Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs – selection and installation


Various programs and applications for Xiaomi TVs will not only expand the functionality of the device, but also help facilitate interaction with it. For all Xiaomi Smart TV owners or those who are just planning to buy these TVs and set-top boxes, you need to know what additional applications exist for such panels.

Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation
Xiaomi MI TV [/ caption] Additional applications and programs are designed to make working with Xiaomi TVs even easier, more useful and correct. Some applications may be already installed in the firmware or included in the basic package, ready to use. If the need arises, then you can independently download and then install those of the programs and applications that a person needs to complete his tasks. Many developments are presented in the Google Play Store and in the App Store. Also, a selection of the best applications for Xiaomi Mi Box or TVs from this manufacturer can be found on the official website or on the pages of the company’s partners.
Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation

Xiaomi Mi TV – what is special about TVs from a Chinese manufacturer?

Considering the features of this brand, you need, first of all, to pay attention to their cost. Various paid and free applications for Xiaomi TV are being developed in order to significantly expand the available functionality and increase the number of options available to the user. This also expresses the peculiarity of this brand. Another “trick” of devices from this manufacturer is a special approach to design. It is designed in minimalism, which allows you to use the technique in any interior. Also, the features should include the presence of even budget models of the Smart TV function. Additional benefits:

  1. Quality sound.
  2. The image is clear.
  3. Integration with Android applications (for example, online TV function).

You need to pay attention to the fact that TVs have another advantage – the lack of frames. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in what is happening on the screen. [caption id="attachment_10187" align="aligncenter" width="685"]
Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installationApplications installed on Xiaomi MI TV[/ caption] Various applications for Xiaomi MI TV allow you to make various adjustments that relate to the image, sound. It is also required to download programs for the Xiaomi TV in order to connect the functions of the TV and the computer. With the help of special programs, you can use the TV as a console to create a high-quality gaming experience. A feature of the TV can be considered the fact that in the settings you can select the extended HDMI mode. This is required, for example, in order to use the TV as a monitor for a computer or to transfer videos or photos from a smartphone directly to the TV. It should be noted that all settings are simple, no special knowledge and skills are required to start using the device in full. You can independently adjust the quality that suits this or that user. Present on Xiaomi TVs and the Patchwall program. This is a special shell, similar to the native interface that Google offers. [caption id="attachment_10183" align="aligncenter" width="776"]
Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installationThe PatchWall launcher is installed on all modern Xiaomi TVs

It offers some interesting details and elements, such as the ability to display a TV signal or start searching for another video source option in a special mode. This is not only an application for watching TV on a Xiaomi TV or for using the device for games and entertainment, but also for making additional settings that improve the quality of the TV itself.

TOP 20 Best Xiaomi TV Apps for 2022

Various programs for Xiaomi TV allow you to expand the capabilities of devices. Most of them are available to users free of charge.

The best paid apps for Xiaomi TVs

  1. Megogo service is the largest online cinema. Designed to watch movies, series, shows and music videos that are uploaded from all over the world. It is suitable for both entertainment and education. Various channels are presented, both local and international. The Megogo Live service also functions. It provides access to music and cultural broadcasts, as well as conferences and various festivals. You can connect the service by subscribing. It is presented in 3 different versions: “Easy” – 197 rubles / month, “Maximum” – 397 rubles / month, “Premium” – 597 rubles / month.Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation
  2. Peers TV is an application for viewing channels (streaming broadcasting). An archive of programs and programs is also presented. The possibility of free viewing of the main channels is presented, as well as a set of various thematic packages (250 rubles per month), you can also connect various options, for example, “TV Cinema”.Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation
  3. Okko Cinema is an application that allows you to enjoy official movie releases. You can choose from various formats. On this platform, downloading the posted content is available. Depending on the chosen type of subscription, the number of films available for viewing and subsequent downloading differs.Okko tv
  4. Wink is an online cinema with paid and free subscription options.Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation
  5. IVI is another online cinema. The catalogs contain many different films, series, programs. The service can only be used by subscription. It is possible to purchase films separately.Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation
  6. Google TV app – here you can buy movies to watch.

The listed programs for Xiaomi Mi TVs are installed very quickly from Google Play and Apple Store, they work without interruption.

The best free programs, widgets and applications

  1. Skype is a well-known program for communication. The functionality for TV does not differ from the mobile version.Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation
  2. Youtube is a video service for watching various videos. There are also various functions and features, for example, creating your own channel.
  3. Viber is a messenger that allows you to exchange instant messages, as well as make calls.
  4. Whatsapp is another messenger designed for communication.
  5. AirScreen is a special software that supports Miracast technology. It makes it possible to duplicate the smartphone display on the TV screen.
  6. CetusPlay is a program that replaces the remote control.
  7. ForkPlayer is a browser that can be installed on a TV to access the Internet. Supports XML and M3U playlists.
  8. SlyNet – the program provides access to free viewing of various TV broadcasts. The application supports more than 800 channels to watch and more than 1000 radio stations.
  9. Lime HD is an application that allows you to view streaming TV channels, terrestrial and cable channels, movies, shows and shows. There is an archive of channels and programs and a schedule of upcoming broadcasts.Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation
  10. Planer TV is an application that contains all the necessary functions for comfortable viewing of programs. You can customize the image and select the type of interface.
  11. X-Plore is a modern, convenient and fast file manager. With it, you can move files, create folders, manage content on your TV, phone or computer.
  12. IPTV is an application that makes it possible to watch any broadcast in the world without the need to connect paid subscriptions.IPTV
  13. Our TV is an application that allows you to view more than 160 different channels.
  14. Lazy IPTV is a player with a simple interface and easy control.LazyIPTV Deluxe

On the official Xiaomi websites or on Google Play, you can download applications for Xiaomi TVs of all models.

Installing Apps on Xiaomi TVs

If the question arises of how to install applications on a Xiaomi TV, then you need to clarify that there are several options for this. You can download the necessary file from the official website or from the Google Play store, and then transfer it to a USB flash drive. After that, insert the USB flash drive into the appropriate slot and then follow the instructions of the program.
Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation
Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installationYou can also use the option to immediately download the application from the store or from the manufacturer’s website. In this case, you can work directly from the browser that is installed on the TV. In general, installing applications on a Xiaomi TV is very fast. In order to start the process, you need to go to the Google Play store, enter the name of the required program in the search bar, go to its page, click on “download”. Then, after the download is complete, make the installation, which takes place in accordance with the algorithm that is displayed on the TV screen.
Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installationSimilarly, you can choose applications in the Android store.
Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation

Installing third-party applications – what are the features, problems and solutions

A feature of installing third-party applications is the fact that not all of them are located in official stores or on sites where each application is checked for performance or at the time of its correct operation.

The main problem, if the file is downloaded from a third-party site, is its performance.

Also, in case of downloading the archive, it is recommended to check it for viruses. After installation, the file may ask for updates. If it is downloaded from the official site – this can be done, but if it is from a third-party site, then it is best to delete it and download it again, but already a suitable version.
Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation

Installing Netflix on Xiaomi

Many Smart TV owners may have a question about how to install Netflix on a Xiaomi TV. In order to start using the service in full, you need to download its file. This can be done on the official website, in the Xiaomi store or in Google Play. As soon as the download process is completed (it only takes a few seconds), the file in the APK version (other formats are not suitable for installation in this case) must be transferred to a USB flash drive or USB drive. Then it must be inserted into the appropriate connector on the TV. On Smart TV, you will then need to go to the “Settings” menu section, then to “Security”. There you will need to activate the installation of unknown sources. After that, you need to wait for the installation process to complete, following the instructions of the program that will be displayed on the screen. Then you need to enter the key, so that you can activate the service and use all the functions of the service. Viewing can be done directly on Mi TV or alternatively use Media Play to view the APK file. To do this, you need to open the APK file and click on the “Install” button and then follow the algorithm.
Applications and programs for Xiaomi MI TV TVs - selection and installation

Wink installation

If the question arises of how to install Wink, then you need to follow an algorithm similar to installing Netflix. The file can be downloaded directly to the device and then installed, transferred to a USB flash drive from a computer and installed according to the algorithm described above. How to install any application on Xiaomi TV, install apk file on Xiaomi P1 Android TV!:

Problems and solution

The main problem may be that the version of the downloaded file will not match the current one. If the program does not start after installation, then you need to update it. It is best to erase it and then download the file with a newer version. In case the program was downloaded from the official website or from Google Play, it is enough just to carry out an automatic update.

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