What is included in the set of satellite TV from MTS, tariffs and prices

MTS has been considered the leading provider of satellite TV services over the past years. It was MTS that was the first to provide Russian subscribers with access to interactive television channels. What is a set of MTS satellite television, options and components of packages, advantages, access zones? The answers to all of the above questions are contained in this article.
What is included in the set of satellite TV from MTS, tariffs and prices

What is a set of satellite TV from MTS and what is included in it

The first Russian provider to offer its subscribers viewing interactive satellite television is
MTS TV . The company provides customers with not only a package of channels with high image quality, but useful Internet applications. MTS subscribers have the opportunity to use the following television packages:

  1. Complete . Interactive television is available to the user for viewing.
  2. Standard . The provider offers only linear satellite TV connection, excluding applications.
  3. Basic . The user is connected to the same package as the standard and the same components.

Full set

It includes all the equipment that allows you to watch, manage any application, including broadcast. The complete package consists of:

  • a satellite dish , which has all the fastening elements;
  • a receiver supporting the Ultra HD format;
  • the cable connecting the receiver;
  • converter;
  • HDMI cable and finger-type connector;
  • SIM cards;
  • warranty card;
  • access to all channels of the ABS-75 satellite for 12 months;
  • user manual.

Standard complete set

It allows the user to view encrypted services included in the MTS TV package. The complete set consists of:

  • satellite dish with mounts;
  • Full HD receiver;
  • Smart cards;
  • converter-receiver cable;
  • HDMI cable;
  • annual subscription to channels from satellite ABS-75;
  • client’s handbook.

What is included in the set of satellite TV from MTS, tariffs and prices

Basic configuration

This package differs from the previous one in the presence of the following components:

  • CAM module for Smart TV;
  • Smart cards to access channels;
  • antennas with mounts;
  • cable for connecting the converter to the module.

Choosing the basic package, the client can immediately pay for the annual subscription to MTS TV.
What is included in the set of satellite TV from MTS, tariffs and prices

What else does the Mobile Telesystems company offer?

The provider also offers the following options:

  1. HD set-top box with smart card . This kit is designed to connect MTS satellite TV for 2 TVs or for subscribers with an antenna from other operators.
  2. CAM module . In this option, the company provides only a cam-module and a SMART-card. Users can also connect a second TV or an antenna package from third-party providers.
  3. HD set-top box with antenna 0.6 . In this case, the operator offers to connect MTS satellite TV. The subscriber purchases a package with an antenna, converter, cables, connectors, HD set-top boxes and a SMART card.
  4. CAM module with antenna 0.6 . The user is connected to MTS satellite television and provided: an antenna, a converter, cables with connectors, a CAM module and a SMART card.
  5. HD set-top box with 0.9 large antenna . This kit includes the same items as the previous package, including an HD set-top box and a SMART card. Regions where this offer is available: Kaliningrad, Amur, Leningrad, Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories, the Republic of Sakha. The package is also suitable for subscribers living in Yakutia, the Komi Republic, Karelia and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.
  6. CAM module with large antenna 0.9 . This package offers MTS satellite television for viewing and consists of: antenna, converter, cables, connectors, CAM-module and SMART-card. The regions where the kit is available include: Kaliningrad, Amur, Leningrad, Vologda, Arkhangelsk regions, Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories. Subscribers of the Republic of Sakha, Komi and Karelia, Yakutia and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug can install such a package.

What is included in the set of satellite TV from MTS, tariffs and prices


The MTS provider also offers interesting applications and functions. Subscribers can always keep abreast of the weather forecast, stop watching a movie or pause program and enjoy other privileges. The lightweight interface of digital television makes it easy to operate. Clients have at their disposal all genres and directions to choose from over 150 high quality channels. Connecting the specified package is not at all difficult, even without the help of professionals. Each subscriber can independently cope with the activation of the television package. It is suitable for an apartment and a country house. It is very convenient to use it in a country house, as a pleasant addition to your vacation. MTS offers the most affordable equipment tariffs. In addition, the provider provides:

  • regular promotions for the purchase of equipment, the prices of which are reduced even lower;
  • an excellent selection of basic package television channels and an impressive number of other packages to choose from for any user;
  • possible payment of a monthly or one-time payment for 12 months;
  • excellent coverage, that is, almost all regions of the Russian Federation, excluding the Chukotka and Kamchatka Territories, receive a confidently strong signal;
  • quality service. Many craftsmen in all constituent entities of Russia provide their assistance in setting up and installing equipment at affordable prices.

Where available – service and sales area

The signal strength of the MTS television package remains in many Russian regions. When there is poor reception in certain areas, the satellite TV image can be adjusted using a dish with a maximum of 90 cm, as opposed to a standard antenna with a diameter of 60 centimeters. Packages with a large plate are presented in many MTS salons, from certified dealers or agents of MTS satellite TV.
What is included in the set of satellite TV from MTS, tariffs and pricesCoverage of the RF territory with MTS satellite signal [/ caption]

Tariffs and prices

The cost of a basic package of 137 regular and 22 HD channels is 325 rubles per month. A TV set-top box is not provided in this case. The optimal package of 89 channels with 10 HD channels costs 120 rubles per month, excluding the set-top box. A lot of cinema set. The TV series package includes 91 and 13 HD channels for 299 rubles per month, together with the rental of a TV set-top box and a special ivi subscription for all MTS users. Undoubtedly, the obvious advantages of MTS TV consist of a huge number of channels of any genre available for viewing. Subscribers have the opportunity to watch any program in high definition format. According to the terms of service, MTS is known for its high quality and affordable tariffs.

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