Features of the mod Wink Ultimate Mobile and its download

Wink Ultimate Mobile is a modified mobile version of CopyMist’s Wink app. The service allows you to watch hundreds of high-quality TV channels using the TV program guide and archive. From the article you will learn about the features of the mod, its system requirements, how to download and install it.

About the Wink Ultimate Mobile app

Wink Ultimate Mobile / Wink Plus Mobile is a paid Wink app mod designed to be installed and used on Android smartphones and tablets. Other devices and operating systems are not supported.
Wink ultimate mobileFeatures and differences of the latest version of Wink Ultimate Mobile v1.11.2:

  • 307 main TV channels in the application (there are purely sports and erotic ones);
  • no movies / TV series (so as not to overload the service);
  • while there are no regional channels and the “Favorites” section, there are no settings – the developers plan to add all this in the future;
  • there are colored icons of broadcast quality;
  • the selected video quality is remembered, by default it is the highest possible;
  • no recommendations, search only in the list of TV channels;
  • the time zone is synchronized across the device on which the application is installed;
  • there is a sorting of TV channels by numbers;
  • analytics and logging are completely absent (to facilitate the program);
  • the mod can be installed on the phone without uninstalling the official version of Wink.

The main characteristics and system requirements of the application are presented in the table below:

Parameter nameDescription
DeveloperCopyMist (the creator of the official application – Rostelecom).
Interface languageRussian.
Supported devices and OSMobile devices with Android OS from version 4.4 and higher.
Installer typeapk.
Root requirementNot.

An example of the Wink Ultimate Mobile interface:
Wink Ultimate interfaceFor all arising questions and for solving problems with a modified version of the Wink Ultimate Mobile application, you can contact the official forum of the program by clicking on the link – https://w3bsit3-dns.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=903473&st= 11560 # entry98132611.

Download the Wink Ultimate Mobile mod

There are options for versions of Wink Ultimate Mobile with and without erotic channels.

Latest version v1.11.2

The most recent version of the Ultimate Mobile application for today is v1.11.2. You can download it using these links:

  • With erotic channels. Download via direct link – https://www.tvbox.one/tvbox-files/Wink-Ultimate-Mobile-1.11.2-v.0.5.apk.
  • No erotic channels. Download via direct link – https://www.tvbox.one/tvbox-files/Wink-Ultimate-Mobile-1.11.2-v.0.5-noero.apk.

Older versions of Wink Ultimate Mobile

Previous versions of the modified Wink Ultimate Mobile application are also available for download. You can download them at the following links:

  • Wink Ultimate Mobile v.1.1 with erotic channels. Download via direct link – https://android-kino-tv.ru/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Wink-Plus-Mobile-1.11.2-v.1.1-noero.apk.
  • Wink Ultimate Mobile v.1.1 without erotic channels. Download via direct link – https://android-kino-tv.ru/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Wink-Plus-Mobile-1.11.2-v.1.1-noero.apk.

The previous version of Wink Ultimate Mobile can be downloaded if the newest version is not installed for some reason.

Installing Wink Ultimate Mobile on your mobile device

Installing an apk file on a phone or tablet is not as difficult as it might seem to an average user. To do this, follow a few steps:

  1. Download the file to your phone / tablet.
  2. Go to the menu of your mobile device and go to the “Settings” section.
  3. Go to “Security”. Check the box next to the line “Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources” here.
  4. Find the apk file in the file manager installed on the device (usually it has a folder or floppy icon) or in Downloads. Open the apk file by clicking on it.
  5. Please review the permissions required by the application before installing. If everything suits you, click the “Install” button. Then everything will happen automatically. When the installation process is over, click the “Open” button that appears.

Video instructions for installing apk-files:
Wink Ultimate Mobile is a Wink app mod for Android mobile devices. Using the platform, you can watch hundreds of TV channels in high quality using guides and an archive of TV programs. It is enough to download the modified version from one of the links and install it according to the attached instructions.

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