How to download and install Vplay for Android in 2022


Vplay for Android – what is the application and why you need it, where to download it and how to install it in 2022. With Vplay, you can watch movies and TV shows. Supports 4K UHD quality. The ability to watch videos from torrents is considered as an important feature of the application. In its work, the program uses the services Ace Stream and TorrServe. Vplay works on set-top boxes running
Android TV , as well as on mobile devices. You can use 4K quality only when watching using a torrent.
How to download and install Vplay for Android in 2022One of the serious drawbacks of the player is that it can play a small number of formats in the browser. We are talking about any files with the .mp4 and .m3u8 extensions, as well as some (not all) files with the .mkv extension. When trying to view a file of such a common format as .mp4, the application gives an error. In order to be able to bookmark and access all settings, authorization is required. For her, you must specify the desired username and provide an email address. Voice search is possible here. Although this application was originally designed to work with Android devices, it can be used on set-top boxes with Smart TV for LG and Samsung. For viewing, the use of third-party video players is allowed.

How things stand with the possibility of using Vplay in 2022

The last working version of the application is number 1.54 and is dated September 5, 2021. On the Internet, they quote a letter from the developers that only premium users will be able to use the application. We are talking about those who donated a certain amount to the developers, indicating their email address. They say they should receive an e-mail with instructions to help make the program work again. However, there is no reliable information about how correct this information is. A message on this topic, for example, can be seen as a user’s comment on the page
How to download and install Vplay for Android in 2022

This application was actually operational until August-September 2021. Around the same time, the developers’ website and their Telegram channel ceased to be available.

Those who have used this program note the high quality of its work and the user-friendly interface. Perhaps in the future, this program will officially work again, but no information about this has yet been found. One of the best apps – Vplay player for Android TV:

Is it possible to download and install Vplay now and will the application work

It is impossible to download the application from the developers’ site, since it does not work, however, the installation file is available on many resources. For example, Vplay for Android can be downloaded from After downloading such a file, you can install it. However, when you click on the icon, the application freezes. As a result, the user sees just a black screen. If you search on Google Play, you can find several applications with the same name, but they have nothing to do with the program in question.

How to download and install in practice

At the time when the program was running (until August-September 2021) it could be downloaded from the developer’s website Further, the description of installation and configuration will be done as if the application were now working. Installation is similar to other Android applications. To do this, go to the “Downloads” folder and tap on the downloaded file with the APK extension. This will require you to allow installation from third-party sources. After completing the installation procedure, an icon for the new application will appear.
How to download and install Vplay for Android in 2022This program is available for use on Samsung and LG TVs. To do this, the installation is carried out using the Media Station X application. It can be downloaded and installed using the standard application store. Having launched this program, you need to go to the settings, then open the “Start Parameter” section, then use the “Setup”. In this case, you must enter or as the playlist address in the corresponding field. Then press Enter. Launching Android TV in the operating system is performed in the usual way by tapping on the application icon. In Samsung or LG, for this purpose, you will need to use the Media Station X application. After starting it, you need to open the settings, go to “Start Parameter”, then enter as the address in “Setup” and press Enter.
How to download and install Vplay for Android in 2022For Samsung or LG, it can be configured by changing the DNS. To implement it, go to the network settings, disable the automatic detection option and enter the IP address After pressing the “Connect” or “OK” button, you can proceed to using the program. In order to be able to use this program, you need to configure it. To do this, you need to click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and enter the required parameters – time zone, country, preferred video quality, and others. After launch, the viewer will see the main menu on the left side, sections of which are devoted to certain types of video content: feature films, TV series, documentaries and popular science films, and much more.
How to download and install Vplay for Android in 2022In the upper right corner there is an icon with a gear image, by clicking on which you can get to the “Settings”. In the main part of the screen, there is a list of the most recent films in the selected category. Maximum quality is only available when viewing via torrent. For this option to be available, you need to start the TorrServe service. Under this condition, the ability to view in 4K UHD quality will be activated.
How to download and install Vplay for Android in 2022By clicking on the selected movie, you can go to its page. The user will be able to view it online or using a torrent. Maximum quality is only available in the latter case.
How to download and install Vplay for Android in 2022By clicking on the desired option, you will need to select the appropriate option for viewing. In this case, files of different quality will be available. It is also possible to choose a suitable translation for foreign videos. If necessary, you can bookmark the page, but this option is available only for registered users.

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