What you need to know about MTS interactive TV: advantages, tariffs, what services are included

Today television is becoming interactive, which means the combination of digital TV technology and the use of high-speed Internet. Now the user can control the browsing process thanks to convenient options. One of the main operators providing interactive TV service is MTS (mobile TV
What you need to know about MTS interactive TV: advantages, tariffs, what services are included

What is MTS interactive TV and what services are included

MTS Interactive TV (official website https://mtsdtv.ru/dom/interaktivnoe-tv) is an advanced version of digital connection via Ethernet cable, which is a hybrid type of TV that combines conventional television and online services. In addition to the package of TV channels, the subscriber gets additional opportunities:

  • the ability to control the broadcast (pause, start recording, repeat or rewind);
  • have high bandwidth Internet access;
  • play files from external drives;
  • activate the parental control function (by setting the pin code on channels from the 18+ category);
  • use of information services (weather, traffic jams, exchange rate, news, TV guide, etc.).

Through access through a personal account, the user is given the opportunity to enjoy watching their favorite TV shows in HD resolution.
What you need to know about MTS interactive TV: advantages, tariffs, what services are included

What services are included in the interactive TV MTS

List of useful options:

  • catalog of free movies from the provider available for viewing;
  • video on demand: you can add any movie to your media library catalog;
  • access to the LC by pressing a button on the remote control;
  • synchronization with Yandex.Disk, which allows you to access files on the cloud at any time;
  • the TV program for the week ahead, which contains the description of the film, the year of release and the age limit. Here you can set a reminder and search for programs by request;
  • connection of an additional TV channel: if your favorite channel is not included in the package, you can set it up separately by paying for a subscription.

Tariff plans

Tariffs in MTS interactive TV (https://mtsdtv.ru/tarify/) differ in the package of TV channels included in them. The list of channels includes federal, entertainment, educational, sports, music, as well as movie and TV series channels sorted into categories. Almost all service packages combine MTS interactive TV and home Internet. There are other options for connecting the provider’s services. The “WE MTS + IP” tariff includes 181 digital channels, which includes equipment rental. Payment per month is 850 rubles. The “All MTS Super” tariff consists of 185 TV channels and will cost the user 725 rubles / month. The “FIT Internet + IPTV” tariff plan offers customers viewing 181 channels for 900 rubles a monthly subscription.
What you need to know about MTS interactive TV: advantages, tariffs, what services are includedMTS TV tariffs [/ caption] As an additional package of services, subscribers are offered to connect a package of 11 erotic channels with an age limit of 18+ for 299 rubles / month. For the same price you can watch the Match! Premier ”with live broadcasts of football matches. MTS interactive television can be used not in all regions. To check the possibility of connecting interactive TV, you need to go to the official website of the provider and enter your residence address in the line (page – https://mtsdtv.ru/#citySelection).
What you need to know about MTS interactive TV: advantages, tariffs, what services are includedMTS TV cities [/ caption]
What you need to know about MTS interactive TV: advantages, tariffs, what services are includedRecently there was news that MTS launched interactive television in Kstovo,
and residents of the city in the Nizhny Novgorod region got access to a wide range of IP TV services.

Interesting fact! According to the results of statistical research, most of all viewers prefer to watch movies on TV – about 42%, children’s content – 20% and entertainment TV programs – 14%.

The composition and cost of all thematic packages of MTS Interactive TV can be found at the link (https://spb.mts.ru/personal/dlya-doma/tarifi/tarifi-domashnego-interneta-i-tv/actual/spb-city/televidenie) :

Cost of equipment

To use IPTV, a subscriber needs to purchase a set-top box. The price depends on the region of residence and the model of the device and averages 7000-9000 rubles. The minimum cost starts from 6500 rubles. In order not to buy equipment, you can rent it. The cost is determined by the selected tariff and can be no more than 10 rubles / month. To connect an MTS interactive TV, you need a set-top box, which you can buy in a company store.
What you need to know about MTS interactive TV: advantages, tariffs, what services are includedReview of the interactive set-top box MTS TV: Android TV 9.0 on a good platform https://youtu.be/fz8aD7NfytI

Which TVs support

TV models support the ability to connect
receivers to broadcast the new TV format. It will not be possible to connect only to outdated devices that lack the appropriate connectors and the ability to process the signal. If the TV is not equipped with the Smart TV function
, TV from MTS can still be configured.

Important! The main condition for connection is the presence of an HDMI port on the TV panel for high-quality image and sound transmission.

Interactive television is connected using IPTV technology. In order for the signal to be read by the TV, it is necessary to connect the MTS TV interactive set-top box. High speed Internet access must also be provided.

How to connect

To activate TV from MTS, you will need to replace outdated equipment with more modern and technological ones, as well as purchase a CAM cable. To connect an interactive TV, you need to conclude a service agreement and buy equipment in the form of a hybrid set-top box. It follows from the terms of the document to be signed that the client can receive technical equipment free of charge if he has an old digital set-top box.

What is the difference from cable digital and satellite TV MTS

In both types of television, the user receives similar functionality with hundreds of TV channels and additional service packages. The only difference between interactive TV and digital MTS: for the latter to work, you need an HD set-top box, a CAM module. In addition, payment from the TV screen, archive of past TV programs, the use of online cinemas, synchronization with cloud storage and demonstration of widgets are not available in satellite TV.
What you need to know about MTS interactive TV: advantages, tariffs, what services are includedWhat is the difference between interactive TV and
digital and
satellite MTS television[/ caption] MTS interactive TV includes a list of channels divided by topics, as well as additional services. The basic package includes 154 TV channels. Some TV channels are broadcast in HD and UHD resolution.

Registration and login to your personal account

To manage MTS interactive TV subscriptions, you need to log in to the user’s personal account.

  1. Go to the official MTS website and choose a tariff plan that suits you.
  2. Click “Connect” to proceed with the registration of the application.
  3. Enter contact information in the input fields and click “Send”.
  4. Within 30 minutes, the operator will call back to clarify the details.

Link to enter your personal account interactive TV MTS for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region (https://spb.mts.ru/personal/dlya-doma/uslugi/katalog-uslug-fiksirovannoy-svyazi/onlayn-podpiska-hometv#) and photo of the login page:
What you need to know about MTS interactive TV: advantages, tariffs, what services are includedMTS personal account [/ caption] Another way of connection is to call the operator by phone technical support. You can also visit the nearest sales office and fill out an application with the help of consultants. The master will arrive at the specified address at the appointed time and will install and connect the equipment. Installation of the set-top box is free of charge.

How to pay

The subscription fee is charged from the client on a monthly basis according to the prices of the selected service package. You can pay in any way convenient for you. In your personal account, you can control costs and manage the connection of additional service packages. You can pay for MTS interactive television services with a bank card:

  • through your personal account;
  • via a mobile application;
  • through the nearest ATM;
  • using the Easy Payment system;
  • by activating auto payment (10% discount applies when connecting).

In addition, interactive TV MTS services can be paid in cash through the terminal by visiting a sales office or post office.
What you need to know about MTS interactive TV: advantages, tariffs, what services are includedAdvantages of MTS TV [/ caption]


In the reviews, MTS Interactive TV is characterized by connected subscribers as a service that has lower prices for tariffs than those of competitors. However, many customers report poor quality of service.

I connected the package, and the operator began to impose the connection of additional services when signing the contract. Unable to reach the hotline. The channels are constantly reconfiguring themselves.

During the period of use, there were no unnecessary write-offs, there were no arbitrarily connected tariffs. It is convenient to use a personal account, I have no complaints. There are many tariffs for every taste and wallet.

Problems and controversial situations

Some subscribers complain that automatic payment for interactive and / or satellite TV was connected illegally. The list of activated services and active subscriptions can be viewed in your personal account. If the debiting occurred by mistake, the provider is obliged to return the money debited from the personal account. To find out the details, you need to contact the operator and file a claim in writing. To protect yourself from unauthorized withdrawal of a certain amount in the future, it is recommended to configure the “Content Ban” function. Thus, the connection of MTS interactive TV opens up new possibilities for watching your favorite TV programs, because now you can control the air, connect additional channels to the main package of services and online services.

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