Why MTS TV stopped working – no signal, no channels, errors and their solution

Convenient digital television is gaining more and more popularity these days. And there are also more problems with him. This article discusses the most common technical problems associated with both the equipment itself and the communication signal, and their solutions that have arisen with
digital television from the MTS company .
Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solution

What is MTS TV

MTS is the most famous Russian mobile communications company at the moment, which not so long ago went beyond providing people with mobile communications and began to provide many other services, one of which is digital television –
MTS TV . This service provides access to main and additional TV channels and to a huge library of films, TV series, and so on. This service is available for use on all devices: TVs (depending on the model, sometimes a special set-top box may be required), computers,
laptops and tablets , smartphones. The range of available content may be limited by the tariff. Also, MTS TV can be connected together with a mobile phone tariff.
Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solution Advantages of MTS TV [/ caption]

Why MTS TV stopped working – what to do in such a situation for the service user

There are several reasons why digital television from MTS stops working. This article lists the most common ones and also describes how to troubleshoot them.

No signal on all MTS TV channels

If you are using
MTS cable TV , the problem may be in the cable itself – it may be disconnected or damaged. In this case, you should contact the master or buy a new cable. You can also call the toll free number 88002500890 – MTS carries out free work to repair broken cable TV equipment. If you have
satellite TV , check the antenna settings and edit them if necessary, or contact the wizard. As with the previous case, the problem may be with the cable. In case of problems, you can fill out an application on the website sputnikmts.ru. Unlike cable TV, satellite TV fixes are paid and are discussed on a case-by-case basis with the master.
Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solution

Hardware problems

Use the instructions that came with your equipment at the time of purchase and return the settings to the desired state.

Important! Do not try to reconfigure the equipment about serious problems yourself – you can completely ruin it. Contact a specialist or buy new equipment.

Subscription issues

Most often, in this case, everything turns out to be banal simply – the personal account turns out to be empty due to forgetfulness. In order to make sure that you paid for the subscription on time and your payment went through, go to your personal account. Important! If all channels work well, but one specific one does not, then it is not subscribed to. In order to activate it, go to your personal account or contact the operator.
Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solutionMTS personal account [/ caption]

Work at the operator of mobile telesystems

Malfunctions can occur due to the work carried out by the operator. This can be either planned maintenance or changes to your channel plan.

Other common problems and errors with MTS TV and their solutions

A TV connected to MTS TV displays “AV” / “No signal” on the screen, although the set-top box is turned on

You need to do the following:

  • check again if you have turned on the prefix;
  • the set-top box is connected to the wrong input;
  • damage or malfunction of the cable.

Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solution

The TV does not respond to the connected set-top box: the connected device is displayed on the screen, but the menu itself from the set-top box is not available

In this case, there can be quite a few problems and their solutions:

  • the output is selected instead of the input;
  • the cable is not connected correctly. try enabling it in a different way;
  • the TV is connected to a different input than the set-top box should also be. check this in the menu of the TV itself and change if necessary;
  • the set-top box does not give a signal.

Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solutionConnect the set-top box to another TV. If problems persist, use the services of the company by calling the operator for the services of a master. If there are no problems, then you need to fix the problems in the settings or edit the connection.

TV displays “No channels”


  • check if the prefix is ​​turned on;
  • if so, go to the menu, select factory reset by running auto search;
  • if you have a CAM module installed , then go to the menu and select auto-search for channels.

Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solutionHow and where to correctly insert the cam-module on the TV [/ caption]

Problems with picture quality (very low, pixelated or shows everything together with “waves”)

The problem is most likely in the
cable . Inspect it at the connection point, dividers and plug. If you use satellite TV, you should make sure how correctly the
antenna is positioned (it could change its position due to weather conditions).
Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solution

English as the main language

  Go to the menu and in the settings, correct the sound track into Russian (for a detailed algorithm of actions, see the instructions for your TV).

The sound lags behind the picture

Correction options:

  • if you turned on the set-top box, then you need to reset to factory settings and select auto-search for channels;
  • if you have a CAM module installed, then select auto-search in the settings.

If there is no or a low signal level on MTS TV, this means that there is a problem with the cable / when using satellite TV, you need to make sure that the antenna settings are correct and, in case of problems, return them to the required ones. https://youtu.be/ScNshc3vbaU

Blank black screen

What could be:

  • technical equipment is disabled;
  • no settings have been made on the technical equipment.

A specific channel has disappeared from the general list

The most probable thing in this case is to change the channel plan. In order to verify this, select auto-search for channels in the settings or reset them to factory settings. When using satellite TV, this channel could go to the HEVC coding system. Your STB may not support its format. In this case, the only solution to the problem is to buy a new set-top box. Why TV channels do not work on MTS and what to do in this case, how to solve problems: https://youtu.be/g5OMeNgTC4g

The TV displays on the screen “the reception of the channel is not supported by your equipment” on certain channels

This problem is only common on satellite TV. To solve it, you need to purchase a new set-top box that will support the HEVC encoding system. When using the module, you need to make sure that your TV model supports the HEVC coding system.

No access to certain channels / a field for entering a pin code is displayed on the screen / limited by age rating

For these channels, a universal pin code is set – 1111. If you want, you can go to the settings and change it to your own.

After many times the password was entered incorrectly on the blocked PIN-codes of the channels, it is written that it is impossible to enter the PIN-code anymore.

You need to contact the service center. You will be helped by resetting the password to the standard one.

I don’t press the channel buttons, but they still switch from one to another

Your attachment is broken. You need the help of a master or the purchase of new technical equipment.

The screen displays an error that does not start with the letter “E”

Your TV is broken. Rent it in for repair or buy a new one.

No sound on all channels

Make sure all the wiring on the box is properly connected. You also need to make sure that the volume on the delivery itself is turned on. If the previous two steps did not work, then check the settings of the TV itself. If an hdmi cable is connected to your set-top box, you need to reconnect it differently through other connectors.

Inscription “Overcurrent on the antenna” / “Large current on the antenna”

This view is only possible on satellite TV. There is a high probability that a short circuit has occurred in your home. In this case, it is better to call the wizard to check the cable and its possible faults.

Two TVs are connected to the divider at the same time, one or both of them show the image poorly / other problems related to the picture

Due to the fact that both TVs are connected to the same source of electricity, this often results in the fact that the signal quality suffers greatly if it is weak or there are problems in the equipment itself. If you have cable TV installed, contact the MTS service center for a wizard. With satellite television, the problem is solved much easier and without the intervention of a specialist – it is necessary to remove the sockets of both TVs from the divider and connect them to a converter with double output.

The prefix does not see the remote control

Remove the batteries from the remote and insert them into another device. If it also does not work, then you need to buy new batteries. If the device works, then the problem is with your remote control.
Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solution

Every time I turn on the TV with the set-top box, it starts to search for channels again

Another problem, typical only for those who have satellite TV installed. These are the basic settings of the set-top box, and if you nevertheless change them, then all the channels will simply disappear. In order not to subject the set-top box to such heavy operations, do not turn on the set-top box when turning off the TV. Then the channels will be saved, and you will not have to see their next search.

The switched on set-top box gets very hot

Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solutionIf your appliance heats up during use, this is normal. But if this continues for a very long time and it heats up very much, then you need to contact a specialist or buy a new set-top box.

The switched on set-top box itself reboots after a short period of time

In this case, only a master or a complete replacement of faulty equipment will help.

Analog TV replaced cable MTS, and then the latter disappeared altogether

Options for solving this error MTS:

  • if you are using a CAM module, then the following has happened: you have shifted digital and analog channels;
  • if you are using a set-top box, then you need to go to the settings and click on the output connected to the set-top box. if you did everything correctly, most likely you simply forgot to deposit money into your personal account.

Error codes MTS satellite TV, interactive, cable and their solutions

Error E016 4 on MTS TV

If you see this message, it means that the subscription fee has not been paid. In order to eliminate this error, you need to look at the balance of your account and your account in your personal account, and if the funds are still not enough, deposit the required amount.
Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solution

Error I102 4 on MTS satellite TV

This error code indicates that the receiver’s software needs an update. It is also necessary to check if there is a smart card in the card reader, which is usually attached to the entire set of MTS TV equipment.

Error E30 4 on MTS TV

Make sure your TV has the correct date and time. If this is so / you have corrected it to the correct one, and the error continues to be displayed, then it is necessary to return the CAM module settings to the factory settings.

Error E19 4 MTS TV

Your TV has not been used for a long time. It is necessary to turn it on and leave it in this state for half an hour or an hour in order for everything to return to normal.

MTS TV does not work on the phone

Your phone model may not support the format of this application. In this case, you need to buy a new, more modern phone. The application may not work due to an outdated version. In this case, you need to go to your app store and update it there. Sometimes it may be necessary to completely uninstall and then re-download the application to resume its functioning.
Why MTS TV stopped working - no signal, no channels, errors and their solution

Where to call if the problem cannot be solved

For any problems related to the mobile operator MTS and the services they provide, call the toll-free number 88002500890. More than half of the problems that have arisen can be solved on your own, therefore, before you panic, read the troubleshooting algorithm. But if the problems are still serious, then you must definitely contact the professionals so that the small problem that you tried to fix on your own does not result in a huge waste of money with a complete replacement of all technical equipment.

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