How to download Okko cinema on PC?

There are many services to help you have fun at home. They have long become an alternative to traditional television. Here users can watch the latest cinematography and classic films at any convenient time. Okko is one such service that you can download directly to your computer.

Downloading and installing Okko on a PC

Online cinema “Okko” contains more than 60,000 films, TV series and cartoons in very high quality and with no advertising. You can also subscribe to Okko Sport and watch live sports broadcasts.
OkkoYou can watch online movies through the Okko app on your TV or smartphone, or use the website. This program is supported by computers running Windows 7 and later. To download it, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Type in the name of the application – “Okko” in the search bar. Click on the icon that appears with the program.Application Name
  3. Click on the “Get” button that appears on the right side. Receive
  4. A Microsoft account login form will open. If you don’t have one, follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll quickly create one.The form
  5. When the authorization is completed successfully, download the application to your computer.

Previously, there was another way to download the Okko application – through the Play Market using a special emulator, but at the moment the program has been removed from there.

Setting up an application on a PC

After installing the program on your computer, you can watch Okko content in video format. In order for you to have full access to the service, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the downloaded application and click “Login”.
  2. Create an account in the app. This can be done by phone number, by email, by Sber ID or via social networks.
  3. Enter the verification code that will be sent to the phone number or email address associated with your account.

After these steps, you are an Okko user, you can subscribe to the full version of the product for a fee or connect to the trial period, which will allow you to watch movies relatively free for several days. To get access to watching movies in the online cinema, you need to link your bank card in any case. After that, you can choose either a trial period for 1 ruble or the desired subscription. After registration, the money will be debited from the account.

You can make other settings in your personal account created during registration.

Does it make a difference on which device to download the application?

There is no big difference in downloading and installing the Okko application on different versions of Windows, and the download procedure on TV, PC or smartphone is also the same globally. The principle of installation on all devices is the same.

You can use up to 5 different devices to view through one account at the same time. You can connect a phone, tablet, computer, PlayStation or Xbox game console, as well as a TV with Smart TV function.


Additional points that might come in handy.

Possible download and viewing problems

When downloading, a problem may arise only with the Internet connection, since the download and installation process is very simple and straightforward. If the file does not load, restart the router and renew the connection. In the process of use, there may be:

  • interruptions in live online broadcasts;
  • freezing of the interface;
  • problems with activating the promo code.

The problems are solved by restarting the application. If that doesn’t work, check your network connection. It could also be due to insufficient connection speed.

How can I delete my Okko account from my PC?

To delete an account in an application on a computer, just go into it and find the line “Delete” in the settings. According to the legislation of Russia, it will not be permanently deleted immediately, for 6 months the account will go into the “frozen” status so that you can restore it at any time. And only then the account will be permanently deleted. Another way to delete an account is to send a request to the provider to delete an account (in free form) by The service staff will delete your account within two days. The letter must be sent from the email that is associated with the account. If you want to delete your account just because you are afraid of further charges from your bank card, then you can simply unlink it (if the desire to use the site returns, you just need to link the card back).Video instruction for unlinking the card:

Similar applications

There are similar “Okko” programs. They differ in subscription price and interface details, but are also online cinemas. Some of the most popular of these applications:

  • HTB Plus is an application created by one of the leaders of traditional Russian TV broadcasting, allowing you to watch more than 150 TV channels;
  • MEGOGO – a service from Tinkoff with TV channels, films, TV series and various programs;
  • Wink – a service from the Rostelecom provider, which gives access to films and TV series;
  • Lime HD TV is a service for Android TV that gives you access to many free TV channels.

Registered Okko Cinemas users can watch movies, series, TV shows, sports shows and other types of content online for a certain monthly fee. Installing Okko on your computer is the best option if you don’t have a TV with Smart TV function at home.

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