MTS TV set-top box: advantages, description, connection

Digital television is not new for a long time, its capabilities are much wider than that of analog and allow users to view a large number of channels in good quality. The company
MTS known in our country as a mobile operator. However, these are far from all services in the field of brand offerings. In 2013, MTS entered the Home TV market by purchasing
transponders (transceivers) based on the ABS-2 satellite. The company launched its own pay TV platform. This allowed her to create her own interactive service with a wide range of additional services.
MTS TV set-top box: advantages, description, connectionControl panel and set-top box MTS TV for digital television [/ caption] Digital television from MTS is a system that transmits coded transmission to the user’s TV set. Standard tuners and receivers are not capable of receiving and decrypting such a signal. To decode the broadcast, you will need a separate MTS TV set-top box for digital television. The purchase of such a set-top box will allow the subscriber to use one of the
packages (set of channels) offered by the operator. In these packages, the operator has collected TV channels that meet any consumer needs, from children’s platforms to content intended for adult users.
MTS TV set-top box: advantages, description, connection Package of MTS TV channels [/ caption] Below in the article we will consider what the MTS TV set-top box is, how to connect an MTS device to a TV and configure it.

What is the device

MTS TV set-top box: advantages, description, connectionSmart set-top box MTS TV is a device that gives users access to several digital television packages from the MTS company. In other words, the purchase of a set-top box enables subscribers to watch not only regular TV channels, but also content coming from the Internet.
An MTS TV set-top box may be needed if the user has:

  1. There is no smart Smart TV , but it wants to receive content from the Internet, without purchasing expensive equipment. A specialized receiver now costs about 5000 rubles, while a TV set-top box from MTS can be bought cheaper and easier through the official MTS store tv-dlja-dostupa-k-servisu-mts-tv.
  2. There is access to smart TV, but its capabilities do not meet modern requirements . For example, the new Smart TV gives you access to watching movies from online cinemas. In addition, outdated technology works rather slowly, it takes a long time to launch applications, the system often slows down, which is very annoying for some subscribers. There are several ways to solve the problem: by purchasing a new TV set or by purchasing an MTS smart TV set-top box ;
  3. There is a desire to expand the capabilities of a home TV and literally any brand. The MTS prefix works on the basis of the Android system and represents an analogue of a conventional smartphone. This means that the user will be able to go to the Google Play site, where a huge number of films, hundreds of special applications and services are presented.

It should be noted that the MTS operator in its work uses coded protocols of the latter type. This allows you to provide the highest quality picture and sound.
MTS set-top box for digital television, the price of such a device is much lower than specialized equipment for accessing the Internet from a TV.
 How the device works The MTS set-top box is connected to the TV using the HDMI interface. The Internet is connected directly to the device using a special connector or Wi-Fi technology. In this case, the subscriber needs to mark the digital set-top box as a signal source in the TV menu. The new equipment is controlled using a separate remote control, which allows you to download and configure services and applications, switch TV channels, watch videos and films from the Internet. If the user has his own gadget that works with the Android system, he has the opportunity to synchronize his smartphone or tablet with the set-top box. After performing a simple manipulation, you can use the TV screen as a display of a handheld device, watch videos, watch news, listen to music,as well as hundreds of other internet services. Also, using Bluetooth, you can use all possible wireless accessories: keyboards, headphones, joysticks. In this case, the smartphone or tablet can be used as a TV remote control.

What does the set-top box include?

To receive signals from the MTS company, you can use a large list of equipment, including this:  

  • mts tv set-top box instruction;
  • TV set-top box;
  • antenna;
  • converter with a complete set.

MTS set-top box for digital television device price depends on the service package selected by the subscriber. The purchase of equipment is a prerequisite for connecting satellite television. In addition, the subscriber must connect one of the offered packages.  

  1. Basic for a year.
  2. Basic for a month.

buy a set-top box for digital television mts,you can company stores or chain stores. The standard installation kit includes: an antenna (0.6 or 0.9 to choose from) with a special mount, a coaxial cable, a converter. At the moment, the price of such a set is within 1200 rubles. It should also be said that users can take advantage of other offers of the company, it all depends on the wishes and capabilities of the subscriber. For example, there is a connection option without an antenna with a fixed cost of the service. The kits offered by MTS have slight differences: in subscription, interactive television capabilities, and the presence of a satellite dish. To connect the equipment, the subscriber can call a wizard or do it himself. In the second case, follow the instructions provided in the instructions and manual for the device.

How to connect the mts set-top box to the TV

So, if the user decides to configure the MTS TV set-top box on his own, install and configure the MTS smart set-top box, first of all, he must find the instruction. Next, you need to get the set-top box unpacked and insert the Smart-card provided by the provider into it. Now you need to connect the set-top box to the TV. This is best done with an HDMI interface that provides the best picture on screen. Moreover, if the TV does not have the required connector, then you should use other ports, this may be SCART or RCA (“tulips”). If a TV box is used in this case, the cable is connected to the “Out” connector, if it’s just a TV, then you need to use the “In” connector. When the cable is connected, you need to turn on the TV and select a specific broadcast source in the menu (it all depends on the connector). An image will appear on the screen,received from the receiver. Also, many users are interested in the question of how to set up
MTS prefix to the TV if the settings are lost… The solution is to reboot the device and configure the system again. Additionally, the company offers users the option of connecting digital television using a CAM module. This method is suitable for TVs with a CI slot. It is needed to connect the module. This technique is the most accessible and does not require the user to purchase a special set-top box. However, in this case, the subscriber will not be able to use such functions as: pause, rewind, repeat, some IPTV capabilities. After connecting the set-top box, a download window appears on the screen. Next, you need to select the language of the menu and settings. By default, the operator accepts “Russian”, but it is possible to use another language. Now we need to adjust the image. By default, the forum is set to 4: 3, if necessary, you can use 16: 9.After completing the selection, press the “OK” button. How to connect the MTS set-top box to the TV: Now we decide
how to arrange channels in mts set-top box . To do this, you need to find the “Start Search” section in the menu and click on it using the “Ok” button. After the end of the search, the found TV channels are sorted by manipulating the buttons Ok “-” Sorting MTS “-” Ok “. If the user needs to block a specific channel, press “Menu” – “Channel editor” – “Channel list” on the remote control. Then they select a suitable channel, press the yellow button, enter the pin code, after which a sign in the form of a lock will appear next to the channel name. If you need to edit the setting, remove the blocking of the channel with the blue button. Setting up the MTS TV set-top box: The final touch concerns software installation:  

  1. We take the remote control and press “Menu” on the remote control from the mts console .
  2. The second step is to find “System Settings” and click “Software Update”
  3. Now we enter a simple pin code “0000” and wait for the end of the procedure.

  Acting in this way, the user will be able to independently connect and configure the MTS set-top box.

The MTS TV set-top box does not work – what to do first?

In a situation like this, you first need to identify the problem. Perhaps the point is that the remote control battery has run out, or the cable has disconnected. You need to turn off the set-top box and reboot it. If simple manipulations do not help, then you should seek help from the provider’s specialists. The MTS TV set-top box does not work and does not search for or show channels:

How to restart the MTS TV set-top box

If you need to reboot the set-top box for one reason or another, the user just needs to disconnect the device from the power supply, and then turn it on again.

What services does MTS TV satellites offer?

Purchase and installation of a Smart set-top box from MTS gives the user a wide range of options. For example, he will be able to use:  

  1. Interactive services. The presence of the interface of a smart set-top box allows the subscriber to get access to various Internet services and portals, news feeds, exchange rates with data from the Yandex service. There is also a functional for the implementation of individual settings of the displayed information using the console of the mts set-top box.
  2. TV program. Gives the user a wide range of options including:
  • the announcement of television programs;
  • information about new films and series, data from an e-mail box, phone;
  • creating a list of interesting channels using special functions on the remote control for the mts tv set-top box
  • search for a program using the first letter in the name or a specific word.
  1. Parental control. Installing a set-top box allows parents to control the content that the child receives. This can be done by setting pin codes on specific channels.
  2. Repeat. This function allows the subscriber to view the missed programs, series, films. The system makes it possible to stop, rewind, view the broadcast.
  3. Pause. Now the user can stop watching a movie or program for a certain time.
  4. Recording. The set-top box can record movies and programs to any external media using a USB port.

  In other words
, the smart set-top box mts TV turns the TV into a convenient gadget with a wide range of functions.        

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