Tivimate player: its features and functionality

TiviMate is the new IPTV / OTT player for media consoles. This application is optimized for Android TV and allows you to remotely control your TV viewing. Both premium and free versions of the software are available. From the article you will learn about the features of the program, its functionality and interface, and here you will also find links to download the application.

What is Tivimate?

TiviMate is an application designed to work with IPTV services provided by M3U or Xtream Code servers. With this program you can watch TV channels from IPTV providers live and with stunning playback quality on your Android TV Box or Android TV.

The program does not provide IPTV channels. To start playback, you need to load a playlist into the application.

The main characteristics of the application and its system requirements are presented in the table.

Parameter nameDescription
The developerAR Mobile Dev.
CategoryVideo players and editors.
Interface languageThe application is multilingual, including Russian and English.
Suitable devices and OSTVs and set-top boxes with Android OS 5.0 and higher.
Availability of paid contentThere is. $ 0.99 to $ 19.99 per item.
PermissionsView, change / delete data on a USB drive, record audio using a microphone, unlimited Internet access, display interface elements on top of other windows, launch when the device is turned on, view network connections, prevent the device from going into sleep mode.
Official siteNot.

Features of the app:

  • modern minimalistic design;
  • the user interface is optimized for large screens;
  • support for multiple playlists in .m3u and .m3u8 formats;
  • updated TV show schedule;
  • a separate section with your favorite channels;

Distinctive features of the Pro version

The cost of the Premium version is 249 rubles (billed annually). You can use one subscription on up to five devices. After connecting the Pro version, you will have a number of additional functions:

  • support for multiple playlists;
  • management of the “Favorites” section;
  • archiving and search;
  • customization of the TV guide update interval;
  • the transparency of the panel and its complete disappearance;
  • you can arrange channels manually and open the last viewed channel when you start the program;
  • automatic frame rate (AFR) – the most optimal indicator for your screen is selected;
  • picture in picture.

Functionality and interface

The application has a pleasant and convenient user interface. When you enter the application, the TV program of programs from the playlist downloaded by the user appears immediately.
FunctionalTo go to the TV program settings, you need to click on any channel and select the parameter of interest on the panel that appears on the right.
Select channelWith the app, you can:

  • switch between channels;
  • watch current TV shows;
  • add your favorite channels to favorites and much more.

Working with channels Among the shortcomings of the program, the following can be noted:

  • the player cannot display all channels in the sidebar while watching;
  • ExoPlayer is used, which by default selects the preferred system decoder – this means that the receiver equipment does not know how to use the UDP and RTSP protocols;
  • the free version does not support archiving channels;
  • the TV program is too busy;
  • no air mouse support.

The program is intended for use on TVs and TV boxes. The app is not available for smartphones and tablets.

To access the Premium functionality, you need to do the following:

  1. Pay for the pro version through the app, and then download the Tivimate Companion program by going to the page on Google Play at the link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ar.tvplayer.companion&hl=ru&gl=US (install over the existing one).
  2. Go to the downloaded program under your data from TiviMate. Go to the program

Video review and setup instructions:

Download Tivimate app

There are two ways to download the program – via Google Play and using the apk file. Both methods are suitable for all Android TV devices, as well as for Windows 7-10 PCs (with a special emulator program).

You can try to install only the apk file on your smartphone, but the application is not guaranteed to work. The same applies to TVs with other operating systems.

Officially: via Google Play

To download the application through the official store, follow the link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ar.tvplayer.tv&hl=ru&gl=US. The installation of this program proceeds in exactly the same way as any other downloaded from Google Play.

Free: using apk file

You can download the most current version of the application (v3.7.0) at the link – https://trashbox.ru/files20/1453742_8b66a2/ar.tvplayer.tv_3.7.0_3702.apk. File size – 11.2 Mb. What makes the new version different:

  • customizable broadcast recording (settings: start date / time and recording duration);
  • the ability to hide current and past programs in the browsing history without archiving;
  • fixed bug of recording playback via SMB.

When downloading the moda of the application, a message may appear that the file is potentially dangerous and the download is stopped – this is due to the fact that antiviruses often block downloading files from third-party sources. To install the application, you just need to temporarily disable the security program.

All mod versions are hacked – with open pro functionality.

You can also install previous versions of the program. But it is worth doing this in extreme cases – for example, when a fresh variation is not installed for some reason. What older versions can be downloaded:

  • TiviMate v3.6.0 mod by CMist. File size – 11.1 Mb. Direct download link – https://trashbox.ru/files30/1438275/ar.tvplayer.tv_3.6.0.apk/.
  • TiviMate v3.5.0 mod by CMist. File size – 10.6 Mb. Direct download link – https://trashbox.ru/files30/1424963/tivimate-iptv-player_3.5.0.apk/.
  • TiviMate v3.4.0 mod by CMist. File size – 9.8 Mb. Direct download link – https://trashbox.ru/files30/1408190/tivimate-iptv-player_3.4.0.apk/.
  • TiviMate v3.3.0 mod by CMist . File size – 10.8 Mb. Direct download link – https://trashbox.ru/files30/1384251/tivimate_3302.apk/.
  • TiviMate v2.8.0 mod by CMist. File size – 18.61 Mb. Direct download link – https://www.tvbox.one/download/TiviMate-2.8.0.apk.
  • TiviMate v2.7.5 mod by CMist. File size – 18.75 Mb. Direct download link – https://www.tvbox.one/download/TiviMate-2.7.5.apk.
  • TiviMate v2.7.0 mod by CMist. File size – 20.65 Mb. Direct download link – https://www.tvbox.one/download/TiviMate-2.7.0.apk.
  • TiviMate v2.1.5 mod by CMist. File size – 9.89 Mb. Direct download link – https://5mod-file.ru/download/file/2021-02/1614500771_tivimate-iptv-player-v2_1_5-mod-5mod_ru.apk

How to install Tivimate via apk file?

Installing an application via an apk file is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Even a person who is far from technology and Internet technologies can successfully cope with it. You just need to follow a few steps:

  1. Download the file to your PC using one of the links above, and then transfer it to a USB flash drive / memory card that your TV supports.
  2. Install FX File Explorer on the TV, if it is not already there (it is standard and available in the Market). If it is, run it.
  3. Insert the USB flash drive / memory card into the TV connector. When you open FX File Explorer, folders will appear on the main screen. The card will be available under the media-card icon, if you are using a USB flash drive – you need the “USB Drive” folder.Folders
  4. Find the required file and click on it using the “Ok” button on the control panel. The standard screen with the installer will appear, which will contain the name of the program and the button “Install”. Click on it and wait for the process to finish.

After the installation is complete, you can immediately launch the program by clicking on the “Open” button that appears in the lower right corner. Video instruction for installing the apk file:

Where and how to download playlists for the app for free?

For the TiviMate app, you can choose any playlist available for free download on the Internet – and there are quite a few of them. It is enough to enter “IPTV playlists” in the search engine. But it is better to use trusted sites, as you can run into viruses. We present several proven playlists available for use:

  • Shared playlist. More than 300 motley channels of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Among them – KINOKLUB, KRIK-TB (Yekaterinburg), Karusel, Kinosemya, 31 channel Chelyabinsk HD, 8 channel, AMEDIA Hit HD, etc. Download link – https://iptv-russia.ru/list/iptv- playlist.m3u.
  • Russian channels. More than 400 sources. Among them – First HD, Russia 1, Ren TV HD, Health TV, Red Line, Wild Fishing HD, Carousel, MTV, Channel Five, Domashniy, Astrakhan.Ru Sport, Power FHD, NTV, Zvezda, Favorite HD, etc. Download link – https://iptvmaster.ru/russia.m3u.
  • Ukrainian channels. More than 130 sources. Among them are Donechchina TB (Kramatorsk), Dumskaya TB, Health, IRT (Dnipro), Pravda HERE Lviv HD, Pryamy, Rada TB, Reporter (Odessa), Rudana TB HD, IT3 HD, Izmail TB, K1, M Studio, etc. e. Download link – https://iptv-russia.ru/list/ua-all.m3u.
  • Educational TV channels. Only 41 pieces. Among them – Animal Planet, Beaver, Da Vinci, Discovery (Channel and Russia HD), Hunting and Fishing, National Geographic, Russian Travel Guide HD, Big Asia HD, My Planet, Science 2.0, etc. Download link – https : //iptv-russia.ru/list/iptv-playlist.m3u.
  • Sports TV channels. More than 60 sources. Among them are EUROSPORT HD 1/2 / Gold, UFC TV, News, Setanta Sports, Viasat Sport, Hunter and Angler HD, Adventure Sports Network, NBS Sports HD, HTB + Sports, Power TB HD, Redline TB, etc. Download link – https://iptvmaster.ru/sport.m3u.
  • For kids. In total – 40 TV channels and 157 cartoons. Among the channels – Disney, Carousel, Ani, Cartoon, Red, Network, Lolo, Jim Jam, Boomerang, Nickelodeon, TiJi, Enki-Benki, Children’s World, Smiley TV HD, Malyatko TV, Multilandia, etc. Cartoons – Monsters on vacation (1, 2, 3), Despicable Me (1, 2, 3), The Smurfs: The Lost Village, Toy Story (1, 2), Wait a minute !, Prostokvashino, Masha and the Bear, etc. Download Link – https://iptvmaster.ru/kids-all.m3u.
  • Film channels. More than 50 sources. Among them are AKUDJI TV HD, Men’s cinema, VIP CINEMA HD, VIP HORROR HD, LENFILM HD, EVGENIY USSR, MOSFILM HD, Made in USSR, JETIX, Dom Kino, KINO 24, EVGENIY HORROR, etc. Download Link – https://iptv-russia.ru/list/cinematic.m3u.

To add a playlist to the TiviMate app, do the following:

  1. In the “Settings” find the “Playlists” section. Settings
  2. Insert the playlist address into the corresponding line, or select a local playlist. Click “Next” and on the next page confirm your actions.Playlist

When the playlist is loaded successfully, the “Playlists” section is displayed like this:
Playlist loaded

Possible problems and solutions

The nature of the origin and how to solve the most common problems with the TiviMate application.

Error 500

This error can occur when working with an archive (in the Premium version). If it appears – the fact is that the codecs of your device cannot cope with this stream “on the fly” – it often happens with long videos. The error occurs from time to time for everyone and goes away on its own. If you want to solve the problem as soon as possible, you can try changing the country in the settings (for example, from Russia to the Czech Republic) – this will “shake up” the server. Sometimes this action helps to bring everything back to normal.

The program guide does not show / disappears

If your device has problems with the built-in EPG, then the easiest way is to install a third-party TV guide. We recommend one of the following:

  • https://iptvx.one/epg/epg.xml.gz;
  • https://iptvx.one/epg/epg_lite.xml.gz;
  • http://georgemikl.ucoz.ru/epg/xmltv.xml.gz;
  • https://iptvx.one/epg/epg.xml.gz;
  • http://dortmundez.ucoz.net/epg/epg.xml.gz;
  • http: //www.teleguide.i…load/new3/xmltv.xml.gz;
  • http://epg.it999.ru/edem.xml.gz;
  • http://epg.greatiptv.cc/iptv.xml.gz;
  • http://programtv.ru/xmltv.xml.gz;
  • http://epg.openboxfan.com/xmltv.xml.gz;
  • http://stb.shara-tv.org/epg/epgtv.xml.gz;
  • http://epg.iptvx.tv/xmltv.xml.gz;
  • http://epg.do.am/tv.gz;
  • https://ottepg.ru/ottepg.xml.gz.

The program is not installed

If an error occurs during installation and a message is displayed that the program could not be installed, then, most likely, the selected file is incompatible with the device (most often when they try to install the application on other OS). The problem can be solved only by installing the program on a device with a suitable operating system (Android). If you have these / other problems, or just any questions about the application, you can contact the official w3bsit3-dns.com forum – https://w3bsit3-dns.com.to/forum/index.php?showtopic=933497. Experienced users and the developer himself answer there.

Similar applications

Online television is now gaining popularity with might and main, and applications that provide services for viewing it are becoming more and more every day. Let’s present some worthy analogs of TiviMate:

  • Televizo – IPTV player. It is a unique and modern application with simple controls. Since the program is just a player, no channels are preset in it. To watch TV, you must download a playlist with your local programming guide.
  • TV Remote Control Pro. A program with simple configuration and user-friendly interface. This app is compatible with most brands and models of TVs. To work, you need a Wi-Fi connection. You can use your smartphone to control various TV settings.
  • LAZY IPTV. This is a program for those who always want to keep abreast of the latest news, sports results and see everything with their own eyes. The application contains not internal playlists, but client ones. With it, you can find your favorite channels and add them to your favorites.
  • FreeFlix TV. An application with a simple user interface that can help users get the latest news about films currently shown in theaters and watch them. The program allows you to quickly find any movie by title.
  • Dub music player. It is an app with attractive design and powerful music player features. The program supports the most common music formats such as MP3, WAV, 3GP, OGG, etc. If necessary, they can be translated from one to another.
  • Perfect Player IPTV. The program was created for the most demanding mobile device users who want to enjoy the excellent quality of various video content. It is a powerful IPTV / media player that allows you to watch movies on the screens of smartphones and tablets.

TiviMate is an Android TV and set-top box app that lets you watch movies, TV series and TV shows for free on the big screen. The program itself does not contain any playlists, you have to add them yourself, but there is a built-in TV guide. The application has a Premium version, when paying for which advanced functions are opened.

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