NewPipe application, its functionality and download

NewPipe application is a client for easy viewing of videos from Youtube services. It helps users enjoy interesting videos and download them in the desired quality. From the article you will learn about the features of the application, its capabilities and interface, as well as download methods.

What is Newpipe?

NewPipe is a Youtube client, it does not use any libraries that depend on Google and Youtube API. The platform is limited only to the analysis of Youtube itself. This means that you can use it even on a device that does not have Google services.
NewPipeWith the NewPipe application, you can download audio and video of the desired quality. You will also have the opportunity to listen to music in the background. The platform is small, which is convenient if your device does not have a very large amount of memory.

A multifunctional application with convenient services also has the ability to bypass certain Youtube restrictions.

The main characteristics of NewPipe and its system requirements are presented in the table:

Parameter nameDescription
The developerChristian Schabesberger.
CategoryDownloading audio and video.
Device and OS requirementsDevices with Android OS version from 4.0.3.
Interface languageThe app is multilingual. There are Russian, Ukrainian, English, Lithuanian, Japanese and others. In total – 44 languages.
Root rights.Not required.

The NewPipe application has a number of features and advantages over the official Youtube. The main ones are:

  • convenient search for video content with filters;
  • the ability to listen to music streaming in the background to save battery power;
  • basic support for Android TVs;
  • there is a section with currently popular videos;
  • no login required;
  • the ability to play only audio tracks, without playing a video picture;
  • availability of basic information about all video recordings;
  • support for high resolutions – 1080p / 2K / 4K;
  • the ability to choose a video player for viewing;
  • presence of browsing history;
  • there is support for SoundCloud, and PeerTube instances.

Functionality and interface

The NewPipe application interface is user-friendly and easy to understand. Its design is dominated by dark red and gray colors. On the main page of the platform there are sections “Trends”, “Subscriptions” and “Favorites”. There is also a magnifying glass, clicking on which, you can open the search.
Application interfaceThe main functions of the application, in addition to free viewing:

  • in the NewPipe settings, you can select the desired video resolution (by default it costs 360p);
  • it is possible to link the application with an external audio or video player for playback;
  • the ability to save downloaded files in the most convenient playback quality, and in different formats – MPEG, WebM and 3GP;
  • search for channels and subscribe to them;
  • import of subscriptions from Youtube;
  • playing videos in the Kodi media center;
  • setting up the display of content taking into account age restrictions;
  • you can select the directory in which all downloaded files will be saved;
  • adding videos to the playlist.

To import subscriptions from Youtube to NewPipe, do the following:

  1. Go to “Subscriptions”.
  2. Under “Import from” / “importar desde” select “YouTube”. Import section
  3. Click on the URL. Url address
  4. Wait until the “Import file” button appears on the screen and click on it.
  5. Find the download folder and select the file called “Subscription_manager …”. After that, all subscriptions will be imported.

When clicking on the three horizontal lines on the main page, in addition to the already known tabs, the user opens the sections – “What’s new” (new items on the platform), “Downloads” (downloaded files), “History” (what was viewed earlier), ” Settings “and” About the application “(information about the service).
About the appWhen you open a video below it, you can see buttons for adding to the playlist, viewing in the background, and a small window, as well as for downloading.
Adding a playlistIf you press the “Download” button, a window will appear to select the format and quality of the download. Here you can also change the name, choose what exactly will be downloaded – “Video”, “Audio” or “Subtitles”.
Download qualityThis is how the downloaded file looks in the downloads folder:

Free download Newpipe app in apk file

You can download the NewPipe application only through the apk file. In the official Android app store – Google Play Store, it is missing.

The latest version of NewPipe in Russian

The latest version of the NewPipe application is v. 0.21. Distinctive features are the author’s translation into Russian, the absence of any analytics and data collection, the availability of support for installing the application on a flash drive and improving the performance of the player’s cache. The fresh version has several modifications:

  • NewPipe v. 0.21.3. Size – 8.4 MB. Link for safe download –
  • NewPipe v. 0.21.2. Size – 8.5 MB. Link for safe download –
  • NewPipe v. 0.21.1. The size is 8.3 MB. Link for safe download –
  • NewPipe v. 0.21.0. The size is 8.3 MB. Link for safe download –

The download links are the same for all Android devices. Also, using these files, you can install the application on a PC running Linux and Windows 7-10, but this will require a special installer.

Previous versions of NewPipe in Russian

In addition to the newest version, you can also download the previous ones (NewPipe legacy). But it is recommended to do this only when a fresh variation is not installed for some reason. What old versions of NewPipe can be downloaded:

  • NewPipe v. 0.20.11. The size is 7.9 MB. Link for safe download –
  • NewPipe v. 0.20.10. The size is 7.8 MB. Link for safe download –
  • NewPipe v. 0.20.9. The size is 7.7 MB. Link for safe download –
  • NewPipe v. 0.20.8. The size is 7.7 MB. Link for safe download –
  • NewPipe v. 0.20.7. The size is 7.7 MB. Link for safe download –
  • NewPipe v. 0.20.6. The size is 7.7 MB. Link for safe download –
  • NewPipe v. 0.20.5. The size is 7.7 MB. Link for safe download –
  • NewPipe v. 0.20.4. Size – 7.6 MB. Link for safe download –
  • NewPipe v. 0.20.3. Size – 7.5 MB. Link for safe download –

What if Newpipe doesn’t work?

Since the NewPipe platform does not depend on either Google or the Youtube API, there are no failures due to them – and this is 90% of the problems in the operation of such applications. Malfunctions arise unless due to problems on the part of the user himself. The reasons may be:

  • there is little free space in the device’s memory – you can clear the cache to fix it;
  • low internet speed – try connecting to a different network;
  • outdated Android version – update your firmware.

Application analogs

The NewPipe app has few free counterparts, as YouTube recently carried out a massive sweep. But we will present the most worthy of the “survivors” or newly created ones:

  • Vidmate 4.4903. Using the application, you can download any video posted on YouTube and other online services, as well as music. Downloading is possible from many other video hosting sites – for example, from Vimeo or Dailymotion. To install, you need a device with Android OS from version 4.4.
  • iTube 4.0.4. This is an application for Android phones and tablets with version 4.0 and higher, which allows you to download videos and music from the YouTube service, and create your own playlists for offline viewing.
  • KeepVid Android application for downloading multimedia from music and video sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Vine, LiveLeak, SoundCloud and more. It is one of the most complete multimedia file download managers.
  • Peggo 2.0.8. An application that allows you not only to download videos from YouTube and SoundCloud video hosting sites for future viewing offline, but also allows you to extract audio from them in MP3 format to listen to songs without an Internet connection.

Reviews of the Newpipe app

Yuri, 36 years old, Voronezh. A very handy application for watching Youtube videos without annoying ads. In the settings, it is convenient to choose the resolution in which the movie or video will be played.
Oksana, 21 years old, Moscow. A great app for watching Youtube. You can watch everything the same as in the official application – only without paying for subscriptions and advertising every 5 minutes of viewing. The NewPipe client is designed to view and download videos from the Youtube platform. All you need to do is download the service to your Android device using the apk file and install it like a regular application. Then you can turn on the service and use all of its services.

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