How to unlock an android if you forgot your password, pattern, fingerprint does not fit

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How to unlock Android smartphones if you forgot your password, pattern, or your fingerprint does not fit without deleting data and resetting settings, how to remove a password or hack it – current instructions 2023-2024. Situations in life are different, and it is not uncommon for a person to forget the password that is set on his own smartphone. It is for this reason that you need to know how to unlock an android smartphone if you forgot your password. It should be noted right away that there are several ways to solve this problem of varying degrees of complexity, so each person chooses the most suitable course of action for himself.
How to unlock an android if you forgot your password, pattern, fingerprint does not fit

How to reset password on android phone – general recommendations for unlocking

Restoring access through the owner’s second phone

In a situation where the password on an android device is forgotten, not everyone knows what to do. First of all, in this case, you can use a feature called Smart Lock. It automatically unlocks the screen. The peculiarity is that in order for it to work, a certain condition must be met. It is recommended to connect another device of the owner via Bluetooth, then the function will work faster.
How to unlock an android if you forgot your password, pattern, fingerprint does not fitIn order to fix the problem that has arisen, you will need, for example, to specify automatic unlocking at the moment when the process of connecting a trusted Bluetooth device is in progress. In this case, the wireless module is activated. As soon as the connection is made, the user will immediately get access to the device from which the password was forgotten. This method is convenient only for those who carry several mobile devices with them at once or for those who are at home and have access to a second smartphone or tablet.

Here you need to take into account that access will be opened without entering a password or pattern. It is important to pay attention to the fact that if the Smart Lock function has not been configured in advance, or the user cannot perform the necessary action, then the smartphone will not be unlocked. You will need to look for other methods and methods.

How to unlock an android if you forgot your password, pattern, fingerprint does not fit

How to deal with a problem using a Google account

What to do if you urgently need to restore access to your android device while on the road or without access to other devices connected wirelessly. In this case, you can use the method that involves using a Google account.

Here you need to take into account that this method is not relevant for all smartphones and devices, since it is required that Android 4.4 and its newer versions be installed. You also need to have an internet connection.

In order to use this method, you will need to click on the screen and enter the password and login from the account created in Google. The device must be synchronized with it, otherwise nothing will work. After successfully logging into the account, the screen will be unlocked and the user will have access to their device. It also happens that the password from the account is also lost. In this case, you will first need to restore access to it using a special service, and then to the device.
How to unlock an android if you forgot your password, pattern, fingerprint does not fit

How to reset a pattern password, remove a PIN code, restore fingerprint access – an application recommended by the Samsung smartphone manufacturer

It is important to know that the procedure for restoring access to a device running the Android OS often depends on which brand of smartphone is used. The reason is that some major brands offer device owners various additional tools that, if necessary, can be used to unlock. If smartphones from the Samsung brand are used, then they have a special service called  Find My Mobile . With it, you can delete, for example, a previously entered pattern, password or fingerprint. A necessary condition concerns the fact that the smartphone must be simultaneously connected to the Internet and a Samsung account, and also support the service technically. It is present in the settings if support is implemented.
How to unlock an android if you forgot your password, pattern, fingerprint does not fitThe Xiaomi brand also has its own service that allows the owner to access the device if the password has been forgotten. You can restore access, for example, using the Tenorshare 4uKey for Android tool. It will completely remove the lock screen and allow the user to set up the security feature again. The program is easy to use and assumes that the following simple steps will be performed:

  • Using a USB cable, you need to connect your smartphone to the PC.
  • In the program menu that opens, you need to click on the “Remove screen lock” item.
  • Next, click on “Start”.
  • Action confirmation.
  • Starting the lock removal process. and all the data stored there. That is why this method is not suitable for all users.
How to unlock an android if you forgot your password, pattern, fingerprint does not fit

Removing/updating a password using a computer

There are various programs for unlocking android (both smartphone and tablet). One of them is a utility called Aroma File Manager. In order to start working with it, you will first need to install it on your computer. The recommended version is 1.80, it works flawlessly. The following simple steps to be taken to regain access to the phone:

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer (using a USB cable for this purpose).
  • You need to enter the “Explorer”.
  • Open internal database.
  • Transfer the zipped folder.
  • Enable “Recovery” – “Install update from zip file”.
  • Open the file “Automount all devices on start”.

Then it will be possible to launch the Aroma File Manager program itself directly, then go to the menu in it, go to “Data Folder”, from there to “System Folder”. Then delete the keys “gesture.key” from “password.key” in it. Then the smartphone is rebooted. After that, access will be open to the smartphone itself.
How to unlock an android if you forgot your password, pattern, fingerprint does not fitThere is also the possibility of a remote reset. To do this, you need to sign in to your Google account on your computer. Here it is necessary to remember that all the actions taken will lead to the fact that the information stored on the smartphone will be erased, but you can also remove the password, thereby avoiding blocking the device. Later, you can create a new access password and synchronize your data through your personal Google account. Another point to take into account is that the method is only working when the device is turned on and it is connected to the account and to the Play Store. Internet connection in this case is a prerequisite. Additionally, such functions as “Location” and “Find device” must be in the active state. After the user has verified

  • Sign in to your personal Google account.
  • Select the device you want to access.
  • Select the option “Clear device”
  • Press again.

Then the lock will be reset. In order to be able to use the smartphone, you need to enter the password from your personal Google account. A similar method, unlocking an android is only suitable for those who have the ability to recover all the data that will be erased from the device in the process.

Reset android to factory settings

How to unlock an android if you forgot your password, pattern, fingerprint does not fitAs a last resort, there is one way that will allow you to gain access to the device again. It is called resetting the settings to those that were entered into the smartphone at the production stage. This method of restoring access will also lead to data loss. You can restore the settings after connecting to your Google account, you can also take them from other cloud storages. Manual for unlocking android smartphones without losing data in English – unlock android phone password without losing data, – how to unlock phone if forgot password: To gain access to the device, you will need to do the following:

  • Turn off the device completely.
  • Remove the memory card from it (if it was installed).
  • Hold down the keys for 10-15 seconds until the service menu appears on the screen.

Options for combinations that can be clamped:

  • Volume down and power on.
  • Increase volume and power.
  • Volume down, power and Home.
  • Volume down, volume up and Home.
  • Decrease, increase the volume and power. After the service menu appears on the smartphone screen, select the Recovery item with the volume up button and after that confirm the action with the volume down button. Then, using the volume button, you need to select one of the commands – Wipe data or Factory reset, and then confirm the action by pressing the power button. After that, the settings will be reset to factory settings, the user will be able to access the smartphone. After that, it will be able to recover lost data from services. If you forgot the password from the android device, then you should not panic, as there are many methods to regain access to your smartphone or any other device running on this operating system.

The main condition is to have access to the Internet, connect all the necessary functions in advance, and also have saved all the important data and information that may be required after the reset is carried out.

How to unlock an android if you forgot your password, pattern, fingerprint does not fitIt is for this reason that it is important to know not only how to reset the password on an android phone, but also how to restore access again. To do this, it is recommended to immediately link a smartphone to an account, copy all important information to a computer and to cloud storage. The same should be done with photos and videos that are on the phone. So photos and videos can be immediately dumped into Google storage by setting up automatic copying to the cloud. Music can also be stored in cloud services, and documents can be stored on a personal Google account in the corresponding section of available services. How to unlock the phone if the password and pattern are forgotten, a new working method in 2023: Thus, there is nothing difficult to recover or change the password from the device.

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