How to choose and connect a portable mini printer for printing from your phone in 2023

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How to choose a portable mini printer for printing from a phone without a computer, a pocket photo printer for instant printing of photos and documents, portable printers for xiaomi, samsung and other smartphones. The development of mobile devices has given us the opportunity to take photographs anywhere in the world and instantly share the resulting images with our friends and relatives. But there are situations when the resulting image needs to be urgently transferred to photographic paper, and, unfortunately, there are no specialized centers anywhere nearby. What to do in such cases? Portable mini-printers come to the rescue. In the article, we will look at the key features of these devices and tell you what features you need to pay attention to when choosing the right model.
How to choose and connect a portable mini printer for printing from your phone in 2023

What is it and how does a small portable mini printer for printing from a phone work?

Let’s figure out what a mini-printer is. These are relatively small devices that fit even in your pocket, but are capable of producing real photographs. It is worth noting that modern models can function even without the use of ink or toner. This was made possible thanks to the Zero Ink technology. Instead of ink, special multi-layer Zink Paper is used. It consists of special crystals of various shades (blue, yellow, purple). During the printing process, they melt, but do not crystallize back when cooled, forming the final image on the film. Thus, manufacturers managed to achieve maximum compactness for devices of this type, since consumables and the print head took up too much space “on board”.

Distinctive features of compact mobile printers

The market for portable printing devices is growing more and more every year, but what are the characteristics to distinguish models from different manufacturers? The answer lies on the surface: mini-printers can be classified by printing technology. At the moment there are not so many of them:

  1. Printing with Zink paper . Earlier we have already talked about the features of this paper. Now it is the most “running” because of its low cost, but this cheapness subsequently affects the quality of the resulting images. Of course, it cannot be called frankly terrible – the paper copes with its direct task, and the price is fully consistent with the quality.
  2. Sublimation printing . The technology is based on the so-called sublimation of the dye, when heat is used to transfer it to the paper material. The print quality is an order of magnitude higher than that of models with Zink technology.
  3. Printing on instant film . Some devices also use this type of material. Instant printing booths are built using the same technology. It sounds interesting, but the size of the print leaves much to be desired, and the price tag is very “biting”.

How to choose a mini printer for printing photos and documents from your phone without a computer – what criteria to consider when choosing

It’s time to figure out what features of mini-printers you should pay close attention to when choosing the right device for personal use:

  1. Printing technology is a fundamental characteristic that has a decisive influence on the pricing of a device.
  2. Performance . Of course, this is just a mini-printer and you should not expect any cosmic speeds from it when printing, but even by this criterion, you can select a better model.
  3. Print format . The same important factor as the direct printing technology. Everyone chooses according to their needs, but this is worth focusing on.
  4. Communication channel . In addition to Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / NFC wireless technologies, do not forget about the possibility of connecting via USB.
  5. Weight and dimensions . A mini-printer should be as compact as possible and easy to carry over distances, otherwise the meaning of its name is lost.
  6. Battery capacity . The higher the battery capacity, the longer the device will last and the more pictures you can print.

TOP-7 best models of mini-printers for printing photos and / or documents from smartphones

We open the rating with a promising development from Fujifilm. Instax Mini uses native Instax Mini Film in its work, like other popular models of this line. The software abounds in creativity: you can make fun collages, add borders, and overlay funny stickers. Allows you to send pictures to print even from Nintendo Switch. The declared maximum image format is 62×46 mm, which is not such a big indicator. pros

  • fast printing speed;
  • high quality – 320


  • the format is too small;
  • Expensive cost per sheet of photo paper.

How to choose and connect a portable mini printer for printing from your phone in 2023

Canon SELPHY Square QX10

Canon designers have done their best and released a truly miniature version of the printer, which is capable of producing high-quality images measuring 6.8 x 6.8 cm. The manufacturer uses only high-quality consumables that significantly extend the life of released photographs. Due to the special coating, their shelf life is now 100 years. Of course, if the storage conditions are not violated. pros

  • high quality of released photos;
  • photos retain their original properties for 100 years;
  • small dimensions (easily fits even in ladies’ handbags).


  • Expensive printing cost.

How to choose and connect a portable mini printer for printing from your phone in 2023

Kodak Mini 2

Kodak was noted not only for a well-designed device, but also for an interesting application with rich editing functionality. True, the user-friendly interface had to be paid for with a loss of stability, as many users complain about the constant system crashes of the program. From technical features it is possible to allocate support of wireless communication channels Bluetooth/NFC. In addition, the model is simultaneously compatible with both Android and iOS. The printing itself is made using universal high-quality ink and paper cartridges. pros

  • support for fast NFC technology;
  • very high image quality;
  • cartridges are universal.


  • native software crashes frequently.

How to choose and connect a portable mini printer for printing from your phone in 2023

Polaroid Mint

An interesting model from the well-known Polaroid company, which was at the origins of Zero Ink technology. It is quite obvious that Zink paper is involved in their device, which allows you to display detailed images at a relatively low price. Unfortunately, only Bluetooth is available for pairing with a smartphone, but this does not detract from the advantages of the device. A good base battery allows you to get an active long battery life, but in inactivity it discharges very quickly, which is a big drawback of this model. The software does not have any serious distinguishing features with competitors and functions stably. pros

  • cheapness;
  • easy and fast start;
  • Lots of print options.


  • The battery is long lasting, but drains quickly when not in use.

How to choose and connect a portable mini printer for printing from your phone in 2023

Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay

Another representative from Fujifilm from the Instax line. A distinctive feature of the device is its extended functionality. It can work not only as a classic mini printer, but also as a new generation instant camera. The sensor size is only 4.9 MP, but the base memory allows you to store up to 45 shots at a time (expandable using a memory card). Unlike other instant cameras, Instax allows you to first view and select the photos you want to print. With the same success, he prints photos sent from a smartphone. pros

  • hybrid technology (instant camera and printer in one device);
  • internal memory for 45 images.


  • the application interface leaves much to be desired;
  • The app does not allow image editing.

How to choose and connect a portable mini printer for printing from your phone in 2023

HP Sprocket Plus

Another model that works with Zink media, but is produced under the well-known HP brand. The development team struck a stunning balance between compactness and quality. The model is easy to operate: load paper from the back, connect your phone via Bluetooth and print. Separate words deserves the application, which has a rich functionality for editing. Its capabilities are so extensive that you can even print selected frames from videos. And with the support of metadata, these frames can be “revived” with the function of augmented reality. In terms of dimensions, the device is no larger than the size of a classic smartphone, but at the same time it produces pictures of excellent quality. pros

  • compact (can easily fit in a jacket pocket);
  • print quality at a high level;
  • allows you to print individual frames from a video.


  • may crop frames slightly.

How to choose and connect a portable mini printer for printing from your phone in 2023

Canon Zoemini S

We close the rating with another hybrid device. Canon’s Zoemini S combines a portable printer and an instant camera. This is the first experience of the company in the development of instant cameras, but in general it can be considered successful. With a huge mirror and 8-LED ring light, this model is sure to become a godsend among selfie lovers. The software works stably and deserves only the most laudatory reviews. The camera is completely analog in operation and you will not be able to view the pictures before printing directly. Thus, the process is initiated immediately after the “click”, but this is already the cost of technology. Unfortunately, there was no place for a primitive counter of the remaining shots, but when using memory cards, you can be calm for the safety of your images. pros

  • slim and compact design;
  • large selfie mirror + ring light;


  • flimsy factory assembly;
  • lack of LCD display;
  • no counter for remaining shots.

How to choose and connect a portable mini printer for printing from your phone in 2023How to choose a mini printer for printing photos and documents from a Xiaomi phone and other models, what is Xiaomi Mi Pocket photo printer:

How to connect and set up a printer for an android phone

Consider the process of quick setup and connection using the example of one of the most popular Fujifilm Instax Mini Link models. We perform the following operations in stages:

  1. To turn on the printer, hold down the power button for about 1 second until the LED turns on.
  2. Launch the “mini Link” application on your smartphone.
  3. Read the terms of use and check the box next to “I agree with this content” and proceed to the next step.
  4. Review the description of quick instructions. Set Bluetooth connection status to “Later”. It can be connected already before direct printing.
  5. Select an image to print. If necessary, edit it through the settings.
  6. Connect Bluetooth if it is still not enabled.
  7. Once the printer is found, click Connect. If there are several printers, then select the one you need from the list.
  8. You can start printing.

How to choose and connect a portable mini printer for printing from your phone in 2023A mini printer for printing photos from a phone is connected via bluetooth on the market for 2023. There are so many options that you can choose the right device even for relatively little money. These devices have not yet reached the peak of their development, so in the coming years we should expect the rapid development of technologies in this area.

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