated.

MTS Digit Connection

Service activation is a fairly simple process:

  1. Install the provider’s Smart-card into the digital set-top box .
  2. Connect equipment to TV. The best option is through the HDMI connector. With such a connection, the quality of the broadcast and the picture is preserved better. An alternative option is to connect via SCART or RCA tulips. The OUT end is connected to the set-top box, IN – to the TV.

Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffsConnecting a digit from the MTS operator [/ caption] Also, if the TV has a CI slot, you can use a CAM module instead of a prefix
. This connection option will cost a little less, but the pause, repeat, rewind options will be unavailable.
Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffsCam module mts [/ caption] Many modern smart TVs of leading brands, for example LG or SAMSUNG, have a built-in DVB standard. In this case, the cable is connected directly to the TV.

Note! At the moment, the service of connecting IP-television from MTS is absolutely free. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the specialized specialists of the company. Previously, on the official website or with the operator of the company, you need to clarify the coverage area and the ability to connect the service at the desired address.

An application for connecting MTS digital television can be made on the website
Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffsHow to connect MTS digital television:

Setting up the MTS “digit”

Broadcast on TV

After connecting the necessary equipment, a loading window will be displayed on the TV monitor. Next, a window with a choice of language. Russian is set by default here. To confirm, press the “OK” button on the control panel.
Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffsIf the window with the choice of language is not displayed, reset the settings to the factory settings: the “Menu” button on the remote control, “System settings” and then the “Factory settings” section. Here we enter the code “0000”. The next step is to set up the image format. “4: 3” is default. Activate “16: 9” if necessary.
Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffsNext, we go to the search for channels. Go to the “Menu”, indicate “Start search”, and confirm the action with the “OK” button on the remote control. Next, we re-sort the channels: “Menu” – “Installation” – “Sort channels”. To confirm the actions, enter the pin code. In the future, if the TV channels are lost, contact your provider.
Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffsSorting channels [/ caption] The final step is updating the program. Again through the “Menu” we enter the “System Settings”. Click on “Software Update”, enter the previously specified pin code “0000” and wait for the end.

Viewing on a computer

And in order to watch any digital TV channels on a computer or laptop, you can use online services, for example, Glaz TV, Peers TV, SPB TV Online. Or profile software: ComboPlayer, RUSTV Player,
MTS TV . There is also the option of using a TV tuner.
Digital TV from MTS: how to connect, personal account, tariffsMTS TV application for viewing interactive television can be downloaded on the Play Market [/ caption]

Setting up the MTS remote control using the manufacturer’s code

The MTS remote control is a universal accessory that allows you to easily control the paired equipment. The remote control is configured as follows:

  • turn on the TV;
  • press and hold “TV” on the remote control;
  • waiting for the LED button at the top of the remote to light up;
  • from the reference table, enter the manufacturer’s code.
  • we follow the LED signal: three times blinking – the code does not comply with the standards, the termination of the glow – the successful completion of the setting.

Digital TV from MTS is a great way to brighten up your leisure time. Connection is elementary and not costly, setup and management are convenient, simple payment system for services, there is content for the whole family. In case of any difficulties, please contact your provider. Specialists will always advise and fix any problem.

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