How to find out the availability of residual funds on Tricolor TV by ID number?

Наличие остаточных средств на Триколор ТВ по номеру ID? Триколор ТВ

If users do not want to lose access to their favorite series and films, they must top up Tricolor TV balance in time. Tricolor’s balance can be understood as two things – the availability of free funds on an individual account and active paid channel packages. We will talk about ways to check both of them.

How to find out your ID?

Tricolor ID – a unique client identifier in the internal Tricolor system. The number consists of 14 or 12 digits. Thanks to it, the company captures all user actions regarding the number of connected services, subscriptions, and account transactions. The digital code is tied to the provider’s subscriber’s personal account. Customers need this number when they want:

  • pay for activation/renewal of service packages;
  • register in your personal account on the Internet service provider;
  • find out the balance by ID through your personal account;
  • contact customer support;
  • log in to your personal Tricolor account;
  • check your subscriptions and find out their expiration dates.

You can find the Tricolor ID in several ways:

  • On the label of the receiver itself. Not all receivers have it, but if present, it is usually on the underside.ID Tricolor on the receiver
  • On a smart card (if any). On the card issued to each subscriber upon signing the contract for the provision of services, the required digital combination is indicated under the barcode. The card is in the receiver or a special module.ID Tricolor on a smart card
  • In the contract. The identifier is repeated in the contract between the owner of the device and the Tricolor company. The number is located under the barcode at the top of the first page.ID in the contract Tricolor
  • In settings. You can display the receiver ID on the TV screen by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control – it can be called Status, #ID or Tricolor. If there are no such buttons, go to the desired page through the menu (more details below).

There are several ways to find out the ID number using the remote control and the receiver, if there is no separate button:

  • The first. On the remote control (RC), press “Menu”, go to “Settings”, then select “Conditional Access”. Click “Slot 1: DRECryptNP4+” and then “Card Information”. In the form that appears next to the “Serial number” there should be a 12-digit identifier.
  • Second. Press the “Menu” button on the remote control, then go to “Status” and press “OK”. The line “Identification number” must contain a 12-digit code.Find out ID using the remote control
  • Third. Press the “HOME” button on the remote control, go to the “My Account” tab, and then select the “Service Status” item. The corresponding line will display the 14-digit ID number.

Ways to check the status of the Tricolor account by ID

After payment, it may sometimes be necessary to check whether the transfer of funds has reached its intended purpose, for this the user has several options. One of the most popular is checking payment for Tricolor TV by ID.

Online, in your account

This is the main and one of the easiest ways to find out the balance of your tricolor account. To enter the personal account (LC) of Tricolor, you must log in to the official website of the satellite services operator –, through an Internet browser. How to find out how much money is in the Tricolor TV account:

  1. Go to the “Private clients” page, open the “Personal account” tab.How much money is in the Tricolor TV account
  2. Log in to the personal account – to do this, enter your user ID / contract number and personal password, then click the “Login” button. Optionally, check the box “Remember username” (then you will not have to enter data again).Authorization in LC
  3. Go to the “My Services” tab. Here you will see the balance of funds, identification number, contract number with the company and the Tricolor TV service management window.Account balance

Users receive a password when registering their profile. If you have lost it, you can get a new login code. The “Get/Retrieve Password” button is located at the bottom of the authorization page.

Users have the following options in their personal account:

  • connect new services;
  • abandon existing service packages;
  • delete connected devices;
  • view the status and availability of services;
  • send information about package activation to receiving devices;
  • change contact and registration information;
  • choose suitable tariffs for renewal/connection;
  • track payment receipts;
  • find out current and special promotions for customers;
  • transfer funds to a client account.

Important changes in the Tricolor personal account regarding balance and subscriptions:

  • The term “debt” in the LC service is no longer used, since the services are connected according to the advance payment system: if you pay the required amount, your channel package is activated.
  • In the personal account of Tricolor TV, all funds are displayed, including those already credited to the target subscription accounts.
  • The phrase “view account” for customers now means to view the balance / balance of the account, which can be positive or zero.
  • Removed the “Manage your personal account” section.

Without registration in the personal account: through the operator

You can check the balance of the Tricolor account without authorization in your personal account. One way is to contact the operator’s telephone service. You need to call the free round-the-clock number
8 800 500-01-23, and call the manager:

  • ID of your equipment/contract number;
  • Full name of the user for whom the telecommunications services are registered.

An employee of Tricolor TV will answer all questions of concern to the subscriber.

Additional options for viewing account balances without registering a personal account:

  • Visit the company office. You can find out the nearest point on the Tricolor website. You need to take your passport and subscription agreement with you.
  • Contact through the “Help” section. Use the available communication channels from the Tricolor corporate portal: online call –, or online chat –§ion=panel-navigation&menu =help#Viewing the account through the menu
  • Write to social networks or messengers. You can contact VK –, Odnoklassniki –, WhatsApp at: +7 911 101-01-23, Viber (public Tricolor TV) —, Telegram —

Additional account verification methods

In addition to using an identification number, there are various ways to verify a personal account. The main one is to find information about subscriptions and check the balance of Tricolor TV on the TV. How to do this on different receiver models is described in the table:

Receiver modelRequired Action
GS U510; GS A230 GS U210CI GS AC790 GS U210 GS B210 GS U210 GS B211 GS E521L GS B212 GS E502 GS B5311 GS B520 GS E501 GS B521 GS E212 GS B5210 , GS B521H, GS B521HL, GS C592, GS B522, GS C5911, GS B527, GS C591, GS B534M, GS B528, GS B533M, GS B5310, GS B532M, GS B531N, GS B531M.Press the “Tricolor TV” or “Menu” button on the remote control, then enter the “Personal Account” application and then go to the “Status” section. Select “Subscriptions”.
GS 9305, DRS 8300, GS 8300, GS 8302, GS 9303, GS 8300M, GS 8304, GS 8300N.Press the “No. ID” or “Status” button on the remote control, then go to the “Subscriptions” section.
DTS 53L, DTS 54L, DTS 53, DTS 54.Press the “Menu” key on the remote control, then select the “System” section. In it, find the item “Subscriptions”.
DRS 8308, GS 6301, GS 8307, DRS 8305, GS 8305, GS 8308, GS 8306.Go to the “Menu” using the remote control, select the “CAS Info” tab, and in it find the “Subscriptions” section.

Other ways to check the internal account:

  • In a tab on the site. You can see the history of transactions, which is recorded in the “Payments” section of your personal account. This service displays connection status information.
  • In the history of Internet banking. If the user paid for the service with a plastic card, the status of the last payment will be displayed in completed transactions in the online bank. You can find them on your financial institution’s mobile app/website.

How to check the validity of subscriptions?

The subscription validity period must be checked to make sure that the Tricolor TV provider does not disconnect you from television in the coming days. Information about connected and active subscriptions can be obtained in several ways. Check methods:

  • View the subscription agreement with the operator. It indicates the identifier, tariff and special conditions under which the service is provided. If you have not connected any services online, you can find up-to-date information there.
  • Through a personal account on the Tricolor website. There are two options, in each of which you must first log into the personal account using your username and password:
    • Service management section. Go to it, and all subscriptions will be displayed on the screen – both activated and available for connection (subscription status is indicated next to it).Service management section
    • Check the Subscriptions tab. You can find it in the Support section. After entering the ID and clicking the “Check” button, the system displays a list of all active packages with an expiration date.Subscriptions tab
  • Using a special form on the official website. You must specify the identification number in the window, click the “Check” button and wait for the result (you do not need to enter your personal account). The page loads for a few seconds, after which the user sees all the information. Checking can be done at the link – on the Tricolor website

If payment has not been received

If a payment has not been received to your personal account, we recommend that you immediately find out the reason. The search depends on the payment method. The first thing you need to check is that the recipient ID entered during the payment is correct. It’s on the check. If the number is correct, the money might just be on the way. If an error occurred while entering the identifier data, you should immediately contact the Tricolor subscriber service (using one of the methods described above) to help you correct the erroneous transaction.

You can call the hotline of the payment service that you used to transfer funds and check the current status of the transfer.

To check the balance of the Tricolor TV account, it is enough to know the ID of the device you have installed. This identification number is assigned to each receiving device. With it, it is easy to find out the current subscription / balance. But it is possible to do this without an ID number.

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