KinogoM app and its capabilities

KinogoM is an online movie theater. Such platforms have become popular, since it is far from always possible to find time to go to the cinema for the premiere of a new film, and you can watch it on KinogoM and similar sites without waiting for the official screening on TB. Here you can also enjoy good old movies.

What is KinogoM? App Description

KinogoM is a free online platform where you can watch a variety of video content on your Android devices. The service will definitely appeal to movie lovers and those who tirelessly follow the release of new products in the film industry.
KinogoM appIn the online cinema KinogoM, you can watch movies online and without any restrictions. Registration, SMS confirmation, etc. are not required. The main characteristics and system requirements of the KinogoM application are presented in the table:

Parameter nameDescription
DeveloperNick Gurezkiy.
Interface languageRussian.
Supported devices and OSSmartphones and TVs with Android version from 6.0.

In the online cinema KinogoM you have access to the best collection of films of various genres, namely:

  • novelties of domestic and world cinema, which are still shown in cinemas;
  • favorite films from different countries and years of release;
  • cartoons for children of different ages.

KinogoM features and interface

The KinogoM app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. There are many useful features out there.

Movie categories

“Biographies”, “Action”, “Comedy”, “Detectives”, “Military”, “Dramas”, “Cartoons” and other selections of films can be found on the KinogoM service. They are visible immediately upon entering the application – on the main screen. Click on the desired category and choose a movie from your favorite genre. Main page:
Home pageThere is also a selection of “Top Popular”. This is the video content that is currently the most popular among KinogoM users.

Convenient search

If you know the exact title of the movie, or at least part of it, use the search box. To open it, just click on the magnifying glass next to the platform name at the top of the main page (on a black plate). Start typing a phrase, and the service will instantly offer several suitable options for your request. Search in the app:


The service will suggest movies that you might like. The list is compiled based on the content previously viewed by the user. The “Recommended” section is at the top of the home page. KinogoM also has a cool feature for choosing a random movie – for those who can’t decide what to watch today. You just need to press the “Rotate” button and the choice dilemma is solved. To open the “What to see?” Section, scroll to the very bottom of the main page. The section looks like this:
What to see

Grouping TV shows by seasons

Thanks to the presence of such a grouping, it is very convenient to find the required series and navigate in their chronology. This is how the series card looks like:

When you enter the card of a series that you have already started watching, the system will offer to continue watching from the episode you stopped on last time.

An example of the KinogoM interface on a TV:
CategoryDetailed video review of the application:

Pros and cons of the app

The disadvantages of the KinogoM service include the lack of FullHD quality and higher. For special connoisseurs, it will not work. The lack of:

  • search using filters – you can search only by the name of the movie;
  • section “Favorites” on older versions;
  • automatic transition to the next issue / episode of the watched series – this has to be done manually.

The service has much more advantages:

  • a huge cinema library, which includes favorite hits and novelties of cinema, cartoons for every taste (over 24,000 video files);
  • quite decent HD quality of the available content;
  • the ability to download any movie to your device for further use;
  • there is a built-in player that remembers the time at which the episode was stopped;
  • the ability to independently choose the option of dubbing the film (voice acting), its size and quality;
  • there are all the popular TV shows, from “Santa Barbara” to “The Big Bang Theory”;
  • there is an adjustment of the sound level and brightness;
  • the presence of browsing history and a separate subsection “I’m watching”.

The KinogoM application on TB consoles can be controlled using a remote control.

Free download and installation of KinogoM

Direct links for downloading the KinogoM program on Android devices and its subsequent installation.

To Android phone

Direct link for downloading KinogoM to a phone with Android OS – Installing apk files on your phone:

On Android TV

Direct link to download KinogoM on Android TV – How to install apk files on a TB set-top box via the cloud (for example, Yandex.Disk):
It is possible to download old versions of the KinogoM program:

  • Version V1.16. Development from 07/09/2020. Direct download link –
  • Version V1.26. Development from 09/16/2020. Direct download link –
  • Version V1.32. Development from 09/24/2020. Direct download link –
  • Version V1.34. Development from 09/28/2020. Direct download link –
  • Version V1.36. Development from 09/29/2020. Direct download link –;
  • Version V1.42. Development from 07.10. Direct download link –;
  • Version V1.48. Development from 10/15/2020. Direct download link –;
  • Version V1.50. Development from 05.11. Direct download link –;
  • Version V1.52. Development from 10.11. Direct download link –

It is recommended to try to download old versions of the program only as a last resort – if for some reason it is not possible to install a fresh one. Since with each update, the developer has modernized the application and removed the flaws in its work, which remained unchanged in previous versions.

Possible problems with the service

Any program from time to time has malfunctions and malfunctions in operation or during installation. At KinogoM, two are most common:

  • The application is not installed. Usually the problem is that the user has previously installed the program on his Android device and is trying to do it again. To solve the problem, you need to remove the old version of the application from the phone or TB.
  • Black screen appearing instead of ads. To solve the problem, fill out the form located about the link –

If you have any problems or questions, you can write to the e-mail address –

Analogs of the KinogoM application

There are many online cinemas now, you can find for every taste and color. They differ among themselves by the amount of content, functionality and the availability of paid services. The most popular analogues of KinogoM:

  • KinoPoisk. A cinema platform where you can watch films with a purchased subscription. Among the features – the presence of a “child profile” (you can not be afraid that the child will wander into the wrong content), the choice of playback speed, paid access to Yandex.Music.
  • emovi. Free application with low OS requirements – available from the 5th version of Android. Features – emoticons reflect the emotions that you can experience while watching a movie, you can rate, mark viewed pictures, and also hide uninteresting ones from “Recommendations”.
  • ivi. The largest paid online cinema in Russia. It has over 75 thousand pieces of content. Features – one subscription can be used on several devices, there is a separate application for children – ivi kids (with exclusively children’s content).
  • MEGOGO. There are more than 200 popular TV channels, a large collection of films, TV series, shows, cartoons, as well as audiobooks and podcasts. A certain, not very large, part of the content can be watched for free, the rest – by subscription.

Other similar applications include Kinorium, Plex, IMDb and others.

User reviews about KinogoM

Yulia Gulyaeva, 32 years old, Moscow. Cool app, lots of movies available. At times, there is not enough filtering of the search by genre, etc., but the program is free and it would be foolish to complain about it. Moreover, there are many selections of films in the same genres.

Stanislav Odintsov, 26 years old, Novokuznetsk. I love the random movie selection feature. The program randomly selects a movie from your recommendations – very cool!

KinogoM is films for the whole family without registration, subscriptions and spending money. You can watch online over 20 thousand films, TV series and cartoons in good HD quality. KinogoM is for you if your evening is not complete without watching a movie.

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