All ways to download and install Wink on a PC or laptop

On forums and social networks, the question is often raised about whether it is possible to install the Wink application from Rostelecom not on a TV, but on a computer or laptop. This would allow using interactive television not only with the help of TV, but also with a PC, making family TV viewing more convenient and comfortable.

Can I download the Vink app to my computer?

Some users, making a superficial search for information, believe that the installation of the desired application on the computer is impossible. And if it is possible, then it is difficult to implement it.
WinkIn fact, there are two easy-to-implement ways to download and install the program on a PC. In addition, you can enjoy some of the basic features of Wink without downloading the application – through a browser window from the official website.

System requirements

The application is undemanding to the device on which it is supposed to be installed. However, in order to view the pictures in good quality (and justify the cost of the subscription), you have to pay attention to the system requirements for comfortable use of Wink. Consider the minimum required:

  • Processor characteristics. Models like Intel Core i3 3.6 GHz or better will do.
  • Video card. Advanced users recommend a relatively inexpensive model (from 3 to 5 thousand rubles) GeForce, the memory capacity is 2 GB.
  • RAM. The amount of RAM should be at least 2 GB, but in order to avoid freezes during work (if many programs are open at the same time), a larger amount of “RAM” is preferable.
  • Operating system. Windows version starting from 7.
  • HDD. Free disk space must be at least 3 GB.

general information

The app is a streaming service. Users can fully appreciate the variety of TV programs. Genres for every taste: from cartoons and telethons to horror films and documentary research. An impressive media library that allows you not only to watch the programs that are shown on any channel at the current time, but also to enjoy watching the extensive content that appears on the big screen at any day and hour chosen by the owner of Wink.

Subscription pricing and tariff plans

For unrestricted use of Wink on a PC, authorization from the mobile operator and the application provider (Rostelecom) is required. The operator made sure that everyone could determine the most suitable subscription option for themselves by providing a variety of tariff plans, for example:

  • “For lovers”. With an inexpensive subscription price (only 99 rubles per month), access to 101 TV channels and a database of more than 1000 films is opened.
  • “KinoVIP”. There are 120 channels and more than one thousand films from the extensive VIPPlay library for 379 rubles a month.
  • “Adult” . To watch erotic TV channels in the best quality for 329 rubles per month.
  • PictureBox. The tariff is specially designed for fans of Hollywood TV series and films. Subscription price – 180 rubles per month.
  • “For moviegoers” . A minimum of 1,500 TV series and films from the VIP Play base and other studios are offered, as well as 6 HD premium quality channels. You will have to pay 399 rubles a month for this.
  • Kids Club and Disney Magic World. Tariff plans for a children’s audience for 180 and 250 rubles per month, respectively.

And this is not the whole list of offered subscription options. The choice never stops growing. Recently, training kits of TV channels are gaining particular popularity, for example, Englishclub (149 rubles per month) – for those who want to improve their English, combining business with pleasure.

Even if the user is not a Rostelecom subscriber, he can still use Wink by downloading the application on his PC and registering on the corresponding portal – “”. In this case, payment will be made by credit card.

There are also many free channels on offer – these are the ones that come with the standard federal package.

Interface and language

Wink is available in Russian, and the interface is intuitive even for a child or an elderly person. After launching the application, the user immediately sees the main page in front of him, where all information about new products and interesting offers is available.

The list of channels and the program guide also does not need to be specially searched – everything you need is in plain sight.

Video review of the application:

Functionality and capabilities of the application when installed on a PC

Why are viewers so interested in the possibility of installing Wink on a computer? Because then there are a number of additional functions that users are especially interested in. This includes:

  • the ability to rewind, pause and record the content you are watching;
  • an interesting function of pre-order and subsequent purchase of a film or series of interest, if it is not currently in the platform’s databases;
  • parental control.

Ways to download and run Wink on PC

Since the program is created on the principle of a mobile application, an emulator is required to install it on a PC (an additional utility for adapting such applications to the computer OS). The most popular for their ease of installation and use are Nox and Bluestacks. Before you start installing Wink on your PC, you need to select, download and install an emulator. Installing the Nox emulator:

  1. Download the emulator from the official site by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button. Download on site
  2. Run the downloaded file, the installation will begin. At the end of the program, a shortcut to the program will appear on the desktop – the application is ready to work.

Installing the Bluestacks emulator:

  1. Download the application from the official site by clicking “Download”. Application on the site
  2. Run the downloaded file. After the required installation time has passed, the application is ready to use. A shortcut will also appear on the desktop.

Installing Wink via Google Play

One option is to install via Google Play. When the emulator is selected, installed and running, you can start the installation by following the instructions below:

  1. Go through the authorization in the application through a Google account (if you do not have an account, then create one in advance on the Google service). After that, an ordinary Play Market will open.
  2. In the search bar, enter the name of the Wink application you are looking for and click INSTALL. After the automatic installation, a Wink shortcut will appear on the desktop. The application is ready to use.Install

Installing Wink via apk file

Both emulators also support direct installation. To do this, you must first download the apk-file of the application. There are many sites on the Internet for this. Just enter “download Wink apk” in the search bar.

Choose from the first few items in the search results to avoid installing unwanted programs.

Then proceed as follows:

  1. Use the mouse to drag the downloaded file into the open emulator window. Nox doesn’t even require Google login. If you are installing via the Bluestacks emulator, please log in first.Downloaded file
  2. To launch Winks, click on its icon, which will now be in the emulator window.

Pros and cons of the app

According to numerous user reviews, a number of pros and cons are highlighted:

After the release of the premieres, the appearance of new products in the application is not long in coming.Users note the slow service of the support service: operators do not respond for a long time.
Convenient grouping of film industry products at the discretion of the user for a more convenient search.A significant part of the new products can only be viewed upon additional payment.
An automatic selection of recommendations, compiled by the service on the basis of already watched TV shows, will save you from an infinitely long choice of a movie, suggesting what the user will surely like.The system sometimes “freezes” and “slows down”.
The most budgetary tariff plan (99 rubles per month) can be afforded by almost any TV viewer, while having issued such a subscription, he will not suffer from a lack of content choice.It happens that the information indicated in the TV program guide does not correspond to reality.
The platform has a fairly wide selection of children’s entertainment programs, and not every such service can boast of this.You cannot select a folder while saving data.
The opportunity to watch a large number of foreign films and TV series with original sound, which is especially noted by gourmets of the cinema industry.It is not always possible to make instant payment for the subscription due to “freezing”.
It is possible to start viewing from the very moment where the previous session was stopped.Some old and popular movies are missing for free.
One account easily works with multiple devices.Small interface font.

The number of pros and cons of using Wink, noted by users, is about the same, but the definitions of quality are individual for each. What is a disadvantage for one, the other will not even notice.

Similar applications

Are you constantly looking for something new? Do you like the Wink platform? Discover interesting analogs:

  • MEGAGO. Everything is on top – premieres, free movie library and playback quality. A distinctive feature is the ability to watch live broadcasts of concerts by famous performers.
  • Lime HD TV. A proposal from Infolink aimed more at television than film libraries.
  • Ivi. Convenient catalogs, timely updating of libraries, a sufficient number of new products in free access.

Wink on PC is a great option for those who like to watch a couple of episodes of their favorite TV series after work, and for true moviegoers. An extensive selection of tariff plans, sparing system requirements, ease of installation and use clearly outweigh a number of minor disadvantages of the application.

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