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BS.Player is a player that plays files in many multimedia formats – for example, WebM, Xvid, avi, mpg, mpeg-1, etc. In this article, we will take a close look at the BS.Player media player, understand its capabilities and requirements, we will explain where and how you can download it.

Key features and system requirements

The main characteristics and system requirements of the BS.Player media player are presented in the table.

Description of characteristicsDescription
DeveloperAB Team, Webteh company (Slovenia).
Service programming languageDelphi, C ++.
CategoryMedia player.
Official site
Interface languageThe program includes 45 language packs, including Russian.
Playback formatsDivX, Xvid, avi, mpg, mpeg-1, mpeg-2, mpeg-4, 3ivx, YouTube streaming video, AVC HD, QT QuickTime mov, RM Real media, OGM, Matroska, mkv, asf, wmv, DV, m1v , m2v, mp4, mpv, swf, vob and wav, mpa, mp1, mp2, mp3, Ogg, aac, DTS, Dolby Surround, Dolby digital DD 5.1-AC3, aif, ram, wma, flv.
OSThe app is supported on:
  • Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8, earlier versions of the program can also support Windows 98 and Windows ME;
  • Android – from version 6.0 to the latest (nowadays it is rare to find an application that works on this version, phones with it have not been released for a long time).
Distribution optionsThere is a free version “Free” and a Pro version.
Features of theFeatures of BS.Player application:
  • DVD playback support;
  • the ability to play and save YouTube videos in HQ and HD quality;
  • support for network buffering;
  • technical support by e-mail;
  • customizable equalizer;
  • support for tuners and media capture devices;
  • subtitle editor;
  • capture video from a device and save it to your hard drive;
  • free updates to BSPlayer PRO during the license period.

Functionality and capabilities

BS.Player is a program that allows you to play audio and video files in most of the formats that exist at this time in the development of technologies.

The multimedia service BS.Player has over 70 million regular users, the number of which is increasing every day.

The main advantage of the player is maximum playback quality with minimum resource consumption, therefore BS.Player is ideal for use on low-power and outdated PCs. You don’t need to have powerful hardware. Player BS.Player has many functions that make it convenient and multifunctional:

  • Image scaling. This way you can remove side edges when watching widescreen video files.
  • Multilingual interface. The Russian language is supported by default, so no additional installation of the localizer is required.
  • Capture screenshots (saved in jpg or bmp format). You can easily and quickly save the moment you like in the video you are watching.
  • Watching movies in multiple languages. Perfect for learning foreign languages ​​- you can choose the desired adverb from a wide variety of options presented on the service.
  • Support for Internet TV (IPTV). You can watch TV channels on your computer. And also output them to the TV, if the TV device has such a function.
  • Support for peripheral devices. TV tuner cards, webcams, digital cameras and many other gadgets.
  • The ability to save settings in a separate INI file. Allows you to store several configuration files (profiles) and change them at your discretion.
  • Convenient storage and use of media files. This is done using the BS.MediaLibrary library – it is easy to find the tracks that you have saved in it.
  • Support for multimedia keyboard keys. It is convenient to control playback using buttons.
  • Play video format AVCHD. This format is used by Canon, JVC, Panasonic and Sony digital camcorders.
  • Setting playback modes. Modes “repeat all”, “repeat in random order” are available.
  • Internet radio. Supports over 850 radio stations.

Subtitles are supported in MicroDVD .sub, VobSub .sub + .idx, SubViewer .sub, SubStation Alpha .ssa or .ass, SubRip .srt, VPlayer .txt formats. In addition, the player supports the ability to automatically search and download missing subtitles for the video being played.

Last changes

The latest released version of this service is BS.Player 2.76. The functionality and performance of this player have always been at a high level, now it’s time for the interface. The developers have done a great job and now it has become much more convenient to use the player.

With the latest update, access to all the most needed and popular functions and settings among users has become much easier. The new, more modern design is also worth mentioning.

Download BSPlayer

On the official website of the developer, you can download the Free-version of the program for free or purchase the Pro-version 2.76 at a price up to 29.90 EUR. The buttons for downloading the player for the computer and phone are located on the main screen –
BsplayerFree covers (skins) are also available there to change the appearance of the media player. Thanks to their huge number, the possibilities for personification are almost endless.

Features of the Android version

BS.Player for mobile devices focuses on video playback. The main features of the Android version of the multimedia program include:

  • Compatible with Android 6.0. The player will work even on older smartphones. On those – applications for which are now practically not released.
  • Background playback in a popup window. You just need to hold down the “Back” button on any smartphone.
  • Hardware video acceleration. Allows you to speed up playback and reduce battery consumption.
  • Supports 2 and 4 core decoding. This feature greatly improves the playback speed.
  • Support for multiple audio tracks and subtitles. Allows you to switch during playback to other voices and change the subtitle language.
  • Support for playlists. And its various modes. This is useful for scheduling a playlist.
  • Support for external and embedded subtitles and their auto search. This requires a mandatory internet connection. Works the same as the Windows version.
  • Play media files directly over Wi-Fi. This feature saves you the hassle of encoding the video and copying it to your phone.
  • USB OTG (On-The-Go) support. With this feature, you can play media files from various USB devices without saving them to your phone.

We can safely say that the Android version of the BS.Player multimedia player retains all the best from the PC version and is in no way inferior to it. At the same time, it became possible to use the player, beloved by many users, anywhere and do it with maximum comfort.


Sky, columnist, 36 years old, Moscow region. The whole player is made in the spirit of minimalism. Thanks to this, it works quickly, but does not spoil the number of functions. Sound quality is average but smooth. Nice features are the ability to scale the image and a large set of built-in radio stations.

v1972OM, power engineer, 40 years old, Penza. Used the Android version of BS.Player on a tablet. Plays almost all known media file formats. Before him, I used other players and had constant problems – either “the format is not supported”, then there is no sound. I forgot about this with this player.

codemastera, webmaster, 29 years old, Poltava. A very user-friendly player, it can display most video formats, does not crumple. You can create playlists, connect additional plugins. The player does not load the operating system much and even knows how to play video from the archive without unpacking!

BS.Player is a versatile player that has long established itself among users and has many pleasant and useful options. Due to its simplicity and low system requirements, it can be used even on the weakest and oldest devices. A worthy choice for your home PC or smartphone.

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