How to set up the Tricolor antenna yourself?

Tricolor TV is a very popular satellite TV provider. Having bought the company’s antenna, each user will be able to install and configure it independently, following certain rules – and in this article we will tell you how to do it. For installation, you can also contact the Tricolor salon or an authorized dealer.

Tools and materials needed for the job

Before starting work, you should have a Tricolor TV installation kit ready and all the tools that you may need. The standard package from the provider includes:

  • Dish for signal reception.
  • Rotary device.
  • Sturdy wall bracket.
  • Converter.
  • Bolts and nuts.
  • Converter holder.

Installation kit “Tricolor”:
Installation kit "Tricolor"

The device is easy to assemble – detailed instructions are attached to each set. But if the manual is suddenly lost, it can always be found on the Tricolor official website.

For work you will additionally need:

  • Metal washer d = 30-50 mm.
  • Door and drill.
  • Screws 6-8 cm long for a 13 wrench.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Ties.
  • Heat shrink or silicone sealant.
  • Keys for 8, 10 and 13.
  • Insulating tape.
  • Knife.
  • Compass or phone with such application.
  • Pliers.

To fix the base, you must select the fasteners:

  • on a wooden surface – plumbing screws (“grouse”);
  • in other cases – anchor bolts 10×100.

The cable used to connect the antenna to the TV must have a thick copper core and two braids. The length of the wire should not exceed 100 meters, and if this is not enough, a signal amplifier should be installed.

If you plan to use several receivers, you will need a multiswitch. This is a device that allows you to distribute a satellite signal to several receivers. The connection diagram is in the instructions for the device.

Steps to install and configure the Tricolor antenna

Depending on the installation location and skills, the entire process can take up to 1-2 hours. The process requires great care. Incorrect installation may result in damage or malfunction of the equipment. In this case, the manufacturer will refuse warranty repairs.

It is not recommended to install the dish alone and in rainy/snowy weather.

Choosing a place to install the antenna

The main criterion for choosing an installation location is the absence of foreign objects on an imaginary line connecting the antenna and satellite: buildings, wires, trees, etc. If the antenna is located next to the TV and is accessible to the owner, this will simplify installation and configuration. Tricolor TV is broadcast via satellite Eutel SAT 36/B. It is located just above the equator, at 36 degrees east longitude. In this regard, the plate should be facing south, because Russia is located north of the equator. This is where the compass/appropriate app on your phone comes in handy. What else to consider when choosing a place:

  • you can’t place a plate on a balcony, loggia or behind glass, it must be located strictly on the street;
  • it is not recommended to place the antenna in places subject to strong influence of water and snow – under pitched roofs, weirs, etc.;
  • carefully isolate the cables and connectors – do not spare the sealant.

If there is a window, balcony or loggia, at least a south-facing angle, place the device there (outboard) and turn the antenna as far south as possible. If all the windows face north, the only way out is to put the antenna on the roof of the house.

Antenna assembly

Be sure to follow the instructions for installing the satellite dish that came with your device. Keep the manual handy.
Reads instructionsAntenna design:

  • Convector. This receiving device is mounted on a special bracket.
  • Bracket. Required for attaching the mirror to a wall, mast or roof.
  • Coaxial cable. It sends a signal to the receiver.
  • Mirror. This is the satellite dish itself. It collects the received signal together.

Assembly diagram:

  1. Mark the location for the bracket, and use a drill or drill bit to make holes for the connectors.
  2. Fix the L-bracket, and insert the converter into it.
  3. Prepare the cable, and then connect it to the converter (instructions for preparing the wire and mounting the connector are written below).
  4. Place the antenna on the bracket and lightly fix with screws. They will need to be tightened only at the end of the work.
  5. Secure the cable to the bracket with cable ties or electrical tape.

A 1 meter long wire near the antenna should remain free – for “reserve”.

See also the video instructions for assembling the dish: How to mount the TV connector to the converter:

  1. Remove from the cable from 15 mm of top insulation.
  2. Cover the entire length of the cable with protective braid and then with foil.
  3. Remove 10 mm of inner insulation from the cable.
  4. Screw the connector in until it stops, and disconnect the conductor with wire cutters (it should not protrude more than 3 mm from the edge).

For more information about installation, see the video instructions below:

Antenna adjustment

The satellite dish needs to be adjusted to find the best location for receiving most TV channels. To make adjustments, calculate the angles of the horizontal plane – azimuth, vertical, and directly the angle of inclination of the antenna. Azimuth and inclination table for Russian cities:
table of azimuths and inclinations for Russian cities

Adjusting the signal strength of the TV show

Special devices help the craftsmen to quickly configure the antenna. But even without equipment, you can install all the necessary components of a satellite television system. Although the process will be longer and require an assistant. Adjustment must be made by changing the position of the antenna and controlling the signal level on the TV screen. First, open the antenna installation menu:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the receiver’s remote control, select the “Antenna settings” section.
  2. Enter “0000” in the password field.
  3. Click System Preferences.System settings
  4. Click on “Install Antenna”.

After displaying the “Signal”/”Level” and “Quality” scales, adjust the position of the device. This is where you need help:

  • one person carefully moves the antenna mirror along the vertical and / or horizontal plane until a stable signal appears;
  • the second – monitors the indicators on the screen, and must report when a stable signal from the satellite appears.

Signal level qualityIf the signal level is low, you should check the cable connection (wire from the receiver to the antenna) and adjust the dish, it may not be accurately tuned to the satellite and does not receive a signal:

  1. Carefully following the indicators, you need to slowly move the antenna by centimeter, stopping for 3-5 seconds in each position – until both scales are filled to the values ​​shown in the table below.
  2. Tighten the adjusting nut while controlling the level of the received signal.
  3. After setting, double-click “Exit” on the remote control to exit the setup menu.

Signal strength depends on weather conditions. In case of heavy cloud cover, rain or snow, the level may decrease. Snow sticking to the antenna also significantly worsens reception conditions.

Signal indicators depend on the receiver model and software version:

ModelFirmware versionMinimum level to work
GS B5311, B520, E521L, B522, B5310, B531N, B533M, B532M, B521HL, B531M, B521H, B534M, C592, B5214.18.250


GS B627L, B621L, B623L, B622L, B626L4.18.184
GS U510, C5911, E501, C591, GS E5024.2.1103
GS B211, B210, E212, U210, B212, U210CI3.8.9840%
GS B527, B529L, B528, B523L, B52104.18.355
GS A230


HD 9305, 93031.35.32470%
DRS 8308, GS 8308, 83071.8.340
DRS 8305, GS 8306, 83051.9.160
DTS-54/L, DTS-53/L2.68.1
GS 83041.6.1
GS 83021.25.322

Receiver Registration

When the antenna is fully tuned and all clamps are fixed, the information channel should turn on on the screen – this is a sign that everything is fine, and you can proceed to registering the receiver. Sometimes this channel does not appear by itself, to call it, press the “0” button on the remote control.

Online registration is available for users who purchased a plate on their own – in the store. If the purchase is made from an authorized dealer, the registration is carried out by him.

Registration instructions:

  1. Go to the registration page of the Tricolor website –
  2. Enter the required information about the receiver, and the dealer (if any).Receiver Registration
  3. Enter the antenna installation address and your contact address (where you live).Antenna installation address
  4. Enter your full name and passport details.Data input
  5. Enter two phone numbers – mobile and home (if there is none, you can use the number of your spouse, parents, children, etc.). Click the “Get confirmation code” button – it will be sent to the number specified as “mobile”.Number entry
  6. Enter the verification code you received and enter your email address. Check the box next to the line “I am familiar with …”, and click “Continue”.

You should receive an SMS with a username and password to enter your personal account. After that, you can activate TV viewing:

  1. Turn on the TV and scroll through the channels until the text “Encrypted channel” appears.
  2. Leave the receiver on until that channel starts playing (wait up to 8 hours). The TV can be turned off.
  3. If the channels are not activated within 8 hours, call the round-the-clock support service by phone – 8 800 500 01 23.

How to set up Tricolor TV on your own when you turn it on for the first time?

Setting up the receiver the first time you turn it on is easy. It involves just a few steps:

  1. Using the remote, go to the receiver’s menu, and then to its settings.
  2. Go to Antenna Settings.Antenna Installation
  3. Set all required values:
    • “antenna” – 1;
    • “Eutelsat W4 satellite” – Eutelsatseasat (if you are from Siberia, the name may be different);
    • “frequency” – 12226 MHz (only needed if you do not have the name of the desired satellite);
    • “FEC” – 3/4;
    • “polarization” – left;
    • “flow rate” – 27500.
  4. Go to the next setting, which is related to channel search.

More details about setting up the Tricolor antenna in the form below:

Channel search

This process may vary slightly from receiver model to model. But the main steps are the same, and there are always two configuration options – automatic or manual. How to perform auto tuning:

  1. Through the settings, go to the “Search for channels” section. Select “Auto Search”.
  2. Specify the date and time zone.Setting the date and time
  3. Select the operator “Tricolor TV”.Choice of operator "Tricolor TV"
  4. You will be offered three options for the region – choose any, except for “Main” (this is an information channel).Region selection
  5. Wait for the automatic search to finish and save the list. If not all sources are found, use the manual setting.

On encrypted (paid) channels, “Error 9” will be displayed. To open access to the broadcast, connect the desired tariff.

How to set up manually:

  1. In the “Search for channels” section, select the “manual” mode.
  2. Activate “Network Search”.
  3. Specify the required parameters from the table below.
  4. Click “Start Search”.Menu "Start Search"
  5. When the process ends, save its results. Repeat the above steps for other frequencies.

Tricolor TV channel frequency table for manual tuning:

Channelsradio stationsFrequency, MHzPolarizationFECFlow rate
Central Television, HGTV, Paramount Comedy, Shocking, Romantic, Our New Cinema, Auto Plus, Science, Cartoon and Music, Sarafan Plus, St. Petersburg TB, MTV 90s, CTC Love, VH 1 Europe, THT Music, Europa Plus TV, Time, Russian novel, TV 5 Monde Europe, Match! Country, Bridge TV Hits.11727L3/427500
Equestrian World, Visiting the Fairy Tale, KVN TB, English Club TV, Ani, Saturday, Film Series, Dorama TB, Anecdote TB, BRIDGE TV Hit, Courtroom, Kaleidoscope TB, Hockey HD, Sports HD, Football HD.11747R3/427500
Russian Extreme HD, Shocking HD, Comedy HD, Premium Food HD, Victory Day HD, Favorite HD, AIVA HD.11766L5/630000
Gagsnetwork, My Planet, MAMA, Russian Bestseller, TB Gubernia (Voronezh), KHL TB, Men’s Cinema, Heat, HCTB, Music of the First, Bridge TV Classic, Telecafe, Match! Football-1, Match! Football-2, Match! Football-3, Arms TV Channel, Living Planet, TEXHO 24, Russian Detective, HAHO TB, Bollywood TB, Mosfilm.11804L3/427500
Our Film Screening, Blockbuster, Blockbuster, Hit, 360° TV Channel, Mult, Own TV (Stavropol), TV Search, Oh! 10, 11, 12.11843L3/427500
Channel One, Russia 1, Match!, HTB, Channel Five, Russia Culture, Russia 24, Karusel, Public Television of Russia, TB Center, PEH TB, Spas, CTC, Home TB, TB-3, Friday!, TV channel Zvezda, Mir , THT, Muz TB, Start, HTB Hit.11881L3/427500
Match! Premier HD, Match!, HTB HD Russia, ETV HD Russia, Russia 1 HD, Channel One HD, Nickelodeon HD, Dom Kino Premium HD.11919L5/630000
Ultra HD Cinema, Russian Extreme Ultra HD, Fashion One HD, Test 8K.11958L5/630000
Russia 1 (+2 hours), HTB (+2 hours), Karusel (+2 hours), Channel Five (+2 hours), Russia Culture (+2 hours), CTC (+2 hours), My joy, Disney Channel, Detsky Mir, THT (+2 hours), Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Unicum, TiJi, Gulli Girl, Jim Jam, Channel One (+2 hours), Luxury TV.Hit FM, Russian, Chavash Yong, Vanya, Comedy Radio, Chanson, Children’s (Moscow), Maximum 103.7 FM, Rodny Dorog Radio, Your Wave, Culture, Dacha, Taxi FM, Road, Retro FM, Europe Plus, Radio for two, Radio on 7 hills, Mir, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Record, Orpheus, Zvezda, Humor FM, Energy, Avtoradio (Moscow), New radio, etc.11996L3/427500
Premium HD, Action HD, Match! Arena HD Match! Game HD, KHL HD, My Planet HD, Soulful HD, Our HD.12034L5/630000
Series UHD, Eurosport 4K, Promo UHD, Fashion One 4K.12054R5/630000
Naughty, Russian Night, O-la-la!, Babes TB HD, Phoenix+ Cinema, Shop & Show, Cinema-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.12073L3/427500
Izvestia TB, Channel 8, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon Russia, Doctor, Multilandia, Food, Yuvelirochka, Comedy, Leomax+, Fire Bird, Shopping Live, Trash, Victory Day, Comedy TB, Siesta, Cinema, Our Theme, Shayan TB, Home Shopping Russia, Match! Premier, First Vegetarian Channel.12111L5/630000
Moscow 24, Pobeda, Pro Love, Paramount Channel, Action, Ours, Redhead, Premium, Film screening, Countryside, Teletravel, Rybolov, Tonus TB, Zoo TB, Insight TV, EuroNews, Together RF, Bridge TV HiT, Bridge TV, History, Chanson TB, Sincere.12149L3/427500
Secrets of the Galaxy, Motorsport TB HD, Romantic HD, Mezzo Live HD.12190L3/422500
Tricolor Infochannel HD, STS Kids, Comedy, Leomax-24, Promo TB.12226L3/427500
2×2, Mezzo Classic Jazz TB, RU TV, Beaver, Cinema House, Kid TB, Match! Fighter, Favorite, THT-4, TV channel Che!, Yu TB, M-1 Global TV, Udmurtia, Yurgan TB (Komi), Arkhyz 24, Grozny TB, Dagestan TB, Ingushetia TB, 9 Wave.Radio Monte Carlo, Marusya FM, Vostok FM, Radio Russia, Vesti FM, Max FM, Radio Mayak, Popular Classics, Radio Strana FM.12303L3/427500
Insight UHD, Cinema UHD, Love Nature 4K, Insight HD.12360R5/630000
Match! Football-1 HD, Match! Football-2 HD, Match! Football-3 HD, Bridge TV DELUXE HD, FAN HD, MusicBox Russia, HTB Style, O2 TB HD, THT HD, Zee TB, HTB Series, HTB Right, Cinema TB HD, Start HD, History Russia HD, History2 HD, Dot takeoff, 365 Days TB.12380L5/630000
Animal World HD, Hunter and Fisher HD, Captain Fantasy HD, Adventure HD, First Space HD, Arsenal HD, Exxxotica HD, Blue Hustler HD Europe.12418L5/630000
Mosfilm HD, Pro Love HD, Comedy HD, HD Film Screening, HD Hit, HD Blockbuster, Our HD Film Screening, Our Male HD, Eromania 4K.12456L3/427500
BelRos TB (Belarus), CNN International Europe, DW-TV, France 24, RT, RT Dock, Sever, RBC-TB, NHK World TV (Japan), Ossetia-Iryston, LenTV24, THB-Planeta, Bashkir TB, Don 24 , Chavash-EH, Nika TB, Mir 24, Mir Belogorye, Volgograd 24, Kuban 24 Orbita.12476L3/427500

The nuances of self-tuning the Tricolor receiver

Let’s talk about the features and individual cases of self-tuning the Tricolor dish – updating the receiver, setting up the TV guide, setting the broadcast 2 hours earlier, etc.

TV broadcast setting 2 hour shift

Offset playback can be configured on devices that support MPEG-4 signal reception. How to change the broadcast time in auto mode:

  1. Go to the console menu and reset the factory settings (the process is described in detail below). Then, in the window that appears, select the operator – TRICOLOR TV – CENTER.
  2. Disable “Auto Time Zone”. In the column below – “time zone”, set the time at which you want to watch TV. If you have Moscow time, put +5, if not, look at the offset from UTC in your region and add 2 to the number. Click “Search”.Time setting
  3. Select one of the regions in the list.
  4. Wait for the channel search to finish. Save what you find.

Receiver update

The main task during the update is to connect the receiver to the Internet. To do this, there is the necessary connector on the back:
Internet connectionIf an update is available for your software, a corresponding request will appear on the TV screen. You just need to accept it with the “OK” button on the remote control. After the update is completed, the receiver will automatically restart.

Never turn off the receiver before it has been completely updated, as this may result in equipment failure and improper operation.

TV guide

The Tricolor TV guide does not require special settings, since to use it, it is enough to turn on the function with the corresponding button on the remote control and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. The only detail that can be adjusted is the time shown on the receiver:

  1. Find the “TV guide” section in the menu.
  2. Check the exact local time, and set the correct parameters.
  3. Save the result.

It happens that the TV guide stops working on some (or even all) channels. There may be several reasons. This happens when:

  • incorrect time setting on the receiver itself;
  • malfunctions in the operation of the device itself;
  • outdated firmware.

You have to start with the simplest – set the correct date and time, and reboot the receiver. If this does not help, reset the settings to factory settings and re-enter the parameters. The last step is to update the software, an update may have been released.

Using the baby remote

Tricolor Kids Remote Control is a remote control for children (4+) that looks like a toy and allows the baby to control some functions while watching TV. The device is designed to ensure that children can only watch certain channels.
Tricolor Kids Remote ControlHow to set up remote buttons:

  1. For 3 seconds, simultaneously hold down the “1” and “9” buttons until the “On” button lights up.
  2. Hold down for a couple of seconds the button you want to program the channel to.
  3. Use the main TV remote control to open the channel list and go to “Kids”, or select a channel from the general list.
  4. Using the child remote control, enter the number of the desired TV channel from the list. Click OK.
  5. Do the same for all number buttons.

Popular questions from Tricolor users

During the self-configuration of Tricolor, and after it, the user may have questions and minor problems. We have collected the most common ones here.

How to remove unnecessary and duplicate channels?

Open “Settings”, go to the “Channel Management” section and click “Satellite”. Switch TV channels one by one, and remove duplicate/unwanted sources with the red button. Some receivers may request a code to confirm the operation – “0000”.
Removing extra channels

What to do if the channels are missing?

If the channels have disappeared, call the service center hotline, where specialists will explain step by step what needs to be done. The problem usually occurs after an update. You can try troubleshooting yourself. The first thing to do is to reboot the receiver. Sometimes even this simple method can return channels. If it does not help, reset the settings to factory settings through the main menu. Watch the video instructions for resetting Tricolor to factory settings: If there is an inscription “use the search”, follow the advice. This can be done both in manual and automatic modes, but it is better to start with the second option, and if there is no result, go to the first (execution is described in the “Search for channels” section).

How to fix error 2?

Error 2 in Tricolor means that the receiver cannot read the smart card installed in it. To check if the card is installed correctly, press the NoID button on the remote control. An ID consisting of 12-14 digits should appear on the screen. If this message does not appear, the smart card may not be installed correctly. It may be upside down or not inserted all the way – in these cases, put it in the right place. Less common are defects or damage to the receiver slot.

What to do if error 28 appears?

Error 28 on Tricolor TV usually occurs due to problems with the Internet connection, overheating of the receiver, or the absence of a receiver update for a long time. Solutions:

  • change the network connection point;
  • let the receiver “rest” for 30 minutes;
  • check software update;
  • contact support.

By connecting the Tricolor antenna yourself, you can save budget funds for other needs. However, do not overestimate your strength, and if in doubt, it is better to turn to professionals for help – find out the current price of the service from a dealer in your region.

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