The most common errors in the Okko app and their solutions

Errors in the Okko app can occur on any device with any operating system. Sometimes this is due to incorrect actions of the user, and sometimes the fault lies with the service itself. Further in the article – in detail about the most common mistakes encountered when working with a popular cinema platform.

What is the error in Okko?

An error in Okko appears when there is no way to perform an action. For example, if it is impossible to activate the promotional code. A message about this will appear on the screen and the number of the error that has occurred will be indicated just below. Knowing its decryption, you can find out how to solve the problem.
Okko doesn't workThe most frequent crashes in the Okko program occur on Smart TB. This option is supported by brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony and Philips. Not so often, but there are also malfunctions on PCs, smartphones and set-top boxes.

If you get an error code while working with Okko app, don’t panic. Everything can be fixed and sometimes very easy. A worse situation is when the screen remains black even when the movie is turned on and there are no numbers on it. But even here you can fix everything yourself.

As a last resort, the toll-free phone number and email address for technical support are displayed at the bottom of the screen each time. There you can get an explanation of your problem and help. The technical support of the site and the application itself respond to requests very quickly.

Error codes in Okko

Here we will present the most common errors that occur in the Okko app and show you how to fix them.

Errors 0 or 1

These numbers mean that the software on your TB device is out of date. Remember that Smart-TB, like a PC, requires timely system updates. Online cinema works only on new versions, which you can download absolutely free of charge. To update your device:

  1. Go to the gadget menu. Go to “Settings” (gear icon).
  2. Select “Support” from the list (some TVs do not have this stage).
  3. Find the “Update software” or “Update software” button.
  4. Select “Update Now”. Update now
  5. Wait for the software update to finish. Updating

Video instructions for updating the software using the example of TB Samsung:

Outdated firmware reasons also cause errors 11, 17, 26, and 60112 (common on 2012 Samsung TBs).

Errors 2 and 3 – error connecting Okko device

This problem occurs due to an unstable or insufficiently powerful network connection. High-speed internet is required for videos with the best graphics. If you plan to watch video content in FullHD format, the connection speed must be at least 5 Mbps, and UltraHD must be at least 25 Mbps.

If the code 601XX, 6000X or 1002 appears on the screen, this also means that the problem is insufficient Internet speed or its complete absence.

To fix Okko error codes 2 and 3, you need to restart all devices that are involved in showing Okko (turn them off and turn on again), namely:

  • routers;
  • provider set-top boxes;
  • the TVs itself.

Number 3, in addition to poor network connection, may mean that the device does not support UHD format. Then change the video format to a lower quality one. In rare cases, the code appears because specific content on your device cannot be viewed at all.

Error 306

This error appears when entering gift certificate numbers. Error code 306 on the Okko app screen indicates that the activation of the promo code is not fixed, because the subscription to the product provided with the coupon is already in the personal account. If this is not your case, try restarting the online cinema, wait about 20-30 minutes and try to activate the subscription again. If the outcome is negative, contact the Okko app support service. Email address – The phone number is 88007005533.

Errors 301 and 302 Okko

Errors that also appear when entering a gift certificate code in the Okko app. If the error 301 is displayed, then the coupon that you are trying to enter has already been activated earlier by you or someone else. You won’t be able to use it anymore. In addition to the code, an inscription may appear stating that the activation of promotional codes for this account is temporarily impossible. The appearance of error 302 means that activation is not possible on this particular device, or the promotion has already ended and the promotional code has become invalid (check the dates of its validity to confirm or remove the second reason).

If the promo code is valid, for example, until March 18, it means that you need to enter it before 23:59 of the specified date. Further, it will no longer be available. Also pay attention to the time zone. The expiration of coupons on such sites most often occurs in Moscow time.

The main causes of the described problems:

  • Promo codes purchased from scammers. Or just found on free sites. On the Internet, you constantly come across offers to buy cheap promotional codes on various sites, including those for Okko. All of this is highly questionable and there is no guarantee that the code will work. You can try as many free promotional codes as you like – sometimes you get lucky. But it’s better not to buy something outside the official website.
  • Invalid code entered. The human factor has not been canceled. We can easily confuse the number with you or just click in the wrong place. Therefore, if the service generates an error, try again calmly and carefully enter the code. And it is better to copy from the source and paste into the application window.

Another error related to promotional codes is 9999. It occurs if a user has entered several different promotional codes in a short period of time. Okko can even block your account for half an hour. The solution is simply not to rush, try to maintain a pause between input, 5 minutes is enough.

Error 502

Code 502 indicates that the device used to view the content is out of range of Okko. The online cinema broadcasts video content only within four countries:

  • Russian Federation;
  • Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The Republic of Belarus;
  • The Republic of Azerbaijan.

Error 502 In countries not included in the list above, films cannot be watched through the Okko cinema.

If you are in Russia or three other brotherly countries where the application works, check if the VPN option is enabled on your device. Most likely, the point is in it and it just needs to be turned off. If not, contact support.

Errors 6001 and 6002

These error codes can occur when viewing Okko from a computer or laptop. They mean that your device’s operating system is out of date. These operating systems include:

  • Windows XP;
  • Windows 95/98;
  • Windows Vista.

Only installing a more modern operating system on a PC can help here. Or using another device. For example, a TV or a telephone. If error code 6001 or 6002 appears despite the fact that the OS on the computer meets the Okko requirements, disable all extensions running in the browser and then restart the PC. The problem may also lie in the browser itself – try using another: Yandex, Mozilla or Opera.

Errors 110, 115 and 116

These errors are directly related to the account in the application and work with it. Causes of errors:

  • 110. Appears if the user tried to connect more than 5 devices to one account (and this is the maximum). To solve this problem, disable in the cabinet settings those devices that you no longer use or that are not needed at the moment. Then they can be returned back.
  • 115. Indicates that you are trying to create a second account. According to the Okko service policy, each user can have only one account.
  • 116. If this code appears, it means that you are trying to connect Okko on a device that is already connected to it.

Other Okko errors

There are less common, but still encountered, errors. For example:

  • 900, 103, 60103 and 3016. These are third party service errors. It’s not your fault. Most often, this is a normal internal failure due to overload (too many users logged in), or the application is being prevented / updated. You just have to wait and come back later. If more than two hours have passed, and the problem is not to be done anywhere, feel free to write to support.
  • 60003: 500. May appear when opening or working with the “Subscriptions” section in older versions of Okko (below 11.2). The problem is solved by updating the application through the software store and then restarting the device.
  • 5001. Occurs when paying for services in the Okko application. Most often, an error means that the payment transaction was rejected by the bank. First of all, check the correctness of the entered payment data. If everything was entered correctly, unlink your bank card / e-wallet from your account, restart the program and enter your payment details again. Try to repeat the payment operation.

If you have any error, you checked everything, but you cannot understand the reason for the failure, contact technical support. A service specialist will help you deal with the problem.

Other problems

In addition to the typical errors that appear on the screen, the display may simply not light up, the application itself may not load, etc.

Black screen instead of starting the movie

LG, Sony and Samsung 2012-2013 are the main models for which this problem is typical. But a black screen may appear instead of the expected film on the new TB. If such a problem occurs, first of all try to restart the Okko app and make the movie quality setting less than FullHD resolution. If everything remains the same, try resetting the current network settings to the TB and re-entering them. How to reset network settings:
After reset:

  1. Restart the router, leaving it off for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Watch several of any films – each for half an hour (the main thing is different, and not the same one several times). This is necessary for the new parameters to start working properly.

Also go to the app store on your device and make sure the program is updated to the latest version.

Okko app won’t load

If, when the program starts, it does not load, and the latest version of the application is installed and the Internet is in order, the point is in the cache of the TB device. Disconnecting from the outlet for 40-60 seconds and then turning it back on helps solve the problem.

What if Okko is unavailable?

There is a general list of actions that you can try to do if you cannot turn on Okko or watch a movie in an online cinema. Do the following:

  1. Restart your device. You can unplug it and turn it back on if it’s TB. It didn’t help – go to the next item.
  2. Check if there is an internet connection. The cable may come loose, like the plug on the router. Or, access to the network could be disabled for non-payment. If everything is in order with the Internet, the point is next.
  3. Make sure you have the latest app and device software installed. If not, update.

These are standard tricks that are often enough to get Okko back to work. If you get an error on the screen while working with Okko online cinema, do not be alarmed. Most often it can be solved “peacefully” and quickly. If you cannot get rid of the problem on your own, contact technical support and explain what happened to you and the steps that preceded it. They can help you with the problem.

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