SD Maid Pro utility, its functionality and download

SD Maid Pro is the full version of the popular application that helps you keep your Android mobile device clean and tidy. This is a tool for finding and dealing with “junk” on phones and tablets – report logs, temporary system files, empty folders, and more. All that is not needed, but at the same time takes up memory.

What is SD Maid Pro?

This simple utility helps you keep your device clean with built-in file management tools. With it, you will not only find all unnecessary files left over after uninstalling applications, but also logs that take up additional space.
SD Maid Pro

SD Maid Pro for Android uses a special algorithm to remove junk from the device’s internal memory and flash drive, which fishes out residual files from the most hidden corners.

The main characteristics of the application and its system requirements are presented in the table:

Parameter nameDescription
The developerdarken.
CategorySystem / tools.
Interface languageThe application is multilingual. Available: Russian and English.
Suitable devices and OSMobile devices with Android OS version 4.0 and higher.
Required PermissionsGoogle Play license check.
Root rightsNot required.

SD Maid Pro is often compared to the Revo Uninstaller Pro program – they are very similar in functionality, only the Uninstaller is designed for PCs with Windows operating systems, and the program under discussion today is for Android mobile devices.

Main features of SD Maid Pro app:

  • there is a full-fledged explorer that “sees” all the files contained on the device and manages them;
  • checks itself for unnecessary data in the file system and deletes it;
  • manages applications – those that were installed by the user, and system;
  • can search and remove duplicate photos, music or documents by analyzing file names, comparing their size and creation date;
  • makes a detailed analysis of device memory and optimizes databases;
  • the service can be started manually, or you can configure the time in the application at which it will start on its own and check for garbage.

Functionality and application interface

The functionality of the SD Maid Pro application is quite wide. In addition to cleaning up disk space, you can manage data here using the file manager. You can change the filenames, move them to different directories, or delete them. The interface is accessible and intuitive.
Application functionality

The program has the ability to sort and search by specified parameters, which also simplifies the processing of large amounts of data.

If you click on the three horizontal bars in the left corner of the main screen, a menu will open. There are sections “Overview”, “Explorer”, “Search”, “Manager”, “Trash”, “Change history”, “Create problem card” and “Settings”.
Application SectionsIn the “Overview” you can see information about the device and the system, “Explorer” shows the contents of the internal memory and additional storage (if any), and “Manager” – applications and the memory they occupy.
App overviewIn the “Trash” section, you can familiarize yourself with the files that, according to the system, should be deleted. Manual cleaning is done with one click – on the trash can in the lower right corner.
RubbishAn example of an interface on a tablet:
Application interfaceThis video tutorial shows you how to properly set up and use the app:

Pros and cons of the Pro version of the program

The Pro version of the SD Maid application has a number of advantages over the regular version. Namely:

  • complete absence of advertising;
  • a more advanced set of tools;
  • the ability to scan the device on a schedule.

The Pro version has only one drawback – you need to pay for it if the download comes from official sources.

Ways to download SD Maid Pro in Russian and without ads

SD Maid Pro is not a standalone application, but an enhanced version of the free SD Maid service. To become the owner of the SD Maid Pro version – legally or by installing an apk-file, you will first need to install the usual SD Maid application from the Google Play Store on the device. You can download the simple version from the link –

Official and paid – from the Google Play Store

The paid version of the application in the official Android store costs 155 rubles. You can connect it via the link – After purchase, you will be given an activation key.

Free mod – full APK versions

The SD Maid Pro application can be installed on a mobile device and is free of charge – you do not need to install additional keys in this case, they are already sewn in. To do this, you need to download one of the apk files below to your phone or tablet (in descending order, the first version is the freshest):

  • SD Maid Pro 4.4.1. The file size is 1022 KB. Download from a secure link –
  • SD Maid Pro 4.4.0. The file size is 1 MB. Download from a secure link –
  • SD Maid Pro 4.3.6. File size – 1005.4 KB. Download from a safe link –
  • SD Maid Pro 4.3.2. The file size is 942.6 KB. Download from a secure link –
  • SD Maid Pro 4.3.1. The file size is 942.2 KB. Download from a secure link –
  • SD Maid Pro 4.2.6. The file size is 942.1 KB. Download from a secure link –
  • SD Maid Pro 4.2.3. The file size is 962.2 KB. Download from a secure link –
  • SD Maid Pro 4.2.1. The file size is 962.1 KB. Download from a secure link –

The links are relevant for all phones and tablets with Android OS, on which the system version is not lower than the required one.

Can I download the program via Torrent?

You can download the SD Maid Pro program via Torrent, but using the apk file is faster and safer. Plus – in this case, you will not need to install additional applications. If you want to use the Torrent Internet protocol, then enter “Torrent SD Maid Pro” in the browser search bar and download the file from one of the pages displayed in the list. For example, this one is

How to install / update SD Maid Pro?

You don’t need to be a computer genius to install or update SD Maid Pro via apk file. While the process may seem complicated, it really only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Download the apk file to your mobile device using one of the links above. If you update the application, then put the new version on top of the old one – but only on condition that the previous and new versions were downloaded from the same site.
  2. Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the device settings (you need to do this once, then everything will happen automatically).
  3. Open the downloaded apk file and follow the prompts to install it.
  4. Run the installed application.

Video instructions for installing programs via apk file:

The update of the version purchased on Google Play proceeds in the usual way – in the app store.

Similar applications

SD Maid Pro is one of the best, but far from the only one of its kind. Here are some worthy analogs:

  • Assistant Pro for Android. A powerful utility that can improve the performance and speed up your device. This is a very popular small system application that contains many functions. In total, there are 18 common tools collected here with different options for working.
  • AVG Cleaner Pro: Speed ​​up your phone. Powerful tool to automatically clean up and speed up Android. A utility that allows you to competently analyze the operation of the device and clean it of any debris in time. Additionally optimizes battery performance.
  • CCleaner Professional. A well-known Android cleaner with powerful functionality. With it, any user can keep their mobile phone or tablet clean and tidy, thereby increasing productivity and longevity.
  • Android Booster: Speed ​​up the phone + clear the cache. This utility will allow you to always keep your Android device in an optimized state. In addition to cleaning and speeding up work, there is a function of cooling the battery – just press a button.

User reviews

Valentine, 27 years old. This app cleans better than 90% of the cleaners. The only drawback is that for some reason there is no Russian language in my version (I downloaded a crack from the Internet). In the settings I put “Russian”, but the interface still does not switch. Perhaps the problem is in the file itself. In principle, everything is intuitive.
Olga, 30 years old. One of the best programs for cleaning mobile phone garbage. It is very convenient to mark folders that need to be cleaned. On the forum, they wrote that Root-rights are needed, but everything works fine for me without them. They are only needed for deep cleaning of the system – in the root parks of Android.
Ivan, 17 years old.The app is super! I had 64 GB of memory on my phone and there was no space at all (a lot of videos, pictures, etc.). I downloaded this app and now I have an extra 14 GB. But the hidden cache is far from being seen everywhere, for the “Spotify” program, for example, it does not show anything. SD Maid Pro is a mobile utility for keeping order on Android phones and tablets. No special knowledge is required to use the application. The program will do all the work for you automatically. You only need to run it manually on a regular basis or schedule it.

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