Downloading and installing the Wink Ultimate mod on Android

Wink Ultimate is a new modified version of the famous TV viewing application – Wink. It is based on the original and stable version 1.16.1. The platform is available on Android devices. In this article we will talk about the features and differences of this version, as well as how to download and install it for free.

What is Wink Ultimate on Android?

Wink Ultimate is a free mod version of the Wink app, suitable for Android TB, mobile devices and TB boxes. By installing this application on your TV receiver, you will get high-quality access to a large number of channels that are different in their direction.
Wink Ultimate on the phoneDifferences between the hacked Wink Ultimate and the original version:

  • advertising is completely absent;
  • Movies and TV series have been removed from internal and ATV searches, logging is disabled so that the memory is not clogged with unnecessary;
  • the function of sending analytics has been completely removed;
  • added a full screen patch (so that there is no curtain), so you can watch channels on the big screen without any interference.

If you don’t want to uninstall the original Wink app, that’s okay, you can install the Ultimate mod without doing it.

The main characteristics of the Wink Ultimate application and its system requirements are presented in the table below.

Description of characteristicsDescription
The developerRostelecom
Interface languageMultilingual, there is Russian
Supported devices and OSDevices on the Android system version 5.0 and higher

The main features of the Wink Ultimate app include the following:

  • the quality of the offered content – from SD to 4K and Full HD;
  • the ability to watch videos anywhere – having started watching content on TV, you can continue watching on your phone;
  • you do not need to create several accounts, you can watch content from all devices from one account (up to 7 pieces);
  • installation of an additional player is not required for work;
  • if the network connection speed is limited, the application will select the appropriate video quality for viewing.

This app has regional restrictions. To view, you must use a Russian IP. If you are not from Russia, use any VPN software like Turbo VPN Pro.

Interface and features

The Wink Ultimate app has a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. It has everything you need to watch your favorite channels online. In this version of the mod, the developers have done a good job not only on the interface, but also on the modernization of the application’s functions. On the left side is the navigation bar with all the available sections. All channels are divided into several categories. Users can access the following channels:

  • sports;
  • for children;
  • news;
  • educational;
  • historical;
  • entertaining;
  • culinary;
  • 18+;
  • religious;
  • male and female.

There is a category where only HD-quality channels are placed, which is very convenient. Navigation bar and categories in the Wink Ultimate app:
Navigation bar

There is also a subcategory “My”, where you can add your favorite channels for quick access to them.

The TV program of each available channel is available in the application, in it you can see not only the time at which a particular program starts, but also study its description:
TV program Other features of the Wink Ultimate app for Android:

  • full optimization for remote control using a remote control on a TB;
  • more than 555 TB channels with archive support;
  • there are no restrictions (which are in the official version);
  • there are logos on all channels;
  • reproduction of content in good quality;
  • convenient quick search for TV channels using filters (you can sort content by genre and age rating);
  • the current time in the TB program is displayed;
  • there are channels with adult content, as well as football;
  • you can set up a dark background;
  • the category menu can be completely hidden so that it does not interfere with the video;
  • channels can be added to Favorites, even without creating an account;
  • when the program starts, the last viewed channel opens;
  • no push notifications with ads.

An example of the Wink Ultimate app interface on a mobile device:
Example interface
Application interface

Free Download and Install Wink Ultimate for Android

To download the Wink Ultimate app for your Android mobile device, use this link – The process of installing APK applications on an Android mobile device:
On Android TV, you can download Wink Ultimate in several variations. Direct links to download the latest versions of the application:

There is no automatic update of the jailbroken version of Wink Ultimate on Android. In order to update the application if a new variation is released, you will need to install a fresh version over the previous one, or simply reinstall the program.

What to do if Wink Ultimate has stopped working on Android?

Any application has problems and errors from time to time. For the Wink Ultimate program, the most common are:

  • Error “This version of the application is no longer supported.” In this case, there is only one way out – to install a newer APK version of the application.
  • Some channels are not available. If you see the inscription “An error occurred while playing encrypted content”, it means that the root directory or its traces have been found on the device. This is due to the restrictions of copyright holders and there is nothing to be done about it. Unfortunately, even in mods, some channels remain unavailable.
  • Mod is not installed: “Syntax error”. Check if you have any other versions of Wink installed and, if so, uninstall them before installing the mod. Also check:
    • whether the APK file has been downloaded completely, if not, download it again;
    • whether installation from “unknown sources” is allowed on the device in the Android settings, if not – allow it (further we will attach a video instruction on this action).
  • The mod does not start, crashes when opening channels. If the mod does not work as expected, check that the time and date (and time zone) settings on the device you are using are correct. And if the parameters are set incorrectly, correct it. It is better to configure them “over the network”.
  • There are no regional channels. When the application is launched, it determines the region in which you are located through your IP address, and sometimes it determines the area incorrectly – robots also make mistakes, and there is nothing you can do about it. This can only be allowed through the installation of a VPN or a proxy for your region. You will have to enable them before each launch of the application on the device.
  • The application began to take up a lot of memory. If the program is 1 GB or more, this is most likely due to the activation of VMX logging. Reinstall the application mod and everything will be fine. In the latest version, logging is disabled by default. Also, the weight of the program may increase due to the logos of channels and programs (they are cached for faster loading). But this cache has a limitation, so there is nothing to worry about.

Video instruction on allowing the installation of applications from “unknown sources”:
For all questions about the Wink Ultimate application and for advice on solving problems in it, you can contact the official forum – The developer himself and experienced users of the program are responsible there.

Analogs to Wink Ultimate

Online television is now at its peak. And the Wink Ultimate app has many analogues, the number of which is only increasing every day. Among them:

  • HD VideoBox. This is an excellent online cinema where you can find films, TV series and cartoons for all tastes. The application is designed for devices with the Android operating system, and its interface is completely in Russian.
  • Wifire TV. An entertainment application where you can find your favorite movies, TV series and shows. The service cooperates with Megogo, Ivy and other equally large video services, and also supports online broadcasting of about 200 terrestrial TV channels.
  • KinoPoisk. This is a mobile version of the well-known and popular portal. Here you can find the largest database of films, TV series, cartoons and even short films from any producer country. And also get the most detailed information about various kinds of content.
  • Premier match. A new premium application of the famous sports TV channel, created especially for Russian football fans using Android devices. A feature of the project is the ability to watch exclusive broadcasts of games even before the official broadcast.
  • TTK TB. With this application, you will not miss your favorite shows, movies or TV series, because now you can watch them on the screen of your Android device at any time. Here you can pause or play the live broadcast, and perform other operations.

Wink Ultimate is a TV channel that you can watch for free on a variety of Android devices – smartphones, tablets and TB. Install the modified application using one of the links left in the article and watch the content online, or download the video to your device and enjoy watching your favorite channels even without the Internet.

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