How to connect a TV to the Internet?

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revenger Админ. asked 1 month ago

I can’t set up the Internet on TVs at home and in the country, I have already tried several methods, is there any universal technology?

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revenger Админ. answered 1 month ago

The easiest way to connect to the Internet on the TV, if it didn’t work out the first time, is to connect to another router, a mobile network access point. The last option will be the Wi-Fi connection health indicator on the TV:

  1. You need to activate the mobile Internet on your smartphone and click the “access point” button on the tab.
  2. Turn on the settings on your phone and find out the password and name.
  3. On the TV (with built-in Smart TV), turn on the settings and Wi-Fi, turn on network search.
  4. When the desired account (access point from the phone) is found, try to connect by setting a password and check how the connection works on the TV.

If nothing worked out with a home router and mobile Internet, you should call the master or take the TV to a service center for diagnostics.

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