How to install and configure Tricolor TV yourself?

For those who, for various reasons, cannot connect to terrestrial television, it is profitable to buy and connect a set of Tricolor, the largest satellite TV operator in Russia. The provider will provide high-quality and uninterrupted broadcasting.

Equipment ordering and installation time

You can place an order for the Tricolor TV set in the company’s showroom, from an authorized dealer, or on the company’s website. In the first two cases, you need to find out the address and phone number of the nearest office, you can do this at the link – To buy equipment via the Internet, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the page –
  2. Choose the appropriate set of equipment and click “buy” under it. On the right are filters with which you can adjust the options displayed on the page.Buying a Tricolor TV set
  3. After pressing the button, the inscription on it from “Buy” will change to “In the cart”. Click on it again or go to the purchase by clicking on the red rectangle in the upper right corner.Checkout
  4. Check if everything is correct. If yes, click “Finish”.Design
  5. Choose a convenient pickup location in your area and click “Continue”.Region selection
  6. Fill in your contact details. Enter your full name, email address and a valid phone number. Choose a payment method – online or in cash. Depending on the place of receipt, one of the methods may not be available. Enter the promo code if you have one and click “Apply”.Filling in contact details
  7. Check out the seller information. If required, add a comment to the order. Check the box next to the line “I accept the terms …”, and click “Confirm”.Order comments

The installation time for Tricolor TV equipment by the master is 24 hours from the moment the client submits the application.

Usually installation and connection takes from one to two hours. The warranty for the installation and the device itself is one year from the date of installation. Payment to the specialist occurs on the spot, in cash. Professional standard installation includes:

  • assembly and fastening of the plate;
  • setting up the antenna on the wall of the house (height – up to four meters, higher – paid extra);
  • running a cable into the house and laying wires in an open way;
  • connecting the tuner device to the TV, and setting it up.

The cost of the kit starts from about 6000 rubles. The subscriber can pay this amount not immediately, but distribute it over a year of monthly payments.

The main components of the Tricolor TV set include a receiver, a plate (mirror) itself, a cable, a remote control, a bracket, an arc and a converter.

Connecting Tricolor television has the following advantages:

  • signing an agreement is a prerequisite, it ensures the quality of installation and configuration;
  • the main package of TV programs is completely free;
  • client registration is free;
  • when buying a START card, you can watch the “Single” package for a month with a zero subscription fee.

Complete set of receivers Tricolor TV

The most common TV receiver models are GS E501 and GS C591. The first is the server that receives the original signal for playback. A Tricolor television access card is inserted into it. The receiver has a small screen showing the channel number or time. Features of GS E501:

  • Equipment. The set includes NB IN1 and LNB IN2 antenna inputs, LNB OUT1 and LNB OUT2 loop outputs, S/PDIF digital audio outputs.
  • Ethernet port. Connecting through it to the receiver provides a high data transfer rate and excellent communication quality.
  • Connectors. There are two USB 2.0 ports on the rear panel that can be used to update the system software from a flash drive. Modern TV models can be connected via HDMI, it provides excellent picture and sound quality. For older models, SCART ports are supported.

The GS C591 receiver is a simplified version of the device, designed specifically for connecting a second TV. Its performance is lower than that of the main (server) receiver, but it does not affect the sound and picture quality.

Tricolor installation steps

If you would like to install and set up the device yourself, please see the instructions below. You can also contact the salon or an official dealer operating under the Tricolor brand. For self-assembly, you will need the tricolor set itself, and a minimum set of tools:

  • wrench;
  • drill;
  • high-strength electrical tape;
  • knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers.

If you have no experience working at heights, but want to install a TV antenna on the roof of an apartment building yourself, this idea is best abandoned. This operation should be performed only by professionals who know and follow all safety regulations.

Installation of Tricolor by a specialist

Choosing the right place

It all starts with choosing the right place for the antenna, otherwise the signal quality may then be unstable. The dish should be directed south, as the satellite EUTEL SAT 36/b is used for TV broadcasting, located above the equator. Small deviations to the southwest and southeast are allowed. The signal path should not be blocked by all sorts of obstacles in the form of trees, walls, high-rise buildings, glass surfaces, etc. That is why most high-definition antennas are installed on the roof or on the ground, but on special sites. Top tips for choosing a location for a satellite dish:

  • It is recommended to place closer to the receiver. The shorter the cable, the better the picture quality. If the antenna is located 100 meters from the tuner device, an amplifier must be installed.
  • Should not be placed in particularly humid areas. Where precipitation gets the most – for example, near gutters and cornices.
  • Observe the minimum height. The distance from the ground must be at least 3 meters, otherwise the TV signal will be uneven.
  • Should be easy access. This simplifies the connection and future maintenance of television equipment.

After choosing a location, you can proceed to the assembly and installation of the plate.

Bracket mounting

First of all, a bracket is mounted, to which the antenna is then attached. Install it using a drill and connectors (anchors, studs, nuts, bolts, etc.), which are selected depending on the wind loads and the materials of the wall on which the plate will be installed. If the surface is cinder block or brick, be careful not to crack during installation. Particular attention should be paid to the thickness of the walls – if they are thin, the antenna can be broken by the wind.

Collection and installation of the plate

The assembly of the antenna is carried out strictly according to the instructions. Be careful not to damage the surface of the device – even small dents can affect signal quality. Another point – do not completely tighten all the screws until the cymbal is adjusted and the channels are tuned. How to:

  1. Assemble the antenna according to the instructions that came with it.
  2. Install the sensor (converter) with the connector down in the holder to prevent atmospheric precipitation from getting inside.
  3. Use the F connector to connect the cable to the inverter.Connecting the cable to the transmitter
  4. Secure the cable to the transducer bracket with plastic clips or electrical tape. Then seal the F connector with heat shrink tubing or several layers of tape. Coat the electrical tape with silicone sealant.
  5. After installing the antenna on the wall mount, tighten all the nuts so that you can move the dish. Use zip ties or tape. In this case, the latter should be applied in several layers.
  6. Fasten the cable to the bracket, leaving a margin of 1 meter.Attaching the Cable to the Bracket

Antenna adjustment

After assembling and connecting the device, you need to adjust the antenna. The quality of signal reception depends on the direction of the dish, so the position setting must be carried out as carefully as possible. First make sure the saucer is facing south and there are no obstacles in its path. Then adjust the altitude and azimuth. It is difficult to calculate the correct position of the satellite on your own, so Tricolor provider customers need to use a table with ready-made calculations for different cities:
Antenna adjustment table

Tricolor setting

For television to be of high quality and stable, the dish must be adjusted. To do this, smoothly move the antenna mirror vertically and / or horizontally around the estimated position of the satellite until you receive a stable signal from it. To control the level and quality of the signal, double-click the red “f1” or “i” button. They open an information window. If the level is below 70%, check the cable connection from the receiver to the satellite dish and adjust the dish further.
Signal testHow to properly set up:

  • Make adjustments with two people. One person should slowly move the antenna – 1 cm at a time, holding it in each position for 3-5 seconds, and the second should monitor the signal quality scales on the TV screen, and report when the values ​​\u200b\u200bare acceptable.
  • Carefully tighten the adjusting nuts. At the same time, do not stop monitoring the level of the received stream.
  • Please note that signal strength is affected by weather conditions. Under heavy cloud cover, heavy rain or snow, the level may decrease until the image disappears. Snow sticking to the antenna can also significantly worsen reception conditions.

If the signal strength bar is full and the quality level is still poor, the dish has connected to the wrong satellite.

Table of power level and signal quality, depending on the receiver model and software version:

Receiver modelSoftware versionSignal strength and quality level
GS B5311 GS B520 GS B532M GS B521H GS B522 GS B531N GS B5310 GS B533M GS B531M GS B534M GS B521 GS C592 GS B521HL4.18.250

at least 30%

GS B621L, GS B626L, GS B627L, GS B622L, GS B623L4.18.184
GS C5911, GS E502, GS U510, GS C591, GS E5014.2.1103
GS B529L, GS B527, GS B523L, GS B5210, GS B5284.18.355at least 40%
GS E212, GS B210, GS B212, GS U210, GS B211, GS U210CI3.8.98
GS A230


at least 50%
HD 9305, HD 93031.35.324at least 70%
DRS 8308, GS 8307, GS 83081.8.340
GS 8306, DRS 8305, GS 83051.9.160
DTS-54/L, DTS-53/L2.68.1
GS 83041.6.1
GS 83021.25.322

If you cannot adjust the antenna yourself, we recommend that you contact your dealer who will come and do a full debugging.

Registration of Tricolor TV subscribers

After setting up, you must register the receiver in the Tricolor system. Usually, if the device was purchased from an official company along with the installation, registration is automatic. You can also register on the company’s website yourself –, or call 8 800 500-07-30, and follow the operator’s instructions exactly. Both methods require the following information:

  • personal smart card number;
  • recipient’s serial number;
  • passport details of the client with whom the contract was concluded;
  • device installation address.

Remember that without registration, channel tuning will not be possible, even if all devices are installed correctly.

Video instructions for installing, configuring and registering Tricolor TV:

Card activation

Only registered recipients can activate the card. Before activation, remove the protective layer from the hidden smart card code, and find the receiver number (ID DRE). How to find out the recipient’s number:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the remote control, and select the “Status” line on the page that opens.Line "Status"
  2. Click OK. Find the 12-digit DRE ID line, this will be the receiver number. Write down the data.DRE ID string

The card PIN must be entered without spaces. There are two ways to activate the card. The first way is through the official website

  1. Go to the “Client Registration” section, and then click “Viewers”.
  2. Select “Card Activation” and fill in all the fields of the proposed form. Click “Activate Card”. Wait until a letter about the success of the procedure is sent to your e-mail specified in the contract.

The second way is to send an SMS to a short number (fees may apply according to the tariff plan):

  1. Dial SMS: TK/space/12-digit DRE recipient ID/space/smart card number. Example: shopping mall 123456789012 12345678901234567890.
  2. Check the correctness of the entered information, and send a message to 1082.
  3. Wait for a message with information about the result of card activation. It will be sent to the phone number from which the SMS was sent.

Channel View Activation

After activating the card, if necessary,
pay for the Tricolor channel package . Then you can proceed to the activation of watching TV channels:

  1. Turn on the TV on any channel from the main package.
  2. Wait for the inscription “Scrambled channel”.
  3. Leave the receiver on, and do not change the channel until the image appears.

The synchronization process may take 3 to 8 hours. It all depends on your region. You must do this only once. In the future, the activation key will be updated without your participation. If the image does not appear for more than 8 hours, the installation may not have been done correctly. To solve the problem, contact the technical service and wait for the arrival of a specialist.

Wireless control

A video sender is a solution to the problem of an abundance of extra wires in a room. The video transmitter is a set of two components. The first is connected to the receiver, and the second to the TV. Communication between the blocks is carried out via a Wi-Fi network. The maximum possible connection distance is 30 meters. The display quality is kept at a high level. There are several connectors for communication, and the video transmitter can send IR signals in addition to radio signals.

Installing Tricolor on a second TV

If, after successfully installing Tricolor TV, you decide that it would be nice to have satellite TV on the second TV, you need to buy a splitter and make a cable branch. Unfortunately, with this type of connection, both TVs can only show the same programs at the same time. But there is a way to make different broadcasts on 2 TVs – initially purchase a special kit that allows subscribers to connect TV channels to 2 TV devices. The transmission between the receiver and the box is carried out via an Ethernet cable. How the kit is connected:

  1. If twisted-pair cables are not included, purchase them separately or make your own.
  2. Turn off the device, then insert the smart card into the receiver compartment and connect it to the TV using the HDMI and RCA cables that came with the device.
  3. After making sure the connections are correct, connect the power and use the control panel to turn on the receiver.

If everything is done correctly, then immediately after turning on the tuner, a menu will appear on the screen. It will help you run Tricolor on both TVs and make further settings.

Popular questions

In this section, we present popular questions from current and potential users of Tricolor TV, and answers to them.

How to connect Tricolor to the Internet via phone?

To establish a Wi-Fi connection between the receiver and your phone, check your settings and make sure your smartphone supports DHCP and that this feature is enabled. The recommended data exchange rate is at least 5 Mbps. Follow these steps to set up your wireless connection:

  1. Turn on Internet Sharing on your phone. To do this, go to the settings page, in the “Wireless networks” section, click “More”, then turn on “Access Point / Modem” and activate the slider.Connecting to the Tricolor to the Internet via phone
  2. Select the connection type “Wi-Fi network”.Selecting the type of connection "Wi-Fi network"
  3. Select the name of your Wi-Fi network from the list that opens.Selecting a Wi-Fi network name
  4. If the network you are connecting to is password protected, enter it using the on-screen keyboard, select “Connect” and press the “OK” button on the receiver’s remote control.Network connection
  5. Wait for a notification that the connection was successful.Completing the connection

Is it possible to use Tricolor with a smartphone?

There is a multiscreen option for this. With it, you can watch channels on various devices without using the Internet: mobile phones, tablets. To connect, download the application to your smartphone:

  • Android –
  • iOS –

After the download is complete, log into the program under your Tricolor data and you will be able to watch all the TV channels that are included in your subscriptions.

How to install additional packages from Tricolor?

To connect additional channels, go to the Tricolor official website in the “Services” section, select the desired package and pay for it. Also, the connection can be made at Russian Post offices and communication stores. What are the additional packages?

  • “Match! Football”. Payment only monthly: 380 rubles. 6 channels included: Match! Football 1, Match! Football 2 Match! Football 3 Match! Football 1 HD, Match! Football 2 HD, Match! Football 3 HD.
  • Ultra HD. Payment is made once a year: 1500 rubles. Includes 8 channels : Eromania 4K, UHD CINEMA, Eurosport 4K, Russian Extreme Ultra, Love Nature 4K, INSIGHT UHD, UHD SERIES, Ultra HD Cinema.
  • “Children’s”. You can pay either once a year – 1200 rubles, or monthly – 200 rubles. Includes 21 channels: Multilandia, Ani, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Visiting a fairy tale, Multimusic, Unicum, JinJim, Nickelodeon (+HD), Children’s world, Captain Fantastic HD, Kid, Cartoon, Oh!, Redhead, STS Kids, Shayan TV, etc.
  • “Night”. You can pay once a year – 1800 rubles, once every 3 months – 600 rubles, or once a month – 300 rubles. Includes 8 channels: Exxxotica HD, Eromania 4K, Brazzers TV, SHALUN, Babes TV HD, Russian Night, O-la-la, Blue Hustler HD.
  • Premier Match. Payment is monthly – 299 rubles. Includes 2 channels: Match Premier and Match Premier HD.

Is it possible to connect the channel “Kinopremiera”?

The Kinopremera channel on Tricolor TV was designed to acquaint viewers with the latest world cinema innovations. But now this TV channel is not included in any tariff package of the provider. Therefore, it will not be possible to connect it, no matter how much the audience would like.

The HD channel of KHL TV is included in the “Single” package. You will find the TV channel “Soviet Cinema” on a receiver connected to Internet television or in the “Tricolor Cinema and TV” program on button 222.

How much does the installation cost?

The installation price of Tricolor depends on the selected equipment, the number of connected TVs, and the complexity of the installation. The cost of standard services of the master starts from 4000 rubles. Users who decide to install the Tricolor antenna themselves must choose a suitable place for the equipment, properly assemble and set up the dish. It’s easy to do it yourself if you take the time. But if you are not at all versed in technology, it is better to contact the company’s specialists.

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