Ways to use old Tricolor receivers

Tricolor TV provider has been successfully operating and serving customers since 2005. Technology has changed a lot in more than a decade, so old receivers may not support new features, and the receiver then goes to the scrap. In this article, we will discuss ways to use legacy satellite tuners.

Promotion for the exchange of equipment from Tricolor

If you are a client of Tricolor TV, you can use the chance to replace your old equipment with a new one. As part of the offer, the new set-top box will be provided to the user free of charge.
Tricolor receiver exchange

If you do not heed the advice of the operator and do not replace the device, over time you will lose access to new TV channels and many of the features that others use with the new set-top box.

For all questions, please call +7 (911) 101-01-23. A qualified operator will advise on any problems.

Terms and Conditions

For the convenience of customers, the Tricolor company, which has been providing digital TV services to the public for many years, is holding a special promotion, a promotion that allows you to replace your tuner device with a more modified one for free: “Receiver exchange – 0 rubles”. The provider’s promotional offer includes:

  • The issuance of a new tuner that allows its owner to view 180 channels – 30 of them in HD quality.
  • Connecting the “Single” package for a 30-day free period.
  • Warranty for the issued equipment – 12 months.

To participate, you need to follow certain steps:

  1. Hand over the old equipment to the company representative.
  2. Issue the tariff “Single Exchange – 0”.
  3. Get a new receiver after paying the first installment – 450 rubles. The price includes connection service.

The full cost of the equipment exchange is paid during the year, it is 5850 rubles. This amount includes:

  • Install the antenna and direct it to the satellite from the window or from the balcony.
  • Lay the cable along the base and drill the necessary holes.
  • Make an internet connection.
  • Connect the card, set up the digital terminal.
  • Consultation and training to work with the new system.

If desired, subscribers can connect to a more advanced tariff plan (more advanced than “Unified”), in which case the service will cost more. You can check the exact cost by calling +7 (912) 250-50-00 or by referring to the catalog – https://tricolor.city/complectchange/

On the official website of the Tricolor company, you can find out about current offers for the exchange of devices. Today they are:

  • “More than an exchange!”. As part of the promotion, you can replace your old device with a new one that supports HD. For an additional payment of 4799 rubles, the subscriber will receive several additional tuners that can be used to connect the GS Stopbox and interactive tablet.
  • “Change and watch HD!”. The user has to pay about 4,000 rubles, as a result of which he will be able to watch high-quality HD movies.
  • “Super benefit”. A new tuner is issued free of charge when returning old equipment. In this case, the subscriber enters into an annual contract for the services of the company. The monthly subscription fee must be at least 250 rubles.
  • “Exchange for 2 cheap!”. By paying 7199 rubles, you can purchase a kit that allows you to use digital television on two TV screens at the same time.
  • “Time to Exchange”. Having replaced the old tuner with a new one, in order to connect 200 additional channels, the subscriber needs to pay about 4,000 rubles (payment in installments is possible).

What receivers are eligible for exchange?

If you are not sure if you need to replace the receiver or not, then you should know that any old model can be exchanged. To understand which Tricolor receivers need to be replaced, you should familiarize yourself with the list of obsolete equipment. Of the MPEG-2 receivers, the following are subject to exchange:

  • DRE 7300/GS 7300;
  • CAM DRE (MPEG-2);
  • DRE 5000/DRS 5001/DRS 5003;
  • CAM-NC1;
  • DRE 4000;
  • dongle.

If you have one of the above receivers, you can safely contact Tricolor and take part in a preferential exchange.
Equipment ExchangeModels from the list below can be considered “conditionally” obsolete, because they continue to show the main channels, but their number is gradually decreasing due to:

  • development of new codecs;
  • change the broadcast settings of channels that only support new devices.

Such receivers can also be exchanged, but to clarify the conditions, contact the Tricolor support operator, or contact the nearest office. Obsolete items include:

  • GS B520/B522;
  • DRS 8300/GS 8300;
  • GS B210/B211/B212;
  • HD 9303/HD 9305;
  • DRE 8300/DRE 8300N/DRE 8300M;
  • GS E212;
  • GS 6301;
  • GS U510;
  • GS 8300/GS 8300N/GS 8300M;
  • GS U210B/U210Ci;
  • GS 8302;
  • GS 8308/GS 8308/DRS 8308;
  • GS 8304;
  • DRS 8305/GS 8305/GS 8306.

Instead of the old receiver, you can get any new model. Specialists will prepare and show new equipment available for exchange. To understand which product is better to use, you should familiarize yourself with the recommended options.

Why change the prefix, and the benefits of the exchange

The exchange of the Tricolor tuner will be beneficial to you if the old receiver stops showing channels or does not work correctly. Exchange Benefits:

  • the ability to watch TV on two TVs when connecting additional receivers-clients;
  • 200+ channels, including dozens of HD TV channels, as well as many radio stations;
  • free films without ads and waiting for downloading – through the “Kinozaly” service;
  • the exchange is cheaper than buying a new device;
  • the ability to connect a tablet or smartphone to watch your favorite TV channels from anywhere in the apartment (using the Multiroom service);
  • pause and record serials and films;
  • you will not lose anything – all active subscriptions will be fully transferred to the new device;
  • 7 days of free access to all additional packages: “Night”, “Match Premier”, “MATCH! Football”, “Children’s”.

To connect a new Tricolor receiver instead of the old one, pay for the “Single” tariff plan using the ID of the tuner you are using, then reset the settings to factory settings and search for channels. Then turn on the receiver for 2-8 hours to storyboard the channels. It happens that after the exchange of the receiver, the new device does not want to connect to the existing TV. The video instruction below shows how to connect the Tricolor set-top box to an old TV: https://youtu.be/sUDjxr05nfM

How to exchange an old prefix for a new one?

It is very easy to exchange old equipment for new one: all you need is an old receiver (smart card and power supply, if any) and a personal civil passport of the Russian Federation of the subscriber to whom the new equipment will be registered. The contract for the old receiver, the box from it, the remotes and the data of the subscriber to whom the previous equipment was issued are not needed and do not matter. For your convenience, you can fill out an application for an exchange and pre-order the device you like on the Tricolor website.

Application for the exchange of equipment

You can apply at the link – https://tricolor.city/complectchange/. To do this, select one of the options – “Exchange of a Tricolor receiver for a CI + module”, “Exchange of a Tricolor receiver for viewing on one TV” or “Exchange of a Tricolor receiver for viewing on 2 TVs”. Further:

  1. Click “Buy” under the highlighted equipment / one of.Clicking the "Buy" button
  2. Fill out the application at the bottom of the page – enter your name, email, phone number and physical address. Check/uncheck the boxes next to the items you want.Filling out the questionnaire
  3. Select “Pay on delivery”, “Pay now” or “Finish on credit”. Within a couple of hours, the operator will contact you and clarify the details (for example, when it will be convenient for you to take delivery).

Where to change the old Tricolor receiver for a new one?

To exchange an old receiver, you can contact one of the Eldorado chain stores, the Tricolor office, the official distributor of the company, or the Yulmar representative office.

You can also contact the call center +7 342 214-56-14 and call the master to your house – he will bring, connect and set up a new tuner (for an additional fee).

Please note that you can only exchange recipients who have previously gone through the registration process and are in working order. Unregistered or user-damaged receivers are not eligible for the promotion. Also, participants of the programs will not be able to use the exchange offer:

  • “Even more accessible”;
  • “Tricolor Credit”;
  • “The second receiver in the house in installments”;
  • “Tricolor Credit: the third stage”;
  • “Tricolor TV Full HD” in every home”;
  • “Tricolor Credit: the fifth stage”.

How to use the old Tricolor receiver?

If you do not want to spend money on an exchange, your tuner cannot be exchanged, it just broke, etc., there are several options that you can do yourself from an old Tricolor receiver.

For radio amateurs

For radio amateurs, old tuners are a very valuable source of components from which some other equipment can be assembled: connectors, power cords, transformers and ready-made power supplies can be obtained from receivers. You can also enjoy here:

  • capacitor;
  • resistors;
  • displays;
  • diodes
  • high frequency blocks;
  • transistors, etc.

It all depends on the state of the device and its configuration, sometimes it can be used as a clock, a timer with an actuator, but some devices can be used in a more interesting way. We are talking about a tuner with an internal positioner (locator). The locator is an electronic device designed to rotate a satellite dish to various satellites along the orbit axis by supplying +/- 48 volts to the actuator (drive).

The actuator is a DC motor with a gearbox and a retractable shaft. They come in various lengths of extensions: 8″, 12″, 18″, 24″ and 32″.

If the tuner with a locator has retained its analog location function, then it can be used as a positioner (for its intended purpose), as well as for:

  • opening doors and gates;
  • orientation of solar panels, etc.

When all the electronics burned out and cannot be restored, but the transformer remained intact, then a transformer-motor pair can be used for the same purposes, only with its own internal electronics.

signal switch

With an old junk tuner and a standard 4-port DiSEqC (disc) you can create a 4-port signal switcher. How it can be used:

  • switch over-the-air analog or digital T2 antennas;
  • switch video signals from cameras.

The effect of such a system is the following: the antennas do not turn on simultaneously, as with a collector, but work in turn, without interfering with each other. At the same time they are connected by one cable. The signal from the satellite heads is also simultaneously switched. All this is connected to one TV. Principle of operation:

  1. Connect tuners to the DiSEqC port. You can add up to four pieces. Point them in different directions. The antennas do not need electricity, they will be powered by satellite tuners. The main thing is to choose the frequency of vertical polarization (head power is 13 volts).Connecting a Tuner to the DiSEqC Port
  2. Set the tuner to the same number of channels as the connected antennas. For example, four. Delete extra TV channels. All sources must be tuned to different satellites. The names of channels and satellites do not matter. As a result, you get four antennas, a channel and a satellite.
  3. If one of the antennas does not have an amplifier, insert a small 50 volt capacitor into the center line gap between the antenna and the DiSEqC input. Do not use higher voltage, it may cause a short circuit.
  4. At home, put a separator in front of the tuner (separate), and connect it to a TV or T2 tuner. You can switch the antenna using the remote control or the controls on the tuner itself.

Each satellite is set to its own DiSEqC port. Thus, opening any of the four channels, we feed only the antenna connected to the selected port, and only from it we receive a signal.

Watch the video instruction on how to connect split to T2 tuner: https://youtu.be/_bcV4E2rAbM

Tuning to channels from the satellite Eutelsat W4

If desired, you can extend the life of an outdated tuner. Of course, it will never show tricolor channels, but it is possible to independently set up open TV channels from the Eutelsat W4 satellite on it. In the public domain, our device found 4 MPEG-2 channels. Yours may find more. What should be done:

  1. Reset the system – press the “Menu” button, select “Settings” with the “OK” key, and enter the pin code (default is 0000). Then click “Factory settings” and confirm the decision to roll back to them. Wait for the device to reset and reboot.
  2. When the TV turns on and the initial settings appear on the screen, press “OK” to skip them. On the next page, also click “OK”.
  3. On the third page, you will be prompted to select auto search settings. There are 2 options – coarse tuning, and fine tuning. For the latter, set the following parameters:
    • antenna – 1;
    • satellite name – Eutelsat W4;
    • search type – network;
    • pass coded – yes;
    • flow rate – 20000.
  4. Since there are very few channels here, it is better to use the rough method. For him choose:
    • antenna – 1;
    • satellite name – Eutelsat W4;
    • search type – Tricolor TV;
    • pass coded – yes;
    • flow rate – 20000.
  5. Check that in the columns “Signal strength” and “Signal quality” you have values ​​​​of more than 60%. If everything is in order, click “Next”. Otherwise, you can not continue, because your antenna is not configured, the cable is not connected, or there are other problems.
  6. The search will start. The system will try to find all Tricolor channels, but they will still remain blocked. It is important for us that he catches open sources. When the search is completed, confirm saving the found. On the next page, set the date and time. Click OK.
  7. Go to channel list. There, among others, channels without the “C” icon should be displayed, and they will be available. If you want, remove blocked channels from the list.
  8. Go back to “Settings”, and select “Manual Search”. Change the frequency to 12175, select the “left” polarization, set the bit rate to 04340. In the “Advanced” section, set “Yes” in the “Skip encoded” item. Click “Start Search”. Save what you find.

See also the video instruction on setting up TV on the Eutelsat W4 satellite: https://youtu.be/7w9MZ2TNzRI The old Tricolor receiver can be exchanged for a new model, but even though the receiver itself is given to the client for free, you will have to pay about 6,000 rubles for its installation and so on. Also, an outdated receiver can be used as a donor of parts, and not only.

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