Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third Party

Many modern TVs now not only broadcast films and programs, but also serve as a full-fledged multimedia center. This is due to the emergence of Smart TV technology. Sony, occupying a leading position in the production of television devices, also did not stay away from global trends. And today, the Japanese developer equips almost all TVs with the Smart option. The capabilities of a smart TV are predetermined by the installed applications. Therefore, in the review we will tell you about where to find, how to install or uninstall the program on Sony Smart TV; give a description of the most popular applications; and answer common user questions.
Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third Party

Finding Apps on Sony Smart TV

It is not difficult to find and view the applications installed on the TV. For this you need:

  1. Turn on the TV; press the “HOME” button on the remote control.
  2. Select “Applications” or “All applications”.
  3. Or go to the “Downloaded / System Applications” sections.

Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third PartyHow to find applications on SONY SMART TV [/ caption] After performing these simple actions, the entire list of installed applications will be displayed on the screen.

Popular Apps

Users of Sony smart TVs based on the Android TV operating system have access to most of the applications of the Google Play Store service. But from the general list, the most popular ones still stand out. This list is headed by online cinemas: IVI, Netflix, Megogo, Kinopoisk.
Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third PartyApplication [/ caption] Applications are filled only with high-quality, varied and interesting content. Suitable for the whole family. And they will allow you to watch movie premieres at home. The next application is “Youtube”. It is also interesting that one account can be used on different devices. Thus, recommendations and preferences are always available, and do not require additional viewing fees. One of the favorite apps of housewives is “Smart Chef”. This is a kind of video and text instructor for the preparation of various dishes. The assortment is impressive, recipes are updated monthly.
Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third PartySportbox is another interest-based application. Here football matches and the main sporting events of the day are broadcast, as well as much more. Service is provided free of charge. Updated automatically. You cannot do without messengers in this list. One of the most downloaded applications turned out to be “Skype”. The program installed on the TV also allows you to maintain relationships with loved ones even at a distance, hold conferences, send text messages.
Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third Party

Instructions for installing third-party applications on Sony Smart TV

All Sony smart TVs are divided into 2 subtypes: the first – with the Android TV operating system installed, the second – without the OS. We will consider each case separately.

Note! Determining whether an operating system is installed on a TV is not difficult. To do this, when you plug the TV into an outlet, pay attention to the screen. The OS device will display a splash screen with the corresponding “Android” caption. On other devices, only Sony’s proprietary screensaver will pop up.

Step-by-step instructions for installing applications for Sony Bravia Smart TV based on Android TV

The easiest and most reliable way to install the application is to use the “Store Google Play” service. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • expand the “Main menu” – press “HOME” on the remote control;Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third Party
  • Scroll through the menu, find and expand the “Applications” section;Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third Party
  • Go to the “Store Google Play Text_Search_BKWS% 7CONSEM_kwid_43700007031591577 & gclid = CjwKCAjwmeiIBhA6EiwA-uaeFfABdo8W3wglHuI7em-B2NU4GBPlzKXHFvJrzK6EdCbDCRp7e
  • If you have not previously created an account on Google Play, register – enter the requested data on the website Important! To work with the Google Play Store on TV, an account previously created, for example, on a tablet, is also suitable. In this case, all paid applications that are already paid for when installed on gadgets are now available for free download on the TV.
  • We enter the store. The applications available for download on TV will be displayed here.Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third Party
  • We find the required program.
  • Download and install it according to the instructions on the screen.

Note! Due to the fact that the Google Play store contains a huge number of programs, not all of them will be displayed on the home page. If the required application is not found, it is recommended to use the “Search” by keywords.

Internet connection is required to download applications. Not all apps that are developed for Android devices will also be available on Android TV. The decision to develop applications adapted for TV remains with the developer.

How to install third-party TV apps without Android TV OS

Unfortunately, in this case, only existing applications are available to users. It is impossible to install a third-party program on Sony Smart TV without Android TV OS by yourself.

Application uninstallation instructions

Note! System applications are not available for uninstallation.

Applications that were installed by the user independently are removed as follows:

  • Expand the main menu by pressing the “HOME” button on the remote control.Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third Party
  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Find the Google Play Store and log into your account.
  • In the service menu, we find and expand “My applications”.
  • From the list of all installed applications, select the one you want to uninstall.
  • Click on the corresponding button “DELETE / UNINSTALL”.Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third Party
  • We confirm the actions by clicking on “OK”.Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third Party

The application uninstallation procedure is now complete.

Answers to questions about Sony Bravia TVs

Can I add new apps to my Bravia Smart TV?

This option is not available for all Bravia models. In order to find out whether it is possible to install a third-party application on this TV, it is recommended to refer to the supplied user manual; or go to the official Sony website, and make a request.

Does my TV support the Apple TV apps?

Some Sony TVs are actually compatible with Apple TV. These include the following models based on the Android TV OS:

  • 2018 AF / ZF9 series;
  • AG9, XG85, ZG9, XG87 2019;
  • series XH 80/81/85/90/91/92/95, as well as A8 / 9 2020.

You can subscribe on the official Apple website, apple gadgets or directly on the Sony TV.

How do I close apps on my Sony Android TV (Android 7.0 Nougat)?

A large number of applications open on TV can lead to insufficient system memory and system freezes. In this case, it is recommended to close applications that are running in the background. Restart the TV. We close the applications as follows:

  • On the remote control, hold down the “HOME” button.
  • Next, select the desired application using the “right” and “left” buttons.
  • Select the “Close / X” icon.Best Sony Smart TV Apps: How to Install via Store and Third Party
  • We confirm the action by clicking the “OK” button.

What apps are available on Sony’s Android TVs?

As already mentioned in the review itself, users of Sony smart TVs with the Android TV operating system have access to all applications that are displayed in the Google Play Store opened on the TV. If the desired application is not displayed when starting the service, you can try to find it through the search tape by entering keywords or the exact name of the program. Also, many will find it useful to use an existing Google account by entering the corresponding ID code on the TV screen. Using the old account, the user can download and install on the TV, now absolutely free, paid application. Provided that it has already been purchased and installed on another gadget tied to a profile. However, we also pay attention to the fact that not all applications developed for devices areadapted for Sony Smart TV based on the Android TV operating system. Installing APK applications from a USB flash drive to a Sony Bravia s Android TV – video instruction:

Streaming app problems: learn how to stop the app on a Sony Android TV

Of course, the TV can also have problems with the streaming application. The software freezes. In this case, you can exit the application, and reopen it to see that it invariably hangs. Or, on the contrary, exit the program, but it will continue to work in the background. A full restart of the application will help to solve the problem. Or using the stop option to reset the program. Stops like this:

  • On the remote control, holds the home button for a few seconds. The applications window will be displayed.
  • Here, in the proposed list, you need to find the application that we are stopping.
  • Let’s move on to it.
  • Next, we hold down the “OK” button on the remote control.
  • We are waiting for the dialog box to appear.
  • Next, we find the “Information” section, go to it, press the “OK” button.
  • In this section, we find the “Stop” option.
  • We confirm our actions by double-clicking on “OK”.

The application has stopped. Then you can reopen the application and check the quality of its work. For more than half a century, the Japanese company Sony has been one of the leading manufacturers of televisions on the world market. Modern models also do not cease to delight users with excellent picture and sound quality. The software keeps pace with modern technologies. With regard to applications, the main responsibility here rests with the software developers. And we talked about how to add or remove applications in the review. As you can see, the simple and convenient interface of Sony TVs allows you to cope with the tasks set quickly and easily. We hope that using the TV and all its features will leave only pleasant impressions.

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