What you need to know about MTS television: tariffs, how to connect, channel packages

The Russian company Mobile TeleSystems is one of the leading providers of telecommunications services. Since 2014, it has been one of the three leaders in television broadcasting not only in the Russian Federation, but also in Belarus. MTS TV is distinguished by high quality of broadcasting, a large selection of TV channels, moderate cost of services and an individual approach to each client. Further in the review, we will tell you about the features of television, its advantages and disadvantages, everything about the current tariff plans, and methods of connection.
What you need to know about MTS television: tariffs, how to connect, channel packages

Features of services

Mobile TeleSystems provide broadcasting in all distribution media. Therefore, all types of modern television are available to MTS customers: satellite,
cable , IPTV and OTT. Connection of any type of service is possible on the official website of the company (https://moskva.mts.ru/personal), where you can also change the region if it is not selected correctly in one or two clicks. https://youtu.be/Z0y14vEh4So

Cable MTS TV

For cable TV, the MTS provider uses the latest digital technologies. The signal is transmitted over fiber optic and coaxial cables at high speed. Therefore, the quality of the connection and the image resolution are at their best. Within the framework of
cable televisionMTS offers tariffs “Basic” and “Nothing more”. These are 137 or 72 standard channels. As an auxiliary option, customers were asked to manage the content on their own – to connect additional packages, add or remove programs. The TV broadcast can be paused or re-watched. There is a function of recording TV programs, choosing a broadcast language, adding subtitles, teletext. For an additional fee, customers of cable MTS TV can use information services: display the current exchange rates, weather forecast, news feeds, road maps, etc.
What you need to know about MTS television: tariffs, how to connect, channel packagesConnection to MTS TV is a quick and easy procedure [/ caption]

Satellite TV

Satellite MTS TV is 232 programs of excellent quality, of which 40 channels are in HD format, and 3 are in Ultra HD. All TV channels are presented in 12 categories that can be adjusted. Also, users have access to interactive services, a TV guide, TV repeat, parental control, a media player and watching new films. It is possible to record TV broadcasts; viewing TV programs for today. Installation equipment is purchased for connection. Its cost varies from 3,100 to 6,400 rubles. The price depends on the configuration and the diameter of the satellite dish. The satellite ABS2 is used to transmit the signal. It is at him that the plate is directed.
What you need to know about MTS television: tariffs, how to connect, channel packagesCoverage of the territory of the Russian Federation with a satellite signal from MTS [/ caption]

Note! The coverage area of ​​satellite MTS TV covers the entire territory of the Russian Federation. The exception is the Kamchatka Territory and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. In some regions, the satellite signal is weak. Here you will need to purchase a satellite dish with a diameter of 0.9 meters.

What you need to know about MTS television: tariffs, how to connect, channel packages


IPTV technology is a new generation of TV broadcasting with a network cable connection. Therefore, an active internet connection is imperative. Those users who opted for TV over the Internet protocol can watch their favorite TV shows and movies in high quality, as well as use interactive options – stop and rewind video, archive programs, delay viewing or recording broadcast.
You can connect IPTV on any TV. The main condition is the presence of a set-top box, which can be purchased or rented. In some cases, equipment rental may be free. When connecting several devices, MTS charges an additional fee.

Note! IP television is not used throughout Russia. Information by region can be found on the official website of the provider.

For the simultaneous operation of IPTV and the Internet, the installation of a router is required.

Note! When connected via a coaxial cable, a digital home TV is activated, which works without the Internet.

All mts television channels (satellite, cable and ipiti) can be found on the corresponding pages (https://mtsdtv.ru/spisok-kanalov/).
What you need to know about MTS television: tariffs, how to connect, channel packagesMTS TV channels can be viewed on the official website [/ caption]

Tariff plans of MTS TV 2021: cost and payment for services

MTS TV offers a huge number of different TV channels, collected in certain tariff plans. Therefore, each user, guided by their own requirements and preferences, will select the best package of services for themselves.

MTS cable TV tariff packages

Cable MTS TV is presented in 2 basic tariffs. The “Basic” package, the average monthly subscription fee of which is 129 rubles, offers from 121 to 137 channels. Of these, about 10 are in HD quality. When connecting high-speed Internet from MTS (200 Mbps), the “Basic” tariff is provided free of charge. The “Nothing more” package is somewhat more expensive. Its average cost is 300 rubles per month. At the same time, users receive 63 rating channels, of which 28 are in HD quality. For an additional fee, the list of channels can be expanded. A TV decoder is provided free of charge. MTS also offers a number of “interest-based” packages. Among them are “PLUS FOOTBALL”, “PLUS KINO”, “Discovery”, “Adult”, “Global” and others. The “Multiroom” function will allow you to connect cable TV to multiple devices at once. The cost of the service is 40 – 75 rubles per month.Television control is carried out through your personal account, the “Home Internet and TV” tab.
What you need to know about MTS television: tariffs, how to connect, channel packages

Tariff packages for satellite TV from MTS

Satellite MTS TV is presented in 4 main packages:

  1. The “Basic” tariff plan is up to 207 TV channels for 175 rubles per month or 1800 per year.
  2. “Basic Plus” – includes the channels of the “Basic” tariff, as well as additional packages “Child” and “Adult”. The cost of the service is 250 rubles per month or 2000 per year.
  3. The “Expanded” tariff package includes all TV channels of the “Basic” tariff plan, as well as 22 top entertainment channels. Package price – 250 rubles per month or 2000 per year.
  4. The “Extended Plus” tariff package includes all TV channels of the “Extended” tariff, as well as additional packages “Children” and “Adult”. The subscription fee is 390 rubles per month or 3000 rubles per year.

For an additional fee, MTS offers a number of specialized packages, for example, “Ocean of Discovery”, “Match! Premier HD ”,“ AMEDIA Premium HD ”,“ Cinema Setting ”and others. A complete list of TV channels can be found on the websites of official dealers of MTS. Useful information also appears on w3bsit3-dns.com. Here you can also use the “Multiroom” option. The cost of connecting a second TV will be 70 rubles.

Devices for broadcasting MTS TV

MTS TV broadcasting is available not only on TVs, but also on other devices:

  • smartphones and tablets with Android OS (version from 5.1.2);
  • smart phones and tablets from Apple;
  • computers.

You can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. For this, the “Multiscreen” option is used. It is recommended to download MTS TV on the official website (https://moskva.mts.ru/). For those who watch MTS TV not only on TV, the advantageous Super package is available. For just 99 rubles, you can get more than 100 rating channels. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Download and install the MTS TV utility on the device;
  • Open the application and find the package you want;
  • Subscribe.

Similarly, when installing the KION application (https://hello.kion.ru/) for only 1 ruble, the user can purchase the Super Plus package. And along with it 150 TV channels, hundreds of films and TV series. Also, when purchasing a mobile tariff plan “Unlimited +” as a bonus, the user will receive 50 TV channels for free. The package price for new subscribers is only 28.45 rubles.

How to pay for Mts TV

Note! The cost of tariff plans directly depends on the region of residence. For example, the price of the “Basic” tariff for residents of Ryazan will be 260 rubles per month, for Nizhny Novgorod – 280 rubles, in Yekaterinburg – 295 rubles, and for Saratov residents – 300. Cable and satellite MTS TV is paid according to the personal account number specified in the contract … IP TV is paid for by the SIM card number, which is also prescribed in the agreement. In case of loss of the document, the payment data can be restored through the technical support service. MTS subscribers can replenish their balance in branded communication stores or online (on the official website of the provider, in online banking, in the MTS Money software). You can also pay for IPTV by all available methods to replenish your telephone connection. You can pay for services monthly or annually.If you pay annually, you can use the account lock. In this case, the fee will be charged only for the period of actual use. Specialized packages can be paid on a daily basis.

Note! When paying for services, you can use promotional codes.

User authorization

After connecting all equipment, the user must pass authorization. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Contact the provider’s hotline with a corresponding request.
  2. Send SMS message.
  3. Through an authorized dealer.
  4. On the official website of MTS.

Further, you can manage MTS TV through your personal account on the official website (https://moskva.mts.ru/personal). Login to enter is specified in the contract. The user comes up with the password himself. You can enter your
What you need to know about MTS television: tariffs, how to connect, channel packagesMTS TV account using your personal account, on the same page you can top up your account online and without commission [/ caption]

Technical support

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the hotline. The technical support phone number is specified in the contract or on the official website of the provider.
What you need to know about MTS television: tariffs, how to connect, channel packagesMTS technical support number [/ caption]


Special equipment is required to connect cable and satellite TV. The set-top box can be purchased from a retail store or from an authorized dealer. The device can also be rented. In some cases, there is no charge for renting a set-top box. Note! When choosing equipment for satellite television from MTS, it is important to take into account the region of residence and the characteristics of the TV (the presence of the Smart TV option). Here you will need a satellite dish (0.6 m diameter for regions with a strong signal, 0.9 m – for regions with a weak signal), a converter, a cam module or a TV set-top box.

Errors and solutions

In case of termination of TV broadcasting, it is recommended to check the availability of funds on the balance. This can be done through your personal account. If the service has been paid for, but the television does not work, restart all equipment. When you cannot solve the problem on your own, you should contact technical support.

There is an opinion

I settled on satellite TV from MTS, attracted a large number of TV channels. The complete set of installation equipment was purchased from an authorized dealer. I did not bother with the installation, and decided to kill two birds with one stone. I got into the action: I paid for the annual “Extended Plus” package and received the installation as a gift. The wizards worked quickly and accurately. There are a lot of available programs, I don’t use all of them. Perhaps next year I will focus on a more simplified tariff.
MTS subscriber

Questions and answers

I paid off the debt, but the TV does not work. What to do? In this case, you need to contact technical support, and, following their instructions, reactivate the equipment. To avoid a recurrence of this problem, it is recommended to top up the balance in a timely manner.
I purchased the equipment in a retail store, no personal account. How to pay for services? In this case, the equipment must be registered. After registration, the personal account number will come in an SMS message. If you have any questions or problems, you should contact technical support.
Tricolor or MTS?Here we will outline the advantages and disadvantages of each provider. And each user will be able to independently draw final conclusions: MTS advantages: A large number of TV channels, low cost of services, high quality broadcasting, ease of authorization. MTS disadvantages: binding to a specific receiver model, high cost of installation equipment, unavailability in some regions. Tricolor advantages: low monthly fee, small plate size, easy installation of equipment. Tricolor disadvantages: expensive equipment, average image quality. MTS TV is a high quality broadcasting, a wide range of services and an affordable price. Here everyone can find suitable content and tariff plan. In case of problems, contact the provider’s hotline. The technical support number is listed on the official website.

Digital television
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