Functionality of the Kinotrend application and its download

The KinoTrend app is a high quality viewing of the latest and most popular movies on Android devices. The service works using torrent technology. From the article you will learn about the main features and features of this platform, and you can also download one of the versions of the program using a secure link.

What is KinoTrend?

KinoTrend is a free online torrent movie viewing and downloading application for Android TV and media consoles. A key feature of the application is the ability to watch all the freshest and first-class new films in the world in the best quality.
KinotrendIt is important to understand that the KinoTrend application does not belong to online content providers, does not contain pirated films, but is only a cataloguer. All links to KinoTrend are taken from publicly available open source resources, so the service does not bear any responsibility for their content. The main characteristics and system requirements of the application are presented in the table:

Parameter nameDescription
DevelopersTw1cker, YouROK85, tsynik, Belkunt.
Device and OS requirementsDevices with Android OS version 5.0. and higher.
Interface languageThe app is multilingual. There are Russian, Ukrainian and others.
Root requirementAbsent.

Features of the KinoTrend app:

  • complete free of charge and no advertising;
  • a large selection of films;
  • the ability to view a movie trailer – just click on the poster;
  • the freshest and most popular content is available in high quality FHD and UHD (4K);
  • fully optimized for remote control – when used on TV;
  • movie ratings system taken from KinoPoisk and IDMb sites;
  • duplicated translations;
  • there is an autoplay of films – one click (without selecting the torrent file itself);
  • you can customize the application for the resolution of the TV screen;
  • the presence of kodi;
  • convenient content sorting using filters.

Functionality and interface

The application has a convenient user interface in pleasant colors, it has text and voice search. There are few settings – just everything you need, so it’s not difficult to deal with them too. At the stage of the first launch of the KinoTrend application, you can select from the list the device on which it will be used. It can be a smartphone, tablet, set-top box or TV with Android TV. Then the program adapts the interface for touch or remote control.

The main page contains a catalog of the most popular films for today.

Application functionalityIf you click on the wheel in the upper left corner, the settings will open. In them, you can activate the “Torrents on click” function (the page for selecting the downloaded file will immediately open), autoselecting a torrent (if there is one file in the list, its download will start automatically), and others.
Click torrents

In the “Settings” information about the application and its version installed on the device is available.

All content can be sorted by genre, country of origin, playback quality and rating. Each movie has its own card – to open it, just click on the poster. Here is a short description, as well as the actors who played in the picture and the director who directed it.
Sort moviesTo download a movie, click “Torrent” in the card, and then select one of the provided files. On the right is the size of each video.
Torrent in cardVideo review detailing the functionality, setting up and using the application:

Free download the KinoTrend app with apk file

KinoTrend is not an online cinema or video player. To watch torrent files using it, you need to install additional software. It is recommended to use TorrServe or Ace Stream Media. Without these programs, the KinoTrend service will not start. The application itself can only be downloaded via an apk file. There is no program in the official Android application store – Google Play Store.

Latest version of KinoTrend

The most recent version of the KinoTrend application at the moment is v. 2.0.5. It fixes minor bugs that previous versions sin. Direct download link –

Previous Versions

You can also download previous versions of the KinoTrend application, if necessary. For example, the latest version is not installed on the device for some reason. Older versions available for download:

  • KinoTrend 2.0.4. Size – 4.4 MB. Direct download link –
  • KinoTrend 1.4.124. The size is 3.9 MB. Link for direct download –
  • KinoTrend 1.3.121. The size is 3.9 MB. Link for direct download –
  • KinoTrend 1.3.114. The size is 3.9 MB. Link for direct download –
  • KinoTrend 1.2.106. The size is 3.9 MB. Link for direct download –

The links are suitable for installation on all Android devices – phones, tablets, TVs, set-top boxes. And also on computers with the Windows operating system from version 7 (if you first download a special installer).

What to do when the app doesn’t work?

If a connection error occurred in the KinoTrend application, a notification appeared that “No suitable application was found”, etc., first of all, check the stability of the Internet. It is easy to do this – connect to another network, and if the service is restored, then the problem was in the access point. Insufficient free memory on the device or outdated firmware version can also cause malfunctions. Solutions – cleaning the memory (for example, deleting the cache) and updating the OS accordingly. If you encounter these or any problems with the application, or just have any questions about its functioning, you can contact the official forum – There developer and power users are in charge.

Application analogs

The application has few direct analogues, since torrenting is not entirely legal, and services of this kind are often blocked. But there are still similar applications:

  • Deezer. Free and super popular service for listening to music. With it you will have unlimited access to music on your Android TV / Media Box, and you can turn your TV into a powerful jukebox. There is a large selection of music, top-end novelties and convenient controls.
  • NUM. A popular free application for finding video content on torrent trackers Rutor, TorLook and MegaPeer. Using it on your Android TV, you can search for torrents and also watch the selected content in the best quality. The platform is only available for Android TV 5+.
  • arkTube. An advanced YouTube video and audio downloader. Open source and optimized for fast loading without loss of quality. You can download content in 1080p, 1440p, 4K and 8K quality by pausing the download and then continuing the process from the same place.
  • YouTube Vanced. This app allows you to watch YouTube videos without ads or subscriptions. The platform can be installed next to the official application without uninstalling it. You can log into your account and use all the information it contains.

User reviews

Constantine, 26 years old. Cool application. Convenient search, downloads in a couple of clicks. New movies appear very quickly, you do not need to spend several hours searching through pirated sites in the hope of finding a worthwhile quality. And it is much more convenient than using a regular torrent.
Mikhail, 31 years old.I used to use another similar application, but it was blocked because of something. I went in search of an analogue. I had to go through a lot of things before I found this service. I use it for a couple of months until everything suits me. There is really no advertising, downloads in good quality. With the KinoTrend app, you can enjoy the highest quality movies that have been released in the last couple of months. Download the program to your device using one of the apk-links, install it like any other apk-application, and you can start using all the functions.

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