The best programs and applications for TV boxing on Android


How to choose the best tv box apps for android – choose the top 30 best apps for android tv box for 2022. Modern
TV boxes on the Android OS are close to smartphones and laptops in terms of capabilities. And for maximum enjoyment of watching movies and playing multimedia, special applications and widgets are installed on Smart TV. How to download programs, and which apps are better to use for TV boxing on Android in 2022, will be discussed in this article.

The best programs and applications for TV boxing on Android
Android Smart TV Box

Why and how to install applications on smart boxes

The new prefix at first has limited functionality, because. widgets are missing. By default, several applications may be preinstalled with the firmware. But this is not enough, and in order to use all the features of Smart TV, you need to install programs and widgets.
The best programs and applications for TV boxing on AndroidYou can download Android TV box applications from the Google Play Market. The service is already installed on the console as a widget.

What you need to install

To start using the app store, you need to prepare the device:

  • make sure you have a working internet;
  • if necessary, update the operating system (the set-top box could stand in the store for more than a year and its firmware has become outdated during this time);
  • open the Play Market in the list of widgets;
  • register in the Gmail mail service (if this utility is not available, you can go to from another device and complete the registration);
  • log in to the program.

The best programs and applications for TV boxing on Android

Advice. If you already have an account on Google Play (for example, it is open when you buy an Android smartphone), it is recommended to use it. You can link several devices to your account and remotely (from your phone) install applications on the TV box.

How to install applications on Smart Box

After logging in, the main Play Market window will open, in which you need to go to the “Applications” section. On the new page, you can get acquainted with new products and popular applications (to expand the entire list, click “More”). Nearby there is a tab “Categories” – open it and a list of categories will appear. The widgets will then be filtered and only the utilities of the selected category will be shown.
The best programs and applications for TV boxing on AndroidA specific application can be installed using the search. It is recommended to enter the full name, because many clone programs may be present. After selecting the widget you like, the description and installation page will open:

  • in the description, detailed information about the utility with technical requirements for the TV box;
  • the overall score shows how users liked the widget;
  • in the reviews you can always find out about the nuances that are not in the description.

The best programs and applications for TV boxing on AndroidAlso, next to the name and icon of the widget, the “Install” button will appear. When you click it, the download will begin, indicating the progress. Near some applications, instead of installing, there may be other options:

  1. Open button . Its presence indicates that the program is already installed on the TV box. To install it, it is not necessary to perform a download, some widgets appear immediately after installing the operating system. You can already use them.
  2. Refresh button . The application has been downloaded to the device, but its current version is no longer relevant. Just click on the button and wait for the download of add-ons.
  3. “Device not supported” . The widget cannot be used for the used set-top box, download is not possible.
  4. Buy button . You have to pay for this app. You can also search for free similar programs (they are often present).

If the button changes to “Open” – the download was successful. The downloaded utilities will be on the device, and their list can be viewed in the “My applications” section. The Play Market supports streaming downloads – with a long installation of a large utility, you can exit its description and download others.

Installation problems

An error with loading can occur in two cases:

  1. No internet connection . It is enough to check the settings and the data exchange speed.
  2. There is no free space . The device does not have enough memory and needs to be freed (delete unnecessary programs or transfer media files to the drive).

After solving the problem, repeat the download.

Removing a Widget or Application from the Smart Box

If you have problems with the application itself, you can always uninstall it in three ways:

  1. On the service in the “My Applications” section.
  2. Through the application manager of the TV box itself.
  3. In the menu of the widget itself.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the incorrect operation of the beta version programs. Among the unpleasant moments is the endless loading in the background, which clogs memory. Calculating such a utility is easy: you need to look in the application manager for a widget with a cache size of more than a few hundred megabytes (only games have this much).

The best programs and applications for TV boxing on Android

Top 30 Smart BOX Apps for Android for 2022 – What to Download on Mediabox for Maximum Features

Below are the most popular widgets to date, with the installation of which the TV box will turn into a real media center. All utilities are grouped into thematic categories for convenience.

Media players

The standard player leaves much to be desired. non-functional. To play media files, it is recommended to download one of the popular players:

  1. AIMP.
  2. PowerAMP.
  3. MX Player Pro.
  4. VLC.
  5. Kodi.

The best programs and applications for TV boxing on AndroidFor advanced users, it is recommended to pay attention to the latest player. Kodi is not just a player, but an entire media platform that plays any application from music to games. The repository installed to the player serves as a separate firmware.

IPTV players

Almost all conventional players play interactive TV, but with limited options. If you need all the features with the ability to edit M3U playlists, it is recommended to download the IPTV player separately:

  • IPTV.
  • perfect player.
  • OttPlayer.
  • Televiso.
  • ProgTV.

The best programs and applications for TV boxing on AndroidIf you do not want to edit playlists and customize content, you can immediately download the first player. It is represented by a ready-made list with free programs. OttPlayer has long been the most popular among users. With it, all the possibilities of IP-television are available. Advanced users are also advised to download the Lazy IPTV playlist manager
, with which you can edit, merge and split channel lists.


For a TV set-top box, all online platforms are required to be installed where you can watch movies for free. Important! It is worth clarifying that most resources with completely free movies are illegal programs with pirated content. But there are also legal online cinemas that provide free access on various conditions (trial period, unpopular films, only in SD quality or with ads). If you wish, you can evaluate the quality of the site and then buy an inexpensive subscription. Almost all popular services (except Netflix) have a subscription price of 100 – 300 rubles.
The best programs and applications for TV boxing on AndroidThe best online cinemas:

  1. KinoPoisk HD.
  2. TVzavr.
  3. IVI.
  4. PRO.
  5. Netflix.

All leading sites are equally good in terms of price / quality ratio. Therefore, it is correct to consider online cinemas with the largest media library, which are listed above, to be the best.

Online TV

Unlike IPTV and cinemas, online television services show individual programs or even entire TV channels that are not on the main air.

  1. Match!TV.
  2. Russia.
  3. EdemTV;
  4. Like a TV.
  5. Eye TV.

The best programs and applications for TV boxing on AndroidIf there are no preferences for the releases of specific TV companies, and you just want to watch many different TV channels, it is enough to install one of the largest services.

Custom Widgets

TV box on Android can be used not only as a set-top box for watching movies. Working with files, surfing, social networking is also important. Below are the programs that an advanced user will need:

  1. X-plore manager. A file manager that makes it easier to work with storage – play, delete or send any file.
  2. . the most popular Russian-language forum for working with applications and setting up gadgets (phones, tablets, TV set-top boxes). It contains many modifications of official widgets, as well as useful utilities that are not available in the Play Market.
  3. Notepad . You will definitely need it for full-fledged editing of IPTV playlists (no player will delete the preview video that gets annoying when you start each track). For TV boxes with weak hardware and less than 1/8 GB of memory, FreeNote is suitable. On others, you can safely download NotePad ++.
  4. AIDA . This utility displays complete information about the device, firmware, and its individual components (connectors, processor, format support, etc.). If there are plans to evaluate the performance of the receiver and select programs for them, this application will come in handy.
  5. Nord VPN . This utility is not a professional anonymizer. only one remote server is available for all users. But as a viewer for sites blocked from visiting within the country, it is great.
  6. Torrent TV . Manager for downloading torrent files from any sites. There is also a file hosting service where you can find interesting videos.
  7. TV remote control . This widget will allow you to use your smartphone or smart remote control as a remote control. To work, you will need to install the same application on the gadget and synchronize it with the TV box via Wi Fi.
    The best programs and applications for TV boxing on Android
    Remote Control for TV
  8. DrWeb . This antivirus consumes less memory resources, so it is very common among TV boxes. On more advanced receivers, you can download Avast.
  9. VK . Messenger VKontakte, optimized specifically for communication with TV set-top boxes. The application interface repeats the web version.
  10. Google Chrome . The popular browser is now available for Smart TV based on Android. For full surfing, you will need to connect a mouse or a universal remote control with a gyroscope.

The best programs and applications for TV boxing on AndroidIn the Play Market, you can find many other custom applications for Android TV, which are popular for smartphones and laptops. 6 Best Android TV Box Apps – Choose, Download and Install:

Top 10 Android TV Games for 2022

TV boxes with a memory capacity of 2/16 or more can run most online and desktop games. For gaming TV boxes with a good graphics accelerator like X96, you can install:

  • Asphalt 8: Airborne;
  • Crossy Road;
  • Dead Trigger 2;
  • Into the Dead;
  • Zombie Age 2;
  • Fast like a Fox;
  • BombSquad;
  • Does not commute;
  • Crush you Enemies;
  • Angry Birds

The best programs and applications for TV boxing on AndroidFans of old games can be recommended to install the Gamearch widget. There are many game console emulators available in the Play Store. Best Android TV Box Apps – Review 2022:

Tips for Installing Applications

It is not always necessary to immediately start downloading the widget you like, because. it may not fit or work with errors. The most important thing is to read the description carefully:

  1. In the reviews you can always find out about the performance of the utility . If there are failures, there will always be complaints, and the overall score is lower.
  2. Pay attention to the name of the program . The presence of the word beta next to it means a test version that has not been fully tested. There may also be Pro at the end – this indicates an advanced version. And if you liked the widget, but it is paid, you can find a regular utility through the search (it can be free).
  3. Description of technical characteristics . If the program is available for installation, but the TV box does not live up to the declared characteristics, you need to evaluate the importance of using it. For example, it is permissible to install a video editor and suffer 5-10 minutes of freezes while the video is being converted. But playing with braking is unpleasant.

Technically, regular Android applications designed for smartphones can also be installed on a TV set-top box. The utilities will start, but there will be problems using them:

  1. The receiver does not have a sensor, and the control of an auxiliary device (mouse, gyroscope) may not be provided by the program or game.
  2. Some applications do not support landscape orientation and the image will not fit on the TV screen.
  3. Most games require 144 fps, and older analog receivers with a screen refresh rate of 30 or more will drop ¾ frames.

Therefore, it does not make sense to install the usual applications for the TV box, only extra use of internal memory.
The best programs and applications for TV boxing on AndroidYou can also download third-party widgets, but this is not safe, so it’s better to install an antivirus first. To download them, you need to activate the option in the TV box settings.

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