What is GetSee: interface and functionality

GetSee TV is a free multimedia service that can be used across multiple devices. The application is used to view and download movies from the Internet, music, clips, audiobooks, games, magazines and other multimedia content. The program allows you to watch / listen to content anywhere.

What is GetSee?

GetSee service was developed as an alternative to the famous Futuron.tv. This is a special program with which you can watch videos over the Internet.
GetSeeGetSee acts as a torrent client through a secure P2P protocol, bypassing the blocking of multimedia on the Internet. GetSee.tv multimedia service can work on your phone, tablet, computer, set-top box or TV. Supports systems such as Windows, Mac, Android. The movie catalog of the GetSee service is regularly updated and supplemented with new ones:

  • films;
  • serials;
  • cartoons;
  • music;
  • audiobooks;
  • e-books and magazines.

The program works on the principles of MediaGet and Zona applications, but has many unique advantages and capabilities. For example, GetSee can be installed without downloading other software (software) and use the program without intrusive ads in the interface.

Basic information about the application is presented in the table below:

Newest version2.7.25 from 28.03.2021
DeveloperGetSee TV
Supported systemsWindows (from 7 version) / Mac / Android
Categorytorrent clients
Program languageRussian, English and others
The costis free

With the help of the application, everyone gets access to a huge database containing unique films, TV series, cartoons and other materials. To start using the application, you just need to download it and install it on a device supported by the program.

Pros and cons of the app

The application has few drawbacks. These include not very stable work on Windows 10 version and the fact that movies sometimes come across below the declared quality. There are many more advantages:

  • the application “from” to “to” is free;
  • registration is not required, entering any personal data;
  • large content base – a huge selection of songs, cartoons and movies;
  • minimum advertising or its complete absence;
  • there is DLNA support;
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • the ability to choose the level of video quality;
  • convenient search and filtering of materials (by type, genre, name and year of release);
  • you can subscribe to your favorite series, and the system will notify you about the release of each new series;
  • online audio / video playback;
  • built-in download manager.


You can use the GetSee application for free on any gadget and anywhere in the world. Everywhere and for everyone, the program’s capabilities are the same. This application allows you to:

  • watch movies and other content in various quality (DVD, HD, FulllHD, 4K);
  • watch films and TV shows in the translation that you like the most (LostFilm, Amedia, ColdFilm, etc.);
  • download games to PC;
  • listen to songs of your favorite artists in high quality;
  • continue watching the series from the episode where the user stopped (the system remembers this automatically);
  • add content you like to favorites;
  • find and listen to audiobooks in excellent quality;
  • read books and magazines;
  • download all the listed content to your device and have constant access to it.

To enjoy your favorite content, watch blockbusters and listen to high-quality music, download GetSee on your device, and then install it like a regular application, without ads and registration.

How do I install the app?

The GetSee installation process depends on the device you are downloading the application to. It is better to take the installation links on the main page of the official website – https://GetSee.tv/, since the latest and improved versions of the application are always presented there.

The program can also be downloaded via Torrent, but it makes no sense, since the application is already free. And this method cannot be called legal.

To the TV

You can install the GetSee widget on your TV using the official store of your brand. For example, for LG it is the LG Apps TV service, for Philips – AppGallery, and for Samsung – TB Samsung Apps. This installation is no different from downloading other applications. Follow the usual algorithm:

  1. Go to the Smart TV menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control – “SmartHUB” (usually it is red).
  2. Type in the name of the GetSee widget in the search bar and activate the search. Select a widget
  3. When the desired application is found, select it and click “Download” / “Download”. Then follow the prompts of the system.Loading

When the installation is complete, exit the store and find the downloaded widget in your bookmarks. The second option is to install from a USB flash drive. This requires more time and some preparatory manipulation. Suitable if the application could not be installed in the classical way. The algorithm of action in this case:

  1. Format the USB flash drive to FAT32 format. It is convenient to do this in a special program, which can be downloaded from the link – https://fat32-format.en.softonic.com/.
  2. Insert the USB flash drive into the PC slot and indicate its designation in the program. Click “Start” to start the operation.Start
  3. Create a directory “userwidget”. Widgets will be placed here for later installation on the TV.Directory
  4. Insert the flash drive into the slot of the TV (some models turn off beforehand).

Further, the TV independently determines the widget available on the flash drive and installs it. Upon completion, the screen will display the message “package is done”. After that, the widget will be on the home page, and you can use it. There is also a third installation option – via an IP address. It is suitable for Samsung TV “E” series. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Press the red “SmartHUB” button on the remote control and then the “A” button.
  2. An account will open. Hammer in the top line the word “develop”. You do not need to enter a password. It is detected automatically.
  3. Click “Login”. entrance
  4. Press the “Tools” button on the remote. This will take you to the “Service” section. In the settings that will open, select the “Development” item.
  5. Click on the “IP-address” sub-item and enter the required IP in the empty field –
  6. Refresh the list of programs by clicking the “Synchronize Applications” button in the “Development” section. Synchronization

After the end of the process, restart Smart TV – log out and log in again.


Installation on all computers running Windows operating system (OS), regardless of version, looks the same. Only the interface itself changes. It is recommended to install the application as an administrator. Installation instructions:

  1. Download the installation file of the program on the official website. Download
  2. When the file is fully loaded (this is displayed on the line at the bottom of the browser), click on it. File
  3. Click “Run” in the pop-up window. Run
  4. Next, the installation begins. Wait for it to finish and click on the “Finish” or “Finish installation” button.

The current version for PC can be downloaded from the links:

  • for Windows OS – https://soft-file.ru/golink/https://GetSee.tv/?utm_source=site_softfile;
  • for MAC OS – https://soft-file.ru/golink/http://cache.GetSee.tv:8099/uploads/setup/GetSee.dmg.

To play movies and TV series in normal online mode without downloading, install the VLC player or MX Player. This is required if for some reason you want to download an older version of GetSee. When you download the last, the player is installed automatically.

Do not be alarmed if a message about unrecognized software is displayed on your computer during the installation process. You can safely ignore it.

On the phone

Installing the GetSee program is possible only on phones and tablets with Android OS. To download, you can use the official Play Market store or the link on the official website of the developer. Download the current version for a mobile device here – https://soft-file.ru/golink/https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.GetSee.tv.

The download proceeds in the same way as any other application on an Android phone. If you decide to use the second option, in the settings, activate the ability to install programs from unknown sources.

Interface: how to use the program?

The interface is simple, intuitive and beautiful. The structure of the graphical shell is well thought out and does not cause unnecessary problems during use.

Each part of the application screen has a hierarchical structure, and a gallery with hot news that is relevant at the moment is added at the top.

Application interface on the computer:
InterfaceApplication interface on the phone:
On the phoneAfter launching the application, the main page opens, containing the catalog of available content. The first available part is called “GetSee”. These are the latest films, cartoons, music and books.
SortingTo find what you need, go to one of the sections on the left side of the interface. For example, “Kino”. You will see a complete list of all available films. At the top, you can sort the list by different categories: genre, country, and release year.
MovieSelect the movie you like and click on it. Opening the card, you can see a detailed description and trailers, ratings, video duration, brief information about the actors playing in this movie, the directors who shot it, and user reviews.

You can also add a movie to your favorites or subscribe to notifications.

FavoritesThere is an online player in the “Watch” section. Here you can play movies, music, TV shows or audiobooks. After pressing the button, buffering begins, similar to preloading a movie. The time it takes to complete this process depends on the speed of your internet connection.
TimeIn the “Download” section, you can download various multimedia files to your device. To do this, use the bootloader built into the GetSee program. No separate applications required.
DownloadIn the “Settings” section (bottom left) you can set your personal parameters:

  • automatic launch of GetSee and the Windows operating system;
  • starting upnp server;
  • scaling the interface (in percent);
  • enable or disable hardware acceleration;
  • selection of a player for playing media files.

SettingsIn addition, in the software settings, you can set download and upload restrictions. This is a useful feature for users with low connection speeds and limited internet.
ConnectionIn the “Downloads” section (in the same place at the bottom left), you can select a folder to save the file. Next comes a window with notification settings for each available multimedia section (movies, music, books, magazines, games, audiobooks). They can be enabled or disabled.

GetSee cost

The program is free, and you don’t need to pay anything to watch movies. All of them are freely available. The app has a premium account. Its cost is 89 rubles per month or 599 rubles per year (with a one-time payment). With the connection of a premium account, ads completely disappear from the application (already few in number). This is his whole function.

Possible operational problems

Errors occur in any program. GetSee doesn’t have many potential problems, but it does. Any questions about the application can be asked on the forum – https://w3bsit3-dns.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=841723.

The program is blocked by antivirus

A similar problem occurs if you use Doctor Web antivirus. The platform put the GetSee application on the list of unreliable without any explanation and does not contact the developers. There are two ways out:

  • add the application to the antivirus exclusion list;
  • change the anti-virus program to any other (for example, Kaspersky or Eset).

Freezes when rewinding

The point is most likely the speed of the Internet. You can check it on special sites – just type in “Internet speed check” in the search bar, and you will see a lot of services with such functionality. Use one of them. If the mobile internet speed is good, it could be an outdated version of the app. Please update it. If the speed is slow, try connecting to a wireless network. If you are already watching through it, disconnect all other devices from the network and restart the movie. Other problems, which are most often caused by slow Internet or an outdated version of the program:

  • the movie is not downloaded (there is a “wait” notification, or nothing happens);
  • the application does not start at all (endless update or just a dark screen).

GetSee is not updating

If the application cannot be updated, it is possible that a newer version of the one on the device has not been released yet. The second option is that the operating system of your device is too outdated and no longer supported by new versions of the GetSee application.


There are applications similar in functionality. The most popular ones are:

  • ComboPlayer. A program with the ability to play .torrent files while downloading. Designed for watching online TV and listening to the radio. There is its own base of channels / stations in the public domain.
  • Eye.TV A program for viewing online television. With it, you can listen to radio stations and play videos from various webcams around the world.
  • MEGOGO.NET. One of the largest online services for watching movies, cartoons, TV series and shows. You can watch content in high quality from any PC, mobile device or smart TV. There are movies available for free and those that require a subscription.
  • ZONA. Torrent client using magnet links. It not only allows you to download the files you want, but also watch online movies and TV shows in high quality. You can also listen and download music on the Vkontakte social network and watch sports broadcasts.

There are other applications:

  • VLC media player;
  • TV Player Classic;
  • MediaGet;
  • SopCast;
  • Crystal TV;
  • RusTV Player and many others.


Olga Mikheeva, St. Petersburg, 26 years old. GetSee is great! I was deeply impressed with how the subscription service works. I’m talking about the notification of the release of a new series. It’s really cool and convenient. I found a new series, looked at everything, put a tick and I am sure that I will not miss anything!
Mikhail, Yugo-Kamsk, 34 years old. List of toys – fire! There are both fresh and old-fashioned, which you will not find on the network at all. Everything is cool and simple. No need to bother with Torrenting. Clicked, downloaded and installed in a couple of clicks. The main thing is a normal Internet, and more.
Anna Moskvina, Sevastopol, 41 years old.Insanely handy app. I pumped up my books for the year ahead. But worthwhile works are not so easy to find in the public domain. I rarely watch films, but, it seems, everything is also in order. The quality is excellent, does not freeze. GetSee TV is a great application, easy to understand, where you can easily find any material you want. The possibility of free use, notification of new episodes, the presence of a large number of available translations – all this makes this service one of the best Russian-language platforms on the Internet.

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