Free IPTV service and what it is

Free IPTV is an IPTV provider based on open source data transmission technology. The service allows you to watch your favorite TV channels for free online. From the article you will learn what the Free IPTV platform is, which channels it opens access to, and how to subscribe.

What is Free IPTV?

Free IPTV is an IPTV provider that allows its users to watch hundreds of channels for free. To view them, you need to subscribe to the official website of the service. You can use playlists on any device:

  • TVs;
  • computers;
  • laptops;
  • smartphones;
  • tablets;
  • consoles.

The official website of the Free IPTV provider is

IPTV (Interactive Television) is a digital TV technology in the IP data network, which is a new generation television used by digital cable TV operators.

After registering on the Free IPTV website, more than 10 different playlists become available, to view them, use the player installed on the device. The provider also has a paid subscription option – it has a wider list of playlists (and TV channels, respectively), but more on that later.

Differences between free and paid subscriptions Free IPTV

The main differences between the paid and free versions of the channel package from the Free IPTV provider are presented in the table below.

ParametersFree versionPaid version
Technical supportthere isthere is
Channels in HD qualitythere isthere is
Number of channelsmore than 250more than 500
The number of devices that can be connected at the same timeone3
Fast channel switchingnotthere is
Archive availabilitynotthere is
Channel categorizationnotthere is
Email notification to renew your subscriptionnotthere is
No channel duplicatesnotthere is
Absence of non-working channelsnotthere is
Monthly subscription cost0 rubles50 rubles (there is a free trial period – 5 days)

List of available Free IPTV channels

An incomplete list of TV channels included in both free and paid playlists of the Free IPTV provider can be found in the table below.

Channel nameChannel nameChannel nameChannel nameChannel name
First channelOur Film Screening HDRussia 1Match TBPeace
InRating TV HDOur cool HDLa Minor4ever Music HDHTB
Fifth channelBlockbuster HDRussia CultureCarouselHTB Style
First Musical BYAction HDFilmUA DramaTVCTime
OTPCinema Horror HDStar Cinema HDPEH TBCrimea 24
Native cinemaBCU SWATS HDRomantic HDRTViPepper
Spas TBKinogem 1 HDFridayStarRain
SaturdayHit HDTHTMuz-TBEducation
Crimea 1Soviet cinemaWorld 24MilletPoint TB
CheAMEDIA Premium HDMoscow-24First CrimeanOur Male HD
ChildOur favorite HDRussian illusionIllusion +RBK-TB
Zoo ParkVictoryEurocinoAuto 24Ctc love
RetroOur new moviePsychology 21Hunting and fishingMoscow Trust
PetsMale cinemaHealthy TBManor TBTV channel Zvezda
Questions and answersMosfilm. Golden CollectionDriveMy planetYu TB
Science 2.0Russian comedyRussian novelRussian bestsellerEurope Plus TB
SundressIndian filmCountryCinema TBMezzo HD
AniBCU Fantastic HDComedyRussian detectiveYurgan
Moscow region 360Paramount comedy hdAmusement parkCartoonUHD 4K Cinema
MumThe world of the seriesTechno 24Real scary tvUHD 4k series
DocUltra HD Cinema 4kInter +Eurosport 1Filmbox arthouse

Also in the playlists from Free IPTV there are 18+ sources. For example, such erotic channels as:

  • Russian night;
  • Naughty HD;
  • O-la-la;
  • Exxxotica HD;
  • Babes TV HD.

Subscription Free IPTV

In order to use the Free IPTV service, you need to subscribe – the condition concerns the use of both paid and free versions. To do this, follow this link – and do the following:

  1. Start filling out the 1st step of the order, specifying in the fields your invented username and password (you can generate it on the website), your real email address and your country of residence. After that, tick the box “I have read the terms of use, I undertake to comply.”Fill in the order
  2. Complete the filling of the 1st step of the order by checking the box “I am not a robot” and completing the captcha, if any. Then select a tariff plan – free or paid (you can additionally familiarize yourself with the terms of each by clicking on the “i” icon next to the tariffs). Click the Next button.Tariff plan
  3. At the 2nd step, confirm the subscription by clicking the “Next” button. Or go back if you want to change the selected tariff or change the completed personal data.Subscribe
  4. At the 3rd step, double-check the information about the purchased product: the name of the service and the amount to be paid. If everything is correct, click “Order”. Also, here you can leave a “Comment” in the “Additional” column – for example, ask any question of interest about the work of the service.Comment
  5. Confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the message that will come to the specified e-mail. check in
  6. After clicking on the link, a page with information about the connected tariff will open, click on it the “Server data” button (located to the right of the data on the placed order). Here, in the future, you can renew your subscription by ticking the line with the tariff and clicking the orange “Renew” button at the bottom of the page.Renew
  7. Download the desired playlist from the list, or several. All that remains is to insert the link into your player and enjoy watching TV channels.Service

You can use any player, for example – VLC Media Player, Perfect Player, IP-TV Player, OTT Player, Kodi, etc. They are all free. To download, enter the name of the player in the search box and go to its official website. There will be a link to download to your device. By clicking the “Manage order” button (under “Server data”), you can change the password for your account, see the additional services connected to your account, and change the current tariff plan.

If you have any problems with the registration or operation of the application, contact the service support service by clicking on this link –

Free TV IPTV plugin and its features

There is a Free TV plugin from the Dune HD media player that allows you to watch broadcasts and archives of popular TV channels. It is not an official app. Services on it are provided free of charge. You can download the plugin at the link – Key features of Free TV plugin:

  • functions without codecs (devices / programs for converting data or signals);
  • can be used on all devices;
  • updated automatically;
  • tested on firmware from b9;
  • there is an EPG;
  • there are archives and a media library.

The plugin does not support custom playlists, only built-in ones.

The content of the channel list and the archive availability depend on different EPG sources. The plugin has two of them – Peers.TV and VseTV. In some regions, a program correction is required for correct EPG display – in the main plugin menu, click “Settings”. It is enough to configure the following parameters:

  • “First Channel HD” – VseTV ,;
  • “Amedia Premium HD” – Peers.TV.

At the first launch of the plug-in, 20 main federal channels will already be in the Favorites folder.

Service reviews

Dmitry Karavaev, 23 years old, Abakan. I use playlists on my computer, put the OTT Player in the player, everything goes fine. Channels in HD sometimes hang, but not critical. First I signed up for a free subscription, then I decided to switch to a paid one – it works more stable, but in fact you need to pay a penny.
Alena Ostapenko, 35 years old, Kursk. It was alarming at first that you need to register to receive playlists, but then I took a chance. An email was sent with a link to confirm the account, and it was sent directly to the page with playlists. Everything works fine, no more emails from the site have been received.
Kirill Yudintsev, 31 years old, Norilsk.Good playlists, you can safely use the free version – 200 with something channels are available. In paid, of course, there are more of them, but for those who do not spend 24 hours a day watching TV, two hundred are enough. Thanks to the Free IPTV service, you can watch popular IP TV for free, or for a nominal fee – 50 rubles / month. The choice is only up to the user. The free package includes more than 250 channels, which will be enough for most TV viewers. To access playlists from the Free IPTV provider, you need to fill out the form on the official website.

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