Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, prices


PJSC Mobile TeleSystems or
MTS is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Russia. Back in 2014, MTS introduced a new service for itself – satellite television. We will tell about it.
Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, prices

You need to know about satellite TV from MTS before connecting

Satellite TV from MTS today (the official website where you can get acquainted with the service, tariffs and connection conditions is here – these are more than 200 high-definition TV channels, including 48 programs in HD format, and 3 – in UHD. All TV programs are presented in 12 categories. MTS subscribers also have access to various interactive services: TV program announcement, media player, replay and recording of TV broadcasts, parental control, etc.
Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, pricesFeatures and benefits of MTS satellite TV [/ caption]

Equipment for connecting satellite TV from MTS

To connect the service, you will need special equipment.
The installation kit consists of:

  • antennas ;Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, prices
  • converter; Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, pricesLNB satellite antenna converter [/ caption]
  • coaxial cable and F-connector;
  • TV set-top boxes with HD or CAM function ; Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, pricesСam MTS module [/ caption]
  • smart cards. Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, pricesSmart card MTS [/ caption]

Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, prices

Important! When choosing an antenna, it is necessary to take into account the subscriber’s area of ​​residence. So, for the main territory of the Russian Federation, a dish with a diameter of 0.6 m is suitable.In regions with a weak signal, for example, in Yakutia, Karelia, the Primorsky Territory, the Republic of Sakha and the Kaliningrad region, it is recommended to install a mirror with a larger diameter – 0.9 m.

When choosing between a set-top box and a CAM-module, pay attention to the technical characteristics of the TV. For TV devices with a built-in DVB-S2 receiver, we purchase the module itself, for all others – a set-top box. The number of set-top boxes / modules is directly proportional to the number of TVs.

Note! It is recommended to purchase installation equipment on the official MTS website or from the company’s dealers. Here all the subscriber’s data will be taken into account, and the most suitable kit or its elements will be selected. The price of a complete set is 3100 – 6400 rubles. Installation can be received as a gift.

Coverage area

Television broadcast from MTS is carried out thanks to the ABS-2A satellite, the coverage area of ​​which covers the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Exceptions are Chukotka Autonomous Okrug and Kamchatka Territory.
Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, pricesSatellite signal coverage from MTS TV – antenna diameter [/ caption]

Connecting and configuring satellite TV from MTS with your own hands

For the user, the process of connecting satellite MTS TV is quite straightforward. First of all, we leave the corresponding application:

  • go to the official website of MTS (;
  • choose the city of your residence;
  • expand the “For Home” tab;
  • then go to “Satellite TV” and “Connection”;
  • here the application form will open, which must be filled out: if necessary, we correct the connection region, indicate the name and contact phone number of the future subscriber, as well as the connection address.Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, prices
  • give consent to the processing of personal knowledge;
  • click on the “Submit application” button.

The second way is to contact the MTS hotline at 8 499 323 87 92/8 800 250 08 90/0877. And leave a corresponding request here. Answers to all your questions can be found on the company’s website. Or contact the support hotline – 8 495 636 0 636. All calls in Russia are free. Further, the operator will perform all the work – he will select, install and configure all the necessary equipment. Users only have to choose the appropriate tariff plan.
Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, pricesAdvantages of MTS TV [/ caption]

Tariff plans from MTS

The number of available TV channels for MTS satellite TV subscribers is constantly growing. But you can always find up-to-date information about tariff packages on the company’s website. At the moment, the company offers 4 basic tariffs:

  1. The Basic package is 203 TV channels (37 HD and 3 UHD) at the price of 175 rubles. per month. It is one of the most compact. But here, too, a huge assortment of high-quality varied programs is presented. A complete list of TV channels in the package is presented on the website, where it is divided into categories.
  2. The “Basic Plus” tariff plan will provide even more programs for both children and adults. Now it is 222 channels (42 HD and 3 UHD) for 250 rubles. per month.
  3. The “Advanced” package is offered at the same cost . Here we get 231 channels (43 HD and 3 UHD)
  4. The fourth tariff plan “Extended Plus” is suitable for those who love everything at once. All content is presented on 250 channels (48 HD and 3 UHD) for 390 rubles per month.

Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, prices
The current tariffs of MTS at the end of 2021 . MTS subscribers can also connect additional packages:

  • Ocean of Discoveries package – 99 rubles. per month;
  • “Children’s” – 50 rubles. per month;
  • The package for adults “After Midnight” will cost 150 rubles;
  • For sports lovers, the packages “Match! Premier “and” Match! Football “will cost 299 and 380 rubles, respectively.
  • Movie fans have the opportunity to activate the Cinema Mood Packs! and “AMEDIA Premium HD” for 239 and 200 rubles.

Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, pricesMTS TV tariffs [/ caption] Also, the MTS operator offers to use the promotional offer “All MTS Extra”, within which we purchase Satellite TV (over 231 channels, including 43 HD and 3 UHD) and unlimited modem. The cost of such a service will cost only 490 rubles per month instead of 790.

Important! We also draw your attention to the fact that the cost of tariff plans for users from different regions may differ slightly.

We sign and unsubscribe MTS channels – registration and entrance to your personal account, personal account

You can choose, activate or deactivate a tariff plan on the official MTS website or on the dealer’s website in your personal account. To do this, you need to register a user. Next, log into your MTS personal account for satellite TV subscribers using the link
Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, pricesPersonal entrance to the MTS office [/ caption] A pop-up window will appear with all the data, including information about the active tariff plan, account status, etc. Guided by the instructions of the site, here we also manage tariff plans, subscribe or unsubscribe from them.
Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, pricesThe second way is to contact the MTS hotline. Here they will always competently advise and draw up an appropriate application. You can also type the USSD command:

  • To connect – * 111 * 9999 #;
  • To disable – * 111 * 9999 * 0 * 1 #.

There are many ways to manage subscriptions. Choose the most convenient one for you.

Payment for satellite TV MTS

You can pay for satellite TV from MTS in different ways:

  1. By credit card on the company’s website at the link We follow the instructions and tips of the site. Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, pricesPayment for MTS through the site [/ caption]
  2. With a bank card in your online banking.
  3. In the application “My MTS”, “MTS Money”, “Wallet MTS Money”, “New MTS-Bank”.
  4. In the personal account of the user of the satellite MTS TV. By clicking on the “Pay” button, the subscriber will be redirected to
  5. In MTS stores – through the terminal (payment without commission) or through an employee (the commission will be 5% of the replenishment, but not less than 10 rubles).
  6. By personal account through Qiwi-terminals.
  7. By personal account or contract number through other terminals such as Delta Telecom, Forward Mobile, KB Platina, etc.
  8. From the phone account, provided that the mobile operator is also MTS.
  9. Calling 111749.

Note! A subscriber of MTS satellite television at any time of the day can check the status of his personal account in the user’s personal account.

Benefits of satellite TV from MTS

It is not in vain that the operator MTS occupies a leading position in the supply of satellite television services. Their advantages:

  1. Wide coverage area.
  2. High quality TV broadcasts.
  3. Large selection of TV channels.
  4. Moderate subscription fee.
  5. Permanent promotional offers and bonus systems.
  6. Availability of additional services and services.
  7. Competent work with clients.
  8. Convenience in managing services and using your personal account.

MTS or Tricolor?

Both providers are quite popular among users. When choosing between the two companies, first of all consider your location and satellite coverage. Analyzing the reviews of existing subscribers, we also notice the main difference between the two operators. This is picture and sound quality for a reasonable price. While the broadcasts from Tricolor will be more budgetary, but with some loss of broadcast quality.
Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, pricesPackage of MTS TV channels [/ caption]

Additional services

MTS offers its customers a number of additional services within the framework of satellite TV. These include:

  • “Test Drive” – an opportunity to test any thematic tariff plan without a monthly fee for 72 hours absolutely free.
  • “TV program” is the announcement of the current TV program for today or for the week. It also has a keyword search system and a reminder system.
  • “Media player” . This option will turn the TV into a multimedia center, and will allow you to view files from external media on your TV.
  • “Online subscription” is a function responsible for managing services in a personal account, which is more convenient for most subscribers.
  • The Parental Control option will restrict access to certain channels and TV programs. Free of charge.Satellite TV from MTS for 2021: coverage, connection, setup, prices
  • High definition image (HDTV) . This option is provided thanks to modern high-tech equipment. So, all equipment from MTS has an HD option. And HD and UHD quality channels are included in every basic and optional package.
  • There is a multiroom option .

Note! The “TV pause” option, which allows to pause TV broadcasting, is no longer available for MTS subscribers.

As you can see, MTS is rightfully recognized as one of the best providers of satellite television in Russia. For a moderate fee, it provides high-quality TV broadcasts and offers a wide range of TV channels, where each family member finds something interesting just for himself. A personal account with a simple and convenient interface has been created for self-service management. Here we find all the current information about services, subscribe or unsubscribe from the channel package, pay bills, activate additional options. Users also note competent customer service. The operator’s technical support works 24/7.

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