What if Wink Ultimate crashes and why is it?

Wink Ultimate is a mod version of the interactive online service of the Russian provider Rostelecom, with which you can watch movies, TV series, various TV channels, broadcast sports events, and listen to audiobooks. In this article, we will look at the errors that occur in the application and their causes, and also show you how to solve these problems.

What is Wink Ultimate?

Wink Ultimate is an online platform for watching TV, movies and TV shows in either HD / 4K quality. It is presented in the form of an application that is available to all customers using Rostelecom’s services.
Wink Ultimate crashesWink Ultimate was originally developed exclusively for Android TV, but is now available on mobile devices as well. After completing a simple registration, you can start using the service on any device.

It is possible to connect up to five devices to one account for free (if they support this service).

The main characteristics and system requirements of the Wink Ultimate application are presented in the table:

Description of characteristicsDescription
Interface languageRussian.
Availability of paid contentYes – from 15 to 2,490 rubles per item.
Supported DevicesTB with Android OS from version 5.0, or mobile devices with OS Android from version 4.4.

Possible reasons why Wink Ultimate crashes

Although the Wink Ultimate platform has already gained enviable popularity, it was launched and has been operating relatively recently. Therefore, users still quite often encounter problems when working with the program. Usually, the temporary unavailability and crash of the service is due to the fact that it is under moderation – the developers improve the program and remove lags.

How to fix the problem

If Wink Ultimate does not work on your Smart TV or mobile device, please make sure the option is properly connected before proceeding with the setup. To do this, check if you have completed the following:

  1. We went through the registration procedure.
  2. We entered a promotional code that the provider should send you to your phone after successful registration.

If these two points are completed, and the program still does not start and the device displays a black screen, you must do one of the following:

  • restart the TV receiver / phone;
  • reinstall the application;
  • change the wireless network to which the TB receiver is connected;
  • change the address of the DNS server;
  • reset Smart Hub settings;
  • reset the settings of the TV itself.

Attention! The service works only on the territory of the Russian Federation. It will not work from any other country.

The solution to the problem must be started with the first option. And then proceed incrementally – if the first did not work, go to the second, etc. The last two methods are performed as a last resort. Most of the presented methods for solving the error relate to the operation of TVs, since it is with them that problems often occur. On the phone, 80% of application “crashes” are solved by the first two methods. If not, most likely, the service is simply not suitable for your mobile device.

Reboot the device

The application may crash due to an ordinary temporary failure (i.e., the error is a one-time and does not require serious corrective measures). If the platform suddenly stops working, try simply restarting the device you’re using Wink Ultimate on. On the phone, just hold down the power button and select “Restart”. To restart the TB receiver, you need to disconnect it from the mains for a few minutes (3-5), and then reconnect it to the power source. Then turn on the TV and restart the Wink Ultimate application. If you are using the service through a computer, then try clearing your browser and logging into your account again.
Deleting data

Reinstalling Wink Ultimate

If restarting doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Wink Ultimate app from your device. On the phone, you just need to perform a standard deletion and re-download the service. For TB, the reinstallation method will only work on Samsung TVs of the LS, Q, N, M, J and K series equipped with Smart TVs (released from 2015 to 2018). To get information about the model and release date of your TB receiver, use one of the following methods:

  • look at the factory label (sticker) located on the back of the device;
  • find the “Support” section in the TB menu, and then select “Contact Samsung”, here, in the “Model Code” column, information about the year of manufacture and the model of the device is displayed.

If the method suits your TB, then in order to reinstall the application, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the APPS section on the home screen and press the center button on your remote. Required section
  2. In the list of programs that appears, select the Wink Ultimate service, and then press and hold the main button (or the “Tools” key) until additional settings appear on the screen.
  3. Select the “Reinstall” item from the opened me. Reinstallation

If everything is done correctly, reinstalling the application will not be difficult. After completing the reinstallation, start the service as usual.

Change of network

One of the reasons the Wink Ultimate app might not work is that your ISP is blocking your IP address, which the service is accessing. This can happen to anyone, don’t worry.

To restore the functionality of the Wink Ultimate service and determine if this is the cause of the error, try changing the type of network connection.

The best way to fix this problem is to create a hotspot on your device and connect to it. For example, if you usually use an unlimited cable connection, switch to mobile internet and vice versa. If, after performing such operations, the platform started working normally, then the problem is with the provider and you need to contact him with this question – contact him by phone, which is spelled out in your contract.

Changing DNS settings

Sometimes, to solve problems with access to various Internet portals and services, it is enough to change the DNS settings. Therefore, if no problems were identified with the provider, you need to check this server. The easiest way to change the DNS server settings:

  1. Open the “Settings” section in the TV-receiver menu.
  2. Go to “General”, then select “Network” and in it “Network Status” (in the column on the right). Network status
  3. Make sure the internet is connected to the device.
  4. Select “IP Settings” / “DNS Settings”. Network settings
  5. Select manual setting in the “DNS Settings” column. Enter manually
  6. In the column “DNS Server” write the following parameters – or (depending on the TB model). Determining which code you need is easy, you just need to compare the number of digits of the combinations presented and those that can be entered in the column.Required parameters
  7. Click “Finish” and go back to the menu.
  8. Save the changed settings.
  9. Make sure the device is still connected to the internet and then restart it.

In TP-Link model, if using a Wi-Fi router connection, you can change the DNS settings as follows:

  1. Log in using the address: or The address must be entered in the address bar of the browser. Next, in both cases, enter the username and password “admin”.
  2. Select the DHCP item, and then its settings (the first sub-item). DHCP settings
  3. Enter the addresses and, respectively, in the “Preferred DNS server” and “Alternative DNS server” fields (these are the addresses of Yandex servers). Preferred DNS Server
  4. Save the changed settings with the corresponding button.
  5. Restart your device and try opening the Wink Ultimate app again.

You should also make sure that your device is running Android of the correct versions (see the table at the beginning of the article for requirements). You can find out this information in the sections “About the device” or “About the phone”.

Resetting Smart Hub Settings

Resetting the settings will lead to the removal of all previously installed programs, and, accordingly, all errors that occurred in their work. And also to completely reset the Smart Hub parameters. Before resetting Smart Hub, be sure to make sure your TV is certified in the Russian Federation. To do this, look at the information indicated on the manufacturer’s label. Certified TV model codes end in XRU and carry the EAC logo.
Model codes

If the TV is not certified in Russia, it may be completely locked after resetting Smart Hub – better not to risk it.

The algorithm for resetting Smart Hub parameters is as follows:

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu and select the “Support” section there. Setup menu
  2. Go to the “Self-diagnosis” section and click “Reset Smart Hub” in it (the penultimate item in the right column). Self-diagnosis
  3. Enter the PIN code of the TV receiver. If you did not change it yourself, then it remains by default – 0000. If there was a change, enter your set code.Specify pin
  4. Wait until the reset is complete and then return to the main menu.
  5. Go to the “APPS” section. A new window will appear in it. Please activate the original settings by agreeing to the terms of use.Perform activation
  6. Re-authorize the device with your account.
  7. Search for Wink Ultimate in the app store and reinstall the service.

If such measures did not help, the most radical way remains – a complete reset of the settings of the TV itself.

Resetting TB settings

You should start a full reset of the parameters only when no other method has worked, since this method will reset absolutely all the TV settings and return them to the factory version. To reset the TV tuner, do the following:

  1. Go to the settings menu and select the “Support” section in it. Support menu
  2. Go to the “Self-diagnosis” section and select the “Reset” sub-item (the most recent in the right column). Reset
  3. Click “Yes” in the window that appears and wait for a complete reset. Click yes
  4. Back in the main menu, agree to the terms of use in the “APPS” section and log into your account.
  5. Redownload the Wink Ultimate app to your TB device.

Also, to solve problems with the platform, you can see this video:

Wink Ultimate technical support contacts

If you are unable to solve the problem with the Wink Ultimate service on your own, try contacting the technical support service of the Rostelecom TB application for help. The feedback button can be found on the official website – https://wink.rt.ru/apps. Use the “Feedback” section and write a letter with a detailed description of your problem. The button is at the bottom of the main page
FeedbackYou can also write an appeal to the email address – wink@rt.ru, or ask for help on the official platform forum – https://w3bsit3-dns.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=903473&st=760. Developers and experienced users of the service answer here. Thanks to the Wink Ultimate service, you can watch high-quality movies and TV shows online anytime you want. But sometimes it happens that the application refuses to work for some reason – it just crashes. To restore its functioning and watch your favorite movie, there are several methods. One of them should definitely help. In extreme cases, you can contact technical support.

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