How to set up a satellite dish Mts TV: self-installation and configuration

MTS is one of the best satellite TV providers. Further in the review, we will talk about the specifics of MTS television, as well as how to install and configure a satellite dish yourself at home.

Features of satellite TV from MTS

MTS entered the satellite TV market relatively recently. But thanks to the high quality of broadcasting, a large selection of TV channels and a moderate cost of services, MTS TV is actively gaining popularity. The price of the installation equipment varies from 3600 to 4490 rubles, the monthly subscription is 250. The basic package includes 232 channels in excellent quality, 40 of them are in HD format. All TV channels are presented in 12 categories. And in this abundance, everyone can find content to their liking. MTS also provides a number of additional services – these are interactive services, TV guide, TV repeat, parental control, media player. It is possible to record TV broadcasts to external media. You can watch movie premieres at any convenient time.

Important! The coverage area of ​​satellite MTS television covers the entire territory of Russia. The exception is Kamchatka Territory and Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.

How to set up a satellite dish Mts TV: self-installation and configurationCoverage of the RF territory with MTS satellite signal [/ caption]

Devices and equipment for the installation and connection of the satellite MTS antenna

Note! When choosing equipment, it is important to consider the region of residence and the characteristics of the TV.


When choosing an antenna, pay attention to the diameter. For most regions, the optimal satellite dish diameter is 0.6 meters. Antennas with a diameter of 0.9 meters are recommended to be installed in regions with a weaker signal, for example, in the Kaliningrad region, Primorsky Territory, the Republic of Sakha, Yakutia and Karelia. You can also keep the antenna from your previous provider. When setting it up, it is enough to redirect it to another satellite, and change the converter to linear.
How to set up a satellite dish Mts TV: self-installation and configuration


The converter is attached to the antenna. Responsible for receiving the signal, its further conversion, and transmission via cable to TV. The number of inputs on the converter must correspond to the number of connected TVs. The device is included in the standard equipment package from MTS.

Сam-module or prefix

Here we pay attention to the characteristics of the existing TV. A set with a cam-module is suitable for TVs that have a built-in DVB-S2 receiver and support the HEVC format. For the rest of the TVs, we purchase a TV set-top box from MTS. The number of cam modules or set-top boxes must match the number of TVs. You will also need a bracket, coaxial cable for connection, 2 ° F-connectors and other little things. All this is included in the proprietary basic package of installation equipment.
How to set up a satellite dish Mts TV: self-installation and configurationMTS installation equipment set [/ caption]

Installation and configuration of the satellite MTS antenna

Note! On the territory of all of Russia, with the exception of the Moscow and Leningrad regions, the offer “Installation as a gift” is valid Under the terms of the promotion, in case of purchasing an annual “Extended Plus” subscription, MTS gives a one hundred percent discount on equipment installation. The subscription price is 4 thousand rubles.

You can install and adjust the plate yourself.

Assembling the antenna

After purchasing the necessary equipment, we proceed to assembling the antenna. The corresponding instructions are attached:

  • All nuts, except for those responsible for fastening to the holder, are carefully tightened.
  • We connect the converter to the plate.
  • We assemble the bracket separately. We are not attaching it yet.

Choosing a place to install an MTS satellite dish

The MTS antenna picks up the signal from the ABS-2A satellite. Accordingly, it should be directed towards him. It will be determined with the location of the satellites, there are several ways to choose the optimal direction and location for the antenna. The first option is to use the service of the company’s official website:

  • We go to the MTS website and select the appropriate tab (
  • Enter the home address in the empty field.
  • Further information on the desired direction will appear on the site – it will be shown by an arrow.
  • The beacon can be moved manually and around the house. This will help determine the most suitable place for the plate.
  • MTS will also calculate the optimal angle of the antenna tilt and the rotation of the converter.

How to set up a satellite dish Mts TV: self-installation and configurationThe antenna installation address will help determine where to direct the MTS dish depending on the subscriber’s place of residence [/ caption] The second option is to use the third-party profile application SatFinder, which is recommended by MTS. The utility can be downloaded for free both on iOS ( and on Android ( = apps). The main task is similar – to determine the location, rotation and inclination of the plate, the angle of rotation of the converter. To work with SatFinder, do the following:

  • Download and install the application.
  • From the proposed list, select the desired satellite – ABS-2A.
  • Click on the magnifying glass.
  • We bring the phone to the intended place for installing the satellite dish.
  • We receive all the necessary information.

How to set up a satellite dish Mts TV: self-installation and configurationOther applications can be used to select the location of the dish. Satellite Director, Dishpointer Pro or Multifeed software will be helpful. The third option is to use a special device. In this case, the Satfinder dvs-sf 500 device is suitable. The necessary information is entered into it. After that, all the necessary data will also be determined.

Trees, other houses, or power poles blocking the antenna will degrade the signal quality. Therefore, a satellite dish is installed only where there are no visible obstacles.

Self-installation and subsequent configuration of a satellite dish from MTS:

Mounting the satellite MTS dish

After choosing the optimal location, we proceed to the installation of the device.

  • We make holes and fix the holder support.
  • According to the instructions, we attach the bracket and the converter rod to the plate.
  • We install the assembled structure on the support. We take into account the recommended rotation and tilt angle.How to set up a satellite dish Mts TV: self-installation and configuration
  • We insert the converter into the shaft. We turn it with the front side to the antenna.
  • Next, attach the F-connector to the cable.
  • We stretch the antenna cable into the room, and fasten it to the console. The cable length should be kept to a minimum. The connector used is LNB IN.
  • Using an HDMI cable, we connect the set-top box to the TV.
  • If a cam module is used, we connect the antenna cable to the TV through the connector:

How to set up a satellite dish Mts TV: self-installation and configurationcam-module [/ caption] Installation and connection of the satellite dish are completed.

HD set-top box setup

  • Without connecting the set-top box to the network, we insert the MTS smart card.
  • Next, plug it in.
  • Using HDMI or AV-wire, we connect the device to the TV.
  • If after connecting the green button does not light up, turn on the set-top box with the remote control.
  • Turn on the TV and proceed to setting the signal, which is described below.

Signal check

After all the actions taken, we proceed to setting up the signal:

  • Go to the TV menu.
  • Here we indicate the signal source. Depending on the TV model and connection type, we select video input, analog or HDMI.
  • We are waiting for the launch of the system and the appearance of the MTS satellite TV settings menu.
  • Using the remote control of the set-top box, go to the Device Settings.
  • We return to the plate, and slightly loosen the holder fixing bolts.
  • We slightly change the position of the antenna, wait 5 seconds, and check the signal level.
  • Determine the position of the cymbal for the best signal.
  • We fix the antenna securely.

How to set up a satellite dish Mts TV: self-installation and configuration At this stage, we finish setting up the signal, and proceed to setting up channels.

Setting up a dish to receive channels

To configure the channels, you need to expand the settings menu of the satellite MTS television again:

  • Go to the Search section.
  • Next – Channel setup.
  • It is recommended to select Auto channel search here. You can also select it manually.
  • We are waiting for the completion of the search.
  • On the remote control from the console, click on the OK button. This will complete all settings.

Next, the equipment needs to be activated. This can be done in several ways:

  • Use the hotline;
  • Send an SMS message to a special number;
  • On the official website of the dealer;
  • Through your personal account, if the master is engaged in the setup.

After successful activation, you can start watching your favorite TV shows or movies.
How to set up a satellite dish Mts TV: self-installation and configuration

Cam module configuration

For those who use not a prefix, but a cam-module, the instruction is as follows:

  • After connecting the antenna wire to the TV, we install the module into the CI port of the TV.
  • Install the smart card into the module. In this case, we direct the side with the chip to the TV image.
  • We connect the TV to the network. If everything was done correctly before, the screen will display data on the presence of a cam-module.
  • Expand the TV settings, and activate the DVB-S signal reception mode
  • Further, according to the instructions from the TV, we enter the requested data.

We complete the settings and proceed to the activation of the equipment, which is described above.

Setting up the MTS set-top box

  • Before connecting to the network, insert a SIM card into the console.
  • Next, turn on the device. In case of setting up unauthorized equipment, search for 3G signal. We are waiting for the end of the initialization.
  • Let’s start authorizing the MTS set-top box.
  • We create a user profile. Here you can set a password or age limit.
  • Let’s move on to scanning possible channels. Finishing the setup process.

Possible problems and solutions

During self-tuning of a satellite dish and TV from MTS, some users encounter problems or errors. Let’s consider the most common:

  1. “No signal” . This error can occur when the cable is faulty or poorly connected. It can also be the result of bad weather conditions and technical work on the part of the providers. To solve this problem, you need to exclude all possible causes of the problem.
  2. “There are no channels . If the user encounters such a problem when connecting for the first time, then it is worth checking the correct installation of the smart card. Another possible reason is the end of the service subscription.
  3. Problem with E code . In this case, to decipher the error, you should contact the provider’s hotline or find information on the official website. The appearance of a different letter may indicate a problem with the TV.
  4. Resonance of picture and sound . Resetting all device settings to factory defaults will help here.
  5. Not all channels are displayed . It is recommended to open the settings and update the channel list. You can use autosearch.

Installing and configuring a satellite dish is a time consuming process. But if you follow all the recommendations and instructions, you can do it yourself with the task at hand.

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