Free Apps for Smart TV Android – Golden 30

Free Smart TV apps turn your TV into a smart device, expanding the horizons of media content available for viewing. Below is an overview of the best widgets and software to install on a Smart TV.
Free Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30

Free TV and video on Smart TV Android: where to download the TOP-20 best applications for watching

  1. Peers TV is a Smart TV app with over one hundred pre-installed free TV channels available for download from Samsung Apps. The program works stably even with a low internet connection speed. Has an extremely clear interface. The utility contains a TV program guide, the ability to create playlists and favorites. However, there are ads that can be turned off by purchasing a paid subscription. Link to download from the playmarket Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  2. Amediateka is an online video service that allows you to enjoy watching the best TV shows in ultra-clear resolution. The library is regularly updated, new items are released immediately after world film premieres. By subscribing to a combined paid subscription, video content can be viewed from five devices under a single account. Simultaneous broadcasting of two video streams is available. You can use free access for 7 days. https://www.amediateka.ruFree Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  3. HDrezka is a free client of the popular web portal for watching movies. An application with a minimalistic interface in which content is divided into thematic groups. The media library is constantly being updated. To gain access, you will need to create an account. Of the minuses, it is worth noting possible blockages and the inability to play certain series. However, the problem is solved by creating mirrors.
  4. IVI is an online cinema with a rich archive of content and maximum 4K video quality. Films are sorted by thematic selections, you can watch trailers. Broadcasting of about 50 IPTV channels is available, some of which are with free access. In addition to a paid subscription, in this service you will have to pay separately for viewing high-grossing films and media content in UHD resolution. The free version contains a lot of ads. Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  5. Megogo is another online cinema with a large collection of films sorted into categories. After purchasing premium access, you can pre-order new movies and receive notifications about premieres. The disadvantages include the ability to independently write off money for a subscription. Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  6. Smart Box Cross is a free application for Xiaomi Smart TV for smart TVs with which you can watch movies online. Blocks are promptly removed by developers with the release of updates. Sources are online cinemas. Convenient control is available using voice commands, gestures and mouse support. There is an auto play function for the next episode.
  7. Twitch TV is an application for comfortable viewing of video streams. Russian-speaking and foreign users stream here. There is a section with recommendations and a selection of interesting content. Live broadcasts can be saved or added to favorites. There is an opportunity to correspond in a chat, the menu is simple to use. Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  8. GetsTV is an application with a rich archive of media content that is constantly updated. Designed specifically for Smart TV. The free version has a lot of advertisements, it is not possible to watch movies in high quality resolution. https://getstv.ruFree Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  9. Lime HD TV is an application for Smart TV with free channels, including Russian and Ukrainian. The program has a simple interface, you can make a list of your favorite TV channels. Appearing ads can be turned off by making a payment. Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  10. HD Video Box is a widget for free online movie viewing in excellent quality. A large list of movies is available for viewing without restrictions, which are played from other sites. Departures of the program are rare. Cons – an oversupply of advertising and the appearance of lags when supervised.
  11. LAZY IPTV is a program for free viewing of TV channels, developed for Android TV. The program works stably and has a Russian-language user interface. You can add playlists, enable parental controls and other useful features. Deluxe
  12. Kinopoisk is a popular online service where you can see the dates of movie premieres, show schedule, read movie descriptions and viewers’ reviews. With a premium subscription, you can watch the recently released premieres in excellent quality.
  13. Netflix is a worldwide paid TV series producer with a trial period. You can cancel your subscription later if you don’t like watching high-definition video content. The downside is the lack of a Russified menu. Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  14. Sportbox is a program that broadcasts football matches and publishes sports news. You can watch the list of programs and excerpts of the competition. Videos are at maximum resolution, but live broadcasts are not always available.
  15. Kodi is an online media center designed to work with files in various formats. You can configure an advanced interface for accessing torrents and streams. Downloading is carried out through the Play Market or the installation file. Of the minuses – incorrect work on some devices. Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  16. Vintera TV : This widget can be classified as “Best Free Smart TV Apps” with over 400 TV channels available for viewing. Here you can watch programs with any topic.
  17. SS IPTV is a free TV application for Smart TV with rich functionality. Compatible with Android versions no older than 4.4. Using the program, you can activate parental controls. There is a weekly TV guide and a universal media player. Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  18. Fly! TV – in the application you can watch about 2000 TV channels without ads. The control is carried out through the remote control. Installation requires downloading an APK file and a built-in media player.
  19. SlyNet IPTV is a widget for watching TV and radio online with a Russian-language interface. You can watch completed programs after the broadcast. If you install an audio player, you can listen to music.
  20. FreeTV is an application for playing over 100 TV channels and regularly updating playlists. There are no ads or paid subscriptions, and the menu is quite simple to operate, there is a TV schedule.

Free Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30 Top 3 best apps to watch movies, movies and TV for free for smart tv android:

Top Apps in Popular Categories

Popular applications from different directions include:

  1. Gismeteo is a portal with a detailed weather forecast adapted for TVs. Installation is free, data is updated promptly. However, selected cities sometimes disappear.Free Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  2. VLC Player is a utility that supports many media formats. Free functional video player makes movie playback easy and contains no ads.
  3. TV Bro is a custom web browser for browsing pages. Sites load quickly, have voice control and browsing history. The images are adapted to fit the TV screen. However, sometimes there are problems with playing videos.Free Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  4. TuneIn Radio is a service for listening to music. Here you can listen to the radio and search for tracks by genre. The free version contains ads. The downside is the lack of a background mode.
  5. WebCam World is an application for virtual travel around the world. You can watch what is happening online for free. Disadvantages are intermittent crashes and infrequent updates to available CCTV cameras.Free Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  6. X-plore File Manager is a handy file manager that allows you to work with connected devices. There is a free version with unobtrusive ads. Any external storage device, including hard drives, can be connected to the TV.
  7. XSmart is a free video widget. Includes unofficial versions of popular smart apps. The disadvantage lies only in the complexity of the installation procedure.Free Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  8. Culinary Academy – a collection of a huge number of recipes for the preparation of all kinds of dishes. With step-by-step steps and precise ingredient proportions, you can learn how to cook for free.

Free Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30Application categories [/ caption] Application for Smart TV with free channels:

How to install the app

You can download free TV applications Smart TV yourself, following the instructions:

  1. Turn on the TV and open the settings menu using the remote control.
  2. Expand the “Network” section and make sure there is an Internet connection.Free Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  3. Create an account on the TV system. If you are not logged in, an authorization window will appear. You must fill in all required fields to register an account.Free Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  4. In the Smart TV menu, go to the application catalog, which is often referred to as “Apps”.Free Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  5. Find a suitable application in “.APK” format.
  6. Start the download by clicking the Download button and then click Install.Free Apps for Smart TV Android - Golden 30
  7. The new program will appear in the My Apps list.

What applications can be installed on Samsung Smart TV in 2021:

Where to download free TV applications Smart TV – links to popular widgets and programs

The best free applications for smart TV Android and other OS, as well as paid video services can be downloaded using the links:

  • in the application you can watch movies, series, TV shows and read the news of the day.
  • is a paid online cinema with a division of films into categories.
  • – TV version of the site for playing new films in good quality.
  • is an online cinema that takes into account the preferences of the viewer when compiling selections.
  • is a paid media service containing a huge collection of video content.
  • – the widget provides access to the database of films, cartoons and TV series collected from various sources.
  • is the most famous streaming platform with tons of exciting content.
  • – after registration you can watch TV series and film premieres in excellent quality.
  • – broadcasts many regional and thematic TV channels for free.
  • is a constantly growing collection of films that can be viewed in high resolution.
  • – an application for Smart TV Android can be downloaded for free in the Play Store and enjoy watching interactive TV.
  • – after subscribing, you will get access to a unique collection of content from the media service.
  • is a world-renowned platform that allows you to watch movies, anime and popular TV shows for a fee.
  • is a service for those who love sports. You can follow the results of matches, watch broadcasts and read the news.
  • is a full-featured media service compatible with all operating systems for television devices.
  • is a convenient client for watching interactive television.
  • is the official software product to which you can connect your TV.
  • is the torrent client with the largest number of TV channels available.
  • is a service with playlists categorized.
  • is a functional application with free channels for Smart TV.
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