How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptop

Watching TV is now available not only on TV, but also on other devices. In order to watch your favorite channels on a computer, laptop and other devices running under Windows you need to use a special application from MTS TV. For this purpose, the popular company Mobile TeleSystems has developed its own program – “MTS TV”. Further in the review, we will talk about the features of the proprietary software, as well as how to install MTS TV on a computer or laptop, and how to use it further.
How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptop

Note! In order to use the MTS TV application, it is not necessary to be a regular customer of the company.

MTS TV functionality

MTS TV is a convenient
interactive television for the whole family. Installed on TVs, phones, tablets, computers or laptops. Linking to one account and simultaneous viewing are available on 5 devices.
How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptopThe application database contains more than 180 TV channels, some of which are in HD, Full HD and 4K quality. There is access to online cinemas IVI, Start, Megogo, etc.
How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptopThe content of the program is varied, so everyone can find something for themselves here. These are fascinating series and films of our own production, an impressive library of Russian and foreign films, film premieres by release date, live broadcasts of matches and LIVE concerts, children’s, sports, news, music TV channels and much more. The developers of MTS TV have also taken care of the convenience of viewing. For those who have children, the Parental Control function will be useful, which will set restrictions on adult content. In addition, within the application, users have access to the option of reminding about the TV show. A movie or program can be paused, rewound, or added to the archive.
How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptop Archival recordings are not the only advantage that MTS TV gives when viewed on a computer and laptop [/ caption]

Note! Some TV channels do not broadcast archives.

System requirements for installing the application on a computer

You can install the MTS TV application only on a computer that meets certain system requirements. Namely:

  1. Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista; Mac6 and up.
  2. Processor: Intel, AMD.
  3. Browsers: Opera from version 62, Yandex, Chrome from version 75, Firefox from version 66, Safari, Internet Explorer from version 11.
  4. RAM: from 4 GB of free space.
  5. Hard disk or SSD: 5 GB or more.
  6. Up-to-date video card.
  7. An active internet connection.

Installing the MTS TV application

To install MTS TV on a computer or laptop, first download the Android emulator. For this purpose, it is recommended to use the free but reliable BlueStacks application (download link: from the 5th version.
How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptopThe program is universal, suitable for both Windows and Macintosh:

  • Download the application from the official website.
  • On the device, go to the “Downloads” folder.
  • In the general list of downloads, we find BlueStacks.
  • Then click on it and start installing the program.
  • During the installation process, follow the simple instructions that are displayed in the dialog box: click on the “Next” button, accept the user license agreement.
  • We complete the installation.
  • Now open the BlueStacks program.
  • Go to the Play Store.How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptop
  • Here we find the search bar, and enter the name of the desired program – “MTS TV”, click on “Search”.
  • Find a suitable icon in the results.
  • Click to download MTS TV (link to download mts tv: to a laptop (PC) and to “Install”.How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptop
  • At the end of the installation of MTS TV, go to the “All applications” section, where all downloads will be displayed.
  • In the general list, we find Television from MTS. Then you can start using the new program.How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptop

Installing MTS TV via BlueStacks is absolutely free, does not require authorization, and takes up to 8 minutes.

Users who cannot install the emulator, for example, due to lack of free memory on their PC, can watch TV from MTS using the company’s official website ( In this case, the main condition is the presence of a SIM card of the same operator. The actions are as follows:

  • Go to the official website of MTS.
  • We find the MTS TV section – authorization. How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptopAuthorization through the official website of MTS [/ caption]
  • We start registration.
  • We indicate the necessary data, in the corresponding line – your mobile phone number.
  • We receive an SMS notification with a code, enter the received data on the website.
  • We complete the registration.

After that, 20 free channels will be available to the user.

Instructions for using MTS TV

On a computer or laptop, TV content is also viewed through the application or the official website. In order to expand the capabilities of MTS TV, you can subscribe to additional subscriptions:

  • Go to your profile, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Section “Mine”.How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptop
  • Expand the item “Purchases”.
  • Next, go to the “Subscriptions and services” sub-item. Here is a complete list of all current tariff plans and possible subscriptions with a list of channels.
  • To subscribe, click “Connect …”, and follow the further instructions.
  • You can pay for services with a bank card or from a mobile phone account from an MTS operator.

Tariff plans and their cost differ significantly.

  1. Thus, the monthly fee for the “Super” package will be only 100 rubles. The price will include more than 130 channels, children’s content, as well as KION films and series and others.
  2. For the “Super +” tariff you will have to pay 299 rubles. monthly. This is the entire content of the Super package, plus 50 additional TV channels, and content from Universal and Sony.
  3. For real moviegoers, the “TOP” package has been developed . As part of the tariff, in addition to all of the above, users receive subscriptions to Start, IVI and Amediateka online cinemas. Service cost – 649 rubles. per month.

How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptop

Pros and cons of the app

The MTS TV application has a number of significant advantages:

  1. Quick installation of the application.
  2. Intuitive interface.
  3. Access to the application from anywhere in the world.
  4. Broadcasting in 26 languages.
  5. High quality picture.
  6. A wide range of content, and its division into categories.
  7. Access to online cinemas.
  8. Convenient functionality: parental control, timely reminders about TV shows, rewind, pause, accelerate video broadcast, program archive, etc.
  9. Optimal division of tariff plans.
  10. Free trial subscription for 7 days.
  11. Linking up to 5 different devices to one account.
  12. The ability to simultaneously view TV content from various devices.
  13. Free broadcasting of 20 TV channels.
  14. The constant availability of profitable promotional offers. Current promotion: upon subscribing “Super” (the price of the package is 100 rubles per month), one hundred percent refund through the MTC Cashback service.
  15. Affordable cost.
  16. Possibility to pay for services upon use, that is, only when the program is launched.

How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptopAs you can see, the MTS TV program is quite good. But she still has disadvantages:

  1. This is a long run of the application itself;
  2. Compulsory availability of high-speed Internet (the minimum recommended speed is 300 Mbps).
  3. Few free content.

There is an opinion

The MTS TV application is popular among users. Therefore, it is often discussed on the Internet. In most cases, clients are satisfied with the work of the program and the quality of the services provided. But there are also negative reviews.

I bought a tablet six months ago. I chose the operator MTS for the mobile Internet. In addition to 10 GB, the provider offered to choose an additional option: the MTS TV application, social networks and something else. I decided to stay on television. It turned out to be a very convenient program. I installed and configured the application in 10 minutes. I downloaded it directly from the Play Store. When using, there is no additional traffic charge. There are free channels. So you don’t have to be bored now. Mobile TV is always with me. True, the image sometimes freezes. Probably, there is not enough speed … It is convenient to use online cinemas, I pay only for the day of use. Then I contact the operator and cancel the subscription. In principle, it is convenient. The tariff is more profitable than that of the analogs of the application.

How to install and watch MTS TV on a computer or laptop

I use MTS TV on my computer. I watch more often than regular TV. But somehow, before the New Year holidays, there was an action – the film “Yolki” from the online cinema was offered for viewing free of charge. I was delighted, since I did not look at a single part. Subscribed. But in fact, there was some kind of failure. The film did not work out, but the money was withdrawn. Now I’m not fond of the shares. I only watch TV programs. Otherwise, I like everything.

My TV set broke. And I, without thinking twice, decided to connect the television to the computer. Stopped at MTS TV. It just didn’t work out to download the app. I had to contact specialists through their office. By the way, the main office of MTS in Minsk is very nice. But the queues are huge. To get to a free employee, you have to wait … In general, the next day everything was already done for me. True, I also had to reconnect the Internet tariff plan to a higher speed one. But I like television. There is something to watch.

As noted by the majority of users, watching MTS TV on a computer is convenient, the service is suitable for watching TV on various devices. Huge selection of TV channels and films. Regularly delight with new cinematography. Profitable promotions for tariff plans. And convenient functionality. But in order to appreciate all the benefits of services, it is important to take into account the basic requirements for the uninterrupted broadcast of MTS TV. The main thing is high-speed internet. If you have problems with the quality of TV broadcasting, you can always contact your provider. Specialists will solve any problems quickly, provide high-quality service and without unnecessary hassle for users.

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