Tricolor receiver update: all possible ways

Обновление приёмника Триколор Триколор ТВ

Timely updating of Tricolor receivers to new software versions is crucial for the correct operation of the system. In most cases, this happens automatically via satellite, but sometimes the auto-update function in the receiver fails, and you have to update the software yourself.

What is software?

The software (software) of the receiver is a set of special programs and commands that allow satellite tuners to receive and process signals from satellites, as well as perform many other tasks.
Tricolor receiver update

Develops software, as well as updates for it, as a rule, the manufacturer of the device.

Is one software suitable for different Tricolor receivers?

The software is not designed for one specific receiver, but it will not be possible to install a general update on all models of Tricolor receivers either. Each software is suitable for a certain group of signal recipients. Currently there are the following groups of receivers:

  • HD 9303 and 9305;
  • DRE and DRS #4000-7300 and GS 7300;
  • GS #520-533, and GSC models;
  • GS#8302-8306;
  • GS and DRS No. 8300;
  • GS #501-510, and models GSC591 and GSC;
  • GS No. 210-212.

Why update software?

The software provides the user with an interface to interact with the functionality provided by the provider. A large Tricolor TV update package allows you to reflash the receiver to use new services, such as Multiroom or Cinema. The new software fixes bugs and shortcomings found by users when working with the equipment, and also adds new features. After the update, the receiver starts to function better, processes information faster. New channels are emerging. Also, as new services are launched, a non-updated version may not support the options you want to use at all. It may even block access to certain subscription channels, general system lags, and device crashes. What other problems can bring outdated software:

  • the device cannot be turned on or the remote control can be used;
  • ID (device identification number) is not displayed in the “Menu”.

It is recommended to check for updates every few months. Tricolor also publishes on its website the estimated release dates for new versions of the software – you cannot ignore them, because otherwise you can miss your favorite TV show or completely lose access to TV for several days.

During the update process, it is highly recommended to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and not interfere with the automated process. The receiver can only be used after the device has been completely rebooted and turned on automatically.

Let’s summarize why it is desirable to update the receiver on time:

  • The update improves tuner performance and fixes performance bugs.
  • Often, in new versions of the software, the graphic design of the menu is changed and made it more modern.
  • The updated software adds new features to the receiver – for example, to control the Tricolor Smart Home system.
  • Developers with each update finalize the organization and menu structure for the convenience of the user.
  • The performance of the receiver is increased.

Ways to update the Tricolor receiver yourself

Tricolor customers are advised to set the receiver to auto-update mode, but not all devices support this feature. Also, the receivers carry out the automatic update procedure in different ways – some take over the entire process, while the latter still require user intervention.

via satellite

To update the software via satellite, the receiver must be connected to an installed satellite dish. Obtaining a software update consists of several steps and takes approximately 30 minutes. To update the receiver software, follow these steps in order:

  1. Turn off the receiver from the network, and then turn it on. Switch it to channel 333. After a few seconds, a message will appear on the screen asking you to update the device. Click OK.Software update via satellite
  2. After agreeing, a service message about the update process will appear on the screen. Wait until the end of the procedure.Status of the update process
  3. When the update is completed, the receiver will reboot and turn on with the new system software. Wait for it to turn on and start using the device.Completing the receiver update

For the receiver model GS C592, the update will be completed at this stage, since it does not need to update the module. In other cases, the next step is to update the module software:

  1. Wait until after the reboot a notification appears on the screen about the need to flash the module software. Click “OK” to start the process.GS C592 Receiver Upgrade
  2. After giving consent, a service message will appear on the TV screen about the update process. Wait for the end of the flashing of the module software for approximately 5 minutes.Status of the update process
  3. Do nothing until the update is complete – the device will reboot.Update Status
  4. After the system software update is completed, check if the update was successful. To do this, through the “Menu” go to “My Account”, and then go to “Status”, and look at the values ​​in the lines “Software Version” and “Module Software Version”. The following information should be displayed:
    • third point: the recipient’s software version is 4.18.250;
    • fourth item: module software version – 0.0.237.Module software version - 0.0.237

The image below shows the appearance of the “My Account” application after the update using the GS B522 receiver model as an example:
Appearance of the "My Account" application after the update

With the help of the Internet

Not all recipients are able to download new software via the Internet, but some receivers offer this method of updating. Table of receivers that can be updated via the network:

Receiver modelSoftware versionModule software version
GS A2303.
GS B520 GS B521 GS B521H3.
GS B210, GS B211, GS E212, GS U210, GS U210CI3., 0.1.216, 0.1.217, 0.1.218 – depending on the receiver model.
GS E501, GS E502, GS U510, GS C591, GS C59113., 0.1.192, 0.1.193 – depending on the receiver model.

The algorithm is not much different from what is used when updating via satellite, the difference is only in the way the files are received for updating.

Generalized instruction:

  1. Connect the wire to the receiver connector marked ETHERNET.Connecting the Wire to the Receiver
  2. Wait for a message on the screen that new software is available. Confirm that you want to update the receiver – press “OK” or “YES”.Update Confirmation
  3. Wait until the download and installation of the package is complete, and then the receiver auto-reboots.
  4. Update the module if a new software version is available for it (the system will notify you). Confirm the request, as in the previous step, wait for the installation to complete and reboot.

From a flash drive

To upgrade using a flash drive, you must download a zip file containing the latest software for the current month to it. You can do this by selecting your recipient from the list available at Once downloaded, unzip the folder and carefully read the instructions in the readme.txt file. Clearly follow the steps and recommendations described there, and you can quickly and correctly update your Tricolor. Upgrade Guide using GS B533M receiver model as an example:

  1. Unplug the receiver from the outlet for 5 seconds, plug it back in and wait for it to fully boot up.
  2. Insert the drive with the “b533m.upd” file in the main directory into the USB socket on the receiver.Drive with file "b533m.upd"
  3. Wait for the “Update” notification to appear on the screen and click “OK”. The update process will start. When finished, the receiver will automatically restart.
  4. When the receiver turns on, remove the flash drive.

Software installation via computer

If updating via satellite is not possible, a PC or laptop can be used as an alternative. To do this, do the following:

  1. Download the “GS Burner” application. It is “friends” with GS, DRE and DRS receiver models.
  2. Download the software for your group of recipients. You can do this at the link –
  3. Connect a special RS-232 cable (buying it is not a problem). Your computer or laptop may not have a suitable input, in which case please purchase an optional USB-COM adapter.
  4. Disconnect the receiver from the power source before connecting to a computer. Then launch the GS Burner program and follow its instructions.Launching GS Burner
  5. After the flashing is completed, open the menu and go to the “Status” section to make sure that the installation of updates was successful and complete.

For individual receiver models

Tricolor TV has a very large line of receiving and decoding equipment, which can make users confused when updating software in different models. The list shows the features of the update process for individual modifications and groups of receivers of the provider:

  • Series GS B520-B522, GS B531M-B534M, and GS C592. The most common receiver models are updated in two stages and with the initial restart of the device (pulling the plug out of the socket and reconnecting).
  • Receivers GS 8304 and GS 8306 . The first step in updating is to turn the receiver on and off by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Only after that you can go to channel 333. Also, the update process is two-stage, so after the first auto-reboot, the user must return to the TV channel in order to install the module software. This must be done by TricolorTV.Center subscribers.
  • Receivers GS 8302, GS B527. Everything that has been said about the GS 8304 and GS 8306 receivers is suitable for them, only users of TricolorTV.Siberia also need to perform additional actions with a double update.
  • TV with CI+ module instead of receiver. The update goes through channel 333. One of the features is that the receiver cannot restart automatically after installation, so the user must do it himself – there are two ways:
    • disconnect and reconnect the tuner to the outlet;
    • remove the module itself and put it back, this also completes the update of the software systems.
  • HD 9303 and HD 9305 receivers. TricolorTV.Center users can only download the software via the Internet or an external drive. The general principle of updating is the same – before launching channel 333, inserting a USB flash drive or connecting a network cable, the receiver must be turned off and on again.

If you have several receivers connected to each other at home, then the receiver-client is updated first, and then the server (master device). The order in which the clients themselves are updated is not important.

Possible difficulties and errors

It often happens that after installing the update, the receiver stops responding to the remote control. To solve this problem, you must press STANDBY – the button will overwrite the program. If this does not help, try pressing the CHANNEL and TV/RADIO buttons on the receiver panel at the same time. Next, we will analyze individual problems, and user errors during the update process.

Power off

Unplugging the receiver while the software is downloading and installing is prohibited. Since when updating, tuners first delete their old operating system, and then download and install a new one. If the uninstallation has already begun, and the new software is not installed, then the set-top box will inevitably fail and you will not be able to fix it yourself.
Shutdown WarningIf the software installation process is delayed (40 minutes or more), contact your operator and he will give recommendations on what to do next.

If the receiver hangs on the update while the inscription on the screen is “loading”, then the process can still be stopped, but if “installing” has already appeared, it’s better not to touch anything, otherwise you will have to contact the service.

Receiver not updating

If the recipient does not update (does not download updates and does not display the presence of a signal), you can fix this yourself by resetting the receiver to factory settings and setting it up again. Do the following:

  1. Go to the settings menu and enter the code 0000.
  2. Go to the “Factory settings” section, select “Reset settings”.
  3. Press the “I” button on the control panel and confirm the operation.
  4. Restart the receiver. The recommended settings will appear on the screen – ignore the suggestion by pressing the “EXIT” button.
  5. When the message “Empty list” appears on the screen, go to the “Settings” menu and use the “Manual search” option. After setting the scale parameters, a signal will be displayed.
  6. Go to the “Advanced” section and set “Yes” in the line “Network search”.
  7. Press “EXIT”, then select “Start Search”.

Video instruction:

Incorrect formatting

When installing updates using a USB drive, the latter must be formatted as FAT32, otherwise the receiver will not read it.

Formatting is the process of preparing a storage device for storing and transmitting information.

How to perform on Windows OS:

  1. Insert the flash drive into your computer’s USB port.
  2. Open File Explorer and click on This PC in the left panel.
  3. In the “Devices and drives” tab, right-click the line with the name of your flash drive, and select “Format” from the list.
  4. The “File system” section will open, select the FAT32 format here, in the “Cluster size” menu, stop the selection on the default mode.
  5. In the “Volume Label” settings item, confirm the name of the drive that will be displayed in “Explorer”. For example “My flash drive”.
  6. In the Format Options section, select or ignore the Quick Format option.
  7. Click the Start button and then Yes. This will complete the formatting. A flash drive can be used to transfer files with software updates to it.

Video formatting instructions:

Old software

Before updating, make sure that the receiver has the latest version of the software installed. Otherwise, Tricolor TV does not guarantee the correct installation of the new variation, since it is always based on the previous software. If you find that the receiver has very old software installed, contact your carrier or download the required OS firmware from the Internet.

If you have any problems, you can call 8 800 500 01 23, this is a technical support service for the provider’s users. Including they will help in matters of restoring the list of channels.

We have collected additional questions from Tricolor customers regarding the upgrade of the receiver system. The most popular of them:

  • On which channel can I find a software update offer? For an available update to appear on the screen, open channel 333.
  • What software version should be on Tricolor? Check the current version of the software on the official website of the provider –
  • How to buy flashed Tricolor cards for free viewing? There is no point in such manipulation. The price for a flashed card will not be much less than for the official package of services. If you do not want to pay, just reflash the card yourself.
  • How to remove the notification that you need to update the list of channels? It happens that the user does not want to update and change the list of Tricolor TV channels now for some reason. In this case, you can hide the icon offering them. You can learn more about this in the video tutorial below: Users are often interested in how to flash the Tricolor receiver on all channels for free viewing. To do this:

  1. Download software for free TV viewing on the Internet. It can be found on forums, thematic sites and social networks. You will not be able to download this content on the official Tricolor website. The Provider tries to identify and remove such links in a timely manner.
  2. On your computer, format the flash drive to FAT32 format. Move the necessary files to the USB flash drive.
  3. Insert the drive containing the software file into the receiver’s USB port.
  4. Turn the receiver off and then on again. And wait for the installation of the found software to start automatically.
  5. Wait for the free firmware installation to complete. After rebooting the TV, you can start watching.

Here you have to be careful not to run into files with viruses. Before installation, it is recommended to check the downloaded programs with an antivirus.

You can update the receiver from Tricolor TV in various ways. But if this is possible, it is better to set auto-update in the device settings, and forget about this duty with a clear conscience. If the receiver does not support the option, you can update it via satellite, the Internet, a computer or a USB flash drive. Each method has its own characteristics.

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