MTS home internet and television – how to enter your personal account and connect the 2 in 1 service

MTS is one of the most popular mobile operators and simultaneously operators of satellite and digital TV, today it provides not only cellular and mobile Internet connection, but also high-quality home
digital and
satellite television . MTS two-in-one Internet and television is an opportunity to receive a package of TV channels and Internet at the same time home or to a country house at a bargain price. A wide selection of tariffs, prices for “any wallet” makes the choice in favor of MTS more relevant in comparison with similar offers from other market players. You can choose a wide variety of MTS packages, which include home Internet and television, as well as suitable tariffs, including: high-speed Internet, TV, home phone, etc.
MTS home internet and television - how to enter your personal account and connect the 2 in 1 service

MTS “2 in 1”

With the help of MTS, users get unlimited possibilities of the Internet and
IPTV . The “2 in 1” service offers unlimited entertainment in the world of high-quality cinema, TV news, and your favorite TV series for a small fee. In order not to overpay, MTS offers a “2 in 1” service, i.e. “MTS TV and Home Internet”, which allows you to watch movies online, use social networks and watch TV programs at the same time. This package offers IP-TV with 180 channels and stable high-speed Internet up to 1 Gbps. By traffic volume – unlimited is offered.

Benefits of choosing MTS

The new interactive TV programming format will completely change the attitude about standard television. Connection to MTS has a number of advantages:

  1. Large selection of TV channels, many of which are in UHD and HD quality.
  2. High quality content: surround sound, color saturation, image clarity.
  3. Stream channels in HDR resolution, support for 4K.
  4. All plans include parental controls.
  5. The ability to use the Google Play application.
  6. A wide range of catalogs with videos and films.

Connection options

Home Internet and TV from MTS is a solution for those who live outside the city, often at the dacha, in the suburbs. High-quality high-speed Internet of MTS using 3G / 4G technology helps to solve the problem of the lack of high-speed city Internet, does not require laying of fiber, etc. The most common connection tariffs:
All MTS Super – 495 rubles per month:

  • 300 Mbps;
  • 1000 minutes;
  • unlimited traffic;
  • 100 sms;
  • 180 TV channels.

Connection via the link
All MTS -690 rubles:

  • 200 Mbps;
  • 500 minutes;
  • 100 sms;
  • 15 GB;
  • mobile TV;
  • Wi-fi router.

Internet and TV – 390 rubles per month:

  • Free wi-fi;
  • 91 channels;
  • 500 Mbps

Other tariffs relevant for 2021 available within the framework of MTS TV + Internet in the screenshot:
MTS home internet and television - how to enter your personal account and connect the 2 in 1 service

Connection cost

Digital TV services from MTS offer HD quality for viewing programs on a computer, tablet, TV, as well as complete equipment for installation and connection. TV channels can be available throughout the country, even where there is no wired Internet, MTS provides services for installing a free antivirus package. Connection is free of charge, there is a “turnkey” service. For the city, you can connect an unlimited home “Internet” at a speed of 200 Mbps for 7.5 per month:

  • “X5” – 27.50 rubles;
  • “X6” – 38.50 rubles;
  • “X7” – 52.50 rubles.

The kits (in addition to X5) include more than 80 TV channels, licensed installation of Dr. Web ( for smartphone and PC. The set of free additional equipment includes a TV set-top box (for 5 rubles), a 2.4 GHz router. For cottages outside the city, it offers 3G / 4G Internet protocol on “unlimited” terms, additional equipment and installation of the official version of the Dr. Web ( on a computer, smartphone, tablet. The set of MTS Internet and TV includes 80 TV channels, installation is free of charge, tariffs are available

Price per month (VAT included), rubUnlimited speed, per monthTraffic, per monthDigital TV MTS TVDr. Web for 1 PC and 1 SmartphoneCost of equipment installation and setup, rub.
Internet for home52,00100 GB∞, up to 1 Mbps    included in the price    included in the price    0.00
Internet for Home Max  83.00500 GB∞, up to 2 Mbps

Registration and access to your personal account when you connect to the MTS home Internet and TV service

On the official website of MTS it is possible to register with the company, get a link to the MTS personal account, Internet and TV, where all the information will be displayed:

  • about connections;
  • the selected tariff;
  • possible changes;
  • technical errors;
  • communication with operators, etc.

Login to your MTS TV + Internet personal account at You
MTS home internet and television - how to enter your personal account and connect the 2 in 1 servicecan leave a connection request at checkconnect / moskva / internet-tv Following the link, you can log in as a private person, there is also an entrance for corporate clients. The number for the application for connection is 9892 (for MTS subscribers), 8 017 237 98 92. Technical assistance is provided by the following numbers:

  • 0860 (for MTS subscribers, A1)
  • 8 801 100 76 77 (from a landline number – free of charge)
  • 8 017 237 98 28
  • Online support for MTS.

News 2021

For new clients, we offer a “Year of Discounts” under the “IKS” program. MTS provides regular customers with the opportunity to reduce the payment for home television by 20%. Using the 3g \ 4g protocol with MTS, you can get high-quality satellite TV and Internet from MTS.

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