Full review of Okko TV online cinema: installation and registration instructions

Okko is a Russian multimedia service that ranks second among domestic online cinemas in terms of the number of visitors to the site and the income received. On the platform there are more than 60,000 films and other videos in excellent quality, available for legal viewing.

Online cinema Okko TB – what is it?

Okko is a leading media services provider and production company in Russia, headquartered in St. Petersburg. The foundation took place in 2013. The official website of the Okko service is https://okko.tv/. The platform is paid, but there is a small layer of content available for free viewing.
Okko tvOkko’s cutting-edge technology allows you to create high quality images and sound at home, which gives the user the feeling of watching a movie in a cinema hall. No ads, no distractions – just complete immersion in the world of cinema.

This service is the first online cinema in the Russian Federation, providing users with the opportunity to watch films with Dolby Atmos surround sound technology, as well as Dolby Digital Plus. The quality provided by the service is HDR, 3D, Ultra HD 4K and 8K.

Okko is a large selection of movies and TV shows. Home to the largest collection of Ultra HD 4K and HDR Hollywood movies. The novelties of the world cinema in the online cinema appear immediately after the release on the big screen.

Online cinema content review

The collection of films, TV series and programs on the Okko platform is very extensive. Including here you can see:

  • domestic / foreign film industry products;
  • sports programs / broadcasts;
  • children’s content (indicate the age of the child, and a selection of films and cartoons will appear);
  • fitness classes, etc.

There are many oriented headings in the catalog:

  • new films;
  • favorite films;
  • popular now;
  • TV series;
  • movies with high ratings;
  • Russian cinema;
  • Academy Award”;
  • films by MARVEL studio;
  • blockbusters;
  • In the original language;
  • the best animation in the world;
  • comedy series;
  • the best films of 2020 / 2016–2019 / 2000s / 90s / 80s;
  • the best special effects;
  • Russion serials;
  • films about space;
  • 50 best comedies;
  • Soviet cinema;
  • for the whole family;
  • 50 iconic detectives, etc.

Thanks to the exclusive rights of Okko from the film company “Amediateka”, viewers of the platform have the opportunity to watch the premieres of the world’s best TV series HBO, Showtime and Starz simultaneously with the entire planet.

Subscriptions to Okko TV

There are 14 subscriptions available on the Okko platform. They are distinguished by their cost and content (content available after registration of any of the subscriptions). Subscription variations (price per month):

  • AMEDIATEKA. Cult TV shows and high-profile world premieres simultaneously with the entire planet in high-quality Full HD format. Cost – 599 rubles for any type of device (TV, phone, tablet, PC).
  • START. More than 4000 Russian exclusive TV shows, the best domestic films and cartoons in high quality Full HD format are available here. The cost is 299 rubles on any type of device.
  • PARAMOUNT +. Brand programs and films of the American media group ViacomCBS. Content from MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Comedy, Nick Jr, Channel 5 and others. The cost is 299 rubles on any device (the first month is 199 rubles).
  • Greatest hits. Only available as part of other packages. The most popular films and TV series at the moment and “eternal” hits. The cost is included in the decorated package.
  • World cinema. More than 4,000 Hollywood feature films, thrilling thrillers, the best comedies and story films from around the world in high quality Full HD. The cost for TB is 249 rubles, for other devices – 299 rubles.
  • Ultra HD 4K. Films in excellent Ultra HD 4K quality. The cost for TB is 199 rubles, the subscription is not available on other devices.
  • TV series. Russian and foreign TV series in good quality. The cost is 199 rubles on all types of devices.
  • ViP Play. Thousands of new and popular films, fashion series, ten Full HD Viasat TV channels. The cost is 199 rubles on all devices.
  • Karaoke. Only available as part of other packages. Russian and foreign hits of different years and decades that can be sung in karaoke. Rock, chanson, hip-hop and other genres. There is a division by performer. The cost is included in the decorated package.
  • Science and education. More than 2000 informative documentaries in high quality Full HD about the world around, about music and famous personalities. The cost is 149 rubles on all devices.
  • Best for kids. Animation masterpieces – from Soviet classics to the latest world cartoons in Full HD format. The cost for TB is 249 rubles, for other devices – 299 rubles.
  • Short cartoons. According to the platform itself: “These cartoons in Full HD format are chosen by the most caring parents.” Here are collected animated series with short series: “Masha and the Bear”, “Smeshariki”, etc. The cost is 149 rubles on all devices.
  • Watch for free. A piece of content available without paying a fee. There are videos for children, the Golden Cinema Collection, various lectures and theatrical performances. The cost is 0 rubles on all devices.
  • Our film. From Russia with love. More than 1,500 of the most popular and discussed films of Russian cinema in high-quality Full HD format. The cost for TB is 199 rubles, for other devices – 229 rubles.

The platform has a subscription “7 days for 1 ruble”. This is a trial period with a fee of 1 ruble. It is impossible to fully test the functionality of the cinema platform for that kind of money, but the minimum package of films and TV series in excellent quality becomes available.

There is an opportunity to buy a separate film on the platform – access to its viewing will remain forever.

Okko also has a coupon. It is won in any drawing, received as a gift from the provider, or found on the Internet. But in the latter case, it is difficult to get a working promo code. Sometimes you have to go over a dozen of them. The process of activating an existing promo code:

  1. Open the Okko HD Movies app or go to the website – https://okko.tv/ (depending on the type of device used for activation).
  2. Click the “Promo Code” tab located in the upper right corner next to the settings wheel. Promo code
  3. Enter / paste the promo code in the appropriate field. Click “activate”.Activate
  4. In the next step, if you have an account, click “I already have an account”, and enter under the registration data. If there is no entry yet, enter the phone number in the special window, and then the code from the SMS message. Click Submit.Account

If you logged into your account on the platform before entering the coupon, you will immediately have access to the catalog of films and TV series that are supposed to be subscribed to with a promotional code.

How to connect Okko on TV?

To use the Okko platform on Smart-TB or a set-top box, you need to link the device to your personal account on the okko.tv website. For this:

  1. Go to the site through a browser on a PC or in TB itself. To the website
  2. Click the “Login” tab located at the top. To come in
  3. In the window that opens, enter your email address and password to log into your account. If there is no account on the site yet, automatic registration will take place according to the entered data. The entrance is also carried out through social networks or through SberBank.post office
  4. Install the Okko HD Movies application on your TV by downloading it from the official store of your device. After installation, launch it.Installation
  5. Click “Settings” inside the app, select “My Devices”, and click “Connect”. Copy / rewrite the 5-digit code provided by the system. It is active for about half an hour.Customization
  6. Follow the link http://okko.tv/#pin, and type the previously issued code into a special window. Then start watching Okko on TB.To plug

You can watch the Okko online cinema on all TV devices with the Smart TV function: on the products of Sony, LG, Erisson, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Philips, SUPRA, Samsung and other manufacturers. If the TV receiver runs on an Android platform, the download program is in the Google Play Market.

Personal account features

The personal account allows the client to manage the functionality of the platform within the framework of the user agreement. The main page of Okko’s Personal Areapersonal account looks like this:
In your personal account, you can subscribe, add films to favorites, so that you can quickly find them later (the section is called “Mine”), add a promotional code, and also:

  • add devices for viewing;
  • change payment methods;
  • change contact information and password;
  • place a pre-order;
  • see your active subscriptions, etc.


You can subscribe from any device connected to your account. Using a PC as an example, this is done as follows (the purchase principle is always the same):

  1. Go to the “Subscriptions” section on the home screen. Subscriptions
  2. Select the desired subscription from the proposed ones – hover over it with the mouse, and click on the word “Checkout” that appears. Checkout
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Subscribe”. Subscribe
  4. After that, pay for your subscription by entering your card details on the page that appears.

Common problems with Okko TV

For high-quality playback of various video formats, a certain speed of the Internet network is required: SD-2 Mbps, HD-3.5 Mbps, Full HD-5 Mbps, UHD-25 Mbps. For a better connection, use a LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi. If for some reason the Okko application does not start immediately after connecting, or it works very slowly, crashes, etc., reproduce the following steps:

  1. Restart your device. After turning it off, wait about half a minute, then turn on the power again. Actions are aimed at clearing the cache and stabilizing the operating mode of the device.
  2. Restart your router. Turn it off for half a minute and then turn it back on.
  3. Disconnect other devices from Wi-Fi. Problems in the work of the Okko application can be caused by the fact that it gets little Internet – it is “eaten” by other devices connected to the network. Disconnect them from the common internet source.
  4. Install the latest version. Check if your device has the latest version of the app. If not, update it by clicking the corresponding button in the app store.

These are general guidelines that will help in most cases. If problems with the operation of the platform cannot be resolved on your own, contact our round-the-clock technical support.

Popular questions about Okko

Users do not always fully understand the functionality of the service. Below are answers to frequently asked questions:

  • What devices does Okko support? The cinema platform operates on PCs, phones with different OS, tablets, Smart TV and PlayStation game consoles. Up to five devices can be connected to one account. This allows you to watch different films at the same time, and also, having started watching content on one of the devices, continue on any other of the connected ones.
  • How to get a free subscription in Okko? “Watch Free” isn’t really a subscription. Just go to the appropriate section on the “Subscriptions” page, and view the content that is freely available.

How do I contact Okko support?

There are several ways to contact the Okko platform support team. The simplest one is to write to them in the application itself / on the website. To do this, click on the lilac button “Need help?”. It is usually located at the bottom of any page, and looks like this:
PageOther ways:

  • write to mail@okko.tv;
  • call the number +78007005533;
  • write to the official Okko group on one of the social networks (Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Telegram).

There is also a separate support number for Kazakhstan – +78002005533.

User reviews

Yulia Utkina, Yekaterinburg, 30 years old. Good picture and sound quality, you can find and watch popular films for little money (and sometimes even for 1 ruble). There are free films from the golden age of cinematography. You can stop the film, rewind, go back, etc.
Mikhail Selivanov, St. Petersburg, 25 years old. I cannot rewind a movie on my Sony TV. The film supposedly remembers where the viewing stopped, but then it still starts playing from the very beginning. The application often crashes and displays an error message, especially on weekends.
Alexander Viktorov, Nizhnevartovsk, 41 years old.We watch in the evenings with my wife instead of TV. At normal internet speed, everything is fine. There is only one drawback for us – even having bought the most expensive subscription, some films still need to be purchased for an additional fee. Okko platform is gaining popularity. People want to choose on their own how to brighten up their evening, and online cinema is best suited here. After all, even after flipping through all your 300+ cable TV channels, sometimes the question “what to see?” remains open. Will help with Okko’s answer, giving you the opportunity to choose content to your taste.

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