How to transfer contacts and other data from android to android

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How to transfer contacts data from android to android via bluetooth, import data and contacts from android to android through the application, google account, import via bluetooth, without a sim card. When purchasing a new Android phone, the user inevitably faces the problem of transferring contacts from the old phone. The system, unlike iOS, will not be able to complete the process automatically. However, this does not mean that you have to manually import phone numbers. Today, there are many methods that will allow you to move contacts from one phone to another in a matter of hours or even faster.

Synchronization and import of all contacts between android devices using a Google account

In those situations when you need to transfer phone numbers from one personal smartphone to another, you can use the synchronization option via your Google account. It eliminates the possibility of selecting specific contacts and allows you to quickly import all available phone numbers. To transfer, turn on the Internet on the second new phone. Then go to settings and select the section with contacts.
How to transfer contacts and other data from android to androidOpen the “accounts” or “accounts” section, select accounts and add the details of the Google account that is used on the first phone. If everything was done correctly, you should see a page offering to save the backup to Google drive. After adding a Google account to the second phone, the contacts will be synced automatically. The time for transferring phone numbers depends on the number of contacts, as a rule, full synchronization is completed within an hour.
How to transfer contacts and other data from android to android

It is important to note that such synchronization depends on the Internet connection. Also, this method does not eliminate the confusion of numbers if the previously selected account was synchronized with the contacts of another device.

Transfer contacts using a computer from android to android

Google’s Contacts app can also help you import numbers from one device to another. Its web version will allow you to save the selected contacts on your computer as a file. To do this, launch the application on your computer and log in to the Google account to which your phone book is linked. Then, in the left menu, select the action “export” and check “to the old version”. Select the contacts you would like to transfer and complete the process using the application’s prompts. After that, a file with the vcf extension will appear on the computer. Send it to your email, then download it to your Android device. Then go to the “contacts” application, select “export” from the extended action menu. Find the downloaded file and click on it. After the transfer of contacts is completed, all the necessary numbers will appear on the smartphone.

Import or export phone book

This method also allows you to transfer all contacts of the phone directory, while not requiring an Internet connection and Google accounts . You need to go to contacts and click on the icon with three horizontal stripes, then select “manage contacts”, then “import or export contacts” and “export”. Mark “device memory” and click “export”.
How to transfer contacts and other data from android to androidAfter exporting contacts, go to the device’s memory in the file manager and find the created document there. The file will be called “contacts.vcf”. You should click on it. Then select “Share” via Bluetooth. It is also important to enable Bluetooth on the second device.
How to transfer contacts and other data from android to androidAfter the first phone detects the second smartphone, you need to select it and make a standard data transfer via Bluetooth. In order to import contacts to the second phone, just click on the received file.
How to transfer contacts and other data from android to androidIt is worth noting that this method often produces errors and failures. Also among the disadvantages of the method is the inability to transfer additional contact information and selectively move phone numbers.

Transfer phone book between Android devices via Bluetooth

This method will allow you to transfer from android to android both all contacts and individual phone numbers. To do this, just turn on Bluetooth on both devices, then open the contact database on the first smartphone and select all the numbers that you want to import to another device. Next, click on the “share” button at the top of the screen and select from the suggested Bluetooth actions.
How to transfer contacts and other data from android to androidAfter the Bluetooth transfer is completed, the selected contacts will be imported to the new device.

How to transfer contacts data from android to android via sim card

This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to move contacts from one phone to another. You can use it even if you have not previously saved all phone numbers to the SIM card. To do this, it is enough to open the “contacts” application on the first phone, press the key with three horizontal lines or three dots, opening the menu of additional actions. In it, select the “import / export” item and export phone numbers to the SIM card.
How to transfer contacts and other data from android to androidAfter this step, select the numbers you would like to move and confirm the action. Turn off the first phone and move the SIM card to another device. Turn on the phone, open contacts and open the “import / export” item again on the second phone. Select “import from SIM card” from the proposed actions, mark all the numbers you want to transfer and confirm the action. Despite the simple scheme, it should be noted that this method is not without drawbacks. In particular, the number of contacts that you can import at a time in this way is limited by the memory of the Sim card. As a rule, it accommodates up to 250 rooms. If your phone book is larger, you will need to repeat the steps according to the scheme several times to transfer all contacts. This may take a long time. Besides, when importing numbers via a SIM card, you will not be able to transfer additional information about phone numbers stored on the first smartphone along with contacts. In this case, all the necessary data will have to be transferred manually.

Transfer contacts from Huawei

In addition to the general schemes for transferring contacts from android to android, it is worth considering special cases. For example, to import contacts from a Huawei phone, you can use the special Phone Clone program. The advantages of the application include an intuitive interface. However, importing contacts with it may take a long time. Copy contacts in androids from Huawei and Honor via Bluetooth via computer: To transfer phone numbers, the Phone Clone application must be installed on both devices. Open the app on the second phone. From the action menu, select “this is a new phone (sending)”. After that, the phone should automatically create a wireless WiFi connection. Launch the app on your old phone and select “this is an old phone” from the menu. In the opened window of the second phone, a window will appear in which you will need to enter the password for the WiFi network. This will allow you to connect to the new phone. Then select the information you want to transfer to the second device and start transferring data. After the import is completed, the desired contacts will appear on the new phone.

Transfer Contacts and Data from Your Smartphone to a Samsung Android Smartphone

When working with a Samsung smartphone, the Smart Switch application will become a reliable assistant in importing contacts. As in the previous case, in order to successfully transfer contacts from one device to another, it is important to install the program on both smartphones. You can download it from Google Play. Or you can download the application for transferring contacts from android to android Smart Switch from the official Samsung website .
How to transfer contacts and other data from android to androidWhen launching Smart Switch on the first phone, select Wi-fi as the data transfer method and click Submit. After launching the application on the second phone, select “get”. Then, in the window that appears for choosing the operating system of the first phone, check “Android” and click “connect”. You will see a menu for selecting the categories of data that will be transferred to the new device. Select the required data to transfer and click Submit. The final step is to confirm the receipt of data on the new device. In the future, data transfer will occur offline. It is important to note that this process will take time. It is worth noting that Smart Switch only works when connected to the Internet. At the same time, using the program, you can transfer from one device to another not only contacts, but also other files, including music, photos, videos and even messages. Transferring all contacts from android to android – 4 ways that are relevant in 2022-2023: With the right approach, importing contacts from one android to another will not take much time. Each of the described methods has both advantages and disadvantages. Explore them and choose the import option that best suits you. So you can transfer all important contacts in a couple of hours.

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