LazyMedia Deluxe app features and downloads

LazyMedia Deluxe is an application that allows you to watch all your desired movies or TV series for free online or by downloading them to your Android device. From this article, you will learn in detail about using and configuring the program, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as where you can download the application.

What is LazyMedia Deluxe?

LazyMedia Deluxe is a unique application with its own engine and cinema set for TVs, boxes, phones and other Android devices. This program allows you to enjoy various movies and TV shows. LazyMedia Deluxe also has a paid version, which we’ll talk about in more detail below.
LazyMedia DeluxeThe program is constantly evolving and adding new features and tools to its functionality, it becomes more convenient. Playlists are not required for her, she takes content from open services:

  • Bazon;
  • Filmix;
  • HDRezka;
  • KinoHD;
  • BigFilm;
  • Kino-Live etc.

The main features of the LazyMedia Deluxe application and its system requirements are presented in the table.

Parameter nameDescription
The developerLazyCat Software.
Category / genreEntertainment.
Interface languageThe application is multilingual. There are Russian, Ukrainian and English.
Suitable devices and OSUse Android OS version 4.2 and higher.
Root requirementNot.
Home page / official site

Capabilities and features of the application:

  • large base of video content;
  • viewing content online and downloading it to the device’s memory for further viewing without connecting to the network;
  • the presence of several dark and light themes to choose from;
  • there is a search for torrents with filters and sorting by different parameters;
  • support for mirrors and trackers of an online service with alternative access;
  • there is an internal player, saving and retrieving locations for automatic viewing and transition to the next episode / part.

The app is a public domain search engine. The program does not have its own server or content – all videos are taken from third-party sources. Therefore, if some content is not available or is running slowly, the original source is the cause.

Advantages and disadvantages

The service has a lot of advantages. We will list only the most important ones:

  • full adaptation for Android TV, including support for remote control from the remote control;
  • works quickly even on weak devices with a low OS version;
  • many independent resources are used – if one of the sources is suddenly blocked, the service will simply switch to another;
  • there are many filters for the convenience and speed of the search, including by rating;
  • there is an internal launcher (bootloader) – if you do not like the interface of your TV-box, this application can replace it (if everything suits you, you can simply not enable the function);
  • under each film / series there are reviews collected from different sites;
  • viewing files from Torrent;
  • wide range of settings;
  • synchronization – you can start watching a movie / series on one device and continue on another;
  • the presence of not only print, but also voice search.

The program has only one major drawback – to watch torrent content, you need to install an external player, we recommend “Ace Stream Media”. For some users, the disadvantage is a slightly outdated design and the fact that the purchase of all functions requires payment of the PRO version.

PRO version and its differences

To connect the improved version, you need to donate to the developer. This can be done by contacting him on the official website of the program or on the forum, as well as through the application itself. PRO version activation costs 200 rubles and is done once. You won’t have to pay anything more. There are few differences in the PRO version of the application:

  • absolute absence of advertising;
  • the ability to open torrent files larger than 1.3 GB (relevant when used on TV);
  • the ability to watch online videos in 1080p and more.

The process of activating the PRO version through the application:

  1. Open the “Settings” item inside the program.
  2. Go to the “Service” section and then click on the “Pro Version” item. Service
  3. First, take a look at the list of available accounts that you can use to activate (they are marked as recommended). If you have multiple devices with the same profile, the activation code will apply to all devices using that profile.Activation
  4. Select a donation method to the developer on this page – Yu-Money, Visa, QIWI, etc.). Donation method
  5. When making a payment, enter your account or email address, they will receive an activation code within 24 hours. If you did not receive a message with a code, or if you want to speed up the process, please send your activation information and payment details to
  6. Enter the received activation code. Activation code
  7. Click the Apply button. If everything is done correctly, a notification should appear that the PRO version is activated.Apply

Save the activation code for reuse on other devices (the number of devices is not limited) or to enter it after reinstalling the application.

If for some reason your device does not have a google / amazon / xiaomi account, you can use the AndroidID, which is always the last item on the list. But when registering this identifier, the activation code is applied only to the device that received it.

Functionality and interface

The application has a pleasant appearance, logical and intuitive interface. The home page has settings, browsing history, and favorites. What follows is a list of servers you can visit to watch movies – content lists will appear when you open.
Application interfaceThe application contains:

  • search by name;
  • sorting by genre / category;
  • the ability to choose the interface and its color;
  • setting the base URL of the service;
  • selection of torrents and sites from which information will be transmitted;
  • alternative access to services (proxy);
  • the ability to clear the cache;
  • screen density adjustment – allows you to reduce / increase the size of the entire program interface;
  • adding mirrors.

If you go to the personal page of the movie, then there will be its description, videos and torrents available for viewing and downloading. If we are talking about the series, then in the “Video” section there is a breakdown by seasons.
Movie descriptionDownloading moviesTV series seasonsIn the program, you can select the service in the library of which you want to select content. When you switch to it, you will have access to a list of films / series with the ability to search and filter.
TV seriesFilmsVideo about the features of the application:

Registration is not required when using the application for free. In other cases, it coincides with the synchronization process (described in detail below).

We also offer a separate video tutorial for working with torrent files:

Internal player

Since version 3.01 LazyMedia Deluxe has its own internal player. Its name is LazyPlayer (Exo). You can always set it as your default player. For this:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to “Player Settings”.
  3. Select “LazyPlayer (Exo)” under “Internal Video Player”. Internal video player

The external player is installed in the same way, only the player is selected from the appropriate section (under “Internal”).

The built-in player allows you to:

  • switch episodes in the series if desired;
  • choose a sound track (voice acting);
  • memorize and retrieve the viewing position in the movie / TV series, as well as synchronize this data;
  • choose the level of picture quality;
  • enable / disable subtitles;
  • automatically skip to the next episode in the series;
  • change aspects;
  • receive information about the viewed content.

The interface of a stationary player on mobile devices and TV is practically the same.
Stationary player interface

New settings system

Starting with version 2.74, LazyMedia Deluxe has a new and improved configuration system for working with services. The structure of the startup system remains the same, but some points have changed. For example, an alternative access has been added. If the provider blocks access directly, a new feature allows you to allow access to the service through a proxy server. It is recommended to enable it only when the service is actually blocked, as this will significantly slow down the application. The parameter can be used optionally (not for all services). Also, the settings system has changed for working with trackers. These parameters can be found in the “Torrent Settings” section. What has changed:

  • each tracker is a separate element that has an indication of the current activity and status;
  • it is possible to reset the tracker settings to their original state – when you reset this parameter, the URLs of all trackers are set to “Optimal”, and alternative access is disabled.

Setting up a torrent

Service address change function

Since version 0.33, the program has added the function of self-installation by the user of the base address of the service. Now, when services of such programs are increasingly blocked, this function can make life much easier. If your provider no longer offers the service you like, there are only 3 ways out:

  • use a VPN;
  • change provider;
  • find a working mirror.

The new option helps to implement the latter option. If you find a mirror, then to use it, you just need to enter a new URL in the program, and you can continue to enjoy watching. Video instruction for adding:

Cinema settings

Immediately after installation, you can launch the program and start watching the video, but the application has a wide list of settings that will help you customize the program for yourself. At the first start, you must select the device that is used for viewing – touch or controlled by the remote control. Then in the settings you can change this parameter.
Select modeTo change the color of the interface:

  1. Go to the “All Settings” section.
  2. Click on “Interface Settings”. Interface settings
  3. Select “Theme customization” and click on the option that is more attractive to you. Theme customization

In the same “Interface Settings” you can change the touch mode to remote and vice versa, enable voice search, change the language.

To set up sync, do the following:

  1. Open All Settings.
  2. Click on the “Synchronization” section.
  3. Select a Google account from the suggested ones or add a new one. Select Google Account
  4. Click on “Sync Access” and then click on “Start Synchronization” / “Run …”. Synchronization access
  5. Follow the same steps on the second device.

Full video review for use and configuration:

Download LazyMedia Deluxe app mod

LаzyMedia Deluxe application can be downloaded only via apk-file. In the official Google Play Store, it is not, was not, and is not expected. The installation files below can be downloaded on all Android devices, as well as on Windows 7-10 PCs (if there is an appropriate program on the PC), LG and Samsung Smart TVs. But on iPhone and other devices with iOS OS, the program cannot be installed.

Instead of starting the installation, a message may appear that the link has potentially dangerous content. Fear not, this is how antivirus sometimes reacts to applications from unknown sources. Just disable the protection service during installation.

Latest apk version

You can download the latest version of the program (v3.172) from the link – You can also download the PRO version:

  • LazyMedia Deluxe Pro v3.171. File size – 6.46 MB. Direct download link –
  • LazyMedia Deluxe Pro v3.168. File size – 6.65 MB. Download link –
  • LazyMedia Deluxe Pro v3.168. File size – 6.65 MB. Download link –

It is better to buy the PRO version of the program, and not download its free mod, since it will not be updated and in case of failure everything will stop working.

Previous apk versions

You can also download previous versions of the application. But it is recommended to do this as a last resort – when, for some reason, a new variation is not installed. What past versions can be downloaded:

  • LаzyMedia Deluxe v3.171. File size – 6.65 Mb. Direct download link –
  • LаzyMedia Deluxe v3.170. File size – 6.65 Mb. Direct download link –
  • LаzyMedia Deluxe v3.167. File size – 9.9 Mb. Direct download link –
  • LаzyMedia Deluxe v3.165. File size – 10 Mb. Direct download link –
  • LаzyMedia Deluxe v3.163. File size – 10 Mb. Direct download link –

Installing / updating the application on the phone, TV and PC

The principle of installing / updating apk-applications on different devices is similar, but still slightly different. We will present one video instruction for each type of equipment on which you can install the LazyMedia Deluxe application. One way to install apk files on Android TVs and STBs:
Installation instructions for Samsung TVs (OS Tizen) and LG:
Video instructions for installing apk-application on a mobile device:
Instructions for installing the apk file on a computer:

Updating takes place in exactly the same way as installing, just over an existing application.

Possible errors in work and their solution

The most common problem is a replay error. If it happened while working with an external player, it has nothing to do with the operation of the application itself. Try the following:

  • check your internet connection speed;
  • change the player, or rather try a few – for example, mxplayer, vlc, vimu, etc .;
  • check back a little later, since the servers also have rush hour – at this moment, due to the heavy load, they cannot cope and begin to give an error / crash;
  • if the problem lies in the torrent – among other things, check that the torrent client is configured correctly.

If the application stopped working when viewed through the internal player, it means that it is simply not suitable for normal operation on your device (the player’s operation is highly dependent on the hardware, firmware, composition and quality of codecs). In this case, install any external player.

The internal player is not designed to play torrent files.

If you encounter this problem or any other difficulties with the application, as well as questions about its functioning, you can contact the official forum – Experienced users and the developer himself answer there. Other possible problems:

  • Favorite player is not displayed when watching content. Due to the nature of the server, services and balancers can only be viewed using a limited number of players. It is possible that yours is not included in this number.
  • Error opening Torrent. Sometimes, when opening some torrent files, the message “An error occurred while trying to open the torrent file” appears. This usually happens when the tracker site closes the requested content (at the request of the copyright holder). In this case, you will not be able to get a torrent link.
  • Synchronization problems. It’s worth checking for free space on the google-drive account you are using and updating Google services on your device. Also try selecting the Google account to sync again.
  • ZONA does not work. This service is regularly blocked in Russia. The only way out is to try using a VPN. But when using it, the software blocking bypass must be disabled.
  • The application is not installed. Perhaps your OS version is below the minimum acceptable – if so, all that remains is to download and install on another device. If everything is in order in this respect, try restarting the device or reconnecting to another network source.

Sometimes problems with viewing can arise due to blocking of certain servers. In this regard, the traffic periodically disappears. In this case, you should try to replace the source, wait for access updates, or switch to the flow of another service.

Application analogs

Watching movies and TV series online is now in great demand, and therefore there are more than enough applications providing such services. Let’s present several services worthy of attention:

  • vPlay. Free app to view media and torrent content on Android TV and Media Console. By installing this program on your device, you will get access to a large data base containing films, series, cartoons, anime, documentaries, TV shows, etc.
  • AniLabX. Free popular app to watch anime on Android TV and media consoles. With this program, you can not only watch anime online, but also download it for further viewing without an Internet connection.
  • Netflix. A well-known paid service for watching TV with an extensive database of various content for Android TV and media boxes. All the most popular TV shows in the world, new projects in the film industry, movies of excellent quality – all this you can get with this application.
  • Cinema HD. It is a free content directory containing searchable video files. Created for Android TV and Android TV Box. In this application you will find a large number of films, TV series, cartoons, TV shows and even anime for every taste and in high quality.
  • HD VideoBox. The application that is constantly being compared is the one to which our article is devoted. This is due to the fact that they have very similar functionality – a large content catalog, the ability to choose quality, voice acting, translation and much more. Opinions differ as to which service is better.

All the listed analogs can be successfully installed on Windows – if you have a special emulator.

User reviews

Evgeny, Voronezh. Cool app! Some sources sometimes fly off, but you can always switch to the next one and continue watching. I’ve been testing the program for about two months – so far everything is cool.

Anna, Moscow. Every evening my husband and I watch a movie – there is a very large selection and there is almost everything! It was rare when it was not possible to find a film that was planned to be seen.

LazyMedia Deluxe is an Android application that lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows online for free or download them to your device. It is enough to download one of the apk-files of your choice and install it according to the attached instructions.

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