Problems with broadcasting digital television: why channels do not work, there is no signal, there is interference

Настройка цифровых каналов Другое

Despite the stability of the signal, high quality picture and sound of digital TV broadcasting, difficulties sometimes arise when broadcasting digital TV. In this regard, digital TV channels may not be available and do not show. You should understand the causes of the problem and fix it.
Setting up digital channels

What to do if there is no digital TV signal and what are the causes of the problem

Before you start fixing a problem, you should determine its essence. Digital TV signal can be lost for certain reasons:

  • the multiplex has stopped transmitting the TV signal;
  • repair work;
  • exposure to weather conditions;
  • faulty equipment.

First, you need to make sure that the TV is located in the area of ​​reliable signal reception. If the device showed an image and then stopped, then most likely the antenna is connected incorrectly
. If the cause of the problem is the installed equipment, then you should find out the transmission level of digital TV channels: software or hardware. In addition, the settings on the TV could go wrong, after which it stopped showing.

Termination of TV broadcast

If the digital TV signal is not caught, you need to make sure that there is no maintenance work. You can find out about this on the broadcaster’s website, where a schedule for preventive and repair work should be printed. During test work, the second multiplex is turned off and the necessary information is collected, then the broadcast is completely stopped. Now in most of the Russian territory only one package is used for television broadcasting.

Renovation work

You can find out about the repair work on the website Often such events are carried out due to equipment breakdowns on the TV tower caused by bad weather.

Doesn’t show TV due to weather conditions

A weak digital TV signal can also be due to bad weather. Strong wind, precipitation, thunderstorm affect the quality of signal reception. In this case, the quality of the picture and sound deteriorates, the image is displayed with squares, or the signal may be completely absent.

In this case, you need to look at the signal level indicators. At a low value, they should be increased to the maximum.

The impact of weather conditions can hardly be the reason for the complete loss of digital TV channels. This can only weaken the signal.
Doesn't show digital TV due to bad weather

Defective hardware

If the sound becomes choppy and the picture is low quality, then the problem is most likely caused by faulty equipment. A breakdown can lead to the complete absence of a digital picture. Malfunctions can be related to:

  1. With antenna . Make sure the antenna is pointing towards the TV tower. Indoor antennas fail much less frequently than outdoor ones. As a rule, malfunctions occur due to thunderstorms, strong gusts of wind or precipitation. Reconfiguring the receiver may not produce any results. To determine the malfunction and fix it, you need to do the following:
    • check the voltage in the power supply;
    • check the cable and plugs;
    • if looking at the equipment does not solve the problem, connect a new antenna.
  2. With a prefix . It is quite easy to troubleshoot a set-top box. During switching on, a special diode lights up with a dim light or does not light at all. If no action occurs while pressing the buttons from the remote control, then the prefix is ​​faulty. It must be changed to another and check the digital signal supply. Possible problems with the attachment:
    • TV broadcasting may be missing due to an outdated version of the receiver , which needs to be replaced with a new one.
    • Low-quality STB firmware may be the reason for the lack of a signal. If the set-top box is outdated, you need to download the new firmware from the manufacturer’s official website, and then update it. In order to perform an optimal flashing, it is best to contact a professional.
    • The message about the absence of a signal may also appear due to a spontaneous reset of the settings . To fix the problem, you need to make sure that the TV signal is received correctly and perform a new search for TV channels.

    The set-top box needs repair if:

    • there is no display on the screen if there are operable tulip connectors;
    • a spontaneous reboot occurs for a certain period of time after making the settings;
    • When searching for TV channels, there is no TV signal quality information when the antenna is tuned.
  3. With cable and all connections . Such problems also occur frequently. Part of the cable is on the street, so with long-term use, the winding is destroyed and rubbed, cracks appear. Determine if any cable connections have been compromised. If damage is found, the cable will need to be replaced.

Why doesn’t digital TV show (or shows badly) and what to do if channels don’t work (no signal):

Possible problems why the TV does not catch digital channels / does not catch partially

Problems with displaying digital TV channels can be of several types. Let’s consider them in more detail.
Doesn't show digital TV

Not all channel list found

Not all TV channels may be found after an automatic search is performed. It is most likely that the receiver did not receive the second packet, and now it will be necessary to search for the frequencies of the nearest broadcasting TV tower. In this case, you can find all channels using manual search. Often the antenna itself may be the reason why not all channels were found. It should be selected in accordance with the distance from the tower in a certain area:

  • if the tower is located at a distance of 1-2 km, then you can use only an ordinary indoor antenna;
  • if the tower is located within a radius of 20-30 km, then an antenna with a signal amplifier should be used;
  • at a distance of 30-70 km, you must purchase an external antenna with an amplifier.

How to make a DVB-T2 antenna for digital television on your own is described in the
next article .

Using an amplifier that is too powerful, unnecessarily, can degrade the signal.

Why doesn’t digital TV show in full

It could be the wrong video input or the TV is not switching to AV or HDMI. You also need to check if the prefix is turned on
. This can be determined by the indicator that glows green during power-up. To turn on the set-top box, use a remote control or a button on it.

The receiver is turned on, but there is no digital TV signal

In this case, the matter is most likely in the disconnected antenna or amplifier to it. You need to check if it is connected, pull it out and insert it back, and then repeat the automatic search.

It is written that there are no services, and autosearch does not find anything

If a weak signal is received, automatic search will skip TV channels, and manual search for each frequency will display the strength of even a very weak signal.

There are “friezes”: the image falls apart into cubes

You need to make sure the signal level. To do this, press the Info button from the remote control. This distortion of the image appears due to the great distance of the tower or large buildings that interfere with the reception of the TV signal. The problem can be solved by amplifying the signal using an active antenna. With high intensity and low quality, you will need to tune the antenna. You can try to take the antenna outside and try to find a suitable place (for example, raise it). With low quality and intensity, there is a need to amplify the signal.
Doesn't show digital TV

If “friezes” appear frequently, this indicates a bad signal or a change in the state of the atmosphere.

Poor digital TV shows – poor signal and image quality

If the signal strength is high and the image quality is unacceptable, an antenna adjustment or replacement will be required. It needs to be turned around. The mustache refers to the meter range, and the ring to the decimeter range. It is he who needs to be twisted. You need to find a suitable place for the antenna – walk around the room with it, go to the window. Reinforced concrete walls, plastic windows (frames) can interfere with digital TV broadcasting.

Blurred fuzzy picture

This is one of the most common problems experienced by digital TV users. For example, TVs with a diagonal of 40 inches or more may have a fuzzy blurry image. The standard parameters of digital television assume the transmission of images with a resolution of 720×576. If the TV has a large diagonal, the picture will be blurry or pixels will be visible. For monitors with such a diagonal, better TV broadcasting is needed – for example, HD (1280×720) and Full HD (1920×1080). To fix the situation, you can go in two ways:

  1. Place an order for HD channel packages from a service provider . For contemplation of a clear and beautiful image on a screen with a large diagonal, this will be the best option.
  2. Use an old TV with a small diagonal . Despite these limitations, the image will be of high quality.

The appearance of glare (snow) on the screen

Such problems are possible even when watching digital TV. This can happen due to the wire connecting the STB or the receiver to the TV set. To resolve the issue, you must use another wire.

Hangs up, picture crumbles

In this case, it is better to contact the technical support of the service provider so that the professionals examine the subscriber or station equipment and determine the source of the problem. Thanks to the available instructions, it is easy to identify the reason why digital TV is not showing and eliminate it. If all the actions taken are unsuccessful, then you can consult for free at the technical support center in your region and call professional customizers at home.

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